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I was recently interviewed by my friend Tommy Rosen for his conference, Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction. In this video Tommy and I chat about my path to recovery and how living sober has supported my life.

For more of my sober recovery story check out my memoir, Spirit Junkie.

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  1. Gabby babe,

    This is just gorgeous. I stayed up way past my bed time watching this here in Australia.. and it was so worth it.

    I understand that I have some issues that I need to deal with, mainly around sugar and social media- and while on the outset these a very ‘first world’ problems to have- I know that it’s time that I take action and start setting some soulful boundaries. I’ll pray for guidance.

    Love you sister x

  2. Gab! Loved this so much. I don’t have a problem with alcohol (I don’t think so anyway…) but I dabble in the feelings of wanting to give it up to dive further spiritually and videos like this push me even further into that thought.

    I can NOT wait until your next book comes out. Got a minute? Sounds perfect.

    Thank you! Blessings-

  3. Thanks for this wonderful video, I am a 12 step girl and I beleive in the steps with all of my being. Thank you for carrying the message, you, your vlogs, books and lectures have really expanded my understanding of recovery and how it is a spiritual practice, not just about abstaining but forgiving, letting go and becoming who you have always been.

    Bless you Gabby!

  4. Beautiful, Gabby!
    I love the message that every time we make the right choice for ourselves and for our physical and mental health, we become that little bit stronger, and that helping others can keep us accountable to our higher purpose. Thank you for sharing such a valuable interview.

  5. Ask and you shall receive..
    just saying “yes, yes, yes”
    “paying attention to the guidance” Wahe Guru…
    Gr8 sharing talk you two!
    May the long time shine upon you,
    all love surround you
    and the pure light within you
    guide your way on…
    congrats for signing up to level two!

  6. Gabby –

    Been following and a fan since Add More ~ing popped out of the shelf and onto my lap a few years ago. This is a great video, extremely authentic and powerful message. Thanks for being vulnerable. I would with a lot of amazing 20somethings on life transitions and maybe their “drug” isn’t so obvious, but the effects of addition to… food, love, achieving, perfection, etc. are very much the same. Thanks for your insight around subtle shifts in thinking and making a lot of small “right” choices. I truly believe that too.

    Thanks + Love,

  7. This interview was the miracle I prayed for today. Thanks G. Words can’t express how supported I feel by your work, your truth, and your call for me to start sharing my own. I love you. xx

  8. Wow, what an amazing and inspirational interview! Sharing with all of my friends. I became sober in 2009, the voice inside me was just screaming at me to stop and I knew I could live my life at it’s highest potential when I did. It is a process and at times a longer one than I initially thought, but every day just gets better and better and I know the Holy Spirit is in charge of my life’s plan. Thank you x

  9. Interesting. Enjoyed the interview very much. I’ve been in recovery from food and alcohol addiction for over 9 years (I have kept a 100 lbs. off my body for 8 and 1/2 years…food addiction is my primary addiction). Recovery is awesome in 12-steps but here is my quandary. I want to reach out in a for-profit social enterprise way to bring what I have to young girls about self-care (e.g. 12-steps, meditation, food plans) but am meeting resistance from my sponsor. I would really appreciate speaking with you about what I am thinking? Are you open to a personal conversation?

  10. “It’s the consistent little actions that we take… We can’t expect monumental shifts and changes overnight.” This brought me to tears Gabby. It’s the small miraculous shifts and actions that we take over and over again that leads to the change we want to be. I go back and forth between taking actions that are in alignment with my truth and going back to old, fearful thoughts and behaviors. I beat myself up whenever it seems like I’m moving backwards and resorting to my old ways. I need to be gentle with myself (which is so hard!!) and spend more time with the people in alignment with who I truly want to be- this might be even watching more videos of people I find inspiring, like you Gabby. I “hang out with” people like you all the time, on YouTube ;). Thank you so much for your beautiful words of enlightenment. You are an amazing inspiration of the person I aim to be. I love you!

  11. Thank you for this interview. It was amazing! So many gems in here. My addiction is isolation & anger, and I’ve just started a journey myself 1.5 years ago transforming my relationship with myself.

    Now working on sugar & spirituality! Mil gracias,

  12. You are so inspiring I have quit so any bad habits in the past 5 years and still have one more hurdle to go over. I have been on a spirtuel path for a very long time and this videio really made me say I am done with drinking it is my one and only toxic I put in my body. THANK YOU SO MUCH GABBY You are my miricle.

