5 Awesome Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected Every Day

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The key to happiness, abundance, success and everything else we desire is to stay spiritually connected every day.

That’s why I offer something really special: my Miracle Membership. In this post I want to give you a taste of the magic, so I’m sharing some of the exact content my Miracle Members get each month to stay spiritually connected!

5 ways to stay spiritually connected every day

1. Meditation: Holding a vision of a new way of living to manifest what you want

One form of meditation is called a visualization. Visualization exercises are powerful tools for manifesting your desires, because getting into the emotions you want to feel is what raises your energetic vibration and attracts what you want!

This meditation is from December 2018. It’s dedicated to holding a vision of a new way of living. I shared this meditation at the end of the year to help Miracle Members set themselves up for the New Year.

During this visualization meditation, I’ll guide you to:

  • Get into alignment through your breath
  • Hold a beautiful vision of yourself doing exactly what you want and standing in the light of who you’re here to be
  • Assume the energy of what you desire (this is key to setting a manifestation in motion)

Sit in a quiet space, press play and follow my lead.

Why meditation is so important (and how to love it)

I believe meditation is one of the most important elements of a spiritual practice. I also know that it can be tough to meditate on your own. We have enough obligations in our lives — meditation shouldn’t be another task that requires a lot of time and effort.

Instead, meditation should be a reprieve from the outside world. A time to still your mind, let go of stress and allow intuitive guidance come through.

That’s why I make it really easy for Miracle Members to meditate. Every month I share a new guided meditation, and they’re all under 15 minutes so you can easily fit them into your day.

2. A private podcast centered on spiritual lessons and techniques for living a miraculous life

Recording the monthly podcast for the Miracle Membership is something I always look forward to. I love sitting in the studio and riffing on a spiritual topic with you. It reminds me of the early days of my career, when I coached small groups in my studio apartment. There’s something so special and personal about it.

In these audio lessons I share personal stories and teach on that month’s topic. You’ll come away from each one with simple and powerful spiritual tools and techniques you can apply in your everyday life.

My monthly Miracle Membership podcasts typically run about 40 minutes to an hour, but I thought I’d share a powerful moment that really resonated with the Membership.

Podcast clip: How to receive miracles

This clip comes from the October 2018 podcast episode, which is all about how to receive miracles. You can start putting these steps to use today, so press play and listen now.

Inspirational video content whenever you need it

When I’m onstage I really come alive. I speak live often, and I know everyone can’t be there all the time! That’s why I love to share footage from my live events with Miracle Members.

Sometimes the Gabby’s Greatest Hits video is of a talk I gave very recently, and sometimes I dig deep into the archives to bust out a classic. I also love to share some great audience Q&A’s, because I’ve learned that when one person asks a question, dozens more are wondering it to themselves.

Just like the rest of the content, the Gabby’s Greatest Hits video each month is aligned with the monthly mantra (more on that below).

3. Live lecture clip: Are you manic manifesting?

Click below to watch a short clip from the first lecture video I shared in the Miracle Membership, back in 2015. I call these videos Gabby’s Greatest Hits. 🙂

This clip is from a talk I gave called Manifest Miracles. I get real about manic manifesting and how to truly attract what you want!

4. Mantra: I step into my confidence

Miracle Membership by Gabby Bernstein | March 2019 mantra | I step into my confidenceEach month in the Miracle Membership has its own mantra to ground and guide your practice. For example, the March 2019 mantra is “I step into my confidence,” so all the content (the podcast episode, guided meditation and lecture video) supports that mantra.

The mantra is illustrated with stunning high-resolution art that you can download, save and print.

You can go at your own pace

Gabby Bernstein at home with her laptop | How the Miracle Membership keeps you spiritually hooked up every dayWhile there’s new content every month, you can experience the Miracle Membership however you want. You don’t have to “finish” everything each month — remember, it’s always there for you.

Plus, the moment you join you get access to ALL content! That’s 4+ years of podcast episodes, videos, meditations and more available to you on demand.

If there’s a certain topic that’s really resonating with you, then explore the archives and dive into past content. Trust that you’ll be guided to exactly what you need when you need it.

You might decide to practice one of the Kundalini meditations for 40 days, go deep with manifesting or focus on abundance. You can also search the archives for topics you’re interested in, like work, relationships, self-love and so on.

Your spiritual practice shouldn’t be a chore. Enjoy the Miracle Membership in whatever way works for you!

5. We connect live and you can ask me your biggest questions

In the private Miracle Membership Facebook group, I lead a live training four times a year. I love these intimate live sessions because I can get real with you about what’s going on in my life, how I apply the methods I teach, and respond directly to your questions. I love asking Miracle Members what they want to learn about and building trainings that serve the community!

These quarterly trainings are about an hour long. During them, I teach on core spiritual topics and answer your biggest questions.

Press play below to check out a clip from the Miracle Membership training I led in August 2018. The topic of this training is “How to Feel Better Fast.”

You can join me live for these trainings (and ask questions), and you can always revisit them in the Facebook group and in your Miracle Membership portal.

