Money, A Love Story

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I’m so proud to share my friend Kate Northrup’s first book, MONEY, A Love Story. In this video, Kate shares how you can untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want. Check out the book here and feel free to leave questions for Kate in the comments below. She will reply!

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  1. This was incredible to watch. Thank BOTH of you ladies for being such inspirations, guides, and beams of light. I will be raw and honest here in my comment because I had a complete and total meltdown over money today, and how it’s affection me emotionally, spiritually,and in all of my relationships. My dad said this to me “Do not let money make you upset, you have your health, be thankful for this.” He is suffering from liver disease, and has worked his whole life to support my family, sick or well. Hearing that, and watching this video really made me put things into perspective. To tap into my inner guide, be thankful and to align my thoughts with that which serves me (gabby’s comment on the “juice bar”) my health, my happiness, my relationships with others. Putting this book on my Christmas list πŸ™‚ thank you ladies so much.

  2. Thank you for a positive conversation. What would your advice be to a persin who is living in poverty in the US? Although I liked hearing what you had to say in the video, it seems out of touch with what tens of millions of us are faced with each day. Can you make your message relevant to the poor? Like, how do we get out of poverty especially if we cannot afford higher education? It would make a difference.

  3. I had a question but let me start with some background info. I am a High School teacher and so is my hubby we have 2 kids (3 & 4months) my hubby is also a painter (successful but not to the point of us to stop teaching) I just don’t see how we will ever get ahead. We are middle class the working class I do love to teach but the money is tight. We have debt student loans etc. every time I think we are going to get ahead something happens. i know this is life and we are blessed because I know it can be worse but how do I keep my spirit up when it seems like i will never see the end. Now a days by the time you fill your cars with gas and put food in your fridge and buy household needs there is nothing left. At time I cant help but get sad that maybe I should of chose a different profession maybe more money but it seems that there is never enough money. I guess my question is how do I learn not let it get my spirit down and how can a mama who works hard for my money have a plan to get out of debt and live without creating more debt.

  4. Hi Kate

    I’m currently reading your book (about half way through), and I was hoping you could answer something for me. I am starting from a position of being in debt and having Β£0 savings. Your book talks a lot about investments etc, what financial figure in savings would you say you need to have before you start investing and seeing a financial advisor.

    Please accept my apologies if this is covered further on in the book than I have read.

    The book is amazing, by the way!

    Thanks x

  5. “When we shift our energy around our finances, then our finances begin to grow.” SO TRUE! This has absolutely happened for me in the past few months, and it was totally facilitated by the work of Gabby and Kate! Thank you both for the work you are doing.

  6. Hello Kate, I love, love, love my work as a massage therapist and healer πŸ™‚
    I know so many women friends with fybomyalgia, neuropathy, etc. and feel the love to help ease their pain. I have just opened a new space for my work in a small salon and am trying to build a clientle. My struggle is that I give about 1/2 my work away out of compassion, as I see a need and clients on a fixed income. I try to keep faith that abundance will eventually follow, as long as I continue to focus on the love and healing of my work and not the outcome of payment for services that are so desperatly needed. Yes I do need to earn more or I will lose the shop. Am I being nieve in believing that the Universe has my back? I am not making money, just breaking even……….. What to do?

  7. I am 25 and 65,000 in debt due to my undergrad degree and 5,000 due to medical bills. I am plugging away with work being very productive, have cut back on my spending to the bare bones (groceries, car insurance, loan payments etc) yet cant figure out how to get out of the hole! HELP. I plan to read your book…. but am just really curious what a short and sweet approach would be; as this weekend I plan to meal plan and live off my pantry items for the next two months!

    1. I really encourage you to dive into Kate’s website and read as much as you can. Things will stick out to you, and you will find action steps for sure. Best of luck in your journey!

  8. Thank you so much for this video gabby and kate!! I’m a young entrepreneur that’s getting into major debt with the start up of my business and completely freaking out praying that it will pan out. Is there anything else I can do?

  9. My favorite thing is how nice and not full of herself Kate seems. It is always nice to hear people be authentic (and even admit to having moments of self-doubt- like so many of us have). I am buying the book now simply because she comes off as a good friend who has been there and wants to give you a piece (or many pieces) of good advice. Her demeanor instills trust. Thank you for writing this book and thank you for presenting it in such a warm, kind way.

  10. Hi Kate & Gabby,
    Thank you so much for all the insight and tools you have given me. Kate my dream is to renovate the farm we live on (but do not own) into a venue of creativity. Turning the barn into an art studio with guest artists to conduct classes, artists to show off their art and a jewelry studio for myself, with the other half of the barn to become metal smithing and my husband’s motorcycle shop/show case. I have visualized this for years, I know the materials i will use, what it looks like inside and out. Here’s my question, the finances are not there to make my vision come to life (yet), so, “What should be my second step to achieving this dream vision I have?”
    Thank you for your time and energy!

