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This week’s vlog is based on a powerful message from A Course in Miracles. “A miracle is a correction. It does not create, nor really change at all. It merely looks on devastation, and reminds the mind that what it sees is false.” This passage reminds us to catch our fear in the act. When we witness our fear-based behavior with our loving mind we’re reminded that our fear isn’t real. Watch this vlog for more on the topic:)

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  1. Great reminder. I’ve done this on occasion, but it takes practice to separate from the ego and witness fear from a distance. I know when I’ve done this it has been powerful.
    Good luck with the book launch!

  2. Best V-log yet! I will try this ,starting today. Curious to see how my actions toward my husband are ego based. Should be enlightening and cause some change.

  3. hello Gabby .thanks very much for theses videos they are a perfect reminder to all of us .And I dare say to you too.we teach what we have to learn ourselves .But you are very sweet .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .BLESS YOU .XX

  4. Love this!!!!!! The ego loves to make everything SO real and distract us from what is true. Thank-you for reminding us that it’s a *subtle* shift when we step into that loving awareness. I love the idea of witnessing the world “from across the street”…as if we’re watching something that is playing out before us and isn’t real. Powerful stuff ?

  5. You teach all the time about witnessing our behavior and not judging it but I’d never thought to do it as if I was a person across the street. I usually just periodically check in and think “what am I doing?” and move on. I’m really intrigued by this week’s work and excited too see what I observe as a bystander!

      1. This was a really cool assignment. I really saw how much time I spend in my head analyzing things when other people probably don’t think twice about it or even notice. There were a lot of times I would feel stressed out over a situation and realized that I didn’t necessarily have to be or take any action to correct it. I could just accept and move forward. A lot of the discomfort was just something I created in my mind. I’m going to keep checking in like this from time to time

  6. I have been studying the “Course” for the past few months and still cant wrap my head or even soul around that what im witnessing is not real. What does this mean? Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

  7. Thank you Gabrielle,
    I don’t recall hearing this specific tool before and it is a timely message for me. While practicing this, I feel a stronger sense of awareness that is very peaceful. Almost as if I am my own angel watching over myself. This is a beautiful practice.

  8. This really is a powerful practice. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even admit that what I’m doing, how the story is being played out may not be the most loving (thinking of a specific family relationship) way. What comes up for me here is the question, “you mean I may be wrong with the way I’m acting?” Almost a defense that has built up.

    And I hear Dr. Phil say, “And how’s that working for you, Meg?”

    And I would answer, “Not very good. I don’t feel like my most loving self.”

    It seems that love emerges through friendships more than family members. But I also know that’s good information for me to take notice of (how am I the source of these “stuck” relationships in my family? How am I creating this?).

    So that’s where I am today.

    You’re making me work here Gabby!

  9. Thanks Gabby…. I really needed to hear that this morning. What you said makes looking at fear alot easier and not overwhleming. You are an angel!
    PS. I pre-ordered my spirit junkie book yesterday and cant wait to get it in the mail!!!!!!
    You have also inspired me to write a book and I am about 30% done. It is really easy when you have spirit to back you up. I remember you saying abundance breaths abundance and now when I see others succeeding in what I want to succeed in….I take it as a message that I am on way way…enjoying each step! XOXO

  10. Great challenge this week, Gabby! This is a deep one…fir me especially right now. LOV-ING your work. Thank you with emence gratitude! Can’t wait to see you in LA!

  11. Insightful Vlog. I can do this and see the fear but somehow I can’t seem to shift wholly a move my actions from that line of thinking. I do see the fear, the doubt, and see all the circumstances that confirm it. I also look around me at all the abundance as you’ve suggested and see it as a sign-post. There’s just some other push that I need to understand to change this but not sure what it is… Any suggestions would be muy helpful. Thank you. I’m grateful for these vlogs.

  12. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I was just telling my SpiritJunkie friend how I feel like I have moved back into my negative mind and need to make a change to shift back into positive thinking. Thanks Gabby!

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