Miracles from the Valley

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For many months I’ve been on an international speaking circuit teaching lessons from my new book, Miracles Now. In each of my talks, my primary message is to Be the Light. In today’s blog I share one of the lectures from this tour when I taught at the Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley. Surrounded by mountains, I offer lessons from my own spiritual path and guidance on how to step into the light.

In this talk I share my personal story of how I reconnected to the love and light within me.

Amma the hugging saint once said, “When an eggshell cracks from the outside it’s crushed. When it cracks from the inside a being is born.” Tweet!

We all have the capacity to crack open and be reborn.

The guidance I offer in this talk will remind you of your hidden power, realign you with your purpose and turn you into a magnet for miracles. My hope is that this talk inspires you to bring forth the light within you so that you can elevate the world. Watch this lecture and expect Miracles Now.

If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

– Jesus

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  1. Thank you so much.
    Is being hard time lately, I’m from Spain but I was leaving in Boulder,CO for last two years… I’m missing my life there and to adapt again to my country and city… I was feeling lost…. Today watching your video make feel conected again with who I am and why I’m here.
    Sat Nam

  2. Hey Gabby
    So I started your book ‘May Cause Miracles’ last week. Day one: Amazing things happened. I got 3 yoga classes at the college I work at for girls. Spoke amazing people. Then on my way home I fell off my push bike and shattered my elbow. Although this bad I think there is some miracle in it. So today after having surgery (a week ago) I am feeling a lot better a have started again. I am not sure what this miracle is or where it’s taking me. Will you hold me in your heart and send me some light. I life has mix of so much and I am trying to transform. I have come a long way but recently forgot everything. Who I am, why I am. The taken hold but I choose the light.
    Big Love, Namaste, Sat Nam Xx

  3. Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere! New Zealand in fact. This is the very first thing I ever saw/heard of you. I found it a few months back while searching for kundalini videos on YouTube and whammo – there you were. Like a spiritual sucker punch. I’ve been on a different path with myself ever since, and would like to thank you for bringing it.
    I’ve since tried the addiction kicker practice and successfully stopped drinking alcohol for forty days. I manifested a 7-week trip to Europe to meet my husband’s family and see some art. I’ve conjured up a new job which I start next month. I am nurturing the sweet spark deep inside and yearning to find my right path. Thank you sister.

  4. Best lecture yet! I completely identify with some of what you were talking about. Definitely had me in tears, and I felt your presence even watching this video. I literally go through my day and say to myself, WWGD (What, Would, Gabby, Do) and bring myself back to peace and the light.

  5. So sad I can´t watch it in Germany because there is a notice about something with the music…any chance I can watch it on a different way? Thank you 🙂
    Love, Silja

  6. True dat! That is by far one of your best lecture. Your own raw emotion, vulnerability and authenticity are outstanding. And the mantra at the end is dope! Gabby, THANK YOU so much for sharing that lecture with us all for free.

    <3 <3 <3


  7. So so good. I did the meditation at the end with my 6 month old laying on my lap and my husband said he looked like he was in a daze. He loved it too Can you do that meditation daily??

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this again Gabby – I really need it. On a journey facing my demons has been bringing so much to the table that I usually suppressed.

  9. Listened to this lecture last night on my commute in & out of work… crowded buses & trains full of cranky & cold new yorkers – an especially long day. As always, couldn’t have come at a better time. The reminder to ‘remember’ / ‘come home’ is so important and the moment you started telling the story about the mountain… goodness, I felt like you were speaking right to me! I meditated on joy with you and I hope at least some of those fellow commuters received the energy. I definitely did and I thank you. Witness, choose again, come home. Probably going to be my mantra for a good while as I’m about to embark on a few months of big changes and decisions. I am so grateful to be able to be of witness to your journey & to receive the messages you offer so freely. Thank you. (& thank you for sharing this lecture for free, what a treat!) xo

  10. thank you Gabby … first for sending this lecture to my inbox and everything that followed as I took the time to watch. I particularily loved the meditation at the end what a beautiful experience to lead and an exquisite moment to witness..xx

  11. Absolutely beautiful & moving talk … Thank you for opening up to us all. You have not only inspired me to better myself, but to follow in your footsteps and inspire others. You have created a forever lasting ripple effect of love and light that will continue to save many. xoxoxoxo

  12. Dear Gabby, I watched this video today. What can I say? So much tears I cried during watching it. By the time of the miracle meditation, I couldn’t see through my eyes anymore. But so much joy I felt after. Actually, I sang the mantra this morning to my crying baby son. He instantly calmed down… To living in the light, chosing again and chosing joy! Is there any chance you ever come to speak to Belgium? Wanna feel the vibrance and magnitude you create in a room full of spirit junkies! Sat nam xoxo

  13. Gabby, you are so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your love and light, you are my mentor, and i will follow you where ever you go;)
    In the meditation i cried so bad, but it was a good cry, releasing every pent up emotion.
    You are truly an inspiration, more than you can ever imagine.

