May Cause Miracles FAQs

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Tens of thousands of people have read May Cause Miracles to date. This movement of miracle workers is experiencing and creating radical change. Many of my readers have posted questions about the book’s 40-day practice on my Facebook page. In this video I answer some frequently asked questions about May Cause Miracles. I hope it helps guide your journey.

Plus, I have an awesome resource to support your practice. Today I’m so excited to offer the May Cause Miracles 6-week digital course based on the book. This course helps you create beautiful, radical change by adding up small but important shifts every day and every week. Each week focuses on a different chapter from the book to help you achieve miraculous results in every area of your life. You can watch the course in HD video or listen with an audio download.

Get the May Cause Miracles 6-week digital course today.

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  1. Hi beautiful Gabby!! I was just wondering if the Spirit Junkie app will be available for android in the google play store soon?? I left the iphone a long time ago and that’s the only thing I really need to make my phone perfect! Thank you so much!

  2. I purchased the May Cause Miracles audio guided meditations on this website, and I received confirmation of my purchase for $14.97 on my Visa card. Now I cannot find my purchase anywhere and wasn’t given any instructions of where to access my purchase. I’ve email the customer support team twice to enquire and to follow up about where to access the guided meditations that I’ve purchased (a week ago). Does anyone have an idea of where to find them? Thank you.

      1. Hey Gabby,
        I’m on Day 3 from the book may cause miracles. And I also want to start reading miracles now but won’t be doing the exercises from this book until the 40days are over. Would you recommend to wait for the 40days to get over or can start reading miracles now. I’m just too confused.
        Lots of love,

        1. Hi Shradha,
          Great question. We suggest focusing on May Cause Miracles before starting Miracles Now- that way you can fully commit to the 40 day practice. xoxo

  3. Hi Gabby,

    I had a really crazy experience while buying your book. Frist of all i never meditate in my life.But I do pray but not with all my heart until one day where I hit bottom and I prayed to God to find me a way to be more present. Then I saw your interview with Marie Forleo and I felt a weird feeling that should check more of your videos. Then I saw ‘may cause miracles’.I hesitated at first because I didn’t have the money to spend on it. But even before I realized it, I already bought the book via IBooks. It felt like that I need that book. Now i’m at week 5 and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t know the real me. But i’m getting there thanks to you.I also purchased your meditation albums and I have a question not being a master of meditation. Every time I meditate ,I cry without a reason. I don’t even notice until the end. Why is that? Is my body telling me something? How do get to know the reason? Thanks in advance!

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  5. I was just given “May Cause Miracles” as a gift. The book stops at page 84 and then picks up again on page 117. No ripped out pages…just missing days 14-18. I would really like to continue the process. Any way I could get a copy of the information not in my book? It was purchased at a bookstore in Troy, Ohio, copyright 2013, First Edition. Thanks!

      1. I was very surprised myself. As I asked earlier, would there be any way of getting the information from the missing section short of contacting the store and seeing if they would consider exchanging the book…not so sure how that would work as I’ve already marked many of the pages lol As I said, I’d really like to finish the process. Thanks!

        1. Actually, you can nix that request…I was able to get in touch with the bookstore that my friend bought the book from and it looks as though they may be willing to exchange the book. 🙂

  6. Hi Gabby. I love what the messages you’re putting out there. But, sometimes, as a survivor of physical and sexual abuse from my mother starting when I was an infant, I wonder if you can relate to the many of us who have had our trust completely broken right from the time we were born. I think I have done a really amazing job in my life in terms of not abusing anyone else and working through my many issues and working as a psychiatric ANP to support those with serious mental illness. I want to believe what you teach, that there is a way for me to get past my distrust and deep loneliness, but sometimes I just doubt it. I do meditate using the sa-ta-na-ma chant that I learned about in one of your videos, and that has helped a great deal. But, I still feel so much shame and sadness. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  7. Hi Gabby, I have two questions. I have seemed to have come right off my path, I have terrible self esteem and I can never seem to finish anything in my life- my study, a book or working out. So my questions are.
    1. How can I get back on the right path
    2. I feel so bad about myself, how can I actively change this thought process? I know is my ego but it seems to be winning.
    Thanks Amber

  8. Hi Gabby,
    I was hoping for a little guidance — I am going through the MCM course now, which I’m loving. My main area that I’m concerned about is my relationship with food, particularly over-eating and feeling “out of control”. I’ve been trying to be kind to myself, forgive myself up when I overeat,and not trying to exert so much external control over everything, but I’m finding that as I do that, it’s actually getting a bit worse, as if I am giving myself permission with my self-love to be indulgent. How did you find the balance of forgiveness and self-love, and making the healthy choices and stopping the binge eating?

    Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. THANK YOU!!!! I was stuck! Having started the book with such great intentions, I stopped but after watching this video I am back on TRACK!!!! In fact, my calendar is just popping up with my daily affirmation reminder (I’m in Asia) – so all I would like to say is “GRATITUDE IS MY ONLY ATTITUDE TODAY”
    Thank you for your awesome book and your Vlogs, so very much appreciated as I embark on living the best life that I can – please come visit Asia!!!! And finally, many CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage! It looked like a FABULOUS day and you looked GORGEOUS!
    Sat Nam

  10. Hi Gabrielle! I am on Day 39 of your online MCM course! My question for you is in regards to an employee that I have. She continuously pushes the envelope in terms of getting what she wants in terms of work life balance. While I am open and respect this very much (she’s a powerful ‘asker!’, she is totally dismissive of the inner culture of our leadership team and really stands out as a non-contributor and a negative Nancy on the team. I really believe that she can shift and I am doing 40 days of praying for her happiness after my meditation. The thing I can’t get around is that by allowing her to be this way, I’m being unfair to my employees who I value and respect so much, who really go the extra mile and who do what is needed for the business to be healthy and for our clients to be in love with our offering. This particular employee always puts herself first but I’m not ready to let her go as I believe she is here for a reason. I just feel that in this moment she is making me look like an unfair leader but I’m not ready to move her off the team. Thank you so much! Satnam.