How the Miracle Membership helps you stay spiritually hooked up

In addition to the new content you get each month, the Miracle Membership supports you in all kinds of ways. Check them out…

You’re part of a community of spiritual people

Miracle Membership Facebook group postOften when you’re on a spiritual path, you can feel somewhat alone. Maybe your family and friends don’t share your spiritual beliefs or aren’t on personal growth journeys. Maybe you like having a lot of spiritual running buddies for support and motivation. Or maybe you just want an uplifting online community!

One really special part of the Miracle Membership is our community. We have a private Facebook group where Miracle Members ask for advice and support, celebrate wins, discuss the monthly content and more. It’s seriously one of the best places on the internet.

Miracle Monday post in the Miracle Membership private Facebook communityYou’ll find inspiring, real and fun content every day in the group. (Something cool: At the start of the week our community manager, Al Rutberg, starts a Miracle Monday post where people share miracle moments and things they appreciate.)

And I make it easy to introduce yourself to this supportive community, so if you’re more introverted there’s an easy way to get in the mix.

The Miracle Membership community helps you stay consistent with meditation

Gabby Bernstein's Miracle Membership | Meditation calendar for March 2019One cool thing you get each month is a gorgeous meditation challenge calendar!

You can print it out and mark each day that you do any kind of meditation. At the end of the month, share a picture of your calendar in the Facebook group and celebrate your progress. It’s awesome to have the support of spiritual running buddies!

We kick off each week with high vibes

Another way we kick off each week right is with Sunday encouragement emails! Every Sunday, check your inbox for a note from me. In each one I share an inspirational lesson, prayer, story, or further guidance on that month’s content.

Sunday inspiration

Here’s an example of the kind of inspiration I share on Sundays. This comes from an email I sent in October 2018, when our monthly mantra was “I am entitled to miracles.” I was wrapping up the manuscript for my book Super Attractor, which inspired this email:

In order to become a Super Attractor, you must allow yourself to feel good. Because when you feel good, you attract more. When you feel good, you serve the world.

In order to become a Super Attractor, you must allow yourself to imagine what you want to experience — and not hold yourself back.

In order to become a Super Attractor, you must know that you are entitled to miracles. Period.

Here’s my question for you.

What would it feel like to say “I am entitled to miracles” and believe it without a shadow of a doubt?

If you don’t fully believe it yet, that’s okay. But I’m going to ask you to imagine that you do. Imagine what it feels like to know that you are entitled to miracles.

What does it feel like?

Sit quietly for a few minutes and imagine the feeling. You can also open your journal and free-write your response.

“Look around less, imagine more.” —Abraham-Hicks

This weekly email is a really beautiful way to wrap up the weekend and get excited for the week ahead. A few minutes of stillness and positivity help you feel aligned and energized. I post the content of each weekly email in the Facebook group, too, so it’s easy to connect and talk about the topic.

Save 50% on most of my digital courses

As a Miracle Member, you get a 50% discount on most of my digital courses! I have courses on everything from Kundalini yoga to my Judgment Detox method to healing your relationship to food.

Once you purchase a digital course, you have lifetime access, so you can take them at your own pace and revisit them whenever you want.

Why I created the Miracle Membership

Gabby Bernstein journaling | Create your faith statementFor many years there was something I really wanted but couldn’t find.

I wanted one place I could go to that would have all the spiritual content I loved to soak up. Meditations, inspirational talks, lessons and a community of like-minded people I could connect with.

I knew that if I had this, it would be so much easier to feel spiritually connected every day.

  • If I had a tough day, I could watch an awesome talk to raise my vibration and feel great again.
  • If I needed a certain kind of meditation, I’d easily be able to find it and practice it.
  • If I wanted to meet spiritual running buddies, they’d be right there to support me.

And if I wanted something fast, it’d be easy… because everything I wanted would be in one place. I wouldn’t have to hunt down video clips on YouTube or skip through my audiobooks looking for the right spot.

I looked all over the internet for this, but no one had created it. So I took the Universal cue and created the Miracle Membership!

Tweet: When you stay spiritually connected, you live with more joy and abundance, feel supported, and co-create the life you want. @gabbybernstein

The Miracle Membership is your spiritual home base

I launched the Miracle Membership in 2015 to be your spiritual home base and give you everything you need to stay consistent on your spiritual path.

The Miracle Membership is a subscription platform that helps you stay spiritually connected so you can live with more joy and abundance. So you know that you’re spiritually supported all the time. And so you can co-create the life you want!

One member said that the Miracle Membership is “the next best thing to having Gabby as your personal coach.” I love this description, because it’s exactly what I was aiming for.

Wondering if the Miracle Membership is right for you?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read all my books or are totally new to the spirituality scene. No matter where you are now, the Miracle Membership has powerful resources to inspire deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.

  • If you want an easy and fun way to stay consistent with your spiritual practice, then the Miracle Membership is for you.
  • If you want to feel connected, supported and inspired every day, then the Miracle Membership is for you.
  • If you want an awesome crew of spiritual running buddies, the Miracle Membership is for you!

Miracle Membership by Gabby Bernstein

Interested in checking it out? Click here to get all the details, read what Members have to say and more.

It’s super easy to become a Miracle Member, and we have two subscription options so you can pick what’s best for you. Click here to get all the details!

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