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The other day, I was having a conversation with a friend regarding the negative and oftentimes frightening stories that the mainstream media seems to favor. Both of us were talking about how those negative stories, while they may be important, are often sensationalized way beyond the point of rationality are seemingly designed to have an adverse effect on us. And unfortunately, it works.

In thinking about creative solutions for combating the negativity, I mentioned that the power of social media turns each of us into a form of media delivery. We are in control of so much of the content that is put out into the world. In that sense, we have the power to shift the conversation to a more positive place.

Although we still rely on journalists and TV personalities to be messengers for the headlines in the news, as bloggers, tweeters, Facebook junkies and loyal Instagrammers, we are equally as powerful. We are the media.

Maybe you’ve never really thought of yourself in that way, but if you have a blog, you are the media. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you are the media. You are posting messages in real time about what’s going on in the world, what’s going on in your life, and what’s going on in your heart and mind. At your fingertips is a tool more powerful than you may have recognized. With this power, however, comes responsibility. We must take ownership of what it means to be a messenger.

If you’ve landed on my blog then in some way you are engaging in a conversation of personal growth and spiritual development. And as so many of you are users of social media, we collectively have an opportunity to put forth positive, empowering content.

We have the power to shift the energy of the world with the positive posts that we share. Tweet!

If you feel called to use your media power to make a positive impact, then watch this video. In it, I welcome you to join me in my mission of sharing empowering messages by committing to 30 days of positive posting on the internet. I invite you to join me in this campaign for powerful shifts. Begin today by posting a comment below with your favorite quote, a prayer or a message of love. Share what inspires you most and your good vibes will spread worldwide. You are the media. Share your light.

If you want more guidance on how to manifest media for your message then check out my digital course, God Is My Publicist.

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    1. Stephanie, I follow you on Instagram and you do infuse kindness and positivity in all if your posts!

      Gabby, I’m up for this! Thank you 🙂

      1. Lead and encourage not just with words, but by letting your heart light shine. This light will ignite the power and light in others! I’m committed to 30 days and longer of positive posting!

  1. Well said Gabby! Thank you for this empowering post.
    I recently relaunched my blog. For many months I did not think my perspective on the world of entertainment and celebrity news mattered because it was not “spiritual” or adding value to people’s lives. But I have realized lately that if I can put a smile on someone’s face or introduce a new way of looking at something then yes, I am contributing to the world in a positive way. So I will commit to blogging, publishing and embracing my new role as “media”.

  2. As a journalist, it’s a subject I think a lot about. I often wonder how I can be both positive and yet truthful in my messages and in my articles. In Kyle Gray’s book « Angel Prayers », it says ‘’ Your Facebook page becomes a vision board. Every photograph, statement and emotion you share on there is being shared with the universe ! ». Since I read this, it has totally shift the content I’m putting out there because this world really needs more positivity !

  3. Thank you for sharing this Gabby it’s so true. It’s so important to be positive especially for our health, I know this only too well positivity was my savour to beat cancer last year, ever day I am grateful! Laughter is the best tonic it’s good for our souls! Thank you Gabby for all your positive fabulous messages.

  4. I’m in, and I hide / remove any negative posts from my feed, to send a silent message back through social media’s algorithms that this type of post is not for me. Through my work I encourage other to do the same. Thank you for making this so clear.

  5. I don’t know if I ever told you but I studied broadcast journalism in school & thought I wanted to be a TV news reporter since I was 6…God’s plan & my plan really weren’t that different…now I’m a positivity reporter! Sharing the Gospel of Gabby with the Wellness Wonderland!

    love you.

    to quote the Gospel of G, “I am not a victim of the world I see.” MCM maybe? idk but it’s a good one.

  6. Thank you for such great Truth & Motivation Gabby. There was a time in my life where I didn’t understand this responsibility. Along this Journey of spiritual growth I’ve noticed the more consciousness rises the less resistance in all areas of my life. It’s less about “I” and more about “we”. We is where the shift takes place and “I” am only a channel for the magic that is our universe/love.
    My first post is something at the core of my spiritual growth. “Humility” derived from the Latin word “humus” in soil science meaning ( Earth, ground or in short the fertile layer of soil where all the nutrients reside. ” Humility is the foundation for spiritual growth”
    (The Journey Continues Book)
    Great idea! I’m on board for 30+ days of posting 🙂

  7. Thanks Gabby! You rock! My everyday intention is to live in the energy of love. Any time I feel upset/anxious/fearful/judgmental I ask myself “What would love do?” And guess what??? I always receive and awesome answer!!!