  11. Hello Gaby,
    Thank you so much for doing this Q & A section. I have been reading your book (s) and have found the exercises very helpful. I am on day 16 of May Cause Miracles. I just wanted to ask you, how can we keep our vibration high? I am looking for permanent work and while doing the exercises on MCM, I had been feeling great and had felt that I actually was able to raise my vibrations…I got called for 2 screening tests, and one interview, but somehow, it seems that when I get to that point things just don’t happen the way I expect them to happen. Am I doing something wrong? or Am I not doing something important…It feels like I am almost there, but not quite. Does that happen to other people? Thank you again for what you do, and many blessings to you.

  12. My apologies if someone has already asked this (there are so many to comb through!), but would you recommend repeating certain days/weeks of your book if they were particularly heavy/difficult for me? Or should I just do the entire 40 day practice? I’m happy to do it all again, i just didn’t know if a more concise focus would be better…

    Also, you are incredible, inspiring, and motivating. Thank you for sparking such positive change in my life and the lives of those I’ve shared your book with. You’re a spiritual rock star!

  13. Hey Gabby,

    You are such in inspiration! Are you going to create a set of ‘Spirit Junkie’ cards kind of like your alarm clock spirit junkie app (I don’t have an iPhone)? I would love this!! I was in a bookstore the other day and came across some Louise Hay oracle cards and thought Gabrielle’s would be so inspiring !

    1. ‘Spirit Junkie’ cards would be awesome; I agree and I’m eagerly awaiting the android app for the alarm clock spirit junkie as well 🙂

  14. Gabby- Thank you so much for guiding me to see the light within- this has truly been the time of my life…and it keeps getting better! This began even when I called in to speak to you on your radio show a couple months ago. I see now that I am being guided by spirit I want to know more. I am meditating regularly and cleaning out my diet- what more can I do to make my home and environment flow and other aspects of my life? What are things that you keep around you? Thank you for all you do* See you at I Can Do It conference in the city!!! -Nicole

  15. Hi Gaby,
    You’re inspiration is wonderful – we’d love to feature you in our next issue of COCOLILY Magazine. We feel that featuring you as an author (Q+A) will help a lot of women find May Cause Miracles and inspire someone new. I’d love to speak to someone about how we can get you featured. Thanks again!

  16. Hi Gabby..I’m grateful that I found your book by accident at Chapters. I’m on Day 3 and trying really hard to stick with it.
    I’m a single mom after leaving my husband from verbal/mental abuse and just wondering if down the road you’ll have anything to deal with big issues like that – in addition to being a single mom with no father in the picture 🙁 It’s really difficult going through this OR does somewhere in your book pinpoint a certain issue of ‘doing it on your own, getting over a controlling relationship, etc….I am hoping that after completing May Cause Miracles, I will find myself again and be prepared to tackle everything with love xoxo

    1. Hi,

      I can relate to the issues you are dealing with. Check out my profile on …. I dealt with a similiar situation at a very young age so if you would like some advice or help please feel free to inbox me!

  17. I saved up to pay full price for your book and am not in a situation where I can purchase more stuff at this time. Why are your guided meditation MP3’s not available for free?

  18. I don’t have a question. I just want to tell you thank you for sneaking into my life from Open Sky and breaking my life open to love. Love you Gabby.

    <3 L

  19. Hi Gabby! I am currently reading your May Cause Miracles book, and I wanted to start by saying thank you for currently guiding me to happiness. I have told many friends about you and they became hooked as well! Reciprocating the love your way 🙂
    I have a hard time with people in my life who are so full of fear. These people have a bad attitude about everything and everyone, and refuse to change their way to thinking. However, these friends have been in my life for so long, and most of the time I have acted as their 24 hour counselor. I’m exhausted and I never want to truly be around them be because of their constant negativity and fear. However, I don’t want to be the mean friend who began to blow them off. We are growing up and changing, and I truly feel that I want to be around more people who are full of love and on the same journey as I. What do you suggest?
    Thanks Gabby!!

    1. spend some time on my site on the site you’ll meet a lot of likeminded spirit junkies! in addition to making new friends I think it’s important to let your old friends shift in and out of your life naturally. As we grow into our spiritual practice we can grow out of certain relationships. Trust in this transition, and know that with a loving attitude you can let go naturally.

      1. Thanks so much for your response Gabby! That is exactly what I needed to hear! I appreciate you taking the time! Sending love your way! Thanks for the continuous words and support xoxo

  20. Hi Gab,
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond. I have been reading your books for years and listening to your lectures and whenever I do the work I really do feel peace come over me and I trust that there is a better way, an easier way to life. However, for the last couple of years I have really struggled with feeling so undeserving of happiness, so unworthy. Whenever anything good seems to happen to me, I think “this is too good to be true.” Whenever I mess up, even the slightest thing like being impatient towards someone, I feel like karma is going to come my way, or I feel like I’m unhappy now as payback for maybe something bad I have done in the past. I just walk around with so much insecurity, so much anxiety, that I feel like I sabotage all my relationships, most importantly the one with myself. I don’t know what to do anymore because I do pray every day, I meditate a lot of days and I do read spiritual books. I just don’t know why its not working or how I can finally break free of this pattern.

    1. would you be open to doing the mcm 40day course again? bring this issue to each week of the course and see what comes up for you.

  21. im having a tough time with allowing the universe to lead the way. i have so much invested in a future life that i see for myself – married and with kids in a beautiful home that we share together. i know your advice should lead us to believe that the universe is our guide and whatever is meant to happen – will. but it’s so hard to have faith and surrender in these kinds of situations when you hope so badly things turn out the way you want and believe you deserve.

  22. Gabby,

    I’m currently on Day 20 of the book and it’s been a game changer. I hit a snag, though, with being triggered by circumstances in my life and I feel like I’ve dropped into a bit of a low, ego-wise. It’s such a crafty little piece of me. My question really is should I go back and re-mantra some of the days in the book that specifically deal with this weird wall I feel I’ve hit?

