Dial Up Your Attracting Power

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The Universe is an ocean of abundance. We can attract this abundance or we can deflect it. It’s our job to recalibrate our energy so we can be a magnet for miracles and a super attractor. Ths vlog will teach you how to connect to loving energy, shed more fear and dial up your attracting power. For more on this topic join me Tuesday (5/17) Live in NYC or on Ustream Video (from your computer) for my DialedUP lecture on Manifestation. Join me!

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  1. Gabby!

    What a wonderful example not only of what MANIFESTATION is all about but of what YOU are all about, Gabby, WHO you are and HOW you serve… Thank you for this! It’s another Gabby link 4 me to share ~ shining a light on your work is a gift I give to others.

    Blessings and sharing your intent that Spirit Junkie reaches and meaningfully inspires those who need it ~ so many people on so many levels. Love ya ~ Nancy

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