    Love Tine<3

  14. Hey Gabby, You are the real thing! Sending You truck loads of Love from London! I’m super excited about seeing You in March! I also teach Yoga & A Course in Miracles, and this is my tip for dealing with the family members:

    #4 ‘Observing myself throughout the years and analyzing how my mind works, I came up with what I call the ‘100 years’ exercise. I noticed that my mind finds it difficult to commit to forgiveness and acceptance for the eternity, as the little voice of ego sometimes says ‘Why should I forgive that person and be peaceful?’. To trick the mind, I say to myself ‘OK, I will forgive that person only for another 50 years or so’. Actually, half of the century is more or less what most of us have. Put in this perspective of time, the 100 year exercise tricks the mind and opens the heart to forgiveness. I find this exercise enormously useful, especially when it comes to dealing with the family members. Realizing that we and others are not going to hang around on this Earth forever makes You less annoyed and more appreciative of others.’


    I belong to You,
    Elizabeth Ananda

  15. Gabby,
    I wanted to say think you for putting yourself out there to put out advice on how to stay connected to our spiritual center. I also wanted to say that a large portion of this talk at Wanderlust has really helped me realize something about myself. I too look for love in outside relationships and in outside successes. I am listening to this because this year has been so chaotic that I finally want to change.

  16. Wow.. this is was especially powerful for me today. I had a moment of happy tears during this lecture, as I bow in gratitude to you and to myself for being open to living in the light. For being aware. For being willing to always choose again. For being willing to become a teacher of the light too. Thank you so much for rockin’ what you do. Because of you, I truly *know* I am meant to be a teacher as well one day soon. Blessings and divine sisterhood love to you! -Amanda

  17. This is SO beautiful Gabby! I want everyone I know to watch this lol.
    Its so powerful. I love that fear & darkness get dissolved when we CHOOSE LIGHT. I LOVE that we have the power. Amazing 🙂

  18. Beautiful Gabby,

    I’ve been watching your vlogs off and on for a year or two now, but this was my first full lecture and WOW! I hope to one day experience your passion in person, but rest assured the Gospel of Gabby absolutely translates over the waves of the interwebs.

    Another light worker awakens!!!

  19. Thanks so much Gabrielle. I watched it from my home in Italy and I loved every word u said. I thank u for the mantra and light, for the 4 step that allow me to witness and choose and push away negative thoughs and I thank myself for choosing to watch u. Thanks thanks thanks. Elisa

  20. Hi Gabby,

    Bless you for sharing this!

    I remembered Gabby! I thought I heard meditation song for the first time but then I remembered I knew it already. It was coming straight from my heart!

    Much Love and appreciation!


  21. Gabby thank you for sharing your enlightening words and message.
    This spoke to my heart and just what I needed right now. I am grateful for you sharing your love and light with all!

  22. Thank you so much Gabby. Your presence full of joy, love and compassion elevates us all. And you explain so simply how to forgive our attack thoughts and choose the ligth every single time. You show us the path beautifully. Lots of love. Sat Naam.

  23. Hi Gabby,

    Great talk – love your work.
    I was wondering if you could do a vlog post about what is happening in Ferguson and now New York City, innocent lives being lost and no one being held responsible for their actions. I am a huge believer that we must bring the light, but how do we deal with such tragedy and how do we stop the hate? I feel like justice has to prevail here and it breaks my heart knowing that these men and women and now children won’t get the closure they deserve.

  24. There are no words for how much you have truly helped me see the beauty in life and in others. Sending so much love your way. Tabitha Bucci

  25. Gabby, you have progressed so much as a speaker-I’ve always loved you but you have evolved in a way that is in line with the rise of your career, your purpose, and your ability to reach the masses. You have a true presence and speak so well. Great job! Thanks for this.

  26. Amazing, thank you so much for being you, you always help me get back to where I want to be, where I am happiest. Thank you

  27. Gabby words can’t express how much not only I enjoyed watching this video but how much I gained from it too. The timing of your messages, in my life right now, are divine and for that I am eternally grateful. The future looks bright ! Thank you x

  28. Hi Gabby, your speech has come to me at the most amazing time. Today for the first time I told one of my coworkers that I am feeling disconnected, a word that I have never used before in my life! I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose for months and months and I’ve been feeling like an arrow without a target. But with your speech I am on my way to fulfill my life just be being present and see what God has for me and see where God takes me, without forcing myself to find my purpose. My job for now is to be the light everywhere I go. Thank you Gabby for sharing this and all of you with all of us 🙂

  29. Hey gabby would love to watch the vid. but it isnt avaible in germany ! hope you can correct it ! 🙂 Lots of love

  30. I watched this this morning and did the miracle meditation and tears just started pouring out of me. Thank you for all you do Gabby – You are an inspiration!

