What It’s Like to Be 1 Year Off Sugar!

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Hey Spirit Junkies!

This month I celebrated 1 year off sugar! I’m super proud of this commitment and I feel empowered to continue forward. I didn’t quit sugar for vanity — I quit for vitality. Since quitting sugar I’ve never felt healthier. My energy levels are high, my immune system is strong and I feel great inside and out! In this video I share what it’s like to be 1 year off sugar!

Check out the video below. For further guidance on your spiritual journey with your body, enjoy my free body love meditation here.

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If you are ready to create a healthy spiritual relationship to food and yourself, check out my digital course, Finally Full: A Workshop on Spirituality and Food.

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    on June 12th I also celebrated one yeat off sugar. I got inspired from you to do it. Thank you, my dear Gabby!
    I do feel better, healthier, stronger, last but not least I am thinner. It is definetely worth it.

    1. Congratulations, Elena! So glad that this post inspired you and that you’re now feeling healthier! It feels good to feel good! xoxo

    1. Haley, in answer to your question, I think Gabby stayed off “added sugars” in processed foods (eg chocolate, etc) but not whole fruits. They’re also sugars that are naturally present in honey, syrup, and unsweetened fruit juices (like Gabby’s fruit juices). Here’s a nice PDF with 65 names of sugar (shocking), it’s a free download at the academy where I’m studying nutrition science: http://thehealthsciencesacademy.org/health-tips/added-sugar/ Cheers!

  2. Hi Gabby!
    Just wondering if you eat fruits? I’ve been doing pretty well cutting out refined sugars in the last month, and wanted to know if you cut out fruits as well. That might be a little more doificult for me.
    Thanks, SiStar 🙂

  3. Hi Gabby,
    l am glad I found out “your world”and I do appreciate that you are an inspiration, a role model. I started to get rid of sugar too for…a week.
    But my doctor told me that we need a small amout of it for our brain.And I had indeed some headaches since I quite it.What do you think about it?

  4. Gabby you are the bright light guiding my way! I was wondering if you could maybe do a video about battling substance abuse and give your personal feedback. I know you overcame a dark addiction and have been 9 years sober. You rock!!
    I would really like to know your views on marijuana and how you perceive it. If it’s something that can be used for spiritual practice, or just all bad in general.
    Sat Nam soul sister!!

  5. Doing kundalini teacher training at GB has brought me to a place where I’m ready to release sugar. I signed up for IQS. It does seem very heavy on meat/dairy and/or carbs. How did you make it work?

  6. So wonderful! 🙂 Inspiring clarity and so great to hear the benefit of how your immune system feels so much stronger! So sobering for the tastebuds! 🙂 Thanks for celebrating and sharing! 🙂

  7. Really knowing that sugar is SO my crack and parting from it will be a healthy move; however, very much a food addict so this seems insurmountable in some ways…will definitely follow your tips…

    Gabby, who is the artist of that beautiful colored circle pic in some of your videos…I love it!!

  8. Really knowing that sugar is SO my crack and parting from it will be a healthy move; however, very much a food addict so this seems insurmountable in some ways…will definitely follow your tips…

    Gabby, who is the artist of that beautiful colored circle pic in some of your videos…I love it!!

  9. Hi Gabby. I would love to get off sugar — I saw your Finally Full ecourse – does the Thanksgiving promo code still work for that? I clicked on the modules tab and it didn’t show anything – can you share a link that I assume shows the modules or outline of what you cover in that course? Thank you for all you do!

    1. the course offers tools on how to use meditation, prayer and new thoughts to change your perceptions of food. we do a lot of deep work to also get to the root cause of the food issue.

  10. Hey Gabby,
    Thank you so much for your support and your blog. It helps to reach out and find those ideas that inspire me to commit to lasting change in my personal life, career, relationships..etc. I love the concept of going sugar free. I probably am not ready for it.. I am at least getting onto a diet complete with more whole grains, fresh veggies and less processed food and animal products. Right now I am cutting back on meat and I allow myself fish 3 -4 times a week, dairy each day and yogurt each day. I just wanted to say your videos inspire me to keep going and listen to my inner guide every day. My inner guide is the one pushing me to become a vegetarian (Actually I keep hearing vegan. Baby steps though). Have a great day!