    1. Focus on what aspects of your dream can you have now? Do you have a space for doing your art in your home? Can you host visiting artists in another space and use that as a form of revenue to save up for your vision? What is it that you’re wanting to manifest in terms of the feeling? How can you manifest that feeling in other ways in your life?

  11. Hi. This is the frist time I leave a comment or ask a question… I’m a Norwegian mum of three children. Money is my issue.. It seems like I can’t release it. 5 years ago i chose to be a schoolteacher. I’m very sure I add value every day. On many levels for many people??. But that doesn’t come a cross on the pay check… I know this is just limiting believs, but It’s hard to let go… I want to follow my heart, but I also want abundance… Don’t we all.
    Love your work??.

  12. Hi lovelies,
    Here’s my question: How do you break the glass ceiling and finally start accepting the financial flow? I find myself willing to ask for what I am worth and then freaking out a little on the inside, second guessing, and getting in my own way! I can totally see myself in the incessant voice of questioning the value I provide? as you mention and needing to ‘prove’ it. Thanks!

  13. Kate, is there a section in the book on how to handle bill collectors. I’m trying to face the music but I am at a loss for what to say when they call as I don’t want to lie or speak in the negative. Help

  14. Hi Kate and Gabby.

    Thank you for this vlog. I am looking forward to buying and reading the book. A few months ago I made the leap and quit my part time job to focus more on my own business. I have a coach who helped me see that I was actually losing money teaching Pilates and yoga for other peoples studios when I could be spending that time with my business and with my son. I have been trying to focus on asking for abundance, expecting miracles, and taking right action. Sadly I have not had enough growth in my business. I was just squeaking by before, but at least I was squeaking by. Now I owe 660 in late rent, 1000 in this months rent (which will be late), 400 for my sons school, 1200 in credit cards, 100 for the phone, 150 for business insurance, and of course food for my family. As of today I have absolutely no idea how I am going to pay for any of it. The students that I have are loving the work that we are doing. I love doing the work. I just need more students. I have recently been trying to focus more on self care with the thought that perhaps I am not being sent more students because energetically I was putting out the message that I am tired, overwhelmed, etc. (My son is 14 months and has never slept through the night and is still nursing. And my boyfriend runs his own business as well. And our house is undergoing some repairs that have been unfinished for a year.) Any advice on how to manifest some financial miracles?

    1. Hi Katie – thanks for writing in. First of all, congrats on being so clear about who you owe and how much – that’s a HUGE first step and one that most people don’t take – usually they just freak out and go into vagueness. So you’re ahead of the game there!

      How can you make more money doing what you love? Can you do more marketing? Ask for referrals? Raise your rates? Do a workshop?

      Would you be willing to supplement your income doing something else as you build your business (like bar tending or doing something flexible) so that you don’t feel as pressed or desperate?

      Hope that helps!

  15. Kate.. I LOVE this topic and am so thrilled to see someone embracing this, talking about it and helping people. Thank you for honoring your gift.

    I left a very lucrative career 5 years ago because I was not happy and was unfulfilled. It was easier to walk away from the financial benefit to tap into the real me. It was not an easy choice but the voices internally were screaming at me so loudly that I could not ignore them any more.

    Today I am doing many of the things that you talk about. I spend my money on what I value and I don’t have a lot of excess “stuff” anymore. And the emotional freedom that comes with that is seen in the smile on my face, the joy in the things that I do and in the love that I share more readily in my relationships.

    People ask me for advice all of the time about how I could do it.. I explain my own journey and for most people they have their internal voices telling them they can’t do it. What advice do you give to people when you encounter these conversations?

    1. Great question! When people have a voice in their head that says they can’t do it, I recommend they gather examples (like you) of people who have to prove them wrong. Just one person who’s done it may not be enough to quiet that voice, but a whole bunch of them is! There are great communities online like Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend full of people living that way!

  16. I saw Gabrielle on Super Soul Sunday, and I just finished the book “Add More ING to your Life”. I have been following the steps and advice, and I am at a point in my life where I feel like I really have let go of the past and really worked on forgiveness, as well as letting go of so many small day to day fears. Unfortunately, I’m broke. I’m a single mom, I work on commission, and I have had a valley in my sales recently. I keep meditating on being positive, and trying to “know” that the universe has my back, but my checking is over drawn, I have no credit, and the mortgage and daycare is due, and I straight up don’t have the resources to care for myself. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t severely afraid. How do I overcome this? I feel like a bad mom for not being able to pay the bills and care for my daughter. I feel like I’m not far enough into the process to “manifest” some resources–most likely due to my own fear, but how do I trust the universe when I feel like I’m falling off a cliff? (I actually emailed this to Gabrielle a couple of days ago, but I feel like it is so much more appropriate for this post, and I am definitely going to read this book ASAP!) Thank you! Andrea

    1. Thanks for writing in Andrea and I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. Beyond praying and manifesting, what practical action steps could you be taking to increase your income? Can you make more sales calls? Can you do more follow ups? Can you ask for referrals? The universe rewards action so in addition to all the amazing metaphysical stuff, I would get cracking. There’s a great saying, “As you pray, move your feet.” I think this might apply. I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you for responding! I have taken your advice very seriously, and have put immediate action into some new sales strategies along with your very specific advice. I just downloaded your book on my kindle, and I am very excited to start reading it. This is the motivation I need in life right now! Many, many thanks!