  8. I am committed to being POSITIVE MEDIA from now on! Someone else mentioned “positivity reporter”…I’d like to make that my job title as well.

  9. Yes I am committed!!!! After your talk on Saturday, Your presence is your power, the messaged you delivered are the guidance I’ve been praying and meditating on… Stop playing small and be the light your are here to be! BAM! Yes you cracked me open, can opener. Its time to step up and take responsibility, be the change in the world you wish to see. Be the lighthouse. Posting this vid onto my fb page and a positive message everyday for at least 30 days if not more! Let’s do this 🙂 thank you Gabby for sharing your birthday with us! It was my early birthday present from my hubby to go see you on your birthday fellow Scorpio 😉 it was such a blessing xxx

  10. What a great message! I couldn’t agree more! I am a special education teacher who works with kids with ADHD and mild learning disabilities. The more time goes on, the more hope I see as the world becomes more open to diverse learners. But I also see ever-increasing anxiety in parents, who are worried about their children’s futures. The message I try to spread with my learning/parenting blog is “There has never been a better time to be dyslexic! There is so much hope now!”
    The more positive messages out there, the better the collective mindset!

  11. I have been posting positive “Good Morning” posts on facebook for over a year. I never thought much about it until I would run in to someone and they would tell me how much they look forward everyday to read what I post. Now I try very hard not to miss a day. It really works!

  12. OOH that was amazing!!! I am committed and I will start below, with what ever words come to my mind first:

    “Love the haters, because with love you can “love everything away” “

      1. Lea,
        That reminds me of the Mother Teresa quote:
        “People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good, people may accuse you of selfish motives. Do good anyway. If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway. People who really want help may attack you if you help them. Help them anyway. Give the world the best you have and you may get hurt. Give the world your best anyway.”

  13. I have been posting positive messages on facebook for over a year now. Mostly to bring myself up, then when I would see someone I know they would tell me how much my posts helped them. So now I rarly miss a day. It does work!

  14. I love it – and am in for 30 days of positive posting! I’ve been posting gratitude on FB on a fairly regular basis for a while and was amazed at how many looked forward to reading my posts! They may not have all commented or liked – but they were reading and I felt like I was making a difference! Yes, WE ARE THE MEDIA and I am stepping up. Thank you Gabby!

  15. Thank you so much for this Gabby. I know it can be easy to get discouraged at all the negative news that is out there and I sometimes wonder why people choose to add to it by dwelling on it via social media. Of course, we shouldn’t be in denial of the dark that exists in the world but we can choose how we react to it and if we contribute to it or choose to bring more light instead. Hope people will start to be more aware of the energy they are putting out there via their posts, shares and comments…

  16. As per a post of yours a while back, what started as a “shit talk cleanse” back in april has evolved and extended to a place where friends and i post positive messages and encouragement!!!! thank you for inspiring the idea in the first place and i encourage anyone else to join and contribute. gabby, you have truly helped me transform and change my life (i am still a work in progress), thank you for all that you do!!! sat nam


  17. Starting today I am usually quite committed to this message and am going to start being even more conscious of what I post and comment. The biggest thing that struck me is positive things to say in comments. I live in Canada and am very much against what our government is doing in the world, destroying the environment and civil rights, a lot of what i repost is on those lines, I do not feel it is positive, but not negative. I guess I’m conflicted. I have some very racist family members and I feel fb content can possibly slowly sway them. I am committing to this, not neutral or a debatable negative but only sure fire positivity.

  18. Im sooo with you on this!! I love the good news and as a light worker I want to send out as much love and light as I possibly can!! Thank you for the inspiration, for showing up big and for sharing your high vibe and awareness with the world! Lots of love

  19. This is great Gabby, although I’m sharing only the positive messages on my FB since my perspective shifted and yes I’ll re activate my blog “just be you” Thanks and love you:)

  20. hell yeah, Gabby. I’m in.

    “Clearing space for miracles is all I have to do today.”
    – an excerpt from Spirit Junkie

    gracias, mamacita.

  21. Gabby – sooo true. We are all so much more powerful than we tend to realize. And God Is My Publicist rocks. I was just in a New York Times article on 11/1 covering the work and message I am so passionate about – gathering and passing on the wisdom of ourselves and our elders, which creates happier, more resilient children in the world. Thank you for your leadership and your light. Peace!! http://nyti.ms/1G73HsQ

  22. I am in:):) I actually posted a rose in my fbook last week with the saying: I am posting this rose today to amend the negative posts that are taking over the fbook everyday and if you like this,please post one as well and share 🙂

  23. Thank you for this video, I feel the same way and always post positive affirmations on social media to balance out the negative energy. I pray that others will do the same.

