How to Make Your Spiritual Practice a Priority

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Note: Updated June 2018 for clarity and resources.

Staying committed to your spiritual practice can feel daunting at times. The outside world gives us so many opportunities to avoid going inward. Work obligations, family responsibilities and the never-ending to-do lists keep us from our path of personal growth.

But what we forget is that no matter how hectic our lives may seem, it’s our spiritual path that guides the way.

Anything you put before your spiritual practice, you will lose

In Twelve Step communities they say, “Anything you put before your recovery you will lose.”

I believe the same goes for our spiritual practice. If we put romance, money, achievements or other goals before our spiritual development then we will always fall short. We must make our spiritual practice our top priority.

I see this happen time and time again. I’ve witnessed countless coaching clients, readers and audience members complain that when things got good in their life, they stopped making their spiritual practice a priority.

Ultimately, falling off the spiritual wagon led them to crash and burn. I too have experienced this type of detour. What I’ve come to learn is that when life gets good, you need to work your spiritual practice even more.

In this video I offer guidance on how to make your spiritual practice a priority, especially when things get good!

The #1 way to stay committed to your path

The best way to stay committed to your path is through daily guidance and resources.

I’ve found that the more consistent I am with my practice the more I actually practice. Throughout my journey, having regular access to the guidance I love most has helped me stay on course.

My intention is to help you do the same. I want to crack you open to your own spiritual path and help you stay on it. It is with this desire that I created a monthly miracle subscription called the Miracle Membership.

What is the Miracle Membership?

Miracle Membership by Gabby Bernstein

The Miracle Membership makes it incredibly easy and fun to stay consistent with your spiritual practice so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day.

As a Miracle Member, each month you’ll get a bunch of amazing stuff, all on one theme to give your practice flexible structure:

  • An exclusive podcast episode where I teach spiritual lessons and techniques, share personal stories and give you practical tips to use every day.
  • A new guided meditation on that month’s theme.
  • An archived lecture audio download or HD streaming video from my massive collection of favorites. These Gabby’s Greatest Hits talks will help you bring a miracle mindset into all areas of your life!
  • A gorgeously designed monthly mantra that you can post to your vision board, share on social media, make your phone background and more!

Love surrounds me | Miracle Membership mantraAnd it gets even better… as a Miracle Member you also have access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with other Miracle Members, find support, ask questions and share high vibes!

Plus I send weekly encouragement emails AND we have 4 group coaching calls a year in our private Facebook group.

If you want to make your spiritual practice your priority, click here to learn more about the Miracle Membership!

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