There Is No Such Thing as a Mistake

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Spirit Junkie cardIn a recent Dear Gabby episode, I pulled the card from my Spirit Junkie Deck, “There’s no such thing as a mistake. Everything happens in divine order. I am being guided to learn and grow.”

When we look at the situations in our life from a place of regret, we ultimately miss the opportunity for growth. We miss the opportunity to see what could have been uncovered beneath that discomfort. We miss the opportunity to recognize that every experience in our life is not an accident, but instead a chance to learn and grow. 


Watch this video from a recent episode of my show Dear Gabby to learn why there’s no such thing as a mistake.

Take a moment to reflect on a difficult experience in your life and ask yourself:

  • What can I learn from this? 
  • How can I grow from this? 
  • How can I shift from this? 
  • How can I lean toward more love?

When we live and lead and show up for our life grounded in that belief system, we can face our most difficult moments with a sense of purpose and power. Most of all, we can show up for those moments as an opportunity to grow.

I hope this new perspective serves you! 


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  1. “What can I learn from this?” is how my started my business which I truly believe is my purpose in this life. I experienced several severe depressions over 20 years. I was stuck in a loop. The assignment kept showing up right? Until one day, about 5 years ago, I decided there had to be another way (this way before I found you Gabby, I literally said to myself: there has to be another way!). So I started researching how to overcome depression and what I could do proactively about it (rather than just do therapy and medication as advised by the doctors). After a couple of years I had so much research (and great results of applying it on myself) I felt called to it and started a blog. Now I am helping others who are going through this. Thank you for the reminder Gabby. Such an important lesson!

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous share, Emilie. It’s a beautiful reminder that all experiences, for better or for worse, are designed to provide us with the maximal opportunity for growth. So proud of you for making your pain your purpose. That’s how we heal the world. Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  2. This was amazing for me to see! I gave up my subscription last month because I felt I didn’t have time for everything. Watching this brought tears to my eyes! I NEED GABBY! I want to trust that I am worthy and what I do means something.

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