        1. I also want to add that after reading some of the other comments that I am filled with some major gratitude, although I feel hopeless and bummed out at times, I really need to count my blessings–I have no student loans or consumer debt, so I am actually in a good place to turn things around for myself. It’s funny how helpful this post has been to me. Once again, thank you! We all have our struggles, it’s nice not to be alone.

  17. Hi guys!!!
    Thank you for this interview πŸ™‚ It is the second time I hear about Kate and her message πŸ™‚
    I hope that you will have it translated in many languages as the world needs to hear what you have to say. My fellow French community of women entrepreneurs need you.
    I am working on my own money story that has to become a love one πŸ™‚ (breaking from my own parents’ and environment’s values!).
    I wish you all the best,

  18. Hi Kate and Gabrielle!
    Thank you so much for putting out this video, just from those 7 minutes I got great advice and motivation. My question is: I am a 23 year old recent university graduate, I have been working since I was 13 in various jobs, all of which I have enjoyed and have given me valuable experience and relative freedom with money. I’m now at a point in my life where I want to create the pathway for a financially free future, however I feel unsure of what steps to take. I often feel pressure from peers and family to go for jobs that are known to pay well instead of taking the entrepreneurial route or jobs that are seen as less conventional or secure (that are more in line with my values and passions). I am also still trying to develop my passions. I have good spending habits overall. Anyways, I’m wondering what you would recommend to someone like me to help myself financially. Thank you and best of luck with the book and everything, your kindness comes through in the video, and I wish you all the best.

  19. Hello beautiful Gabby and Kate,
    I’m very excited about this book! I’m on a mission to eliminate my debt. My question is what is the best way to think about debt in general? How can I help or speed up the paying down process by thinking differently/better about my current situation? Thank you in advance!
    Love, Zoe

    1. Zoe – rename your debt “Invoices for Blessings Already Received” and go through and name all of the things you’re grateful for that you’ve received as a result of spending that money. Then work on forgiveness for yourself around the debt. The emotional energy you’ll conserve after doing this will help you pay it off faster!

  20. Hi Kate,
    Thanks so much for this! I love your concept about spending money on what you value. For myself, this relates to healthy eating, yoga retreats, spiritual journeys and spending time with my son. I would be interested to know if you have practiced any abundance meditations, and if so, what they are.
    Peace Love Bliss
    Sat Nam,

    1. Hi Lynn – I don’t practice anything with any regularity. I do have a new sculpture of the Hindu Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, and I like to light a candle next to her and give her a little “what’s up” every time I walk through the room πŸ™‚

  21. Hi! I completely agree with your comments about valuing yourself, in order to provide value and in turn attract money. However, I’ve been depressed and lately am resentful and frustrated. I can’t seem to get out of this rut and frame of thinking. I negotiated for a higher salary, and felt I was adversarial. What do you suggest I do in order to being changing? I was in a better place last year, so I know how good I can feel, and how much I can value myself. But this year has been tough, and I’m struggling to get back onto a confident, positive mindset. Help!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Aggie – have you ever heard that depression is anger turned inward? I would give yourself permission to be angry – dig deep and find out who you’re angry at. Take a hand towel and hit the wall with it and scream at the top of your lungs to release that anger energy. Give yourself an hour a day to be angry. It’s energy that needs to be released and you need to feel it to heal it.

  22. kate, thank you for sharing your insight. so much resonated with me….like, not having a role model living my idea of financial freedom and wondering if i’m crazy for even wanting to figure out a different way… and, aligning money with your values is awesome. in every partnership i’ve had where money is shared, i’m always being told i have to stop my gift giving. when i have “my own” money, i give gifts from my heart and nothing makes me happier. i’ve even been told i should be a professional gift giver, i do such a great job at it πŸ™‚ … so, to not be able to give gifts is like taking a part of who i am away… i’d never really thought of it like that until this interview. it’s also incentive to make my own money so i have more of a voice in what i spend money on… i happen to be in a relationship where i don’t have to work after years of having my own income… i’m grateful for it, but find that i’m missing my “voice” at times. i also miss contributing…… i’ve struggled with that, wondering if that is really me feeling like i’m not doing enough….not sure about that…

    Do you encourage women to have some sort of income, even in relationships where they don’t have to bring in money ?

    1. Great question! I really encourage women to be empowered about their money whether that’s earning their own income or simply knowing where the money is, what accounts its held in, what investments there are, how to access it, and how financial decisions are being made. Just because the check doesn’t have your name on it does not mean that you aren’t providing value in exchange for the money you are living off of and that means you need to know what’s going on with it too.