    Thank you!

  23. Hi Gabby,

    A lesson that I am currently struggling with is how to find the balance between getting clear about your desires and what you would like to manifest in your life, yet remaining unattached to the desired outcome. Could you please offer any insight to this.

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Gabby, I have felt that your work has allowed for so much growth within me and miracles will come yet almost ever time so new road block will come, for instance I finally had a vacation opportunity open up for me and as soon as I too the vacation I fell ill and have been in the hospital in this place since, spending every “vacation” day in the hospital. What advice do you have for what seems to be my body sabatoging this change within my mind/soul?

  25. Hey Gabby,
    Firstly want to thank you for helping me upgrade my life 🙂

    Currently reading Spirit Junkie, and would like to know how to tell if we are hearing our inner guide, mind chatter or fearful thoughts through meditation and how can we differentiate them.

    Thanks so much xx

  26. Gabby, I’ve read all your books, but May Cause Miracles (MCM) really changed my life! I had been praying for guidance for a year about whether to stay at my (safe) full-time day job or pursue my art (passion). By the time I finished MCM, I put in my notice at work. In less than 2 weeks I will be a full-time working artist, standing in my truth, living my dream. Thank you!

  27. Dear Gabby,
    Hello all the way from Australia!! I wanted to thank you and my incredible guides for bringing you into my life at time when I needed you the most. When I am reading MCM it truly feels like I am talking to a close girlfriend or my sister. My struggle at times is to know who the voice is in my head?? I’m not sure if the voice is my Ego or my guide!! How do I know which one is my truth??? I have a dream as to how I would love my life to be, however should I just surrender those dreams in order to truly surrender to ” my love” ( ing). Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. Every blessing to you ,

    1. Hi Fiona
      I had a similar question. In regards to whether the voice in our head is really the ing or ego as ego seems to be very good at disguising itself and the response from gabby is posted under my question. For myself I think I have to get more honest and explore the feelings more to see whether there is fear, judgement etc behind the voice or whether it’s more of a loving and intuitive feeling. Maybe when I make decision I can check in with my emotions and feelings more. Hope this helps.

  28. Hey Gabby!

    Thank you so much for your presence, your energy, and of course, May Cause Miracles. You and the book helped me move through some crap I had no idea was stuck to the bottom of my shoes. It wasn’t always easy breezy, and I surprisingly cried and allowed several releases while making my way through the 40-days, but even so I know that I must absolutely make another round or ten or possibly for the rest of my life 🙂

    I’ve let my lifepartner borrow the book, but I tell you girl, I miss having this practice each day, each morning, with the constant affirmations so much that I may have to purchase a second copy just for her so that I can get moving again.

    Well, I just wanted to express my gratitude. I look forward to whatever you have coming up next here in L.A. or maybe you’ll decide to come a little further down to the LBC? I’m way stoked about the workshop in 2014 and will definitely take what I learn and apply more of your teachings in my practice. Thank you for all the mediations and most importantly for being real!

    Love & Light
    ~LisaGrows, CHHC

  29. Hi Gaby! This question isn’t about may cause miracles ( which I am about a month into and have to say thank you so much because it’s life changing) but I hope that’s okay. Hearing you speak so much about how Kundalini is such an important part of your spiritual life has been resinating with me for some time. I feel called to learn more about it for myself. However I go to school full time in the absolute middle of no where; is there any literature or another way you would recommend to get me started as I have no hope of finding classes or a teacher where I live?

  30. Sat Nam Gabby:
    Thanks for your dedication here to all the “May Cause Miracles” participants.. fantastic. Wahe Guru.
    Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, the distraction of you not looking at me.. the recording device has you looking up at it, rather than to the viewer. It’s easy enough for me to just listen, which I do, but have you ever noticed this?
    Huge blessings in all that you do.
    Sat Nam,
    Meherbani Kaur

  31. Gabby,
    I had a very difficult 6 months and I was attracted to your book while walking through Chapters. I started with Spirit Junkie and then read May Cause Miracles. Your writing has changed my life. My husband and I are back together and I believe I was able to turn a terrible experience into a time of tremendous growth. Your books gave me strength, security and something to look forward to.
    Forever grateful,

  32. Hi Gabby,

    First of thanks so much for all the wonderful work you do! You are truly an inspiration. I see you as my guru (someone who takes you from darkness to light) and can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found you. I am currently going through MCM and it has truly been a game changer for me. Through the process, I was guided to try Kundalini Yoga, which I did. As you know, Kundalini has a library filled with thousands of kriyas. Its extremely overwhelming and was wondering if you can provide some guidance on daily sadhana. Of the thousand’s of kriyas, if there was one thing that I could commit to doing to start with – what should that be? There are many focused kriyas for relationships, health, prosperity but is there one that I can do to sort of balance all my chakras, to balance spiritually, mentally and physically? Something that is sustainable… please advise.

    Thanks so much,
    Love and Light,
    Sat Naam,

    1. I think it’s wise to pick a kriya that you are called to. your intuition will always lead you in the right direction. sometimes i say a prayer and the open the book and the exact kriya i needed will be there:)

  33. Dear Gabby,

    First of all: thank you for all your inspirational work!
    I’ve got a question regarding week 4:
    how does the idea of loving all and not making anyone the Special One relate to romantic relationships?

    Is your fiance not the Special One for you? wouldn’t you be devestated if the relationship would end? Yet in the book you write that special love never works.. so, now what?

    big hug,

    1. the ego makes it special and therefore separate. we put our romantic partners on a pedestal and that creates more separation. the goal is to smooth out the specialness and see all relationships as equally as special. i agree that with certain relationships it’s hard to fathom not seeing them as special but ultimately that is a goal on our spiritual path. the more committed to your spiritual relationship you become the less you need to make others special

  34. Hi gabby. I read mcm earlier this year and looking forward to a second round. I’ve also read your spirit junkie book which was an excellent way to break into this journey. Thank you for your gifts. I am struggling to make a major decision in my life right now and I’m having trouble to identify whether it is the ego or my ing that I am hearing when I listen up for an answer. Please can you give a tip on how to know whether what is coming up is really your ego or ing. To me it is just not obvious. Thanks

    1. ego is fear-based, guilty, judgmental, and creates separation. whereas your ing is loving, intuitive, healing and kind.

