The Secrets to Finding Power and Success When Mercury Is in Retrograde

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Note: I updated this blog post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

Mercury | How to find power and success in Mercury retrogradeConfession: I don’t really worry about Mercury being in retrograde. With much respect to my many friends and readers who love and practice astrology, while I think it’s important to know what’s going on with the planets I think it’s even more important not to project fear onto our lives.

Why do we worry about Mercury being in retrograde?

I’ve noticed a trend in the Spirit Junkie community when Mercury is in retrograde: People share their woes on social media, blaming all their problems on this one planet. In many cases they hold up their lives and their flow because they’re trying to avoid some meltdown when Mercury is in retrograde. Worst of all, I witness fear.

When Mercury goes into retrograde, I see a lot of people get freaked out that things will go wrong in areas like technology, communications, contracts and agreements, negotiating, deals, etc. Many people go so far as to totally reorganize their lives around Mercury retrograde, and feel fearful every day that something is going to go wrong.

Remember: You are a Super Attractor

Being a Super Attractor means you're aligned with the love of the UniverseBeing on a spiritual path makes you a Super Attractor. Therefore, you must be very mindful of what you’re attracting. When you corner yourself into a place of fear around Mercury in retrograde, you’re co-creating chaos and problems in your life. In short, you bring toward you exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

Instead of freaking out about Mercury’s movements, I’ve chosen to see its retrograde as a super positive and powerful time to manifest. I actively choose not to focus on the negative aspects that are projected onto the retrograde. In fact, I don’t focus on it at all!

I’ve launched some of my biggest events during retrograde. I held my second Spirit Junkie Masterclass training during a retrograde and absolutely NOTHING went wrong. In fact, it all went right. Really right. I choose not to let the retrograde stand in my way of creating, inspiring and living.

It’s time to calm down about Mercury retrograde. Especially as you’re being slammed with all kinds of articles trying to freak you out about it! Instead of fearing it, embrace it.

Astrologer Rebecca Gordon on how to find power during Mercury retrograde

To help us see Mercury retrograde in a new light, I interviewed my friend and astrologer Rebecca Gordon. Rebecca shares my view that Mercury retrograde can be an especially powerful time for co-creating. She busts the myth that your life has to stop when Mercury is in retrograde, and she offers incredible tips on how to make the retrograde super powerful for you.

How can Mercury retrograde actually benefit us?

Mercury retrograde is a saving grace! Without it, we would never have the well-supported time to rest, reflect, to rethink our life direction, to reimagine ourselves in the world. I love this precious time of year. Retrogrades help us to slow down. Problems only crop up when we have been pushing too hard, too fast in a retrograde and not allowing time. It’s a sacred time to mend relations, to catch up on old messages, to lighten the load and get rid of those clothes you have not worn in years, etc.

Mercury is the planet that presides over thought and communication. It takes a super slow U-turn in the sky. As above, so below: We should follow suit and do some reflection before charging ahead. There will be key messages, so listen to your inner guidance.

I’ve done major launches during Mercury retrograde and had NO issues whatsoever. What are your thoughts on this?

So glad you said that. I as well have launched my beginners’ astrology class many times during a retrograde Agreed: No issues with this ever. There are a couple of reasons why.

First of all, Mercury is not the only player up in our solar system and there are so many other influencers, like new moons, eclipses and great planetary aspects. Mercury is simply one part of the vast cosmic orchestra and there is no need to “stop everything” and get all scared because it’s going retrograde. There is so much more going on up there.

I think it’s kind of ridiculous to create all this fear around a planet, you know. It’s just a natural planetary cycle that happens three times a year, and it’s a really good thing. We just need to get on board with the natural cycles and life can be graceful.

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What can we do to ride the retrograde wave in a super positive way?

Rebecca offers up 4 ways to make the most of Mercury retrograde.

Create breathing room between everything in your schedule

Within these space in your life, you will pick up on nuances or feelings of discomfort that may require you to make necessary changes. We become more perceptive and introspective. Allow for change.

Reconnect with old friends and revive old projects

Enjoy their company and have a great laugh or heal a relationship that needs it. It will be so much easier to make the time for this with all the planetary support. You may catch up through email, letters or in person. Any way you do it, this retrograde will support a good revisit to the past.

Mercury retrograde is also a great time to revisit an old project you had put on the shelf. It’s a great time to dust off that old business plan and reimagine it, reinvent your product line, realign yourself with your true intention. Remember who you are.

