What It Means to Be a Super Attractor

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Being a Super Attractor means you're aligned with the love of the UniverseWhat is a Super Attractor?

I’ve always known that there is a non-physical presence beyond my physical sight. All my life I’ve intuitively known how to tune into it and use it as a source for good.

Tapping into our Super Attractor power changes our life

I’ve tapped into this unlimited presence of power to heal my body, support my relationships, write books that serve others and attract my greatest desires.

There are many names for this spiritual presence. I refer to it interchangeably as the Universe, God, Spirit, inner guidance, love and other terms. What we call it is irrelevant. Connecting to it is imperative.

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Claiming my connection to the presence of this power has directed the course of my life. The simple choice to tune into this source of love has helped me recover from addiction, heal PTSD, undo fearful beliefs and live with clear purpose. Living my life in the daily devotion of this non-physical source of power has made me a Super Attractor.

Being a Super Attractor means that what you believe is what you’ll receive

What is a Super Attractor? Being a Super Attractor means that what I believe is what I will receive. I can co-create the world I want to see by aligning with good-feeling emotions and directing them toward my desires.

I can tap into an unlimited source of creative energy to contribute inspired ideas, offer wisdom, receive abundance and feel free. And best of all, I can harness this power into a force for good in the world.

Being a Super Attractor doesn’t mean I haven’t had to face very real challenges. But I can see clearly how my struggles have been spiritual assignments for growth and healing.

I know that I can accept difficult experiences as opportunities to fine-tune my inner power and get closer to consciousness. I show up for life with faith and ease, no matter what.

Freedom is the greatest gift

Gabby Bernstein | What It Means to Be a Super AttractorLiving my life in this way has brought me what I desire most: freedom. I feel free knowing that there is an ever-present energy of love within me and around me. I’m free knowing that I’m always being guided and that I have the power to co-create the world I want to see.

Freedom is the greatest gift of all. Nothing holds me back. I no longer play small. For more than a decade I’ve lived, loved and taught with this freedom. When I aligned myself with my Super Attractor energy, I stopped feeling like a slave to fear. Freedom has given me the experience of being an untethered force of light in the world.

Here’s the really cool part: I am not exceptional. You have this connection, too!

When people ask me, “What is a Super Attractor?” I say: “You are. You have a Super Attractor power.” And harnessing it is both fun and easy.

How to claim your Super Attractor power

You can start reconnecting to your Super Attractor power today. Take the first step, which is to recognize that the Universe always delivers. We are always sending out energetic requests, and the we’ll get what we ask for … whether we want it or not.

In order to attract what you truly desire, you need to clean up your energetic requests!

Clean up your energetic requests with Super Attractor mantras

There’s a simple way to clean up the energy you’re putting out:

Say out loud whatever it is that you want to call into your life. Then write down in your journal how you feel when you say it. If you feel excited, inspired and hopeful, then you’re energetically aligned with it. If you feel scared, anxious or just uncomfortable, then there’s a misalignment.

If you’re out of alignment, shift your energy with a simple affirmation. Say:

“I welcome infinite possibilities and I’m open to receive.”

This takes the pressure off your request and opens you up to great possibilities! This moment of surrender allows you to feel worthy of receiving, release your desire and feel good about the possibilities.

And here’s another mantra I shared during my Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop (details below) that you can start using now to strengthen your belief that you’re worthy of attracting what you want.

Manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams with Super Attractor

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, by Gabrielle BernsteinMy new book, Super Attractor, is out now! When you order it, you’ll get my 2-hour Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop FREE! This workshop gets you ready for the book.

Super Attractor is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want.

You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you.

Click here to order Super Attractor and claim your free workshop!

The next time someone asks you, “What is a Super Attractor?” your answer will be, “I am.”

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  1. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you so much for your book, I almost finished it and you really gave me a lot of hope while I was going through a rough time. I want to share something magical with you that happened while I was going through the steps in the book. I listened to the chapter about angels. One step was to meditate and to wait until my personal angel’s name would come up in my mind. You said it might sound strange to you’ well YES it sounded very strange to me. The name that came up wat Petra, which is my extremely religious aunt. I decided not to think about her and called my spirit angel Petra. The next day I meditated, talked to my angels as well as to Petra and asked them if they want to look out for me that day. I went to a town (like 12 km from my house) to do some shopping. I started listening to your audiobook again, it was still in the angel’s chapter. Then in between the shops someone waved at me and gave me three kisses. It was my aunt Petra. I was shocked. When she talked to me she talked about God and gave me a pep-talk. Note: I don’t think I’ve ever ran into her in 25 years of my life. Also the town is pretty far away from both of us. This couldn’t be a coincidence! The whole day I was shocked but I didn’t tell anyone (people will think I’m crazy haha) but therefore I really wanted to tell you!

    I really enjoyed listening to super attractor as well as the universe has got your back. They really made an impact on me spiritually. Thank you for everything!