  35. Hello Gabby,
    Although I still haven’t read the MCM, your Spirit Junkie book has been such an important awakening to me in many ways and I guess I just want to thank you! I look up to you and am grateful I found your guidance, I feel invited to live a love-based life.
    Many, many thanks!!
    Blessings and greetings from Mex 🙂

  36. I think I may have posted in the wrong place! I replied to one of your replies by accident…Don’t know if it makes a difference but posting again just in case:) If not, I apologize for posting twice!!
    Gabby, My question has to do with how to know if and when to start talking about the process I am going through in doing the work of MCM and my spiritual path in general in order to share and help others. I was just at your “live in the know” lecture in NYC (LOVED it!) where you said to “Take your turban off and shut up!”. I totally get it and it’s been going through my mind when I want to talk about it.
    But on the other hand, when you spoke with Oprah you said “now is the time more than ever for us to rise up. We need teachers.”
    So where’s the line? How can we be teachers and also shut up?:) I feel so passionate about my spiritual journey and inspired by it, that I want to share, and am willing to rise up, but don’t know how or what to say, or even if I’m supposed to say anything?
    Words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
    Love love love

  37. Gabby, I wanted to wish you lots of love for your wedding Saturday. You have made dreams possible through your books & words of wisdom so I hope for you nothing but HAPPINESS, LOVE & PEACE. This is Robyn from Long Island we met at the lecture over the winter. Also I do your on line lectures like last Friday which was Fabulous, I have listed 4x’s to it and learn something new each play.So here is my personal question to you. Your welcome to use it just please be discreet with my name. I turned 50 in July. Last July I started to read your book “Spirit Junkie” & Course in Miracles (I read daily) I have been in a 16 year relationship with my sons father who I never married. Why because I never felt deeply, passionately in love, sure I loved him but it was not enough to say “I do”. In August for his 50th birthday I surprised him & our son with a trip to Cabo~On the plane returned back to NY he did something not out of character but once again I was paying attention to the red flags. What he did on the plane was not horrible but it was my last red flag and I knew I needed to end the relationship. & so I did, got off in California, stayed with friends for a week and 10 days he moved out and got himself a place. Everyday is reinforcement I made the right decision for us both. So now fast forward 6 months Im feeling good, working on myself, Loving Me doing all the steps that you advise and then Im on FB one night and an instant message pops up. Its been sooooo long “it reads”,and you look amazing. So I respond back. The person on the other end is someone I knew from 22 years ago briefly. Unfortunately what was then did not happen as he had another life in another place and although he left the prior relationship he had a baby on the way and finally married and divorced quickly thereafter. I remember the day, the weather, the exact spot at my home where we said goodbye, after that I remember nothing but a lot of hurt and disbelief. so much that I never thought again about him. or obsessed because it was such a clean cut. I was heartbroken but there was no option. I did however think about him when I happened to be in his state. What else could i do? So now 6 months later and i are speaking via phone late March, April, May, June with no plans to meet. Hints but no definitive dates, July comes both our birthdays and due to the power of FB i blow off my rocker and I forget all about seeing things with LOVE, the FEAR kicked in big time, my insecurity my ego, my everything I learned just went haywire. So I sent a letter #1 with anger, #2 after reading the some more (less anger) more explanation of why i said what i said in letter #1. I saw photos of him with someone else and rather then ask i assumed. Its a bit more complicated then just photos but basically the hurt was stemming from not seeing him after 6 months and no plan in action, 1 month passed and we did not speak, I was very sad it ruined my 50th. Then in August we reconnected. Again Its now October and although discussion has been taken place to reconnect the reality is my intuition is there is no plan only excuses. So we continue to speak Once Twice sometimes more then that on the phone but then 4 days goes by no call nothing. I don’t dare call. I remember something you said during the lecture on Friday Night. What words to keep to myself. Inner Guide~Guide Me, Is this the divine relationship, Hold It, Feel it, Let it Go. Where am i in disbelief, who do you need to forgive. So I don’t call him but now Im second guessing did i say something or do something (stupid pathetic thoughts) He called today like nothing was wrong, no time has passed and nothing, But I knew enought to “Speech more precise” and tonight when i speak with him I will think before I say something. My question to you is, he is going away on business for 6 weeks (not the norm) and I really want to see him. I want to start a real relationship,we still have the distance but at the end of the day, I can relocate and be happy where he cannot and would not be in happy in NY. Im trying to open consciousness to receive information, faith but I think at this point HERE IT IS…I need something to say so it does not just continue “AS IS”…Yes I meditate daily with the wonderful Snatam Kaur music, PLEASE & THANK YOU, PEACE…Also any plans for the book Revue that I told you about in Huntington.

  38. Hi Gabby!

    I started the MCM last week but things came in the way so I restarted yesterday (as I wrote that I realized that the obsticles from last week probably was all the overwhelming fears day 1 brought up..). Anyhow, I can’t get passed my egos voice that taking this course is just spiritual, new age nonsens (absolutely no offense!!) I think I know from where I got it but still I can’t shake it off, should I go deeper into the feeling or should I move on with the course and hope it will solve it self along the way? Its kind of a catch 22 …

    I’m willing to witness my FIERCE 😉

    1. why don’t you try to just do the 40-day course before you decide what it is for you. let the exercises take on a life of their own.

  39. Hi Gabby!
    I have loved Spirit Junkie (read it twice) and have had May Cause Miracles on my shelf since April. Since Spirit Junkie I have started and love my morning practice of praying and meditating (only about 10 min) and it feels great. I have been wanting to start May Cause Miracles since I got the book but continually find “reasons” it’s not the right time…I’m getting married, I’m going on vacation, I’m in some other group coaching program and don’t want to get overwhelmed (which is something I tend to do). What kick in the pants or advice can you give me about getting started and understanding what type of commitment it will be?
    I love your work! Thank you so very much for being such a beautiful inspiration.

