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Congrats on taking the Miracles Now journey!

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I’m super psyched to share that my new book, Miracles Now, officially launched in the U.S. For nearly a decade, I’ve been passionate about helping people bust through the blocks to a peaceful, powerful and present life. This book is the ultimate collection of my 108 favorite life-changing techniques. You can open it to any page to discover an easy-to-follow method that will rock your world.

Feel free to share the love by tweeting this post: I’m so psyched that @GabbyBernstein’s new book #MiraclesNow is officially out! Grab a copy here https://ctt.ec/rU2f7+

These tools are meant for you to practice, master and share. In this video I welcome you to join me on the Miracles Now journey and help yourself and others wake up to their inner light.

If you’re as psyched about the book as I am, then I invite you to spread the word.

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  1. I love all your work Gabby! You are an inspiration and embody all that you teach. I can’t wait to read your new book and meet you when you come to LA!

  2. Hi Gabby,
    I’m counting hours! I’ve ordered the book in Kindle version as living in Tasmania , Australia, I simply couldn’t wait two more weeks for the delivery!
    Thanks for all your work, messages & tools you give the world! I use the lessons from you in my daily life & in my teaching, too!
    Sat nam!

  3. Aaaaa I’ve been so excited for this book! Can’t wait to open my kindle app tomorrow and finally see it appear. I just went back to work after my maternity leave, so reducing stress and connecting with my soul is my priority! I also mentioned the launch on my blog. Can’t wait to see you in Chicago on your book tour!

  4. SO EXCITED!!!!! I’m ready for “Miracles Now” to come now! I’m very grateful for your work and your truth. You SHINE bright sister and you def have given the rest of us permission to do the same! I’m moved by your authenticity and vulnerability. It takes courage to open up your heart to the world and share your passion and love!!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    lots of love

  5. Hi Gabrielle!

    I’m so excited to receive ‘Miracle’s Now’! I am ready for it and the miracles in it.

    You are such a gift to this world.

    Have a beautiful day.


  6. I’m so super psyched for tomorrow! I love all your books and have found great inspiration in them ann you. Love love love your work

  7. Beyond excited and can’t wait to meet you in person in new york 🙂
    I remember when I was going through the most difficult, dark, misunderstood and almost deadly health issue, spirit junkie was literally following me everywhere. And the day I finally opened that book it has completely changed my life forever. Your true self really shines through your writing and for the first time I felt like there was someone else is this world that was going through the same things that everything was going to be okay. I am deeply grateful for your work and thank you for being a huge inspiration for my passion to help others thrive into their true self. You are my living, breathing hope. Much gratitude Xo

  8. Will always be on the train with you…your light guides me 🙂 I can’t wait for all the new miracles! I join in your tears of joy for your beautiful, inspiring journey.

  9. As a college senior I can not wait for these little tools to help me venture all into the next step in my life. Finding “Spirit Junkie” shifted my whole perception and created major miracles! Can not wait to gift this book to all my graduating friends! Perfect gift-perfect timing!
    Thank you for all your work!
    Sat Nam

  10. Cannot wait to get this new book and complete my Gabby collection! Many blessings on your book tour. Love your God’s got this shirt, by the way, where did you get it? 🙂

  11. Congratulation Gabby! You are so special and have helped bring the light to so many of us. I can’t wait for Thursday night in CT! God bless you. Xoxo

  12. Thank you so much Gabby!
    I am new on this page and I have been following you for only 3 weeks. But I have allready made such a big progress thanks to you and this amazing work. Well, I am definitely a spirit junkie now 🙂 I have been ordering your book and I can’t wait for it to arrive in Europe. Just wanted to say thank you. Hugs and love from Denmark

  13. I heard you speak at the “I can do it”-Toronto and bought your new book. It`s an easy read and one that I go back to everynight-I just randomly open it up. Love it and tell everyone about it!!!

  14. YAYYYY!!! I’m in tears also!!!
    Soooo HAPPPYYYY for you and I’m sooo STOKED for my new book to arrive!! Love you Gabby and thanks for all your positive energy and everything you share with me and the world everyday! ????????????????????????????????????????