  2. Dear Gabby,

    I just wanted you to know that your super power and love has crossed the ocean all the way to Lithuania. I was in a very sad and lonely place and just few weeks ago I stumbled on one of your videos and got carried away. I bought your book Super Attractor, started meditating and joined yoga classes and I have to say – it’s been only one week, but finally I found my peace. I am incredibly grateful for all the knowledge you are sharing with the world.
    Thank you!

  3. Love the book, best yet. Have read them all, this one really hits the nail so many time. I am on my 3rd read. Gabby I am 72 and still working it, thanks for helping me continue growing & learning. Best, Judy

  4. Hi Gabby,

    I bought your new book Super Attractor and love it. I keep reading that we are Spirits with a human body (not the other way around). A question came to me today as I was meditating: why are our spirits manifested into humans in the first place? It seems like there is so much negativity, hatred, destruction, suffering, etc. etc. in the world. Our spirits certainly didn’t manifest as humans so we could be miserable here on Earth. Why did we manifest as humans at all? Is it so that we can bring light to the Earth? If so, why? I know you will have an answer. Thank you very, very much.

    1. Beautiful question, Rebecca. I believe we choose to come into human form in order to learn important lessons that we can only learn by being incarnated. Yes, there is a lot of suffering on Earth. That is undoubtable, and it’s difficult to grapple with. But ultimately, we can choose to learn from our experiences (good and bad), to bring light to the world and to improve ourselves while we’re here. I recommend reading my new book Super Attractor if you haven’t yet, and another one you may love is called Spirited, by a gifted medium named Rebecca Rosen.

  5. Dear Gabby,
    I want you to know that not only have you changed my life but you have saved it.
    Thank you for everything.
    Love Elaina

  6. Hi gabby

    I’ve listened to your book on audible and trying still to find my guide , I’m getting there so thank you for that , I just wanted to know is there any way of accessing the workshop as I don’t have this on audible

  7. Gabby. I just have to thank you.

    I have read countless spiritual books. I believed the message in all of them but battled to put it into practice. They were all missing something for me.

    Until I listened to Super Attractor.

    You brought these teaching into simple to understand English! I could relate your life lessons to my own. You spoke with energy and I understood how all concepts fit together. I felt it was ok to be human. Ok to fail. I wasn’t even halfway through your book before my life changed. Which only took a few days because I couldn’t stop listening! The most unbelievable things started happening. Things from seeming nowhere, miracles. I got given a house, at least twice the size of my own. My business started attracting so much attention we can bearly keep up with it. People reading this may think yada, yada, yada. That’s the truth. You cannot put it down to a coincidence but if you knew me before and after, it is two different people. I flip-flopped before between feeling good and somewhat believing, and feeling bad and not believing at all. Until I found the courage to release it all to the universe.

    I realised I was trying to control the outcomes. Force things to happen and then when it didn’t work, I read another book and tried again.

    I worked hard. Way too hard, forcing things to happen. I was up before most and finished work way later than I felt was humanly possible.

    Anyway, I’m still working hard, just not nearly as hard, and I’m enjoying it. Just let the universe fill in the blanks.

    I doubt you need the inspiration but I just had to add my name to your list of supporters. Keep up the good work. You are changing lives for the better.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  8. Hi Gabby! I am chapter 2 of your Super Attractor book and in chapter 2, you say to surrender to feeling good. How do you do that when you have an unknown medical condition, that causes daily pain and at times it doesn’t allow you to do every day activities? I need to get a job in order to help get us out of the financial bind we are in, but my pain is getting in the way. Some doctors think that I’ve been in a high stress mode for several years that my body is in constant fight and flight. I try to stay positive and change my mindset, asking the universe what I want, but I get reminded in the middle of my stress and pain. I want to change the trajectory of my life and feel more financially and physically secure, but I am stuck. I need guidance on how to do that when I feel stuck on the hamster wheel. I am ready to make a change, even though I am terrified of the change… I am ready to feel healthy again! I am ready to be a fun mom and wife again! Please help me finding the way. Wishing and wanting, by trying to manifest good in my life, is becoming a roadblock I’d like to change for the better. Thank you and I look forward to the rest of your book. Ronna

    1. Ronna, first and foremost I want to thank you for sharing here and for being patient with my reply. I am holding you with so much love and light, and sending prayers of healing your way.

      I won’t pretend to know your experience or tell you that you can “just do XYZ” to feel better. What I can do is share my own experiences and stories, trusting that they will resonate with you in some way and perhaps inspire you along your own healing path.

      In the past couple of years I’ve struggled with serious health conditions like SIBO, gut inflammation, postpartum anxiety and depression. I’ve been to very low, dark, painful places. It was excruciating. One of the things that got me through these experiences was my strong belief that God works through humans. God works through our doctors, through our friends and family, through therapists, through strangers on the street, through support groups and so on. You may receive guidance, through your Super Attractor practice, that leads you to healing and well-being in unexpected ways. You might be led to a support group with people you can lean on. Or maybe you decide to explore a complementary form of treatment (after discussing with your medical team), or you find that your condition gives you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual relationship and call on a source of strength beyond your own.

      You may also find some books that are extremely helpful. One that has greatly helped me is The Mindbody Prescription by Dr. Sarno. I don’t recommend this in lieu of medical care, medication, etc. whatsoever, but you may want to check it out as another tool on your healing journey, if it resonates with you.