  24. Love this Gabby! I am definitely doing this! Especially since November is month 11, which means stay positive! Thanks for your messages and guidance!

  25. Thank you for this Gabby! I am commited to 30 days of positive posting???? My favorite quote right now:
    “The lion and the lamb lying down together symbolize that strength and innocence are not in conflict, but naturally live in peace.” -ACIM. Love to you all!

  26. I love this idea! And it is the perfect time to lift everyone’s spirits for the holiday season.

    I want to kick off the challenge by letting you, Gabby, know how grateful I am to you and for the work you have and continue to do. I am where I am today because of your inspiring message. While I haven’t made it yet, I am progressing everyday, enjoying every little miracle that comes my way.

    Thank you.

  27. I’m totally committed to keeping things positive. There are times I wanted to write a blog out of anger or frustration but usually stop myself (now…..let’s not talk about the past, shall we??? 🙂 I try to keep it positive on Facebook etc and if I find that someone on my list cannot seem to demonstrate the same objective, then I start to question if I want that person in my inner circle. What a great blog…definitely sharing:-)

  28. Love this! Here’s a Maya Angelou quote (from one of her poems) I love: ‘I know that with each other we can make ourselves whole.’
    And that includes spreading a positive message, and Light. <3

  29. Yes, yes, yes! I’m using my new blog Glory Begin to spread the good word. SOOO grateful to you Gabby, for your spirit and light!! 🙂 🙂

    Peace and love, always, Allison

  30. Gabby has hit the nail on the head once again. I refuse to contribute to the negativity. The world needs all the love and positive input it can get right now. Tweeting only positive affirmations and goodness for a month will be easy and after 21 days will become a habit. It will shift your own mindset from judging/separation to acceptance/connection. Commit to spreading peace and love one tweet at a time like we do and let the light outshine the darkness.
    Tweet @TranquilSpctrum

  31. I am SO committed to this challenge, and will be posting it on FB shortly. 🙂 A little late to the party. I flew all day long yesterday. 🙂 But what better month than the month of November when people focus on their blessings and what they are grateful for. Thank you, so much, Gabby for all you do to shift the energy of our world in a more positive, uplifted, and enlightened direction!!! xoxo

  32. I love you Gabby!!! Mahalo from Molokai, Hawaii! I totally dig the Sacred Contract with The Universe….How cool is that? I’m in!!!! 🙂

  33. Love this and agree so much G! I have been working on starting a blog I am so excited about it so I can share more positivity. Love all of your quotes too! Have you guys read The Untethered Soul – The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer Chapter 15:The Path of Unconditional Happiness helped me so much with being positive and happy unconditional of any circumstances. Also got the angel number 9999 yesterday- The recurring number sequence of 9999 is a message to ‘Lightworkers’ to keep their light shining brightly. XOXO Britt

  34. I believe that this is a good practice, but am going to take this one step further by extending to when I talk to people in person. Speak and write responsibly.

  35. I 100% agree with your post Gabby! Too many times social media is used as a platform for individuals to want to be right, not feel right! It takes more courage and strength to support one another in a positive and unified way. We all need to be the change by increasing the love and shining the light on the truth ! Thank you for your post!

  36. You spoke directly to my heart once again Gabby! The deluge of negativity and fear that the majority of the media seems to feed on and strive to spread through the masses like wildfire is out of control! My heart soared when I heard the truth of your words: WE ARE THE MEDIA! One small post could touch one person and cause that ripple of positivity, love and high vibration to elevate the world! I joyfully rise to your challenge of accepting the responsibility of being a messenger, and I, for one, want that message of mine to be a light filled, uplifting, life touching one! THANK YOU for this important reminder of the difference we ALL can make to continue to create the kingdom of heaven on Earth, as it is meant to be. ~xoxo~

  37. I LOVE this idea! I am taking a break from FB (No-Facebook November!) but I will definitely commit to posting positively on Instagram and Twitter! Thanks for this awesome message! #30dayspositiveposting

  38. Thank you Gabby:) I was called a few years ago to spread higher vibrational energy on my social media pages. We do have a voice and influence. Thanks for sharing this message. Love, Light, and Truth:)

  39. Thanks Gabby???? I love positivity and inspirational messages.???? I intend for thirty days to only post positive messages. And so it. Is????

  40. Please moderator don’t post something went wrong with my iPad and posted ? Instead of a period. I apologize????

  41. Hi Gabbie… I am DEFINITELY in! I feel so strongly about this, and the energy and messages we put out. I’ve noticed how much I’m affected by others’ negative posts and/or comments, and I’ve committed myself to try to put out even more positive energy.