  13. Thank you so much for this, Gabby. It was beautiful to hear your story; I relate to it so much, and for you to share your experience, and be very candid in a lengthy interview was beneficial for me to hear today. You are an inspiration. Much love. xxx

  14. Oh my…..what words do I have after watching this? Tears…..paying attention to the guidence TODAY!
    Kundalini!!! YAY! my new LOVE.
    I can afford to wait. Thank you Gabby, you just confirmed EVERYTHING that my “ing” has been telling me.

  15. Gabby,
    I continue to love your work, and this was fantastic. You’re so honest, it just works:). And this talk of recovery is so essential. I serve at the Caron Foundation on the committee for their annual gala (May 15th, raising scholarship money for Rehab) and listened to four young people last week talk about their addictions and recovery. I share this new video from Caron with you because I know that you are a genius at spreading the word.
    Blessings, babe:)
    Karen Fitzgerald

  16. Gabby,
    Thank you for your honesty in your interview (living sober). You’ve been a huge part of my second year of recovery. Your books, meditations, and high vibration has truly changed the way I think. I tried to fill the void in so many different ways and sobriety, my friend Bill W. and your work has allowed me to experience the spiritual awakening you talk about. Keep on going lady! Thank you for sharing the light.


    1. Yes recovery is a spirtual path and the little steps are the steps that count better little steps then no steps at all. Gabby inspires me 🙂

  17. I loved this interview!! I am recently sober after 8 years of daily wine drinking. Raw fruits, exercise, and moments like this are leading me to a life of physical and mental health.

    1. Amanda, I have been sober from everything for 6 years EXCEPT for the Wine I cannot seem to get over that hurdle how did you do it

  18. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for all you do in sharing your gifts with the world! Through your books and ACIM, I am a spirit junkie sister for life! My question for you is how can I be more supportive of my dad who has been following the 12 steps and has been sober the last 5 months. I want to show my support but I also don’t want to smother him. How can we support our recovering loved ones in a healthy way? Love and light <3

  19. I have been listening to this over and over. Thankyou Gabby, in the midst of transformation, it’s material like this that serves as community and support. As a PR gal in escape mode, your words are an inspiration to stay away from that bottom xx

  20. I shared this video with a person who is very dear to my heart. I am terribly afraid I am going to lose her to addiction. She is my younger sister, and our family has been enduring three years of hell due to her addiction. What’s more, she has a beautiful, four-year-old daughter (the light of my life) … who loves her mommy.

    I sent her this link, because I feel such a sense of truth of real peace with every word Gabby speaks. I stumbled onto to Gabby’s “May Cause Miracles” in January, and it changed my life (thanks, Jordan Bach).

    Despite my despair right now, I feel great hope, and spiritual leaders like Gabby, Jordan, Marianne, and of course – Almighty God … hold my hand through these times.

    1. Danny it’s very difficult to watch a beloved family member who is lost in addiction. My oldest sister has been an alcoholic for about 10 years now and has recently turned to hard liquor because beer doesn’t get her drunk enough, quick enough. It’s sad and frustrating especially when kids are involved. God bless you Danny and your family and I pray that a miracle will happen for your sister.

  21. Gabby thank you for being so real and open with all of us. I’ve been struggling with my own intimate relationship because I have changed so much over the last 10 years. My husband has too but not on the level that I have. But instead of throwing it at him like he should be doing the same stuff, I’m going to be the lighthouse.:)
    God bless,

  22. I am late to the table, but had to type a little something. I am so glad this interview is here. I watched a lot of the 2.0 conference late at night for many nights this past week. Incredible people, information, stories. We are so NOT alone. Your interview was one of the ones I really wanted to see, but didn’t get to. I was just kicking myself this morning. I am new to your work – as I am one generation ahead of you BUT I see so much of you in me or myself in you – whichever. I also got the call. Not a voice. It was more of a desperate feeling. Waking up alone. Knowing I had done something beyond stupid. Wondering how I had not been pulled over – how I had not hit something or someone. I just knew in that moment it had to stop. I sobbed and said aloud, “I don’t know what God’s purpose is for me, but this is NOT it.” I also knew that I would never know what that true purpose was if I didn’t stop drinking. I felt like I’d been whacked upside the head and the voice was more like, “Dumb-ass, knock it off, this is your last chance.” I listened. I quit. I did. That day. Noon meeting. AA saved me. I haven’t attended in a long time. I went a different route, but my sobriety is healthy, happy, whole. I am now moving forward – using my story to speak my “authentic truth” as well. Thank you, Gabrielle, for speaking yours.

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