May Cause Miracles Interview with Latham Thomas

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In my May Cause Miracles interview series I sit down with my best friend Latham Thomas to discuss spiritual parenting, how to launch a book and her tools for turning pain into purpose.

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  1. Latham is a Beautiful warrior woman! Thank you both for great messages. Vision farther than you can see! Awesome and I love the Ear muff vision- I like to think of them as heart shaped ear muffs- listening with love- kxo

  2. I met Latham at The Reveal Conference in 2011 when I heard you speak. What a beautiful woman! I am so excited to get her book Mama Glow and read it as a proud mama of my 14 year old boy! Thank you for highlighting another woman of the miracle mindset.
    It was a pleasure watching the two of you celebrate each other and take us all higher too.
    with love-

        1. Charles,I have many memories of your Mom and of her Mom. What a leovly heritage you have. Cheryl called and I hope to see you and other cousins at the reunion. I told Mom about your Mom’s death and about the reunion. I think she understood. She is not well. May you & all your family experience God’s comfort and grace in the days ahead. love, Alberta McKinney Keylon

  3. YEAH!! At last a book about this! I’ve been feeling very alone with these thoughts, parenting and spirituality… Thank you thank you thank you <3

  4. I can’t believe I’m about to put my first book out in print, and dealing with some not-so-helpful comments from other people, and you’re talking about just how to deal with that!! On second thought, I’m not surprised at all. That’s exactly what miracles are all about. Thanks for another perfectly timed message!

  5. hi Gabby, Latham! SOoooo inspired by both of your work and Latham, I cant wait to read your book. I am a single mother of my divine 14 month old boy and have been single and journeyed much amongst the A Loneness since 5 months into the pregnancy, everything happened at once this past year to make way for this time and growth from career, home, moving country and initiated by the relationship change … I am counting my blessings and seeing the miracles and inspired about the journey that will inevitably continue to unfold whilst staying as best as I can in the question and intention … Namaste

  6. So much inspiration. I love you ladies! Also regarding the Miracles Earmuffs… more often than not, I have to put them on to hide from my own self-doubt voices. My new mantra “Thank you for sharing but I believe in miracles!”
    Thanks Gabby! xxoo

  7. Great interview! I’m SO reading that book! I love the idea of being the ‘vehicle’ for miracles. It really helps me connect with the idea of co-creating and reminds me that I’m being guided and don’t have to do this alone. Thank you x.

    1. Detoxify your body while stimulating and enincahng your intuition. ummm..? How does this do anything like that? What toxins’ are being flushed’ from one’s system? :S Do you actually understand what you’re saying? Cause i sure don’t.

  8. I am totally getting Latham’s book as a gift for two of my favorite girls who will be welcoming their first children into the world soon. When Latham said the quote about God making the rocks, that hit my soul. Sometimes our rock bottom moments are our biggest gifts and teachers, without them we couldn’t get to a place where we believe that miracles happen on the reg. Keep up the amaze work mamas!

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