  23. Kate????this is just what I needed!
    Question : I recently realized I don’t want the crazy full time schedule in health care anymore and am on the path to lessening work hours so I can have more space to just connect to myself. I want to start my own yoga and wellness program but I am overwhelmed with where to start saving and feel like my plans to save money to be a health coach is so far outta reach especially since I feel this urgency to act now.
    If I wasn’t so afraid of money I’d quit my job. Move. And teach yoga full time.
    Haha I don’t know if this is a question but I’ll take Any advice ? Much thanks and gratitude
    Love anna
    And I’m buying the book πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Anna – what’s the worst case scenario if you quit and move and follow your passion now? I would get clear on what exactly it is that you’re afraid of because I bet you it’s not that bad πŸ™‚ And so then you can just take action knowing that the worst case scenario is probably that it doesn’t work out and then you get another job for a while…and really, you’d just be back where you are now and that’s not so bad, right?

  24. I just bought this book yesterday after being on the fence about spending the money, hah! But everytime I picked it up, I would get this anxiety and get overwhelmed and finally I just realized that the fact that I was just picking it up and it was bringing up a lot of emotion for me meant I needed to read it. I have a question for you.
    I am 25 years old and still living at home. My parents, which I’m so grateful for, do take care of a lot of my expenses (car, health insurance, food, roof over my head, and some fun stuff too) As their child I have realized that this hasn’t exactly been the most motivating although I am working to try an build my own health coaching business and work retail part time. My parents hard work allows me to be able to pursue my dreams without having to worry about where my next meal is coming from. However, I have a lot of guilt about this. So much so that it paralyzes me. And I often feel like I’m too easy on myself and focus on way too many of my insecurites as a human being instead of just doing shit and hustling. I live in NY and living on my own would be incredibly difficult, as in I would just be able to afford my necesseties, nothing else. Which would mean that my business wouldn’t get the kind of attention it needed. I have taken out an 0% APR credit card so that I can put education and business related things on it and not have to worry about making the entire payment for a while. I am resposible with it and it does make me feel a little better knowing I can get the education and materials I need to grow my business. So I guess my questions for you are :

    How do I lessen the guilt I feel from being such an expensive burden to my parents? ( I know they won’t stop supporting me but we obvoiously know they can’t do it forever) Are there any tips you have so that I can feel more independent and “grown up” while they support me? And also how can I set myself up so that I have a plan to be almost fully independent in a year?

    And is opening up a 0% apr card for education and business expenses a bad idea? Every other card I have I always pay off every month in full so my credit is good.

    Thank you. LOVE this interview, totally helped me look at things from a different perspective about how I value things : )

    1. Hi Nikki – thanks for being so honest and transparent! I would make sure that you’re expressing and really feeling the gratitude for the support you’re receiving from your parents every day. Then, I would reframe it that you’re a burden to them having the opportunity to support your dreams because they’re so big. Whether it’s a privileged background, support from a loved one, or some other circumstance that gives you a strong foundation, you’ve earned it on an energetic level. Sometimes we have help because we have really important work to do in the world! I would make a plan to grow your business to the point that you can cut financial chords within a year and bless their support with your gratitude and your hard work to get your business going every single day. And as for the 0% APR card, that’s an okay way to fund your business for now as long as you’re not racking up the balance beyond the point that you feel comfortable paying it off within the year. Hope that’s helpful!

  25. LOok forward to read your book! How do you deal with the people who want to not believe in you? Who like to challenge you?

  26. My question is about utilizing my money. I live in NYC my salary is low for my standards or NYC. I am fortunate enough to be living with my mother at the moment. I plan to move out should I be thinking of renting or just buying a home (co-op) ?

    1. Buying a home is a great dream for some, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be YOUR dream. If you want to live in the same place for several years, buying might be great. But if you want the freedom of being able to go wherever you want when you want, renting might be the right thing. Our culture has an obsession that buying is always the way to go and sometimes the freedom of renting is really the right thing. It’s up to you and what feels good to you!

  27. Hi, Firstly can I say, I saw your message in my gmail account on my phone and since then I had a loud voice in my ear “you need to watch this video” It was sooo intense after I got into the office and read the summary on your newsletter about the video interview with Kate. My intuition was soooo loud and clear. I needed to hear it. And how righhhhht was my intuition. SPOT ON!!!

    Financial freedom is something I want soooo bad but the problem I face is I am always telling myself I don’t have enough, living pay cheque to pay cheque and telling myself I don’t have enough money. I can’t afford that I can’t have that. I liked your change in statements instead of saying “I can’t afford that” I will use the new phrase “I’m choosing not to buy that” LOVE IT!!

    I have two questions:
    1. I am continually thinking about money stressing if we will have enough for things that we need, like this week we have not enough for the week and keep hoping that our tax refund will be paid into our bank account on time. What can I do to stop the overthinking about money?
    2. I understand I need to value myself in order to receive value. My issue is that I don’t value myself because I keep putting myself down or feeling guilty for spending money on something I shouldn’t have which is actually important to me. If the $$ value is significant I can’t warrant it even though I know I need it but I just can’t afford it, or it will just continually put me in debt by spending money that we don’t really have…. I can’t put this into a question so let me know if it makes sense for you.

