How to Live a Miraculous Life

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The topic of how to live a miraculous life is one that comes through in many of my lectures, books and blog posts. As a student and teacher of metaphysics and the text A Course in Miracles, I believe that a miracle is simply a shift in perception.

When we choose to align our thoughts with the thoughts of love, peace, grace and compassion, that’s when we begin to experience miraculous changes in our life. All we have to do is start paying attention to our thoughts.

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When we become responsible for our thoughts, we become more aware of how we want to change and shift. Once you become willing to look at your fear-based thoughts and gently call them out, you can offer them up and ask spirit for help.

From the perspective of A Course in Miracles, spirit is like a wise, kind teacher or best friend who is an intermediary between your low-level ego thoughts and your high-minded spiritual thoughts. When you ask spirit for help, you’re asking an internal teacher to take that low-vibe way of thinking and, as Marianne Williamson says, return your thoughts to love.

Whenever we’re not in loving, compassionate, kind, generous ways of thinking, we’re out of alignment with who we are. To get back into alignment, turn to spirit! When you notice yourself judging, resenting, feeling angry or stuck in low-vibe, fearful thoughts, ask spirit for help.

You can say, “Thank you, spirit, for taking this from me. Thank you for helping me see this differently.”

This prayer itself is a miracle!

You can use the word spirit or whatever word resonates with you. You may pray to your inner guide, the Universe, God, or whatever resonates with you. Regardless, when you pray you’re inviting in an invisible force to remind you of who you are.

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The guidance you receive can come in various forms. You may sense a presence come over you, or you may have a spiritual assignment come your way to remind you who you are. Or maybe a beautiful experience happens where you see a message on a wall or hear a song playing in a store. These signs and synchronicities remind you of your love nature. Pay attention to them and recognize them as messages from spirit.

Our experiences are all lessons in the classroom of life. The world is a classroom. Each discomfort, grievance and moment we choose to attack is actually an opportunity to get back into the practice of changing our minds.

The pathway to living a miraculous life involves getting into the practice of:

  • Witnessing negativity
  • Asking spirit for help
  • Paying attention to all the magnificent lessons around you
  • Listening to the guidance you ask for

Let me know how you’ve been using these tools and what you’ve witnessed about your own behavior or thoughts. And let me know what kind of guidance you’ve received!

These tools are incredibly simple and powerful. We can use them anytime to live a miraculous life.

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