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The Miracle Membership

Everything you need to live an inspired life and stay consistent on your spiritual path.

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These days it’s hip to be spiritual.

But it wasn’t always that way. A decade ago spirituality was still on the fringe. Instead of big lectures in auditoriums, I led workshops in my NYC studio apartment with small groups of young women meditating to the Smashing Pumpkins. This was when I began my career as a spiritual teacher.

Over the years spirituality became trendy. People started exploring it, and it became an important part of their lives. Folks stopped looking outside of themselves for happiness and started turning inward. Those small groups in my apartment became my readers and my audiences. Those audiences grew and grew. Today this is my tribe.

Self-proclaimed Spirit Junkies throughout the world are feeling happier and showing up for their lives in a really awesome way. Once people got spiritual, their lives got great. But there’s a problem. People tell me they read one of my books and got super inspired — they meditated and did spiritual exercises for a few weeks or months …

and then life got in the way and they fell off the wagon.


I know how easy it is to fall out of the spiritual habit, but I also know that when you have the right tools, resources and support, it’s even easier — and super fulfilling — to stick with it. And the miracles you experience as a result will blow your mind.


You love having a spiritual practice! There’s just one problem … it’s really hard to stick to.

Do you ever…

You want to feel inspired and connected and manifest awesomeness, but you’re not really sure how to do it. And you say to yourself, “I need a miracle!” Well, my friends, I’ve got your back.

I’ve seen this struggle again and again. So I created something that will change your spiritual practice forever…


I created the Miracle Membership to make it incredibly easy and fun to stay consistent with your spiritual practice — so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day.


When you have a daily practice, spirituality is no longer just some little part of your life, reserved for when you take a yoga class or go on a weekend retreat. Instead, you simply live a spiritual life! And when you live a spiritual life, you no longer get trapped in unhealthy patterns. When something bad happens, you bounce back faster. Instead of melting down, you intuitively know how to handle situations. Your happiness doesn’t depend on anything outside of you.

The Miracle Membership makes it really easy and fun to live a spiritual life — because it gives you flexible structure and guidance. You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a tribe of supportive Spirit Junkies who share your values and help you stay on track.

It’s My Monthly Soul Food

Every month I look forward to my Miracle Membership content! I can't wait to see my new monthly mantra, and find that it's almost always exactly what I need to hear. The podcasts are warm and personal, they feel like a chat with Gabby. It is so fun to dive into old lectures and I absolutely love the live calls! The Miracle Membership is my monthly soul food, and I am so grateful for it.

Jessica Crystal

The Next Best Thing to Having Gabby as a Personal Coach

The Miracle Membership is the second best thing to having Gabby as my personal coach. Making the decision to join was a no-brainer for the price and value! If you're looking for an instant support system filled with love and light, this is for you. Every month it makes me feel sane and reminds me to get out of my own way and let love in. It's an easy way to get a consistent dose of inspiration and motivation every month from my favorite spiritual leader (who feels more like a friend!).

Mona Lisa Ondevilla




A Monthly Focus + Mantra

Each month will focus on a different area of your life, making it easy to stay on track. There’s a monthly mantra with beautiful art you can download, print and share to help you stay focused and inspired.


New Guided Meditations

I’ll share a guided meditation that ties into each month’s focus. You can practice the meditation as often as you want, and you’ll always have access to past meditations, too.


Monthly Miracle Podcast

Every month includes a brand-new audio in which I offer step-by-step guidance on how to take action on the personal growth tools and spiritual practices I’ll offer up. You no longer need to figure it all out. I’ll lead the way!


Live Coaching Calls

Once each quarter (4 times a year) I host a live coaching call for Miracle Members only. You can ask me whatever you want when we connect live!


Gabby’s Greatest Hits

In addition to all the brand-new stuff I share every month, you’ll also get one of my favorite lectures from the past to help you explore and experience that month’s topic even better.


Weekly Emails From Me

You’ll get an email from me at the start of every week to help you feel inspired, excited and supported! I’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing — and make it so easy to stick with your awesome practice.


A Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded Spirit Junkies in a private forum where you can ask and answer questions, share your story and find tons of encouragement.


Exclusive Events + Discounts

As a Miracle Member you get to attend exclusive workshops and other digital events and get early access to many of my in-person events. AND you get a 50% discount on a selection of my digital courses!

Plus, everything is in one place!

You can access the Miracle Membership anytime, from anyplace, using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

It’s the Best Way to Start the Day

I love the Miracle Membership. Each month Gabby delivers love and spiritual guidance to my inbox. I start almost every day with either a podcast or a guided meditation while I'm walking my dog, taking a shower or before I've gotten out of bed. It's the best way to start the day with a view toward positivity and grace. Thank you!!!

Susan M.

I’ve Seen Such a Big Difference

I discovered Gabby surfing the web a few months ago. As I started to go deeper and deeper I had listened to all of her free videos on YouTube. I decided to get her books and a membership to the site. I've just seen such a big difference in my life, mood and well-being since I started using her techniques. I'm applying the principles and busting through a lot of blocks in my life. It is easier than I thought because I am being guided to take small steps every day. Thank you, Gabby!

Ralitza Treneva


There is nothing else like the Miracle Membership. I’ve done the research … and believe me, for a long time this is exactly what I was looking for! So instead of wishing it existed, I created it. The Miracle Membership is the only program that gives you weekly, monthly and yearly guidance to help you deepen your spiritual connection in a way that fits effortlessly into your life.

The Miracle Membership combines the inspiration hit and energy of a live event with the depth of a book, the transformative power of a guided meditation album and the sense of community you feel on a retreat. You no longer have to search for some kind of spiritual road map, wondering what you should be doing today, this week, this month. Instead, each month I’ll give you everything you need to dive deep into a new topic and experience powerful transformations.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve read all my books or are totally new to the spirituality scene. I’ll meet you where you are. And it won’t just be me supporting you — you’ll be part of an awesome tribe.

No matter where you are now, you’re ready. And you’ll notice the benefits right away. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, I’ll meet you right there.

Keeping the Faith in the Face of Health Problems

I have Cystic Fibrosis and have a multitude of health problems. I was just discharged two days ago from a 52-day hospital stay because of a collapsed lung. It's the longest I've been in the hospital in my life! Even with daily challenges and problems I was able to keep the faith thanks to the Miracle Membership. It inspired me and kept me balanced and in touch with my higher self. I truly believe that I wouldn't have made it through without your website! I absolutely love it and think it's amazing! Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

Jess M.

And It Gets Even Better…

When you become a Miracle Member, you lock in an amazing bonus AND you’ll get brand-new content right away!


This bonus is really special. I’m hosting a live workshop in NYC & on Livestream video Saturday, Feb. 11, called How to Live a Miraculous Life. This event is valued at $200, but you’ll get FREE access as a member!*

Here’s what you can expect…

  • I’ll teach powerful methods for manifesting the life you truly want.
  • I’ll share life-changing practices you can use to clear stress and boost your immune system.
  • You’ll learn how to transform difficult situations into miracles!


Enrollment is now closed

To get on the wait-list and receive registration updates submit your name and email.

* When you subscribe you’ll be asked if you prefer to attend the How to Live a Miraculous Life workshop in-person in NYC or via Livestream. Live tickets are subject to availability. Please note you need to stay a member for February to attend the bonus workshop.


Enrollment is now closed.

To get on the wait-list and receive registration updates submit your name and email.