  40. Hi Gabby,
    I just finished your Fearless relationships group (which I loved) The meditation into transformative knowing… WOW. I have had multiple AHA’s (to quote our girl Oprah). As I have been moving forward with the exercises and meditating twice a day (sometimes more as needed) I feel as though I’ve hit a wall. I will gain insights and feel great; calm, peaceful and so in tune and then sometimes feel as though I am doing the work, asking the questions, meditating and trying my best to be patient but I have found myself discouraged this week. I am trying to use some law of attraction processes as well to keep my thoughts in check but I feel a disconnect between what is being reflected back to me and how I feel inside. I am having trouble releasing false beliefs about non-commital relationships and I remember you saying in Group “Where are you not committing to yourself?” Truth is, I don’t know. How can I find this out? I will feel great then my ego creeps in and uses everything against me to prove itself right. Which leaves me feeling a lil defeated. What should I be asking or doing to get the universe to reflect back what I want for my life? I have gotten hung up somewhere and feel as though I am spinning my wheels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    P.s. Good luck with the wedding! AND THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. it’s normal for the ego to creep in… all the time in fact. if you can laugh at the ego and release it as often as possible you’ll soon have a different relationship to your ego. you wont believe in it as much. you will also be okay when it comes up. you’ll intuitively know that the voice of fear is not real.

  41. Hey Gabbie!
    Namaste and thank you for taking this time to provide us with your healing energies and checking in! 🙂
    So, Im on the last week. My life has changed in ways i never imagined it would, and today i feel limitless. Thank you for that guidance.
    Being born and brought up in a wealthy family in India, my family expects me to live a life that ‘correctly’ suits society, to be more accepted and secure(superficially) in life. So much so, that finally having found a man I love and respect and have complete faith in (thank to healing and forgiving myself and non judging myself through my past experiences) they expect me to find a more suitable partner in terms of social status and what not. Being in a supportive and understanding relationship with this gentleman, the universe literally reminds me of how miraculous it is to have a partner like him to share my life with. I feel so blessed! But sometimes, even then, their fear of acceptance and ‘financial security’ is something which creeps up on me, making me doubt myself, temporarily. (having lived a certain lifestyle, sort of pushing me to go back to that comfortzone) This is just one example. Can you give me some tools or help me in someway to deal with people who are constantly around me and live a fear based life?

    Also, I feel a significant change and shift within myself, sometimes leading to erratic sleeping patterns and bursts of energies. Any thoughts?

    P.S. As i told you earlier, im currently studying the ACIM, and you have been such a catalyst to help me find my true calling. Working on a super exciting project! More on that soon. 🙂

    Lots of love and hugs.

  42. Thank you for providing so much inspiration, guidance and peacefulness. But aren’t you supoosed to be on your honeymoon!? Tried to get a scholarship for tickets to “you can do it” to see you and Kate et al, but alas never heard back from hayhouse.

  43. Hi Gabby,

    I’m reading your book and I’m on Day 10. I’ve noticed huge shifts in my thinking and I feel like many fears and negative things I told myself are dissolving. I use the mantras throughout my day and I feel so much more peaceful. However, I was wondering if it was possible to experience physical symptoms or healing as a result of this work?

    For the past few days I’ve experienced strange things in my body that I haven’t felt in a long time and it really feels like something is going on, directly related to the new way I’m thinking. I feel very good about this whole process but I didn’t know what to make of what I’m experiencing on a physical level and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I have had deep fears of never getting better from a chronic illness I have and this work seems to be reaching those fears head on.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated! Your book is amazing!

  44. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your gift with the world. I have been doing MCM and listening to a bunch of other inspirational folks (Lissa Rankin, Martha Beck, Kris Carr, etc.) and am so grateful that you are all out there in the world. I’ve been so moved by all of your teachings that I finally got the courage to quit my job, which for 10 years has been holding me back from sharing my gifts with the world. For the most part, I am stoked and incredible psyched about my decision. But today I am finding that the process of saying goodbye to this job, which has been my security blanket for so long, incredibly painful and sad. I know I need to just let the emotions come and go. But I keep telling myself that it’s silly to feel sad when I am so happy. Anyway, somehow it helps to share. Onward and upward!

  45. Revisiting the course for the second time. Last did it in December & loved it 😉
    I have been called to read one spiritual book, one fiction book & one business/development book per month & MCM was calling me again.
    When I did day one’s evening exercise last night I honestly couldn’t think of any fears I had all day long.
    Last year I had tons and looking back on my notes, I feel like a different person. Yes I have mild concerns but would they class as fears?
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer me. X

    1. feel free to keep shining your crystal. point out the mild concerns and let’s use the book to smooth them over. go girl! #proud

  46. Gabby, thank you so much for your work and your messages. They are really empowering and I am trying to make those subtle changes and shift my thoughts every day. Here is my question/situation: I am 23 years old and currently live at home where I am attending grad school. My younger sister just graduated from undergrad and is at home now too. For pretty much my entire life this particular sister has been a very mean and attacking person. When I was 18-pretty much the beginning of this year I have suffered from depression, but have slowly been able to get out of “my funk” and rebuild myself. For some reason though, my sister throughout that time and still now, picks and digs at me (and most of my family members for that matter) and she thinks she knows everything. I have been trying to deal with it and grow spiritually, but I am finding that this one area in my life I struggle with the most. I think it’s partly because I don’t trust her and therefore find myself on edge in her presence because I never know what to expect. Do you have any advice/suggestions? I’d appreciate and love your help. Thank you so much for your time!

    1. what is it within you that is attracting her negativity. sometimes the best way to heal our relationships is to look closely at our part. what is your part?