    Thanks in advance. Look forward to your response. I will DEFINITELY be buying this book once my tax return hits my account !!

    1. Thanks for your questions Michelle. Sounds like you have a case of “stinkin’ thinkin'”! Every time you notice a negative thought about money or yourself, write it down and then flip it around into a positive one. So if you’re obsessively thinking “We don’t have enough” replace it with the Money Mantra: “There’s more than enough money for this week and the week’s to come.” Repeat mantras like “I am divinely worthy” to yourself in your head and out loud while looking in the mirror. These are powerful incantations to change your beliefs and your reality!

  28. I ran out and bought the book! Loved it! Can’t believe that I have felt horrendous about debt to my dad for almost 10 years and in the space of one chapter I can now see it as the BIGGEST blessing. I am so grateful I set up my own business, made loads of mistakes and now know that I am firmly on the path to financial freedom. Can’t wait to see how quickly the debt vanishes into thin air along with a bucket load of limiting beliefs!! Thanks Kate x

  29. I need to get out of debt it’s keep me playing small, unfilled and just a host of other bad things. At this time, I can’t afford to pay someone an exuberant amount of money to teach me how to get out of debt. What are some of the first steps I can take to come up with a plan. I know I can’t do it alone.

    1. The first step is to get clear on exactly who you owe, how much, by when, and what the APR rate is. Then you need to get honest about your expenses and see where you can reduce them (eating in more than eating out, buying second hand instead of new, etc.) and then look at how you can increase your income by getting a part time job, starting a side hustle, or adding value to the world in other ways.

    1. Tejas – great question. A daily habit of checking your bank account and feeling gratitude for the ways your life is abundant right now is a great place to start. Then make a list of at least ten things you love to do, things that people thank you for, and things that people come to you for and things that you’re good at. That’s a great start in terms of where you can go to add value to the world!

  30. I LOVE the book. Thank you Kate for writing it and thank you Gabby for having her on your blog. Kate, would consider teaching a network marketing class?

      1. Charlotte and Paige – I’m teaching a course in the spring called Heart Hustle for anyone who finds themselves in the position of being in sales and wants to do it from a place of service. Stay tuned πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Kate,

    This is the first time I read the title of a book about money and felt wow, that’s so beautiful. It comes at a great time. I am in the process of embracing change and moving from the comfort of receiving a regular paycheck as an RN to the awesomeness of writing my own paycheck as a Health Coach. God always puts a book I need in my path and I know Money a Love Story is it. Thank You!

    Much Love,

  32. So many people have an unhealthy relationship with money. For example, it defines their worth – when instead, they need to be loving themselves.

    I’m so happy to see love being used in a positive way here, in connection with money.

    Beautiful concept. Thank you!

  33. …Love u too & thank you ! πŸ™‚ My value is to have enough money to continue to travel around the world…meeting more and more people and sharing love ! Have a nice day.

  34. I just bought the book and cant wait to read it and get a convo going with my mom (my favorite person to have these kind of discussions with)… But my question is this:

    Kate, how can I get those biceps?!?! πŸ™‚ im a massage therapist in school to be an OT and DAMN. I need arms like that.

  35. Hi! This was so inspirational! I have recently made the switch to being back in my role as a stay at home mom. My previous job was no longer feeling authentic for me. At first, putting my energy back into my priorities of my husband, children and home felt invigorating. Although I am happy, I feel that I should also be using this time to plant seeds for the future. Can you recommend an approach for investigating the question “What is my value?” It is important to me to spend my time purposefully on many levels. I would love to be in a position to make money doing something I love that serves others and is not just a means to an end. I loved your idea of increasing our own value in our thinking first! I am off to go order your book!!!

    1. Pay attention to how you add value to your children’s life and to your husband’s life. Pay attention to how you add value to other people’s lives too. Make a list of the ways you add value and the ways you value yourself every night. Then when/if you’re ready to go out in the world and make money again you’ll have wired your value in in a solid way!

  36. This summer my spouse and I had a spell of unemployment…with 4 kids that can be UNNERVING> I heard Kate on an interview and started to use her line, “We are choosing not to buy this now” with my kids. It worked! Less stress about decreased spending and more power in our choices.

    1. Thanks for the reminder here. I can’t wait to use that in my experiences! One of my main values to spend on is food. It feels joyful to buy some fruit and veggies or a new type of edible. Sometimes though I look longingly at the expensive food or clothing items that I usually say I “can’t” buy-but it will be great to say “I choose not to buy this now” because it sounds like it’s a manifestation technique. I wonder if those items will show up in our lives later?

  37. I can’t wait to read the book…but I have a quick question for Kate. I am a single mother of three kids, and have a middle income type of job (been working here for 10 years). I don’t receive any monetary help from anyone else…all me! I feel like I have this bigger purpose inside to help people and do more work that I love (and make a living of it) But I feel trapped. I feel so trapped by the security of my job, debt and worring about having enough money for my family. I want to take a leap but with the huge responsibility of a family on my shoulders it seems next to impossible. Do you have any advise?