  15. You beautiful soul!! Your love just radiated through this video, I’m so happy for you and also for us to be able to read another amazing book! I’m excited to see you in London soon (keep us posted when you’ll be here) Lots of love xx

  16. In case I will have the book I love to read it and besides this I think, you also have a very nice future because of what you organized for the World in General and also for how You know the Master-things. Thank you very much.- corinavanana@gmail.com

  17. Waiting for mine from Amazon. I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & I really love all your books & your energy. Really excited about this one xxx

  18. Congratulations Gabby!!! I’m so happy for all the wonderful amazing things that have happened for you! Just starting the book and have a very quick question. Sometimes you get that glow going with no problem others it feels like a constant bring your mind back to love tug of war. Is this normal and does it decrease with practice?

  19. Gurl, you are my spirit sister and I am so grateful for YOU! Watch me shine and teach, and when I am giving my talks and writing my books YOU will be the one I reference, the way you reference
    Marianne Williamson. . Keep teaching and rocking ! See you Friday
    Sat Nam

  20. Hey Gabby!! Huge congrats! I can’t WAIT for your book to arrive!!! Sooo exciting. All of your books have rocked, but I have a feeling this is going to be your best yet!!!

    P.S I love the concept and marketing for this book. Like you said, “God is your publicist.” THIS book is going to skyrocket your teachings and double or triple your audience 🙂 We’re all happy to spread the message.

  21. Hello Gabby. Congratulations! It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so excited to be entering the point of my journey where I’m learning from you through your videos and your books. Life has been interestingly brighter. Your messages and meditation exercises have really made a difference in how I approach life. I’m a happier person and I understand your message towards the end of May Cause Miracles. I’m working on my part in passing on the good message. I’ve never done any type of meditating before although I was brought up Buddhist. You’ve inspired me to create a meditation space and I love visiting that space often. I look forward to seeing you and getting my book in CT!!

    Peace and harmony 🙂

  22. I am so excited. I will be able to read it before your visit to San Francisco. I am so ready. See you soon Gabby!

  23. I was lucky to get your book after your talk in London a couple of weeks ago. It is so powerful. You definitely became a personal hero to me! You are amazing! love you

  24. Oh my goodness! You had me tearing up too! Your books have aided and guided me through so very much, not to mention the great support system (teameroo) I have been able to be drawn to on Her Future. This Path before me has become so clear my Inner Guide is sending me deep, embedded visions of what will come to pass. I thank you for guiding me to her. I thank the Creator for guiding me to Kris Carr whose site guided me to yours.
    I am grateful Gabby.
    ~peace and namaste sweet pea~

  25. You are amazing and I want that shirt! Blessing you are such an inspiration and bad ass, healthy, happy travels on your book tour. xoxo

  26. This made me cry too! Happy, joyous tears for you. I can’t wait to meet you in NYC on Friday night!! Love you and so happy to have you and your books in my life! Feeling grateful!

  27. Gabs you are very smart, a very hard working woman and so taught!! I’m about to publish my book too, its my first book thought, in México. You have definately been a mentor for me. Thank you si much for bringing us always the best. Love u

  28. Your book should be waiting for me when I get into the office tomorrow. Can’t wait. Am working through May Cause Miracles and finding your teachings was a miracle in my life AND you’re a Kundalini devotee! I love Kundalini. Anyway, I’m chattering on but I am so excited to see you when you come to London. I need to manifest those tickets! Ha! Sat Nam xx

  29. I just love you and what you’re teaching! I got the cd’s in pre-launch and got them early! I’m now going to buy both for a friend and also get a copy of the book for myself! Thank you for all of the great tips!!

  30. Congratulations on your new book, I have all of your books and this one is on it’s way to me too, all the way to Australia… Hope you could one day bless our shores with your presence. Lov your work…

  31. I am so happy for my book to come! I cannot wait! I just bought one for my BFF too, so we can read it together at the same time! Excited!!