      1. I think what I have been working on and need to continue to try to do is rise above because it isn’t worth it. I think what I need to change is me focusing on her because that is giving unnecessary attention. I let her presence affect me and that is NOT what I should be doing. I should focus on me/what I am trying to accomplish in the various areas of my life and helping those (who I care about and who care about me) around me. I shouldn’t focus my energy/attention on the negative. Also, I need to stop venting about it to certain people because I am spreading the negative around–even if I am just telling a story about what actually happened, I’m still putting negative energy out into the world. Am I on the right track!? 🙂 Thank you so much for responding!!!

  47. Hi Gabby!

    I am on Day 26 of MCM 🙂

    One of the things I get caught up on when doing the evening prayers is… who/what do you mean by “inner guide”? God? I am Catholic, so prayer has a very particular meaning for me. I almost feel… funny/odd praying to an “inner guide” that I can’t quite envision or qualify, if that makes sense.

    1. oh sister! pray to the God of your own understanding. this book is 100% nondenominational, therefore you choose who God is to you. Your faith in your God is what matters most. xoxo

  48. Hello Gabby,
    First of all, let me tell you that you are a big inspiration in my life right now. Having struggle with addiction myself and now walking on a more spiritual path, I can relate a lot to your story. Having started my own blog in French (yes I am indeed French Canadian), I was wondering if you have explored the possibility to have your book translated for the French market. We are in great needs of author like you 🙂

    But most importantly, my question about May cause miracles is the following… I sometime have a feeling, when doing the evening reflection and exercises, that I am directing my answers and my thoughts in the direction that I ”feel” that they are supposed to go. What I mean is that I can only seem to be scratching on the surface and I know that there is something more to it but my mind is at some level blocking myself from discovering it. Any thoughts on how to losen things up a bit in order for me to really access my fears and my issues?

    1. great question! the real spiritual path is a path of surrender. Surrender your will and your desires to the care of your inner guide and trust that there is a plan far greater than yours. you can have clear desires but surrender them fully. you can say, “it’s this or something better.” and YES french translation is on the way!

      1. Thanks Gabby! You are right. I sometime lack the power of surrendering being what I would affectionately call a “control freak”. 🙂 Your advice comes at a really good time and I will do my best to surrender to my inner guide. And you can definitely count on me to recommend your book to my French readers once it’s translated!

  49. Thank you for your reply. I have been practicing the Day 34 meditation almost everyday for a few weeks and sometimes I practice your “Meditation for Manifesting” that is a video on YouTube. I will take your advice and work on the whole Finance chapter in MCM and work to release my old financial blue print and create a new one so that I work at a new energetic level. “I do wonderful work, in a wonderful way. I sell to wonderful people for wonderful pay.”

  50. Hi Gabby,
    I have been learning so much from you! Thank you for your work! A few days ago I bought a ticket to your lecture in Boca Raton, FL. I will see you in November Gabby (what a treat!)
    Much Love.

  51. Hi Gabby!

    First, a huge thank you for this book! I completed the book a few months ago, and I continue today to take so many of the concepts into my everyday life. One question: the area I want to focus most on is relationships…do you recommend me starting from the beginning of the book or jumping right in to the relationships section?

    Once again thank you for your dedication and support!

    God bless,

  52. I am so grateful for your work. I am well versed in the philosophy and with ACM and all of the well known teachers. I can spout things out to people in need and make them feel better. But for myself; I feel like I have a layer of dirt over me. I can’t get past the fear and lack.
    I know why, I am having a long term long distance emotional affair and allowing it to consume me; our souls are fully engaged (both married). I am not sure I have heard you speak on that. Everything out there judges me. I judge me. It is easy to point a finger when you haven’t walked in ones shoes. I need some guidance in ending this, and washing the dirt off my soul.

    1. forgive yourself and then get honest with the new direction that feels best for you. forgiveness will clean the slate so you can start anew.

  53. Hi Gabby,

    i am so excited to be reading this book again. Read it in January and feel the need to read again and dig deeper. The miracles that’s happened the first time around were amazing looking forward to this time. I sent you an email and hope you have a chance to read it. It’s from the email address above and it has to do with programming for women and teens and sharing May Cause Miracles with them.

    Thank you again. So blessed to start this journey again. xo

  54. Gabby, I have read your books and they have helped me a lot. I feel like I’m on the path to a calmer way of being. What you teach makes sense to me and I do feel more in touch with my spirit each day! When I mention your books, some dismiss what you teach as hokey-pokey and not on the path to God. I know in my heart we’re all on a different path to understanding to the creator. What is a tactful way to express this to someone who may not be on my spiritual path?

    Also I recently had a falling out with a friend. I just believe the friendship ran its course. I’m okay with this. However, when I see her, I still feel sick to my stomach. Can you forgive someone, but still need time to be around them?

    1. yes. you can forgive someone and never want to be around them again. you can be at peace but sill know it’s best to be distant.

  55. I don’t have a question but a comment. I have wanted you to know after seeing you on Super Soul Sunday last fall, I purchased Spirit Junkie and literally my life has never been the same. I was in the process of healing from just leaving an abusive relationship and the death of my daughter and you were exactly what I needed. I have Spirit Junkie in audio form and listen to it often as I fall asleep. In fact, in May as I came upon the 1 year anniversary of my daughter’s death, I found your voice and your message so comforting. You, your work and your message have changed my life and my goal is to someday spread the same message to as many as I can. I just recently spoke with women at a shelter, giving them the same hope I needed. So thank you for the work you have done and that which you will do in the future. Without you I am not sure where I would be but I can tell you BECAUSE of you guiding me in the right direction, I have never been in a better place than I am at this moment. Thank you.

    1. kami, thank you for sharing this beautiful note. I am so proud of your journey! Please continue to share your story with as many people as possible. we need you. your daughter is with you, guiding you and partnering with you on your miracle worker path. sat nam sister

  56. Hello Gabby,

    First of all, thank you for all that you do!! The good energy you give out to the world is so, so appreciated. I am 20 years old and on this spiritual journey that we all partake in, whether we know it or not, and it has been wonderful stumbling upon your resources.