    Sat Nam

    1. I had the exact same reaction Tara! There were so many moving moments, but the joy I felt course through me during the miracle meditation was what opened the floodgates. 🙂

  31. This was amazing, you are amazing gabby, loved the meditation at the end it made me cry happy tears and I kept seeing all my family members laughing and smiling, it’s really made me realize that I need to be the light, I am the light ! Xxxx thankyou xxxx

  32. Be the Light! <3
    Thank you, Gabby! That's the most beautiful message ever.
    Thank you for your work, thank you for inspiring us to search within and to bring out the Light in us.


  33. You are so inspiring Gabby. I just can’t say with the words how much you have brought me the joy and happiness to my everyday life. I’m so grateful that i founded you through Marie Forleo.

  34. While watching this video I had a massive epiphany about my mother that I needed to have to continue to have compassion for her, which she sorely needs. Thank you thank you thank you!

  35. I am here to breathe the breath of light to my generation, I now go through my day as a student hungry for knowledge and eager to share and guide those in whatever way they allow. Thank you for your teachings, for your words, energy and for your pure heart. What tremendous bounds our souls are meant to grow in this lifetime!!

  36. It was such a great delight to see and hear ” The Light ” speak. Gabby, your face really lights up when you speak. You are such a great inspiration . Thanks for sharing . Xx????????????????????

  37. Strange that I came across “Miracles from the Valley” today and grateful…thank you! I have always felt a light within me, but not as of late. I am lost, without passion and unable to find my purpose. I feel hopeful hearing your story. I am open to the light and was given this mantre recently to say each day:
    “I live in the light…I love in the light…I laugh in the light…I am sustained and nourished by the light…I joyously serve the light…For I am light…I am light…I am!..I am!”
    It is beautiful and speaks to me, but I am still in the dark. I am in Lifespan Integration Counseling and learning mindfulness, but if you have any guidance, I would be eager to hear from you. Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with us.

  38. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

    “In your joy, you heal the world.” Exactly the miracle I needed.

    Again, thank you. Much love.

  39. Gabby, thank you. This
    Is truly a masterpiece and one of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard. Thanks to our dear friend Arielle, I’ve stuck with your movement and become a part of your choir. I feel incredibly rewarded. Can’t wait to attend Wanderlust one of these years and hope you’ll be there again.
    Jodi Finer

  40. Thank you so much Gabby!! 🙂
    This is exactly what I needed to see today! This week last year I came to London to your workshop and the morning after I was meditating in my hotel room and I decided then and there that this year I was going to learn and grow and leave my job that I’m not happy in.
    In January I started Kundalini yoga teacher training in Ireland and it was has been an experience beyond words! I have had an amazing year and definitely grown and learned. Last month I handed in my resignation in my corporate job in insurance with my last date being 31/12/14 and I plan to start 2015 being a teacher.
    I have some anxiety as that date is becoming closer but I know that I’m on the right track and trusting that the universe has my back!! 🙂
    I want to thank you too for your sharing and teaching – truly inspirational! Every morning or whenever I get anxious or nervous I recite the prayer u wrote on page 39 of May Cause Miracles!! It reminds me to choose love and to be the light!! Xx

  41. Thanks for sharing so much of you so candidly and in such a heartfelt and earnest way. You unveiled in a way that opened you to us, and I’m turn allowed me to do the same. Peeling the layers to shine the light. Blessed. Thank you, Gabby.

  42. LOVE THIS!!! I listen to you while I work and it makes for such a better mindset. Your energy is authentic and beautiful! 🙂 I ordered the Empowered Intuition and I can’t wait to get it! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  43. Thank you so much for posting this talk! It really hit me today in the best way, and I am choosing again with my negative thoughts.

    You truly are an inspiration to me. Thank you Gabby!

  44. Gabby,
    This year has been the worst year of my life and just today I was thinking about how I just felt like giving up on trying to be happy; it will never happen. But watching your video gave me hope and lessened my depression. Thanks for everything.

  45. This is by far one of your best talks. I Love that you show yourself vulnerable and went deep in to your “darkest” times. You inspire me but sometimes you seem so strong and “perfect” that I get scared I’ll never get there. I hope I get to mete you someday.