Lighten the load

Go through your home and your closet and find things that are no longer of use to you. Let them go. Creating more space is truly magical as often it’s necessary for the new growth in your life to occur.


I find meditation can be so revealing during a retrograde, as often our subconscious has a few messages to deliver. Listen, observe and create the space to hear the retrograde messages.

Click here to learn more about Rebecca Gordon and her work.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’m grateful for the more empowering approach and perspective of Mercury Retrograde.

  2. Thank you for this! I’m grateful for the more empowering approach and perspective of Mercury Retrograde.

  3. Thank you!
    I think of finally train as an ayurvedic massage therapist. The course starts right at mercury retrograde in July.. But we get what we put our focus on. So, I will not panic but just give it the room it needs. All is always fine and divine.

  4. Hi, Gabrielle B. Thanks for your amazing post. I agree with you… Additionally, we have to look into our real world. For example, “Don’t sign any contracts during Mercury Retrograde”, we can’t imagine any Wall Street corporation being stopped 3 or 4 times a year because Mercury is retrograde. What we can do is to take measures proactively so as to enhance the contracting process and be extracareful those days… I agree the more we fear retrograde planets, the more mistakes we are inclined to make. So it’s not the planet, it’s ourselves. Love & Peace, #ZZ

  5. I really love this one, Gabby! So many of my spiritual business coaching clients are TOTALLY WIGGED OUT right now. I agree — let’s be grateful for Mercury Retrograde and go with the flow. Shared this with all of them, of course. See you at SJM 2!

  6. I am one of those “stop everything during MR and isolate to avoid affecting others” people….until NOW. I’ve tried and tried (until I read this) to put a positive spin on MR, but things ALWAYS go haywire. I am going to try THIS approach for the remainder of retrograde (some of the things in my “retrograde horoscope” are happening though. 🙂 I am sure some of it has to do with the energy I attract. I don’t look forward to MR, and I’m sure the Universe knows it. LOL Thanks so much for this, and it came at exactly the right time, so maybe the Universe isn’t playing a joke. I suppose I needed to experience the negative, to get through to the positive. 🙂 xoxo

  7. I totally believe in the whole Mercury retrograde activity as well as the positive and negative aspects of all the other planets because when I became more aware of what impact they have in our world, things just made a whole lot more sense. Especially during MR, electronics and other items break down, communication can become more difficult and things just genuinely seem a little off kilter. I also agree with Gabby that we should not use this time as an excuse for what goes wrong but rather just kind of smile now and say “Yeah, that’s just Mercury at work, again!”. Being aware makes all the difference and I feel so in awe of the amazing universe and how the natural world and our physical worlds interact.

    1. I 100% agree with you and Mark. We definitely should not adopt a bad or fearful attitude, but it’s a tool to understand why the trip may be delayed, or communication went awry, or the electronic is malfunctioning. Knowledge is power…and who knows, some people may not feel it as much due to other aspects. I was born during a retro and I have Virgo rising and a stellium in Virgo in the 1st house, so some things come up, but I use it as a time to rejuvenate and plan and reconnect! 🙂 Hope this lunar eclipse brings you all blessings.

  8. While I agree that concentrating on fear will attract what we fear – by far best and perhaps only good point the author brought up in this article, his advice to ignore Mercury Retrograde based on his experience is kind of like telling someone they can disregard traffic when they cross the road because you have never been hit, or imagined another way – would you feel confident eating something that may contain nuts ( if you have an allergy) because I took a bite and I am fine.
    What the author (and none of us can know) is how the projects began during Mercury Retrograde could have been better and more successful if he had waited until it was over. Mercury retrograde is a reminder to be mindful. I do not put anything on hold out of fear but out of mindfulness; Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic reminder to slow down and avoid rushing into anything. With that, I carry this important lesson with me between cosmic reminders and begin to cultivate discipline.

  9. “….even more important not to project fear onto our lives” is just what I needed to hear today, to remind me to stay within my power of CHOICE of perspective in the midst of a turbulent time in my life. Thanks for sharing the light Gabby!