    My main concern is regarding letting go. I struggle with knowing when one must try harder in a situation, and when it’s okay to let go. Even more so, when letting go won’t be a regret. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of added baggage – by how much it’s weighing me down, I know it can’t possibly ALL have to be with me. But how do I differentiate?

    Thanks so much!! xoxoxo

  57. Dear Gabby,
    I LOVE your books, your videos and your inspiring teachings. I have had many spontaneous miracles occur right after doing some of your exercises and meditations! Wow!
    The only area of my life I’m specifically looking to change is my career. I’ve been an artist for over 20 years and I want to make a quantum leap to the next level. I had a few BIG breakthroughs lately. Yeah!!!! I’m letting the universe know my desires, surrendering them to the will of the universe, following my “ing” and practicing patience. I have to say that lately the miracles have plateaued, but I’ve also been very prolific with my art, so I’m practicing infinite patience too and giving time for “allowing” more miracles to happen.
    So I feel that my biggest hurtle relates to one of your recent blogs with Kate about the importance of believing in yourself and your self-worth. I am confident in all other areas of my life, so what specific steps can I take to believing my art is worth making that giant leap to the next level?
    Thank you for all of your MAGNIFICENCE! You are like a radiant field of positive energy and beauty!
    Namaste. M

    1. have you don the finance chapter of MCM? As you may know, that week is geared towards releasing your old financial blueprint and establishing a new relationship to money. Your experience of your career and money are a reflection of what you feel energetically. The work on creating a shift in this area is much less practical than it is energetic and spiritual. Get clear about what your energy is in this area and how it may be negatively affecting your bank account. that’s step one and then the finance week of MCM can guide you further.

    2. Hi MS,
      I’m a musician and I re-worked the finance chapter by incorporating ‘career and finances’ into the meditations & exercises. it definitely worked! x

  58. Hi Gabby,

    thank you for being an inspiration and a guidance for me and all of us. I am glad I have found you through an article you wrote in Mind Body Green and that leads me to a new beautiful direction that feels right and I love it. You are my mentor. I have stopped MCM till Day 33 for quite some time now, I got MYR200 when I was doing it and I knew immediately that it’s through your May Cause Miracle guidance which led me to Hay House coz the person who paid me was a life coach in Switzerland. I feel happy. Then I went into Deepak Meditation. I am currently on a pause right now as I wanted to do daily Saadhana but that too got paused. I wanted to start Course of Miracles but thought of reading your book Spirit junkie first as I wanted to be a miracle worker just like you in malaysia and Asia. The challenge is there are so many things in my mind right now that I am unable to cope up, wanted to start back MCM but that clashes with COM and SJ. A part of me telling me this is part of my journey in becoming a miracle worker, like the quote I bumped it “get so busy is applying and learning of miracles so that you don’t have time to judge or comment or complain”, maybe it was meant for me, like getting busy now is fine, juggling work and be the me I want to be. Please advice on what should I do? Should I start MCM?

    1. pick up where you left off with MCM and finish the 40-days. then ask your inner guide which book and path to take next.

  59. Gabby: I’ve got several ‘barriers’ to my success and wouldn’t doubt these are pretty common ones. First is my relationship to finances and cleaning up my past debts as a single mother. Then there’s my daily habits which never seem to include my top priorities and what I actually DO enjoy doing because of my fear of “not having enough money”. Finally, there’s my feeling of helplessness and a lack of energy and creating negative daily ‘nit picking’ because I can’t seem to move forward. Uggggh! Suggestions?

  60. Hi Gabrielle, I love this book and am enjoying working through it. I struggle with anxiety and wonder if the concepts, such as seeing with love rather than fear, can be applied to phobias such as flying in airplanes, or parental worries, such as fear of a child being hurt. I have been using the witnessing technique which has been helpful, but don’t know how to move beyond that. Thank you for your time and generosity!

    1. Yes absolutely! All of the work in the book will help you re-frame your phobias. You will be given the tools to perceive them differently so you can be set free from the fear.

  61. Hi Gabby, Im not actually asking a question but wanted to say that MCM was one of the only practices Ive ever actually completed start to finish, and it has played a huge role in creating my daily spiritual ritual. I loved it so much I did it again and added my own meditations too. It gave me the confidence to become a Reiki healer and blog writer. For all your lessons in life that you have willingly take on and overcome you have touched many lives including my own, you are an example of why we need to listen to our ing, we never know where it might take us and who we may reach. Bless you 🙂

  62. Good morning from the west coast. I just want to thank you for the beauty in your words and for always being such an incredible inspiration- you are like every girls favorite best friend! I have to admit that I’ve been going through the course quite slowly, but am definitely learning a lot about myself in the process. I find myself sitting in my “spirit” place, lighting a favorite candle and just digging in deep for myself- and it is certainly my favorite part of my day. This does not end for me when I walk away and go about my day. The lessons from the day are with me throughout the day and I am definitely on a spiritual high. I find myself breathing deeper, leaning into relationships, and even just smiling more. I recently took a leap of faith and moved to a new city without knowing anyone or having a job lined up, but I had faith and have really seen the miracles play out for me. Things truly couldn’t be working out more perfectly for me. I realize I am not asking any questions, but I just wanted to share my gratitude and send some love your way. I really admire you, your work, and most certainly your guidance. Thank you!

  63. Thank you Gabrielle. Your book and you have been a major spiritual catalyst in my life this year. A unforseen traumatic event occured on a Sat. and your book came into my hands on Monday. Serendipity at its finest.
    I did not complete the book exercises yet, but have since read your other books, Spirit Junkie and Add more ING to your life. I have owned a copy of ACIM for twenty years, but never could get into it. You were the key to explaining it. Discovering your vlog has inspired me to try tapping and Kundalini yoga.Wow! Such a blessing to myself and those around me.
    Again, much gratitude and love for you and the work you do.
    Peace, DJ

    1. Witness Your Fear – Day 1
      Willing To See Love – Day 2
      Self Gratitude – Day 11
      Self Forgiveness – Day 13
      Body Love – Day 16
      Oneness – Day 23
      Holy INstant – Day 25
      Receiving Abundance – Day 34
      Loving Kindness Meditation – Day 36
      Service Meditation – Day 38

      two days were left out because they were similar to other meditations

  64. Hi Gabby. I love your book. I purchased the meditations but had trouble matching them up to the right mediation mentioned in the book for that day. Would you be able to day which mediation goes with which day?