    1. Hi Corri – great question. Is there a way to apply your passion to help people for even 5 hours a week while you keep your job to take care of your family? There’s a middle ground between taking a leap and leaving your job entirely and staying “stuck” there where you can feed your passion while you’re staying at your job and your kids are young and dependent upon you.

  38. Thanks so much for this beautiful post! I love the title of the book too! I have a question for Kate. From a financial perspective we are doing well. But it seems that no matter how hard we try to have our finances grow, they always come to rest at a certain amount. for instance we get our savings account higher than where we are trending and then an expense comes up and it goes back down. By the same token if it goes below the trend money comes into our lives to buffer it up, which is really cool. But how can we get past that threshold? My story is very similar to Kate’s.. I want financial freedom, I want to be a mom too my children, I want to have abundance in my time and I too have the same fear that says there is no platform for me to make money other than my chosen field of human resources (but I want more freedom than this can provide). Where do you go from there?


    1. Great question Claudia! Have you read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks? Sounds to me like you’re having an Upper Limit Problem where you have a threshold on how much financial success you’ll allow yourself to experience. Read that book and see if it helps!

  39. I’m currently in $13,588 in debt. I look at it as a shameful thing and want to pay off. What steps should I take to pay off my debt?

    1. First of all, forgive yourself. There’s no need to be ashamed. So many of us have been there. I had over $20K in debt! Tell someone about it who loves you unconditionally to help release the shame and lighten the whole situation. Then go about creating a plan to increase your income and decrease your expenses (even if temporarily) so you can get it paid off.

  40. I have close to $100k in student loan debt that I keep deferring because I’m so overwhelmed by it all. I barely make ends meet as it is how would you suggest I approach these loans in a way that can be empowering and not so overwhelming? Thank You!

    1. Great question Shannon. Is there a way that you can increase your income by taking on a side job or starting some sort of “side hustle” (see Pam Slim and Scott Dinsmore for more on this) so that you could increase your income and stop deferring the loans? Could you even begin to put $10/week towards them while they’re deferred? Taking any action at all, even if it’s small, moves mountains in terms of the energy of the universe.

  41. Hi ladies!
    I have a money question!
    Like many folks, I have had some VERY tough financial years and am barely making ends meet–sometimes not at all… Though I am employed doing something I love, I get paid very little and know that can’t change for a while due to the industry I work in and the contracts I have already signed. In dollar desperation, I’ve applied for jobs that are not AT ALL aligned with what I feel my purpose is. Recently I was offered one of those jobs. Everything about it feels wrong and icky, but I’m so worried about money, I wonder if I should take it.

    Taking the job makes me feel like I am straying from my path, but is there a point where it’s worth it to stay financially afloat?

    Thank you!

    1. Heather – if it feels icky to take the job don’t take the job. BUT, is there a way you could turn your passion into an extra stream of income that’s outside the contracts that you already have? The idea that you can only make a certain amount in your work in your industry is just a thought form. And if you believe that, so it shall be. But if you decide that you can be well compensated doing work that you love, then that shall be. You have to decide to break out of the confines of your own mind so that you can be well compensated.

  42. I love the sound of this book. Very empowering. Here’s my question: I’m in a good financial place, but my boyfriend has some serious credit card debt. We live together and would like to get married some day. How can I best help him tackle his debt without being controlling or lecturing?

    1. Modeling is everything when it comes to money. So, the healthier you are in your relationship with money and the more you model that, the more he will be too! Talk with him lovingly about it and make it a project you’ll tackle together. Let him know you’re on his team!

  43. I’m going to get this book. Ever since launching my business, I’ve had a very stressful relationship with money – there is NEVER enough. This thought enters my headspace often. Look forward to reading it – thanks Gabby and Kate.

  44. Kate, I’ve been watching your online telecast, etc. (and love that you mention DA as a good tool for peeps to learn about money). I’m reading the book and it’s great…the writing is so down-to-earth and accessible, and I took the initial test. I came out okay, but not at the top.
    What’s going on now is that I have lots of potential opportunities, both for a great B job and also a webinar for Hay House, but my brain feels overwhelmed with fear, resistance, and self-doubt…the fear of stepping out bigger. My brain is fogging up and does not want to allow anymore information to come through. Any tips for this?

    1. Great question Karen – I would just stop taking in new information and instead get engaged with taking one simple step forward as soon as possible. Our friend Marie Forleo says “Clarity comes through engagement, not thought.” When we get caught in thought we often get scared but when we take action, we’re so present we forget to be scared. Just take action!

  45. This was a great Vlog this week! I really love when you guys talked about “aligning with your spending” I immediately made a list of my values after that.
    I am about a quarter of the way through this book right now and it is really fun. I love Kate’s can do attitude and her belief that mistakes aren’t the end all.

    keep on shining

  46. So excited! I have already put into practice some of Kate’s tips from seeing her interview with Christine Hassler. I have been having love dates with my money and it has been fabulous! I definitely have worked on a lot of my messages with money and Kate has helped me to see that there were underlying thoughts about money that truly have been limiting. So, THANK YOU, KATE! I also really appreciate the note about value today. I highly value self-care. Highly! And it feels good to resonate deeply with that.