  42. I love this idea of 30 days of posting positive messages.I am up for the challenge and will start by posting this vlog!! You have already made such a difference in my life and my perspective of all things in it. Thank you, Gabby!!

  43. This is my intention ALL of the time. I, at times, do miss the mark when trying to add humor to normal, every day doubts that most of us women have, but I do so with a lightheartedness, that I hope, rings through. I’m not into fear-mongering, I am into vulnerability-writing, encouragement, solidarity in the human experience, and LOVE…always, LOVE.

    I believe in your purpose, Gabby, and I support you by sharing your message, as well as continuing to do the best that I can with my online communication.

    “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

    ? Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Love & Light; Peace & Grace,
    Raquel —

  44. I’m in! I could not agree more. I suggested to my children to ask themselves what their purpose is for posting pictures of themselves with other friends on instagram. Is it to say, “Hey look what I did and look who I did it with” or is it something as simple as saying “check this out you, might like it too.” I ask them to really check their intention when they post and is it hurtful in any way. I hope they listen!

  45. “Look at everything, always, as though you were seeing it for the first or last time: thus is your time on earth filled with glory.” I love this saying and I try and post positive photos on my IG and FB everyday. <3

  46. Thank you for your inspiration, Gabby! I started a blog last February with the intention of spreading only positive content and writing about ways to better my life and help others better their lives. Sometimes I feel like it’s difficult to get the attention of others through happiness because people are so used to seeing negativity on their news feeds. Thank you for reminding us how important positive content is. Even when I feel discouraged that my blog isn’t getting the attention I want, I become grateful internally because I know what I am sharing is somehow making the world a better place, even one small step at a time. Thank you for your work and inspiration.

  47. I am committed! Thank you Gabby. I love that you turned your realization and inspiration into something we could also take on 🙂

  48. YES! I love this. It’s my intention to only share positive, uplifting, and helpful content on my website and social media platforms. I’m all about spreading joy and kindness instead of competition and jealousy. Good stuff, Gabby!

  49. In spirit we descend upon earth,
    to our true self authentic we attend.
    Blessings in choice no matter the road,
    accompanies, invites and opens the healing mode.
    Sun shining, heavy rains cleanse, be together in love in readiness to ascend.
    Meanwhile for this month I am with you on this one, thanks Gabby xx

  50. Yes! Yes! And one more effing HELL YES! I’m totally up for this. I love that so many other beautiful souls are also committing to this positivity movement. Let’s do this! In return, I know we’ll see a happier, healthier, more positive shift in how other people respond to our posts and even post in their own social media pages. We know that what we put out there comes back to us full throttle so let’s give the Universe something to respond to! Thank you, Gabby, for putting this idea and challenge out there. Xo

  51. Hi Gabby!

    Loved what you’ve just said! I have been vlogging for a year now, and the only thing I talk about is positivity.
    I never really thought or fully believed ‘I was the media’ but put it this way, I feel like I have more power and responsability.
    I will participate in your challenge and continue to be a light worker for French speaking people 🙂

    Sat Nam

    PS: so sad I could not make your talk in the Uk this year! Last year was just a blessing! xoxo

  52. OMG!!! I’ve already had this thought myself. Being a PR girl for 12 years now, i totally get how the media works and how fickle it can be. I have all the contacts and power to start leading the way in the UK. No, no i don’t want to talk about the weather or share awful stories from the Daily Mail. I want to sprinkle light and positivity on people’s day. Whilst some people may feel that another bomb in Iraq is important, what about if we share a finding that makes the moment we’re sitting in right now change i.e. some ground breaking research on health and wellness? I know for a fact that my friends have all started referring to my posts as a breath of fresh air rather than the usual egotistical or down right aggressive and depressing feed that people found themselves bombarded with on a daily basis.

    I’m currently completing my B-School course in order to launch my health and wellness business into the UK. This is going to rock the British culture, hold me to it!!! Your comments on Saturday around how London is still a little behind with this stuff made me smile. This is exactly why I know there’s a gap in the market for us light workers.

    A media miracle is about to happen…

  53. Always love your vlogs Gabby! You give so much inspiration. I have been searching for a reason to post, thanks for giving me one <3 30 days and beyond…

  54. Thank you for this! I so needed this today. Gabby, you are a true inspiration and light. Thank you! I am committed to the 30 days of Positivity challenge. <3

  55. Creating positive messages, sharing them and turning attention to those of others has provided me much joy this past year. Especially on IG where visual inspiration along with personal stories has been particularly uplifting for me each morning. Even on the mornings where I’m not feeling energized.

