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How often do you feel paralyzed by decision making?

When you have an important choice in front of you — like changing your career, leaving a relationship, taking a leap in your business — are there places within you that resist that change, even when you really want it?

I see so many people freeze up with fear that they never take those leaps. They put off decisions and stay right where they are.

When we don’t allow ourselves to make big decisions and move forward on our desires and callings, the consequences are real. Not only do we feel frustrated and unhappy, but we also deny the world our light. We deny the world our great gifts and contributions.

If you can relate to this, you will want the 3-step method I share below! These 3 steps will help you trust the Universe and shift your energy when you’re faced with a big decision.

Watch my Facebook Live video or keep reading to find out the steps you can take to make a big decision with confidence and without anxiety!

In my life I’ve had many moments where I was disconnected from a decision, feeling resistance, fear, doubt, uncertainty. I let others tell me I couldn’t do it and I believed in the doubt of the world.

For example, when I first started writing, I wasn’t yet a writer. I had no background in writing, and even though I was comfortable speaking publicly, I could barely string a sentence together on the page!

When it came time to sit down and write my first book, I almost didn’t do it. I had so much fear and uncertainty around my ability to write a book that I almost ran away from it. But as a result of practicing the steps I’m going to give you below, I was able to release my resistance and fear. I was able to make the decision to write that book.

If you’re at a crossroads in your life where you’re deciding whether to move forward with something, leave something that’s not working for you, or invest in something that’s going to take you to the next level, practice these steps so you can say YES — and not miss out on that big decision that could change your life!

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Step 1: Look closely at the ways that you’re resisting.

This step is simple. There is often fear within us that holds us back from making a big decision. Start to pay close attention to the way you feel when you think about this decision. Are you feeling terrified? Energized? Are you feeling good about it, but the voice of limitation keeps holding you down?

As you become more conscious of your feelings, witness them without judgment so you can begin to understand them. When you honor your feelings, you can recognize that they are creating a story — one that you can choose to let go of.

Step 2: Witness how your feelings are creating a universal response.

Your feelings become your energy, and they inform your own actions as well as other people’s actions toward you.

Here’s an example. I had a great client many years ago who felt called to go to Africa to teach and be in service of others for 6 months before starting college. She went to her parents and told them she wanted to do this work. But despite how much she wanted to do this, she was really unsure when she sat down with them. Their immediate response was, “This is crazy! You can’t go to Africa right now! You have to go to college. We can’t believe you’re even considering this.”

She came to me really upset after her conversation and I said to her: “Their resistance is a reflection of your fear and of your OWN resistance.” So together we did spiritual work to heal her own resistance. She began allowing herself to accept that this was a great decision, and she got into the feeling of that great service work she wanted to do.

As a result, she completely changed her energy. In the presence of feeling better she went back to her parents and brought up, again, her desire to go to Africa to do service work. And their walls fell down, too! They agreed that it was a good decision and they trusted her choice. I told her that healing her own resistance was what healed the reflection of her resistance that she found in them.

When you witness and honor your own feelings of resistance and fear, you can see where they may be creating a story of lack and limitation within you — and informing how others feel about your decision, too.

You can heal that resistance by getting into the feeling of what it is you truly want, and by doing spiritual work such as praying, meditating, reciting mantras or reading a book like The Universe Has Your Back. You can also use a card deck as a springboard to understanding and healing your fear and resistance when you’re not sure where or how to start.

Step 3: Cultivate an “Eff it, let’s go” mentality.

This is the final step in getting unstuck from that in-between place in the decision-making process, saying YES, and taking that action!

I share about this a lot because I love it! This is a mentality of “I’m going to do this!” Often when we’re stuck and can’t make a decision, the best thing to do is just GO. As the great Kundalini teacher Yogi Bhajan said, start and the pressure will be off.

When the voice of doubt and limitation is holding you back, I challenge you to just go. Take that action. Make that decision. Make that commitment to move forward in your life. When you realize that it’s just the voice of fear holding you back, the act of moving gets you out of that space of fear and creates more energy that propels you forward!

“Eff it, let’s go” diminishes that resistance and allows you to take action and make a move. Just do something and the pressure will lift!

Remember: When you don’t make a decision and don’t move forward, you are doing a disservice to the world. So I hope you take in these steps, honor them, follow them and take the next right action in your life!

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I want to hear from you! Are you inspired to take action on a dream? Are you ready to heal fear and resistance? Did these stories resonate with you?  Watch this free training and leave me comments on the video! 

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  1. Thank you so much Gabby! The video trainings are awesome. I just did the second one and I take lots of notes. I like this video too. I have a lot of naysayers in my family and yesterday I said something about my future, and my mom said you say that but….. mind you I’m 49! I responded with I make things happen in my life, and I’m going to make this happen. It reinforced what you said about being non resistant about my decision and showing my confidence when I speak and act toward a decision. My mom said nothing. I love my mom but she can be very negative, so I learned to not share as much. I do want to share with you that I called my local library and I’m going to be teaching a meditation class in the fall!! They said if they like it, I may do a series! Thanks for your help. All your nuggets and free advice helped me send the email. I felt fear when they said yes and we’d like to meet you. I was so nervous buy I just took some notes and owned my years of practice and knowledge and they were pleased with the meeting. One girl said I want to take the class. So it was approved and now I’m nervous and it’s not until October. I was a school teacher for 20 years so I have a lot of skills. I’m also looking for places to tell my story.
    Thanks and I wish you lots of love and good wishes!

  2. Thank you Gabby! This was right on time and resonated so deeply with me today. I cringe every time you remind me to ask to be guided towards the greatest good… Why am I so afraid to be guided towards the greatest good? Where does that distrust stem from?

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