    Otherwise, I don’t have a question at this moment, but if one comes I’ll post it later! Much love, Gabby & Kate. -Kelsey

  47. I am thrilled for this teaching! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have realized as of late that my purpose in this physical realm is as an angel of Abundance, and Possibility. For my human struggles it has been money-which was a learned pattern, like many, from my family. However, I am working on my MFA with $144,000 in student loan debt from my undergraduate degree. Most of that money is from private loans. The company is uncompassionate so far and where I live now doesn’t seem to pay the wages needed from my part time job. Working to pay my debts is taking my focus from my college education, and me making Art as a service to humanity. I don’t enjoy the mental and emotional space this takes. Nor the energetic struggle it required until this point. I am trying to be responsible, but a girl has to eat. How do you maintain a sense of joy and fun while being monstrously in debt? I feel this might secretly be the key. How also, do you not be concerned so much with your credit score? I think the amount of debt I have at the age of 28 is something that just means I can’t think so much about losing points on my credit report. If I worry about every little thing-I”ll be miserable. Any tips would be amazing! I’ve already decided to think of my payments each month (some want over $600/mo.) as gestures of gratitude for the experiences those loans provided me. I feel better but I am still afraid that I won’t have the money to pay those loans each month and somehow be “in trouble”. I want to change! I need to change to embrace life! HELP!

    1. Great question Mary – how can you increase the amount of money you make (even temporarily) and decrease your spending (even temporarily) to more quickly get out of debt? Can you take an extra job, get commissioned to do high paying art, teach classes on the side, sell your work online, etc? Get creative and think outside the box. At the same time, are you willing to live in a smaller space or less desirable area temporarily so you can decrease your expenses? I love that you’re seeing your debt payments with gratitude – that’s brilliant. Lastly, your credit score only matters if you want to buy things. If you’re going to be renting and keep making regular payments, don’t let it stress you out too much.

      1. Thanks Kate for your support. I’m already living on the mere essentials and in the lowest rate apartment I could find that wouldn’t contribute to a negative mind state. I also have a part time job in addition to my Teaching assignment and class work at the University where I am a Masters student. All of those tips are good though-thank you! I just heard about your Friday dates with your money and I am excited to try this for the first time this week! I’ve also been, for the first time, saving my receipts so that I can reconcile them against my bank account. I’m ready to step into an Abundance mindset to my finances and accept that I a not limited by them but that they contribute to my joy and outreach. Do you have any tips though, for when the minimum payments on student or any kind of private loans are just not possible? How can one remain hopeful, change their focus, or manifest more means to knock those payments outta the park?

      2. Hi Kate, Thank you for having so much insight on money, due to the fact it IS a huge part of our lives. I too have 250,000 in debt due to school. I’m an artist ( photographer/designer). So i’m no where near having the money to pay on this debt. I’m 35 now and decided long ago that i was not going to let the debt control my life, so i literally put it aside, forgot, and gave it over to god. I do know it’s still there, but I’m living each day to simply pay the bills and living expenses i have. That to me is more important. I have changed my attitude to being very humble and i’m thankful that my values have changed to know where my money needs to go, which is back into my business. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so my own business is where i’m left to make life go around. At this point i’m trying to break that cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, or when i sell i sell. But when your starting a business on no overhead and what you make has to pay for your living and business expenses it’s hard to really grow, and break that cycle. Of course my credit is shot and can’t get loans or credit cards to help. I don’t need a lot but i would like to have a consistent, and nice size savings. And maybe one day be able to even think about chipping away at that large loan.
        At this point it’s all about setting goals and focusing on my values and envisioning this freedom of money. But i am thankful that i am making it, even if it is paycheck to paycheck each month doing what i love to do. But it’s time to find the tools to break this just getting by cycle. Any advise would be great! Thank You, Kristy W.

    2. Mary, I really feel your struggle here! I graduated with my master’s degree in 1998 and still have $75k in student loan debt. I’m now paying for my daughter’s private school tuition (public school is, very sadly, not an option where we live), and although my hubby and I both work hard and make good money, it feels IMPOSSIBLE to get out of debt.

      Kate, I would appreciate your feedback around crushing debt. I am a businesswoman by trade, very responsible/accountable, and enormously grateful around what this debt actually represents to me/my family in terms of experiences and education. How can I continue to creatively and lovingly embrace this opportunity to pay it off? I am ready for a radical change in perception here!

      And Gabby, YOU ROCK! I am on Day 21 of MCM, and the subtle shifts are starting to BLOW MY MIND. :)))

      Hang in there, Mary…you are not alone! Love to all!!!

