Money and Miracles: Introduction to ‘May Cause Miracles’ Week 5

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Note: I updated this blog post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

In this post I’m giving you an introduction to Week Five from my book May Cause Miracles, which is all about self worth equaling net worth. That’s right, this is the money chapter.

May Cause Miracles Week 5: Money and Miracles

Financial fear and insecurity is at an all-time high. While on the road for the May Cause Miracles book tour, I talked to so many people who felt strangled by their lack mentality and fear of not having enough. In the video below I offer guidance on how to shift your fear around your finances. Watch this video to prepare for Week Five of May Cause Miracles!

What to expect from Week 5 of ‘May Cause Miracles’

Abundance begins with your mindset. If you think lacking thoughts, that lack will be reflected in your bank account. The goal for this chapter is to start cleaning up your thoughts and energy around money.

Raise your self-worth, raise your net worth

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle BernsteinEnergy is currency. If your energy exchange is low level, it’s fear based, and you’ll find you won’t receive as many innovative opportunities. When your energy has an essence of abundance, you greatly increase your capacity to receive more abundance.

Yogi Bhajan said it best: “You run after wealth and glory and glamour. But it will run after you, providing you are an open channel.” That’s why this chapter is so crucial. We’ll bust through the lack mentality and rev up your creative capacity to exchange and receive financial abundance.

Each subtle shift this week will help you open up to your miracle mindset around your finances to raise your self-worth and your net worth. As Marianne Williamson said, “If you dwell within abundance, you will have abundance.”

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  1. Hi Gabby! I am on week 5 the FINANCIAL WEEK:) Anyway, I am starting to get it. Growing up my mom was on welfare and always was terrified of not having enough, she often verbalized how broke we were and could not afford things. I believe that this is where my fear of not having enough or being able to support myself, even though I am married and my husband is the bread winner and I work part=time making very little money. But, what if he want around someday, How would I support myself, my fear is so strong that I can see myself as being homeless and that scares the shit out of me! So, this week you mentioned tithing so I want to donate money to your organization, even though I believe that I don’t have it, I know I will be blessed for giving and not always believing that I have to GET, I need to start to tithe and give. Thank you for helping me change my life.

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  3. Gabby
    Im on day 34 and I have been feeling the changes, day by day, on how I feel. I’m usually great with my state of living and even though can make very good money, I struggle with saving and currently going through one of those challenging phases with a huge lesson behind it. I’m ready to learn and lessons and accepting that all I did up to now brought me to this very moment – for which I’m honestly grateful.
    The only question I have is that since week 1 or 2 I’ve even having those very instense dreams, very emotional and, even though I can remember them next morning, I know it was a rock and roll night in my dreams. Do you have any piece of advice or should I only let it flow as it probably is my sub conscious working like hell to fight back all that I’m working on with May Cause Miracles.
    Looking forward to your reply!
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful book with all of us 🙂
    Have an amazing day,

  4. Patty, Reading your story above got me hooked. I too, suffered the same. I just turned 41 last December 15, and a smile on my face realizing I still have ample time to recover. I’m not sure just yet how can I buy the book since I don’t own a credit or debit card, but i know I will in time.
    Felt so grateful reading your post. It sure came to me in it’s perfect timing. Thank you so much for sharing, Patty. You sure did touch my life. More blessing to you.

    1. Rona,
      I can tell you that I’m doing wonderful and I feel soooo much better. I’m finding my path but more importantly, I’m at peace.
      Try going to the library and get the book. I think the local library is highly underrated. If they don’t have it they will often order it.
      So glad my story helped you.

  5. Hi Gabby! I am on Day 32 and just loving the miracles! I would like to start adding the practice of tithing and I have a quick question. How do you tithe through pay pal? I’m not sure how it works online for people whose email I don’t know personally, like yourself or Wayne Dyer. Does the donation get delivered through pay pal to the contact email on the websites?
    Peace, love, and lots of thank you’s!

    1. you can send the paypal money to the person’s email address. you just need to know their email address:) or you can send checks. xoxo or donate to a foundation on their behalf

      1. Hey Gabby! I also wanted to know your Paypal account since you and your books help me with my spirituality right now… but you just gave me another idea… so can I donate to foundation on your behalf? 🙂 I would still want to send my tithe to your Paypal account though haha! Thank you thank you for your books and for just being you!

  6. Hi I hada big fire at my house and now I had to order a new book would you recommand to start all over again or continu where I was?thank .

  7. Did you have to get certified after completeing A course in Miracles?
    Thank you for all you help and wisdom. Your book a beautifully written and i am truely grateful with all mu heart to be reading your words and doing the work.
    Much gratitude Amanda
    I admire you so very much and hope to do inspirational work just like you!!

    1. Gaby,
      It was so nice to meet you at the Desire ans Expect a miracle event last week in Vancouver. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul and inspiration for so many women out there ready to live a miraculas life.

      I have grown up in family where money was something to worry about, always. At the same time, I have learned (from my amazing mom) how to stretch my money so far, people perceive me being very abundant. And I tend to get quite lucky all the time, getting a great deal everywhere. It took me a while to understand that being abundant is not about how much money we have in our bank account but how abundant our life feels.