  32. Hi sparkle girl! You have changed my life, renewed my devotion to my inner guide, and helped me rediscover my radiant light. I just finalized may cause miracles and have miracles now on the way. I have so much immense gratitude and love for you. Namaste, Dawna

  33. Looking forward to getting your new book from amazon to my kindle… from a fan in the North West of Ireland….xxx

  34. Just received the book all the way in HOLLAND!!! I thought i had to wait but it came in today! Looooove the quotes! Cannot wait to sit down and enjoy reading it and applying it through my days! Thank you thank you thank you

  35. Hi Gabby! Have been your devotee since day #1 of HerFuture! Will your book be coming out in audio anytime soon? And when are you next coming to beautiful Vancouver BC? 🙂

  36. Thank you for enlightening an old gal in her fifties. We should never quite seeking to better our understanding of ourselves and our world. There’s a lot of garbage within that you are helping us to throw out.

  37. Just bought four copies of your book for me and my three best friends. Can’t wait to share your wisdom with my besties! Thank you for this gift =)

  38. Gabby! I am psyched for this book! You’re such an inspiration and a blessing. I bought the Livestream ticket to the NYC launch and it will be my first launch I’ve ever “attended,” and I can’t wait for my copy of the book to show up in the mail! :):)

  39. Congrats Gabby!
    I have a recommendation for you. Please tell your fans that have read your other books to pretend they haven’t read you before. Why? Because you get a whole lot more out of it. I read “May Cause Miracles” twice and helped others get through their issues too. I thought I had all of my fears kicked out, but I found 9 after I read Tip # 2. I have no doubt they were really hidden and you’ve helped me once again to remove them. Now I really expect “Miracles Now” to happen. 🙂
    Thanks for being a great leader in this industry!

  40. GABBY – TYPING IN CAPS ON PURPOSE.. I WANT TO SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS WHAT A MIRACULOUS ( PUN INTENDED ;)) TOOL/GIFT YOUR MIRACLES NOW BOOK IS!!!! AMAZING, BLESSED AND OVERFLOWING WITH SPIRIT GUIDED WISDOM!!!! I got your book as an attendee of your Miracles Now Stamford CT Conference and have been using it as you instructed.. ask a question .. put it out to God/the Universe/Spirit ” show me got you got” and open randomly to the Miracle page I need. It is ROCK SOLID ON… EVERY TIME.. THE EXACT PAGE I need. There are no words of thanks enough for this spiritual tool/gift!!!!Thank you Gabby for all your work to write and share this book with the world… I am a fellow author but at a loss of words … besides THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!

  41. Loveeeeee Miracles Now! I’am Vibrating from my Head down to my Toes! I’am Sooooo Estatic! I have Unbuckeled My Seat Belt and I Know Without A Shadow of Doubt Anything Is Possible In My Life Today! I could talk about Miracles Now For 24 Hours! And that’s just up to Chapeter 10! Expect A Miracle Every Day! Not Just One Miracle A Day, But All Day Long! Don’t Walk,Run Out And Get This Book! P.S. My Income was Only 857.00 Dollars A Month and Sunday I received 500 Dollars! Laughing! Love You Gabby! Thank you For One of The Greatest Gifts I Have Ever Received! Robin Zuppan

  42. hey ,

    I had a question. manifesting money
    i had manifested some and was for bills….was experiencing some limiting beliefs self doubts etc and did a consultation with this lady that wanted money to help me so I gave her $1000 that I should have used to pay bills with …..in the meantime I talked with my spiritual coach whom doesn’t steer me wrong and she advised I not work with this woman at this time….in part because of the other $9 k she wanted….so I asked for my money back and told her I can’t do it right now. The lady has not refunded the deposit and I feel like maybe I am being punished for not accepting abundance and paying the bills I needed to in hopes that I could find the answers that hold me back…of course since listening to my spiritual coach your site and book appeared so I know that is a good sign….but long story short how can I manifest abundance if I feel like I did the wrong thing with the money I did manifest and am now in a pinch because I need the money to pay the bills that are now due? sorry to be so long winded.

  43. Hi Gabby, i am from Republiq of Moldova 🙂 i am so grateful that I found your amazing book I just love it ! I have a little question… How does the prayer work and how can I understand better the way that God respond? Does God respond to a prayer and no to another? I am a begginer on that path of the spirituality and I am a seeker of truth. Love you Gabby. God bless you.

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