  56. This is amazing! Thank you for this, and all the encouragement and positivity you share with us, Gabby. Perfect timing too. I had a conversation similar to this with one of my best friends. The conversation and this post was the miracle I was praying for. I created Postanote Project a while back and haven’t been creatively inspired till just this past week. Now, after seeing this and noticing all the synchronicities that align with this 30 Day Challenge, it’s something we can not do! I am committed to do 30 Days, and I’m creating a post to get my Postanote Community involved too! This is going to be amazing and so much fun too!

    I have a passion for helping people, so if anyone needs help or support, send me a message!

    Sending you love, light and empowerment to spread the love where ever you go, online and offline.

    Aloha, Michelle Grace 🙂

  57. Today is day 5 of National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (in Canada), and I wrote a story about it on my Facebook page, sharing how much he has changed our lives. I wish you all a Happy National Down Syndrome Awareness Week!

  58. Always love your vlogs!!! My favorite quotes I found this week…:)
    “That desire to do something is God inside talking through us.”
    -Michele Shea https://twitter.com/anzuwhite/status/522220379260334080

    “What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.”
    -Julia Cameron https://twitter.com/anzuwhite/status/529937567798804480
    I am committed 😀

  59. Hi Gabby, this is a wonderfull idea, so I comitted to 30 days of positive postings through my facebook account, today is my 2nd day of spreading positiveness and light. Thank you so very much once more for your light in Hamburg. Light and peace all the way from Austria!
    Sat Nam

  60. I’m totally on for this! Truthfully, I commented on the Facebook post but I thought I’d share my quote here too!

    You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~ Buddha

    I made a little pledge to myself, after a nasty experience, bad relationship, and just lots of yuck like that to be more mindful about what I put out on my personal & professional social media. It can be so easy to complain or gripe, share the same harrowing messages (sometimes with really good intentions) that we forget what we are really saying. Now I am tentative about what I “like” or share, and when I comment I try to offer another perspective or encouragement rather than rebuttal.

    Having taken a hiatus from being online and wanting to get back into the swing of things this post is timely and important for me to have read and I’m looking forward to spreading the love! <3

  61. Hi Gabby!

    Thanx for this video, first of all I love watching your video’s and your voice is so relaxt and beautiful. You are totally right and I will spread the message to my followers. Positive message are indeed important to set more light on the world and the more people do this, the better. I always post positive, that’s funny I want that people get an positive inspiration every day. I am a health coach, bestelling author and food blogger from the Netherlands (Amsterdam). This is my instagram http://instagram.com/bodieboost. I wanna thank you for the inspiration. Namaste. Charlotte

  62. I hadn’t seen this until just now, but I actually reposted your coffee mug pic today…I think it’s so important to put positive, mindful messages out there and inspire others to do the same. Thanks Gabs!

  63. Thank you for this post, Gabby! I love when messages come at the time you need to hear them. I had a similar conversation a couple weeks ago with a friend of mine. We were travelling and during the off-time in the hotel, we switched on the tv to check what was on. Flipping through the channels, it seemed that almost every station was reporting something hard to deal with – given that it was a crazy news week in Canada.We ended up swtiching it off and talking about how we want more positive media in our lives. Thank you for the reminder that as a blogger, I am the media and can choose what I post. I totally committed to the challenge!

  64. I am committed to this. I hope to spread knowledge love and light through my positive energy and inspirational, transformational messages. God and angels, be on my side as we spread loving kind warm beauty to tne world 🙂

  65. I never thought of the media this way. But, I really do control what media I put out and also what media I give attention to. I don’t have cable tv at my house because the news unnecessarily freaks/creeps me out and the commercials drive me crazy. So, I choose the news and media I receive. I get your newsletter along with a few other spirit junkies’. I also get the Daily Love. I do look at global news, but I know from taking news writing classes in college that the headlines are in the first paragraph and everything after that delves into more detail (which, depending on what the article is about, I may or may not want to read).

    This is a great call to arms, Gabby! Positive posting! I am all for it 🙂

    Namaste. Have a great day!

  66. I love this idea! I have been doing positive messages on Facebook for over a year now, I have tried not to post any negativity and now if my friends don’t see my positive posts they contact me to make sure everything is ok! I have thought a few times about maybe not posting so much or maybe starting a separate page for it and I always end up getting a call, message or email from someone saying how much my messages mean to them and there’s always something that I post right when they need to hear it. So I will just keep on doing it! 🙂
    Thank you Gabby for all your wisdom! <3

  67. I have saved email with this vlog. Didn’t even knew about it.
    I just decided a few days ago to post 3 good things that happened to me every day, and now I found this vlog 🙂
    I felt it as a sign of support – thank you.

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