      I keep telling my friends all the time that in the last few years I have lived a life I could not have possibly paid for – traveled extensively and had experiences that were the beyond my expectations.

      I love your book, recommend it to my clients (in fact I have just blogged about it :-)) and I hope to see you speak in person again somewhere.

      My credo this year is to live a miraculas life.

      Thank you for charing your story and your message with the world!

  8. I have to laugh. I am enjoying this so . The Unioverse is litterly (pun intended) pelting me with money (pennies) since I started this chapter. I have found over 100 pennies in two days. One fell from a tree and hit me on the head! I was walking my dogs and one stuck to one of the paws. They are everywhere!I am having so much fun and laughing so hard at where I find them. I feel like the Universe is playing a delightful game with me. (Meanwhile my husvand got a raise and several bills were smaller thatn expected!)

  9. Gabby, are you hiring? I’d love to work for you and help spread your message! I know this is such a long shot but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Whether you’re hiring or not, you are amazing 🙂 Very inspirational.

  10. Gabby,
    I’m on day 35. I’ve recommended the book & bought it for my daughter. It’s been fun to see friends stop struggling every day. They ask for help since they are just starting out, but they give back to me when I need help. It’s amazing & incredible. I’ve overcome fears I thought were long gone, but they were lurking way down. I’m extremely thankful for the book, but we have a question.
    What do you recommend we do when we’re finished reading it? I’m a bit sad this is almost over and were tempted to do it again.

  11. I am on day 13 and have already experienced sooo many miracles! The biggest miracle is me looking at life through a new pair of eyes….I am seeing everything differently and as a result opportunities are showing up everyday!!!
    Thank you gabby! I’ve read all your books and this one is my favorite!

  12. Gabby,
    Wow!! I started this chapter early because I so desperately wanted to know and understand why I was always broke. I make a good living, I have great opportunities to make more but I can’t seem to hold on to it….Why am I always struggling year after year? Making the same financial mistakes over and over? I’ve got a great life, a wonderful husband. Many of my dreams have come to me. But I am always spending myself into poverty. Why????
    As I’ve been journaling about this. The phrase “I am not my lack mentality” shifted something in my soul. As I journaled this morning it came to me. As a child, there was always lack. Lack of attention, lack of love, lack of food, clothing, shoes, warmth. My entire childhood was about lack….that lack has never left me. I’ve been in that place of feeling the desperation that was with me as a child. I’m still trying to fill up the lack from my childhood. I wept at the discovery. I feel such love and sympathy for that child that suffered from lack. I get it!!! I’m not sure just yet how I’ll find my way out of my debt but I know my inner guide is with me and will guide me through this process. This has been a long time coming. I’m 53. When I started this process I remember thinking: What can this young woman named “Gabby” teach me. I felt very compelled to buy the book and committ to the process. I so very grateful for the “chance” to have seen you on Oprah. I’ll let you know as time goes by how I’m doing. I know I’m on the right path.

    1. Patty, I just read your comments above and it touched me to tears. I too saw Gabby on Oprah. That’s how I heard about her. I was “compelled to buy her book. When I read about your childhood, that was my childhood. I, too, am 53. I’m so excited to read a spiritual book that has info in relation to money. I can’t wait to get started on this chapter. Thanks Patty for sharing your story and thanks Gabby for writing May Cause Miracles.

      1. When I was driving to work this morning I knew I had to share my experience. Something I never would have done in the past. It feels a little awkward to share something so very personal but my thought was…how can I be of service today? How can I touch someone’s life. Perhaps part of my healing process is to share this journey I’m on in hopes it will help another. Blessings to you.

        1. Patti thanks so much for sharing. You were able to help me remember how I developed a lack mentality. I was the only girl child of a divorced mother of three. Oh how I hated to have to call grand mama aunts or uncles for trip money lunch money special event money. Got to the place where I would stay home not participate in extracurricular activities etc cause I didn’t want to cause more burdens. I have a hard time at the holidays because we rarely received gifts. Today I am dealing with constant financial fear because I was laid off right before the holidays but didn’t find out til a few weeks ago that I don’t qualify for unemployment. I’m going crazy but like you will jump to week five praying for release.

          1. La
            I think when we are raised with such longing for the simplest items or needs, we internalize the lack and it follows us into adulthood unless we really dig deeply into our psyche and expose it. I’ve been financially irresponsible because I was trying to relieve the hunger pains, the emptyness in me, an emptyness that I wasn’t even aware of until I started this process. I can honestly tell you that that incredible longing, emptyness, hollowness has left me. In a matter of a day, having discovered my “lack mentality”, I can say that the brokeness that I didn’t even know I had, has evaporated. The concept of the ego being sly and tricky is an understatement. My ego has taken my weakness and used it to drive this behavior my entire adult life. I’m kicking my ego to the curb!! Marianne Willamson has written a book called “Divine Compensation. Buy it. She gives terrific insight into how to put yourself in the right place spiritually to attract the things you desire. There is great advise on job hunting, and how to approach job interviews. I think it will help you attract the right job.
            Many Blessings. Thanks for your response.

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