    Thank You

    Sat Nam

  46. Hi,
    I have looked thought these comment, but I have not found the link to the song with the manta you play at the end of your video, where can I find this?
    Lot of Love Danielle

  47. Hi Gabby, I had the privilege of meeting you in NYC a few weeks ago and it was a dream come true for me. Thank you for sharing the beautiful lecture and the mantra with music at the end. I just downloaded the CD and will make this my mantra for the next 40 days. You shared this same mantra at the workshop at Pure and I was so moved by it, but forgot to ask you what the music was….and here it surfaces again….definitely a miracle. 🙂 Be well, happy holidays, and hope to run into you again soon. All my love, Meghan

  48. Hi Gabby, I had the privilege of meeting you in NYC a few weeks ago and it was a dream come true for me. Thank you for sharing the beautiful lecture and the mantra with music at the end. I just downloaded the CD and will make this my mantra for the next 40 days. You shared this same mantra at the workshop at Pure and I was so moved by it, but forgot to ask you what the music was….and here it surfaces again….definitely a miracle. 🙂 Be well, happy holidays, and hope to run into you again soon. All my love, Meghan

  49. Thank you Gabby! It is moving and inspiring to hear you speak your truth. I’ve learned so much from you, and I remembered my meditation and prayer practice from years ago! Thank you for this!

  50. Love this, Gabby! I would love to see a vlog or blog about being multi-traditional. Also, I’d really like to know what your favorite incense is for your alter and meditation. Thanks for being such a bright light!

  51. You won’t be surprised that after listening to this talk I was asked to do a freelance project that will relieve me of so much financial stress. A miracle blessing!

    A question for you though… can I listen to the Miracle song while doing work, cleaning, cooking etc? Are should I only listen while I’m in a mediation position? Thanks!!

  52. I cried six times watching this. I was so overwhelmed with joy and love that tears were pouring down my face, over my giant smile. Thank you for sharing this, Gabby. Thank you for the invitation. Thank you for the reminder. I cannot thank you enough. Namaste.

  53. So beautiful, your work is such a gift ? Loved this, such a powerful discussion of your search for love 🙂 Your light is shining so bright! My favorite line:) ‘Your job is to be the light, and to raise the vibration living in the joy of who you are’ ? Yea! I am so grateful for you!!! Namasté

  54. Love this! Beautiful message Gabby. I just had to leave you a comment because I thought this was one of your most powerful lectures, and the emotion and love and light you brought forth was just WOW. Sending you love sister xoxo

  55. Last Sunday night I was literally on the verge of having a panic attack. Did some breathing and email pops up of a new wanderlust video .I watched your talk and cried my eyes out thru the entire video. I am at a turning point in my personal life . Thank you for reminding me that all I have to do is put one foot in and I will be guided to the next right action. This message came to me at the exact moment I needed it !!! I have been saying F it I am putting that foot in all week, especially when I turn to fear and feel weak. Thank you xo

  56. Gabby,

    That just made my morning! I’m a second grade teacher and I was listening in my classroom before the school day starts. You brought me to tears, and I’m ready to keep being the light. I take your guidance seriously, and I’m so grateful for you. Thank you!


  57. Wow ! I love your presence in this talk. You’re standing on stage naked, vulnerable, raw and in your truth. I know it’s going to sound super cheesy but you’ve changed my life and I hope to meet you in person one day. Thank you!

  58. Today, as I had a cold and resisted time I set aside to clear out material possessions that made me feel inadequate, separated, and at a loss for focus, gratitude, and true utility for what I owned, I had a voice speak to me. It said, go listen to that Gabby girl, don’t turn on Netflix and go unconscious. I feel like this video was my spiritual support for the place in which I live where I am surrounded by people who don’t necessarily understand day-to-day why I care about holding what I own with intention.
    They don’t know why I want to recycle, upcycle, donate so much of the superfluous stuff instead of keeping it or throwing it in the trash behind their back. They’ve decided all these things they’ve bought are investments of love in the place of true sharing, quality time, and space to create connection with a higher purpose and power (as an individual and as a family).
    I definitely didn’t intend to watch this entire video. I am especially grateful for the meditation at the end. I can never hear enough of the story about the banker and how we are all here to be the light, share our light, in any capacity that is made available to us and that we are brave enough to accept and assert. Thank you for the lovely, refreshing evening. Thank you for the feelings of blessing and lightness that came into my heart.
    Thank you for helping me to feel my expansiveness reach out in a wave across the entire globe. What a terrible year I thought I’d had of physical injury, unemployment (but employed since last week!), pleasing family, and self-belittling. That was met with this authentic speech and connecting meditation for which I am grateful. Keep making spiritual practice and wisdom something popular and joyful enough for anyone to pursue. I will be a witness to the miracles given!

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