Liberation Kriya: The Kundalini Meditation for a Fresh Start

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Note: Updated in June 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Ever feel like you want to press the restart button on your life? Getting a jump start doesn’t always come easy. We get comfortable in our patterns and behavior even when we know they don’t serve us.

But there is a way out. If you want a fresh start, try a 40-day practice of this Kundalini meditation!

The Liberation Kriya

This Kundalini meditation practice is called the Liberation Kriya. A kriya is something you do to bring about a specific outcome. This kriya brings renewal and longevity, and it’s said to change the molecular structure of your body and mind.

What happens when you practice a kriya

Practicing a kriya puts physical and mental changes in motion to simultaneously stimulate the body, mind and spirit. In Kundalini yoga it is suggested that you commit to a kriya or meditation for 40 days in order to create a new habit and experience long-lasting change.

In this video I will teach you how to practice the Liberation Kriya as it was taught by the Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan and my own divine teacher, Gurmukh. I encourage you to test-drive it today. If it resonates with you even a little, then commit to this 9-minute practice for the next 40 days!

You will experience a renewal in many ways and feel a new sense of freedom and lightness. Give yourself a fresh start.

A breakdown of the Liberation Kriya

The suggested commitment is 9 minutes a day for 40 days.

Raise your right arm up and cross your thumb over your fist.

Project your index finger upward.

Do the same thing with your left hand so that your arms become an arrow.

Close your eyes and breathe long and deep.

After 3 minutes, change the mudra (hand position) by releasing the pinkie finger and continue meditating for the next 3 minutes.

After 6 minutes you will release all your fingers and lift your heart up.

After 9 minutes, inhale deeply and exhale completely.

Then let your hands come down and rest.

Do not go past 9 minutes. If you cannot do the full 9 minutes, you can work up to it.

It is suggested that you practice this meditation for 40 days to create a new habit. If you skip a day, begin again. This meditation benefits every area of your life. (Note: I recommend practicing the Liberation Kriya in silence.)

Enjoy the renewal and liberation.

Go deeper with Kundalini meditation

I have some awesome resources for you if you want to explore Kundalini yoga and meditation further.

Miracles Now

Miracles Now by Gabby BernsteinMy book Miracles Now includes many Kundalini meditations that are very accessible. I give instructions on how you can begin slowly and work up to the full meditations.

Miracles Now meditation videos

You can also get my Miracles Now meditation video collection for additional visual and spoken guidance on each meditation.

Turn On Your Inner Light digital course

If you want to go even further, my digital course Turn On Your Inner Light is all about Kundalini!

In this four-part course, I offer truthful guidance on life, inspiration and inner power. Each talk is followed by a Kundalini yoga set that aligns with the core lessons from the presentation.

Turn On Your Inner Light Kundalini meditation digital course with Gabby Bernstein

Throughout the course, I share authentic tools for restoring your thoughts back to peace, straight talk on how to ground your spiritual practice in your day-to-day life experiences, and energizing yoga kriyas to awaken your true power and inspiration. Learn all about it here.

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  1. I tried to complete this Kryia for over year now… I got to as far as day 23 and missed one having to restart all over. I never missed more than one but nonetheless I restarted each and every single time. Today I completed day 36…

    1. Congratulations, Joanna! Love how you committed to this practice and were patient with your process. Sounds like you’re doing great work and are ready for meaningful change! xoxo

  2. “it’s said to change the molecular structure of your body and mind.”

    Does anybody know what this means? The structure is changed from what to what and how is the change measured?

    Also, how is the molecular structure of mind changed? I have not understood mind to be built of atoms and molecules.

    I would appreciate some solid information on this claim.

    I have been practicing the Kriya for 7 days now, and primarily and experiencing pain, increased density and strength in my right arm, but very little energetically besides the tremendous relief when the 9 minutes are over.

    I would so appreciate a deeper explanation of what is happening energetically with the right arm up and forward, left arm down and back placement and what the implications of left forward, right back might be.

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Liz. These are great questions. If you’re experiencing pain from the kriya you can stop and do a different one. You can also visualize yourself doing the kriya and experience the same benefit. As far as the line about changing the structure of the mind/body– this is referring to to concept of neuroplasticity. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Gabby, I love the Kriya meditation above, to practice it, doninput a timer for every three minutes? How do you know when the three minutes are up?
    Happy New Year!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nina! Using an alarm or timer with a soft alert is a great way to keep track of the three minute increments. XOX

  4. Thank you Gabby for writing about Liberation kriya. I’ve been practicing KY for a while and did different kriyas for 40 days. When I saw Gurmukh’s video with this kriya I decided to try it for 40 days. I really liked its effects so I decided to continue with it and in 10 days I’ll complete my 120 days. I’m thinking of doing it for 1000 days. I wanted to ask you if it’s ok to do it and what will happen if I stop at some point for some reason. Thank you very much in advance!

  5. I’m not going to lie, my arms felt like they were about to snap off after 6 minutes but totally up for a 40 day challenge. I’ll be rocking it by the end.
    Thanks Gabby xx

  6. It really hurts though, feels like my hearts going to explode because I’m just so overwhelmed by sadness. Is there anything you guys can recommend to find yourself? I feel so completely lost. I just lost my relationship, my job, And it’s all rooted in my problems from severe PTSD. That’s my official diagnosis. I’m tired of it ruining my life. I’m tired of the pain.

    1. Dear Nicole,

      For quick relief you can try tapping/ EFT. I highly recommend this technique. You can learn yourself and use it on your own. Else you can consult some EFT therapist too. This thing is quickest of all. And I recommend you to meditate daily, simple breathe meditation. Try to find comfort in spiritual teachings. Get one of Gabby’s books may be.

      If you want to just talk, you can reply to this message. I am also on self healing and development journey myself.

    1. Yes it’s perfectly, perfectly ok. I cry in my meditations too sometimes.

      I think crying in meditations also releases the associated energy of sadness or anger or loss or helplessness etc.; so its rather good. *totally my opinion*

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