  11. Hi, Gabby..I know this might not be the correct place to post this, but I was for a couple of months completely lost after a break up with my true love..to cut things short, I started to meditate and do tai chi for a couple of weeks and at the same time I found your book, Miracles Now on my bookshelf..I never even knew it was there! I am forever in your debt..thank you for this miracle in a book. All the stresses of daily life just seems to gently melt away and irrelevant things that once seemed important are just that now..irrelevant. I thank you for this book.
    Best wishes

  12. Hi Gabby!
    Congrats!!! that’s awesome! you are a true inspiration for me! I JUST started a candida -cleanse a week ago and it’s going great. I feel that my energy is changing, I’m already feeling more clear and fitter. But this post was the extra push I needed to continue the journey and keep going, stay motivated. I just ordered sarahs book online and I’m really excited about it, I’m just soooo curious how I will feel, how my life will be, and that’s a good motivation to keep going! Thx for your help!

  13. Congratulations!!! I am a B-Schooler and am launching the world’s first line of raw vegan zero-glycemic energy bars in about a month and would love to send you some for all the inspiration you have given me over the years. Please let me know where to send them to, it’s my treat (literally:)

    All my best,

  14. I’ve been thinking about quitting sugar lately… as well as committing to a Paleo diet, which would include that.

    I’ve seen through the comments that your also cutting out fruit except for green apples and berries for a candida detox. How does a candida detox diet differ form just quitting sugar? Will eating other fruits impact? I’m trying to understand how they differ.

  15. When you say you have been sugar free for 1 year, does that include all fruits as well?
    Also, do you know if freeze-dried fruit powders are okay to consume if you have candida or should you eliminate them?

      1. So no things like acai powder or camu camu powder? would consuming these things daily trigger candida problems if you already have it?

  16. I remember when you started getting off sugar. What a sense of accomplishment. I know I need to…..sugar and dairy, even though I have issues and not feeling well, is a joy I struggle to give up. Even though I’m so miserable physically, emotionally. The cravings can be fierce and the lack of joy during the detox……yek.

  17. I’m so glad that going off sugar has worked for you, Gabby! Way to go!!! I just wanted to jump in and share my experience. As someone who has tried to quit sugar in the past, who has dieted, battled eating disorders, etc., it has actually been critical for me to consume a range of foods–including sugar–without feelings of guilt and/or self-blame. It’s often restriction that encourages us to binge and “lose control.” For that reason, attempts at abstinence from sugar can actually lead to the very problems it’s designed to solve. I just wanted to share a different view, but I love you, Gabby! xoxox

    1. i TOTALLY understand. thank you for sharing. this is the experience of many others and I’m glad you shared it here. xoox

  18. Hi Gabby, I love this. I quit sugar a few years ago and felt amazing. Since having children it has crept back (hmmm, bit more than ‘crept’ actually!) and it must go again. This has inspired me to make the leap. I truly love all that you’re doing and it’s been a huge part in some massive life changes for me. One gripe – I paid for the Finally Full workshop but can’t get access to it and no-one has replied to my emails to the ‘contact’ listed on your site. Please help!!! This has been very frustrating. Could someone email me on the address above please!!! With love, Jane (Perth, Australia)

  19. I followed Sarah Wilson’s programme and it was so easy! I have never had any success with diets before and this one totally works… you just do not feel hungry at all. I realise sugar has been making me hungry for 20 years! It sounds difficult but honestly it was not for me and I used to love sugar snacks…or so I thought…once its out of your system its so easy . Give it a go it will change your life!

  20. My life is so much better without sugar or caffeine. I quit caffeine in the fall and quit sugar a over the holidays. Really life changing. My energy levels are so much higher and my blood sugar levels are really stable.

  21. Years ago I decided I wanted to live the most compassionate life I could possibly live so I stopped eating ALL animals and their secretions. I have never felt better emotionally, spiritually and physically and the bonus is that it is good for the animals and the planet as well. Checkout Dr. Will Tuttle “World Peace Diet”. Love and Peace For All-Jeannie

  22. Thanks Gabby – and congrats! Is your “no sugar lifestyle” paeleo? Do you eat carbs that turn into sugar, e.g. grains, rice, legumes, etc.?

    Thank you!


    P.S. On day 9 of my 40 day “May Cause Miracles” practice and I’m going to a TM intro this week. I’ve really excited!

