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Tens of thousands of people have read May Cause Miracles to date. This movement of miracle workers is experiencing and creating radical change. Many of my readers have posted questions about the book’s 40-day practice on my Facebook page. In this video I answer some frequently asked questions about May Cause Miracles. I hope it helps guide your journey.

Plus, I have an awesome resource to support your practice. Today I’m so excited to offer the May Cause Miracles 6-week digital course based on the book. This course helps you create beautiful, radical change by adding up small but important shifts every day and every week. Each week focuses on a different chapter from the book to help you achieve miraculous results in every area of your life. You can watch the course in HD video or listen with an audio download.

Get the May Cause Miracles 6-week digital course today.

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  1. Hi beautiful Gabby!! I was just wondering if the Spirit Junkie app will be available for android in the google play store soon?? I left the iphone a long time ago and that’s the only thing I really need to make my phone perfect! Thank you so much!

  2. I purchased the May Cause Miracles audio guided meditations on this website, and I received confirmation of my purchase for $14.97 on my Visa card. Now I cannot find my purchase anywhere and wasn’t given any instructions of where to access my purchase. I’ve email the customer support team twice to enquire and to follow up about where to access the guided meditations that I’ve purchased (a week ago). Does anyone have an idea of where to find them? Thank you.

  3. Hi Gabby,

    I had a really crazy experience while buying your book. Frist of all i never meditate in my life.But I do pray but not with all my heart until one day where I hit bottom and I prayed to God to find me a way to be more present. Then I saw your interview with Marie Forleo and I felt a weird feeling that should check more of your videos. Then I saw ‘may cause miracles’.I hesitated at first because I didn’t have the money to spend on it. But even before I realized it, I already bought the book via IBooks. It felt like that I need that book. Now i’m at week 5 and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t know the real me. But i’m getting there thanks to you.I also purchased your meditation albums and I have a question not being a master of meditation. Every time I meditate ,I cry without a reason. I don’t even notice until the end. Why is that? Is my body telling me something? How do get to know the reason? Thanks in advance!

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  5. I was just given “May Cause Miracles” as a gift. The book stops at page 84 and then picks up again on page 117. No ripped out pages…just missing days 14-18. I would really like to continue the process. Any way I could get a copy of the information not in my book? It was purchased at a bookstore in Troy, Ohio, copyright 2013, First Edition. Thanks!

      1. I was very surprised myself. As I asked earlier, would there be any way of getting the information from the missing section short of contacting the store and seeing if they would consider exchanging the book…not so sure how that would work as I’ve already marked many of the pages lol As I said, I’d really like to finish the process. Thanks!

        1. Actually, you can nix that request…I was able to get in touch with the bookstore that my friend bought the book from and it looks as though they may be willing to exchange the book. 🙂

  6. Hi Gabby. I love what the messages you’re putting out there. But, sometimes, as a survivor of physical and sexual abuse from my mother starting when I was an infant, I wonder if you can relate to the many of us who have had our trust completely broken right from the time we were born. I think I have done a really amazing job in my life in terms of not abusing anyone else and working through my many issues and working as a psychiatric ANP to support those with serious mental illness. I want to believe what you teach, that there is a way for me to get past my distrust and deep loneliness, but sometimes I just doubt it. I do meditate using the sa-ta-na-ma chant that I learned about in one of your videos, and that has helped a great deal. But, I still feel so much shame and sadness. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  7. Hi Gabby, I have two questions. I have seemed to have come right off my path, I have terrible self esteem and I can never seem to finish anything in my life- my study, a book or working out. So my questions are.
    1. How can I get back on the right path
    2. I feel so bad about myself, how can I actively change this thought process? I know is my ego but it seems to be winning.
    Thanks Amber

  8. Hi Gabby,
    I was hoping for a little guidance — I am going through the MCM course now, which I’m loving. My main area that I’m concerned about is my relationship with food, particularly over-eating and feeling “out of control”. I’ve been trying to be kind to myself, forgive myself up when I overeat,and not trying to exert so much external control over everything, but I’m finding that as I do that, it’s actually getting a bit worse, as if I am giving myself permission with my self-love to be indulgent. How did you find the balance of forgiveness and self-love, and making the healthy choices and stopping the binge eating?

    Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. THANK YOU!!!! I was stuck! Having started the book with such great intentions, I stopped but after watching this video I am back on TRACK!!!! In fact, my calendar is just popping up with my daily affirmation reminder (I’m in Asia) – so all I would like to say is “GRATITUDE IS MY ONLY ATTITUDE TODAY”
    Thank you for your awesome book and your Vlogs, so very much appreciated as I embark on living the best life that I can – please come visit Asia!!!! And finally, many CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage! It looked like a FABULOUS day and you looked GORGEOUS!
    Sat Nam

  10. Hi Gabrielle! I am on Day 39 of your online MCM course! My question for you is in regards to an employee that I have. She continuously pushes the envelope in terms of getting what she wants in terms of work life balance. While I am open and respect this very much (she’s a powerful ‘asker!’, she is totally dismissive of the inner culture of our leadership team and really stands out as a non-contributor and a negative Nancy on the team. I really believe that she can shift and I am doing 40 days of praying for her happiness after my meditation. The thing I can’t get around is that by allowing her to be this way, I’m being unfair to my employees who I value and respect so much, who really go the extra mile and who do what is needed for the business to be healthy and for our clients to be in love with our offering. This particular employee always puts herself first but I’m not ready to let her go as I believe she is here for a reason. I just feel that in this moment she is making me look like an unfair leader but I’m not ready to move her off the team. Thank you so much! Satnam.

  11. Hello Gaby,
    Thank you so much for doing this Q & A section. I have been reading your book (s) and have found the exercises very helpful. I am on day 16 of May Cause Miracles. I just wanted to ask you, how can we keep our vibration high? I am looking for permanent work and while doing the exercises on MCM, I had been feeling great and had felt that I actually was able to raise my vibrations…I got called for 2 screening tests, and one interview, but somehow, it seems that when I get to that point things just don’t happen the way I expect them to happen. Am I doing something wrong? or Am I not doing something important…It feels like I am almost there, but not quite. Does that happen to other people? Thank you again for what you do, and many blessings to you.

  12. My apologies if someone has already asked this (there are so many to comb through!), but would you recommend repeating certain days/weeks of your book if they were particularly heavy/difficult for me? Or should I just do the entire 40 day practice? I’m happy to do it all again, i just didn’t know if a more concise focus would be better…

    Also, you are incredible, inspiring, and motivating. Thank you for sparking such positive change in my life and the lives of those I’ve shared your book with. You’re a spiritual rock star!

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