      I’m so glad that you’re reading Super Attractor. I know these methods will benefit you greatly. Be sure to pay attention to the story I share about my friend Jenny and her father, Ray. xo

  9. Gabby,

    I love your new book! We are reading it in our book club.

    I purchased the book via Audible. How can I access the manifesting workshop online?



  10. In regards to the emotional scale – what do you do when distraction and trying to stay positive is actually keeping you from dealing with buried pain, fear etc? I have a friend who I think has a coping mechanism of optimism and distraction so when she doesn’t distract and choose to pull herself up she has a deep fear and loneliness that stems from childhood trauma and abuse. And she’s trying to get away from those feelings by distracting herself by defaulting to her innate positivity and optimism, she wants to feel good and so she chooses to take actions that are positive and forward moving. But she’s been stuck in the same circumstances for a very long time and all of her attempts to move forward aren’t supported. She tries to pull in new people and experiences, and I’ve witnessed how she’s grown and evolved and healed old wounds and patterns, yet she’s still bringing in people and experiences that reflect her old patterns and keep her stuck. And she knows she’s got this old pain and fear and where it comes from but doesn’t know how to heal it more than she already has. Awareness and intention to heal it haven’t worked. Removing toxic relationships and setting healthy boundaries hasn’t brought in new people or experiences that reflect her growth. She’s also very intuitive but in terms of how to shift her circumstances she hasn’t been receiving guidance. So even though she spends a lot of time in a positive state of attraction she’s still not attracting people and experiences that reflect that.

    1. Hi Kendra. You are a wonderful, loving friend. Know that we all heal at our own pace and it’s important to honor her process. Continue to use your spiritual tools so that you can show up and be a place of grounded support. Have you tried EFT (emotional freedom technique)? It could be a great resource for you and your concern for her and when she’s ready, it could be a supportive tool in her healing process as well, as it creates a safe space for all the feelings. Here’s a blog post where I demonstrate the technique: https://gabbybernstein.com/eft-anxiety-tapping/ <3

  11. Gabby
    I’ve listened to your Judgement Detox book many, many times and I continue to use different exerts out of it to help support my daily practice. I am astounded how many different ways the concepts that you present in the book can be used to assist me in my journey to bring more joy each and every day into my life.
    The reason for the post was I’ve just used your Cut the Cord meditation to help me distance myself from a memory, rather than a person. This memory was making me fulfilling my purpose more difficult than it should have been. The impact was instant! I feel lighter and more equipped to ‘get on with it’. Thank you for sharing your insights via your books and blogs, etc. You’re a real inspiration x

  12. If I have already bought the book can I still see the workshop? Thank you for all of your help Gabbie, it really does help me with depression. I would like to know why I constantly keep seeing double numbers! xxx

  13. Ive loved your work for many years Gabby. You directed me to ACIM and it’s been an on off thing for 5 years now but I do often refer back as I love the shifts the lessons bring. As a Scorp who loves Energy and attraction work I consistently strive to be as unconditional as I can. I’m particularly excited to read Judgement Detox and heal my life so that I can be the example l so long to be. I am also excited to Become a super attracter: I would love to be in deeply loving, intimate, fun and happy life long marriage with my angelic man. I would love a beautifully built well run country home surrounded by trees and a stream, wildlife and birds (imagining I’m Snow White 🙂 where I can nurture my family have fun and truly relax and experience peace.
    I would also love a creative, fun and spiritually satisfying career where I can shine my light so brightly for others and inspire them to Love ♥️ Thank you

  14. Dear Gabby,
    I read “Miracle Now” and I really experienced results, like how not to get effected by negative people as you cant avoid them they will be always there around, your chapter “Shield yourself from bad energy”
    I have been trying to do this for such a long time but never been able to find a solution.
    Love you Gabby, keep writing and bring light (white). I always see you giving us white lite.
    One my bucket list to see you in person in future. Thanks again

  15. Gabby,
    You’re videos have changed my vibes tonight. Earlier, I felt like my brain was running in circles and I thought about writing you an email for help. When I thought about what I would say, I immediately saw my “crazy” and my perception shifted. I couldn’t find an email address but then the universe then guided me to your web page and specific videos which was just what I needed! Keep the miracles coming! Thank You Gabby.

  16. Hi Gabby! I watched the live workshop and watched the replay to make sure I really got your message. I am filled with so much love and gratitude for you right now! THANK YOU! This book is coming exactly when I need it! I cannot wait to have it in my hands! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Love, Katia xoxo

  17. I’ll be streaming! I think my question for tonight would be:
    I knew what I wanted in life & went for it, but then life changed direction on me. I’m open, ready for abundance, to operate on high-frequency & be a super attractor again, but I don’t know what to ask for specifically & what to attract, but I’m open to whatever life has in store. How do I ask for miracles, when I don’t know what they are exactly? I basically want clarity on how I’m supposed to be using my gifts in this life. I feel like I was created for so much more than I am doing now. I’m willing to put in the work, just don’t know to what end. Thanks!

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