A Meditation for When You Need to Calm Down

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I have a short and fabulous meditation to share with you. This is perfect for when your mind is bouncing around and you need to just chill the eff out.

I use this meditation whenever I want to completely reorganize my energy and get very centered and calm down.

It’s just 3 minutes long, so if you’re new to meditation it’s really easy. And it’s super simple to fit into a hectic day. Or you can use it to ground yourself before going into a longer meditation — I do that a lot.

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This is a Kundalini meditation that uses an energized breath to lock us into our physical presence and help us release chaotic thoughts.

By the time you finish you’ll be in a very grounded, anchored place.

Try it out! Try it now and come back to it whenever things are getting crazy and chaotic in your mind. Let me know how you feel after practicing this meditation.

I hope this video serves you.

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  1. beautiful! is there a mudra that u use when you begin and continue thu the meditation?? Yhank u this was amazing!

    1. Just wanted to comment. You want to start the breath at the pubic bone and take it up to the chest. Expanding with each inhale and releasing on the 4 part exhale. So you get as expanded as the breath is.

      Blessings to you Wahe Guru

    2. You want to start the breath at the pubic bone and take it up to the chest. Expanding with each inhale and releasing on the 4 part exhale. So you get as expanded as the breath is.

      Blessings to you Wahe Guru

  2. Thank you. I opened this email as I sit at emergency vet. My dogs raisins and they are inducing vomiting. I believe they have stomached of steel and will not have a reaction to raisins. Please keep us in your prayers that they are able to expel all the raisins!

  3. love it gabby! A few months ago I attended a crystal healing workshop and the teacher (who also teaches kundalini) led us through a similar breathing technique to program our crystals. she said that the rhythm connects us with our higher self 🙂

    Anyhooo, one question – what does the Satanama mantra mean?

    Thank you!


    ps … I wish I’d been able to make this year’s spiritjunkie masterclass! are you going to make the lectures available online? 🙂

  4. Hi Gabby! I was racing in and about to race back out to meet with a client and I saw this meditation. Ideal timing. I want to offer the best that the universe has to offer to this client, and I want to be aligned and available to deliver just that. Thank you.
    Ya got me with calm the EF down :). Peace & Love to you!
    Sat Nam,

    1. Sa Ta Na MA means infinity, life, death and rebirth. It is the cycle of change and transformation. Love that Gabby is sharing Kundalini it is a great technology.

  5. Thanks for this one Gabs! I really want to try this one out in my own life, but I’m a bit confused about the navel motion involved. Is the belly supposed to expand on the inhale and compress on the exhale, like you’ve taught before? Thanks so much!!

  6. Thank you so much for this! Now, I’m used to my naval extending from my spine on inhaling- is it almost like expanding my chest to pull in my solar plexus?

  7. Hi Gabby! Coming back from Spirit Junkie Masterclass and feeling SO SO excited, amped and just feeling like ‘ I can do this ‘ !!!! Also lots of ideas, thoughts in my head and things I want to get started on. I found myself this morning pulled in so many different directions with a happy but BUSY morning, seeing my kids :-), husband and getting ready to do a work fair thing later this afternoon (that I said yes to before I left for New York last week) but also feeling tired from travel and 4 hours of sleep last night!

    It’s all good, my heart is so full!!

    Thank you for these quick tips, I really needed it! Love you girl, your such a beautiful person, I really enjoyed the whole weekend and meeting you 🙂 I was so nervous I could barely say anything. Plus too, god love you, you had that huge lineup and I thought your such a generous person to give all you do for everyone who just wants to be around your light!! Sending you lots and lots of positive energy your way today. Thank-you Gabby!! Sat nam Steph xo

  8. This is exactly what I needed today!! When I do these Kundalini meditations I immediately feel better and when I look into the mirror I can see the light in my eyes returns! Thank you Gabby! You are a godsend and blessing from the Universe!! I thank you and everyone who has come before you to light our path!!

    Sat Nam!

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