  10. i can see how this is a positive time. I have been releasing A lOT and glad u say to take action during this time because yes sometimes people say don’t and only to reflect which can cause you to feel stuck. I like the advice of cleaning out and cocreating. Definitely a lot of fear and self judgment is coming up- I can see how this can be a positive to look at myself and see what I would like to change and how to take action one day at a time. Sometimes looking at these things is overwhelming. Any tips on how to one day at a time? Sometimes I feel amazing after doing self reiki and meditation and then I go back to old habits and self destructive habits … All minor but major to me and how my soul feels from not nourishing it properly … I guess one day at a time and this fear comes up to teach me something. Just sometimes it seems overwhelming … Would u say literally to focus on the positive. I am about to start a job that gives me fear of stress it can induce – server – worked at the restaurant before. I would like to set up a regimen on how to take action with my yoga teacher training I have , reiki and writing … Thank u for your post on the video to how to do this from the other day

  11. So interesting for Taurus: “This Mercury retrograde urges you cleanse, exercise, practice yoga, meditate and listen to your body.” A few weeks ago, I started eating better and exercising before I started my first Reiki course. I wasn’t sure why I felt so compelled to start taking better care of myself…and now I know, thanks 🙂

  12. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this message, perfect timing for me to read this and feel so much relief.

    I follow astrology quite strongly and have realized that this is a part of my life that can easily affect my thoughts and actions, being caught in future tripping and self sabotaging..

    Thank you for this message, its bought awareness to areas of negativity that i may release and see through the fog to what it is true, thoughts create your world! Keep them positive and things will flow..!

    Love and light xx

  13. yes yes yes, totally with you. i’d never heard of Mercury retrograde until a year ago and my life had been just fine. If you allow the fear to come into your life, knowingly, in such ways i believe it will disturb your higher self greatly. And the work to clean up afterwards and bring back the peace?! not for me thx, Mercury stays where it is. Merci beaucoup Gabby (a bientot en France j’espere)

  14. Luv your philosophy on the mercury retrograde!

    Lets put a Positive spin on this negatively perceived time of year Indeed!

    Its about accepting and allowing what is…breathe deeply…and live gracefully.

    Well Said Gabby ~

  15. I really appreciate this! I feel the same way about Mercury Rx and I did my first webinar ever on the day it started. No tech issues and it was awesome. I will be launching new courses and programs all through this and future retrogrades and I almost feel like Gabby just gave me permission to do that and be confident about it! Lol. Thanks Gabby!

  16. Thank you for sharing this lovely and much needed article! It is all so true – it’s most important to not get caught up on the retrograde as a negative and embrace all that is happening. I have been experiencing much needed structure changes in some areas of my life and also magical shifts in my life during this time and after reading this article it reassures that I am on the right path…everything happens for a reason. We are here to grow and elevate together. Thank you for spreading your light and love

  17. Love this inspiration for the days to come. I’m totally align with every thing you say and to be honest i love this slowing down and go deeper moment. I love this time of the year exactly for that, and this year this even intensifies all the process. This week my deep feeling is Surrender (#AnahataGaiaWeekInspiration)
    I´m grateful for it and for sure I will dive to deep inner work and also learning a lot of what I have to left behind. Tank you Gabriel for remembers us that more than the planets, is our will to attract the energy of love to our lives that counts the most… that’s really all we need, maybe this is the time to be more committed with that than ever.

  18. Yes, yes, and yes, beautiful Gabby. This is a brilliant call to end all fear-mongering and the collective “agreements” we create that in no way serve our highest. The planets do, as you acknowledge, affect us humans deeply. The planets and our life’s unfoldings are deeply interconnected. But let’s not create disempowerment and project negativity where that important relationship is concerned. Holding to this truth, I too never seem to experience any particular setbacks or glitches related to Mercury retrograde.

  19. Thank you for this! As a Realtor, I have always been baffled by the advice to “not sign any contracts” during Mercury in Retrograde. My business is writing contracts and it never made sense to pull back for three weeks, three times a year. Instead, I am ultra aware of my communication and check and double check everything I do write. It is a great time for filing (not my favorite task) and to be more gentle with myself and others. Again, thank for bringing us the good!

  20. I am an astrologer and was actually mentored by one of Susan Miller’s team of astrologers when I started and I agree that Mercury retrograde is no reason to stop your life, but it is a good time to revisit things already in progress. For instance, Apple launches iOS 9 during the first day of retrograde and it works well because it is a revision of an already existing operating system. Your spirit junkie 2 class was a second part of an already existing program. Merc Rx, however is not a wonderful time to start a new project because it won’t be as smooth of a road. Also, delays and miscommunication can occur and electronics can malfunction. My advice is hold off on pricey items and renovate, redo, rejuvenate, and meditate. Enjoy the slowdown before things kick in when it goes direct.

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