      1. Thanks so much Kristin! It’s always affirming to know we aren’t alone in our situations. I know what you mean about that “impossible” feeling and debt. This year I’ve devoted myself to coming to terms with money and altering my perspective. I want to choose joy, financial freedom, and awareness. The more I do this, the more I see money and having money as possible. I’m 100% behind you in your journey!

      2. Hi Kristin! I would start by renaming your “crushing debt” “invoices for blessings already received.” Our friend Danielle LaPorte says: Debt is neither good, nor bad. It’s just how you feel about it. How about you decide that since you’re paying it off and making progress that you’re doing it right and stop finding the situation wrong? Hope that helps!

  48. Hi Gabby and Kate!
    I love this interview! I first heard Kate mention the book in April 2012 and instantly knew that this book was for me. So I’ve been waiting patiently and bought it immediately when it came out two weeks ago. I’m currently reading it and I absolutely love it. I think we all would benefit from changing the conversation around money and shifting our perception of it, and Kate does a wonderful job at it!
    In my coaching practice I have many young women come to me with a difficult relationship with money and also their life purpose. I’ve been recommending “Money: a love story” since it came out and will continue to do so. I’m also thinking about incorporating some of the exercises you present in the book to my coaching clients. They are that fabulous! So thank you bunches Kate for writing this incredible book! And thank you Gabby!

  49. Hi
    Thank you both for doing what you do. I am definitely getting this book.
    I am a part of an incredible health and wellness company, we have nutritional and weight loss products that are helping people worldwide. I greatly enjoy working with this company and helping others, but I would like to be much more financially successful and get out of debt. What advice would you give me to achieve financial freedom and become debt free?
    Love and Blessings

    1. Charlotte – I’m so glad that you’ve found a company to partner with that you love. The best way to make more money is to add more value…so be sure that you’re being teachable and learning the system to make your business work. Seek mentorship from those who’ve been successful already and follow what they say. Seek to add value and you’ll make more money so you can pay off your debt and achieve freedom!

  50. I was first introduced to Kate thru an interview she did with Kriss Carr. I had an internal ‘yes!’ spring up to a lot of what she spoke to and needless to say “Money, A Love Story” is on it’s way to me now (the interview above is no exception. :)) One question for Kate: when we’re spending money on what it is we value – for me, it’s health supplements and health supplement-type foods (like spirulina, for example) how do refrain from going overboard while doing so, without feeling like we’re depriving ourselves? With the increasingly toxic environment that we have made for ourselves, I see the need for diet supplementation crucial. I find myself torn between making sure that my own intake and the intake of those that I care for is topped up while making sure that I’m not wiping us out financially in the process. To be fair, I think my outlook is colored by incidents like Hurricane Sandy that we experienced last year.

    1. Hi Debbie – I replied once and my comment vanished so here’s the answer again: I would say to just make sure you’ve fully used and enjoyed what you’ve already purchased before going out to try the newest superfood or supplement. Have a rule that you only buy something new when you’ve gotten to the bottom of a container of something you’ve already tried! That will also save space in your kitchen πŸ™‚

  51. I was first introduced to Kate thru an interview she recently did with Kris Carr. I kept hearing an internal ‘yes!’ to a lot of what she spoke to and needless to say, “Money, A Love Story” is on it’s way to me now (the interview above is no exception. :)) One question for Kate: when we spend money on what it is that we value – for me, it’s health supplements and health supplement-type foods – how do we refrain from really going overboard doing so, without feeling like we’re depriving ourselves in a specific field of consumerism that we truly do enjoy? For me, for example, trying new superfoods and creating alchemical recipes is one of many loves that I have and when there’s a new one brought to market, I’m quickly intrigued… and seeking to try it.

    1. Great question! What I recommend is making sure that you’ve used and enjoyed the fun potions and super foods you already have before you go out and buy a new one. Same thing applies to clothing – I do my best to let something go when I add something new to my wardrobe.

  52. Thank you for the wonderful insight.
    I literally just ordered the book online. Looking forward!
    So, Im currently a chef and run my own catering business and cooking classes, along side working in food media, in terms of creating wealth in my life. I love what was said about creating more value for yourself within yourself. How do I work on that, so i can start moving towards a better financial situation, which in turn will provide me more freedom to do things I wish to? any other thoughts are welcome.
    p.s. Recently I started reading ACIM and it is definitely helping me, besides Gabby’s awesome book ‘May cause Miracles’ and her vlogs!

    Lots of love to both of you from India!

      1. Yes Iam. Thank you very much!
        Reading it slowly and steadily to be able to understand it and actually become miracle minded. Ive gotto tell you, its pretty intense. Great intense!
        There are times Im unconscious of what i do/say. But gradually am working more consciously on becoming right minded. Thank you for introducing me to the ‘course’.
        You beautiful spirit! πŸ™‚

    1. The best thing to do is to start a journal to add to every night and write down ways that you added value that day and things you value about yourself. Keep putting your attention on your value and you will be able to add more value in the world and get paid well as a result of that!

  53. I am SO psyched to read this book! Thank you both so much for doing what you do! I’ll be going to the book launch in Vancouver. So excited!

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