My Interview with Daphne Oz

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In this week’s vlog I sit down with my friend Daphne Oz and chat about her New York Times bestselling book Relish, An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun. In the book Daphne shares essential advice on how to relish your food, your home, and your life in order to maximize health and happiness.

Daphne shares her empowering tips for creating a healthy relationship with food and will help you envision a life that’s highly desirable and eminently achievable. Enjoy the vlog and make sure to pick up your copy of Relish!

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  1. Dearest Gabby
    I love your service that you have transformed to all of us. I feel strongly and I wish to be of service to you on how we can hydrate our bodies in the best way possible. Do you ever wonder what is in our water today? Water today is not the what it used to be, this is for you an your living. I believe in miracles because of you forever grateful Susie Therrien Love to share with you my passion and my service to the world thank you

  2. II am so thankful that you put this video out here. I am stuck in my obsession with food. I think about food all day long. What to eat, what not to eat, how to eat it, how not to eat it, etc.

    I’m not overweight but I have food issues that I need to let go of. I literally obsess over food every single day and its mind consuming. I can hardly think of anything else.

    So thank you for this book. I have in my cart and I’m getting it.


  3. Wow! I must have been living under a rock because I did not know who Daphne was:) What a breathe of fresh air! Love her point, “most of us are doing a lot right,” and that she didn’t want a “whole life overhaul.” Can’t wait to check out her book:) Good stuff!

  4. dear gabbie you positively are Enlightened, a true Tathagata, a Blessed one, Watching your videos inspires some many people to true meditatation, to jhanas, stream winning and beyond!!!. I I admire your total integrity, the honesty with which you convey the message of Awakening. So many people are just frauds, taking advantage of unhappy people by selling them lies. There’s nothing uglier than that; but then they are just makig really bad karma for themselves, the law of causality that the Buddha taught us will jus take care of them…

  5. You two are just the cutest! Want to run out and buy the book as you tempted us with how beautiful the pictures are but didn’t share them !!

  6. I have absolutely loved this book! i bought it on my ipad because i didn’t want to wait for amazon shipping 🙂 love the practical advice and amazing recipes!

  7. I really think that you are a thief taking advantage of people’s suffering to get their money. that’s the ugliest thing a human being could do

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