    1. Witness Your Fear – Day 1
      Willing To See Love – Day 2
      Self Gratitude – Day 11
      Self Forgiveness – Day 13
      Body Love – Day 16
      Oneness – Day 23
      Holy INstant – Day 25
      Receiving Abundance – Day 34
      Loving Kindness Meditation – Day 36
      Service Meditation – Day 38

      1. Thank you for that Gabby as this has actually stopped me from completing the book as I didn’t know which ones to use. I have now written these in the book but have a few others i dont understand. Therefore could you please explain which ones i use or where can I find the meditations for

        Day 6
        Day 17
        Day 20
        Day 31
        Day 42

        Or could you record the missing ones? As I feel it doesn’t really flow without these.

        Thank you. Here’s to more miracles in all our lives!

  65. Hi Gabrielle,

    I’m responding to your invitation on Twitter to ask questions on your blog. First I’d like to say thank you so much for your book “May Cause Miracles” I’m reading it right now and I’m particularly enjoying the section on relationships and how to transform them from “unholy to holy.”

    Here’s my question: What is the first concept from “A Course in Miracles?” that you were able to incorporate into your life? And is there a concept you still struggle with?

    Thank you!

    1. I first incorporated the belief that in any situation I could choose love over fear. I accepted that it was my choice.

      I still struggle with this because I’m human and have an ego. But the more committed I am to this truth the more real it becomes for me.

      1. Gabby, My question has to do with how to know if and when to start talking about the process I am going through in doing the work of MCM and my spiritual path in general in order to share and help others. I was just at your “live in the know” lecture in NYC (LOVED it!) where you said to “Take your turban off and shut up!”. I totally get it and it’s been going through my mind when I want to talk about it.
        But on the other hand, when you spoke with Oprah you said “now is the time more than ever for us to rise up. We need teachers.”
        So where’s the line? How can we be teachers and also shut up?:) I feel so passionate about my spiritual journey and inspired by it, that I want to share, and am willing to rise up, but don’t know how or what to say, or even if I’m supposed to say anything?
        Words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
        Love love love

  66. Hi Gabby,
    Have you considered training facilitators to do group workshops of MCM? I’m leading some people through it now and am very excited about it! I’d certainly love to be Gabby approved and mentored while I spread your teachings.

    Much love and gratitude,
    Jen Dietrich

    1. In the fall of 2014 I’ll be leading a train the trainer program. I will be teaching folks how to use the Spirit Junkie/MCM work in their own practices. Safe the date of 9/14/14

      1. Can not wait!!! Please keep me posted I want my Personal Training community to attend and it’s exactly what we need Gabrielle!! I look forward to it!
        BTW I absolutely loved my first workshop with you , although it ended last Monday night , I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with you and your team of very talented and loving people! Sat nam ????????

      2. Oh I can’t wait for this!!!!! You are my mentor Gabby. I tell everyone I meet! You have changed my life in such positive ways. Still working on myself one day at a time of course but as you say” it’s all those right hand actions that create positive change!” Thanks you Gabby for all your help and guidance. You are truly amazing!
        Sat Nam!

        – Melissa from Boston

  67. This was very helpful and answered all of my question. Thank you Gabby! My inner guide is telling me to do ACIM next. Could you do a similar vlog/blog about your recommendations on that daily practice?

      1. Yes, that would be awesome! I started by beginning The Disappearance of the Universe while doing the ACIM workbook, and I was overwhelmed by the new thoughts… I just kept thinking, “Man, I wish I had Gabby Bernstein on speed dial right now!” Thank you 🙂

  68. you are so darling, amazing, and so helpful to hop a girl out of her down moments. i love your inspiratiom! and i love the dont do it with expectations! let it come up. thanks girl!

  69. Hi Gabby,

    I just finished the 6 weeks of May Cause Miracles. I had two questions:

    1. Is it okay/advised to redo the course as a way of reinforcing what I had practiced and learned throughout the 6 weeks?

    2. Sometimes some of the lessons are particularly rough for me, and I find myself attacking/judging/failing at them within the first hour of the day after I have done my morning exercise. I then start to feel intensely guilty for having those thoughts, even though I know it is my ego working against me. I can’t help but feel the guilt, and when I dig deep down to witness the fear and see why this is coming up for me, I feel even more guilty for having those feelings based on something in the past or present. Is this normal? And if so, how can I deal with it in a more positive way that supports growth?

    1. Of course I should’ve watched the whole video before posting my question.. since you answered #1, I am just wondering about #2: “2. Sometimes some of the lessons are particularly rough for me, and I find myself attacking/judging/failing at them within the first hour of the day after I have done my morning exercise. I then start to feel intensely guilty for having those thoughts, even though I know it is my ego working against me. I can’t help but feel the guilt, and when I dig deep down to witness the fear and see why this is coming up for me, I feel even more guilty for having those feelings based on something in the past or present. Is this normal? And if so, how can I deal with it in a more positive way that supports growth?”

      Thank you fellow miracle worker!

      1. this is totally normal! the ego has some crafty tricks. first the ego brings up the judgment and attack. then the ego makes you feel bad for turning your back on your miracle mindset. the best advice in this situation is to not judge your ego with your ego. when you fall off, immediately forgive yourself and start anew. this work is about subtle shifts not immediate results.

  70. Hi Gabby, I purchase the digital course originally when you were doing it live. Am I still able to access it or I need to repurchase? Thank you!!

  71. Thank you so much Gabby, you are so KIND for doing this and taking the time to support us all! I just love you so much! Thank you, I’m so grateful for this book & you!
    I’m focusing on reading ~ing again right now, but this makes me want to double-gabby and go for round 3 of MCM too!

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