  23. You are such a light Gabby! The longest I’ve ever gone off sugar is 30 days and than add a little back in and sadly before I know it I’m having a little everyday. Your tips and guidance have been so helpful. Thank you!

  24. Spirit is literally hitting me over the head with this message “Quit the sugar crack!” Its so hard! Going to watch your video now. Thank you for the message.

  25. Hi Gabby,

    Congrats to being off sugar for a year. That is really awesome and so inspiring. 🙂 I have battled this addiction my whole life and for two years been on and off the sugar train. It came to a head recently in finding out that I have Candida overgrowth. Yikes! I am deciding that enough is enough. On my way to healing my gut and my life. Thank you very much for your work.

    1. Hi Amy, We too have battled with sugar addiction in the past. We have loads of information and recipes on our website, to make breaking the addiction a little easier. We also run an 8-Week Program to help kick the habit for good.

  26. Hi Gabby,
    I just wanted to say how deeply your message today resonated with me; especially with that peice about abstaining. For the last three weeks I have not been waiting sugar, diary, and have been consuming very little carbs.. I feel great. However, you made a comment about truly abstaining from things that make you feel funky. For me, this would be romantic relationships. I have always been the type of girl to jump from one relationship to the next and the last two months I have been honoring my time alone. While I am confident that I am doing the righ thing, I really appreciated the comment that you made about avoiding things that make you feel funky for the time being. Thanks for being amazing and always giving gentle reminders about the happiness that we can bring to ourselves.

  27. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WooHoo!!!!
    so – wise woman you are – will the same techniques work to release a past romantic partner? I keep praying and asking, forgiving and surrendering. Sometimes the thoughts of hime get even more often. ugh!!!

    thank you again….for EVERYTHING!

  28. Thanks for this Gabby. I am halfway there and feel much better but it is still one That is difficult for me. I no longer eat candy unless it is one piece of dark chocolate a week. It helped me loose 50 pounds two years ago and I have kept it off with healthy ( mostly) eating and exercise. My moods are so much better since I cleaned up my diet. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  29. thank you for this. i remember you posting a picture somewhere on your site or maybe instagram of an app you used to track your days off of sugar, do you remember what this is? I have tried to go off sugar before and was consistent for about 2 weeks (which is Huge, knowing the huge sweet tooth i have!!) but i want to try for longer this time – i know the amazing effect it can have and i can’t wait to start living a healthier life style! thanks for your inspiration always!!

    1. you can start with just refined sugar, agave and sweeteners and then slowly ease your way off of fruit too.

      but starting with refined sugar and agave is a great place to begin.

    2. Hey Lindsey, We have loads of sugar quitting information on our website which you might find helpful when you take the plunge. We also run an 8-Week Program that gets you off sugar for good.

  30. Gabby, I opened up this email for a reason this morning. (A friend suggested signing up to get your emails months ago and, for some reason, this is the first one I actually opened and read.) This must be my knock at the door, my brick in the head! I’m so overwhelmed with the changes that lie ahead of me but I need this! Thank you! Thank God!

  31. Congratulations, Gabby on one.year and nine.years 🙂 You are an amazing woman! I had to smile when this popped up today bc I’d just recently thought (as I am working toward no sugar)… ‘What does Gabby mean ‘no sugar’ – does that mean not even fruit or things like stevia?’

    So do you eat any fruit?!

    I have found, the cleaner I get – no alcohol, no caffeine, no soda, no other stimulants I used to take part in… the closer I feel to the Divine. I get more connected, more deeply in relationship… THAT means the most to me 🙂

    XO and Love, Shannon
    ps. I also love Sarah’s work – very helpful

  32. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Creating new behaviors is challenging for so many people, so it’s wonderful you’re sharing your experience and how you identify your triggers. It’s also so awesome you noted that it’s still serving you. That is what makes it truly worth it!


  33. You’re amazing Gabby! Thank you for all the tools and inspiration. My mom and I are getting serious with our health and I owe all of that to you. Thank you so much 🙂 you should really think about making a spirit junkie cook book 😉

  34. Congratulations!
    Thank you for helping all of us with this! Today is my day 8 off of sugar, killing that candida 🙂 I have been using your EFT video to help me get through this as the beginning is typically the worst. Lots of love!

  35. hi gaby, thanks for being an inspiration for so many of us!
    would you explain more about this?
    i have been asking you A LOT if you could share with us what do you eat in a day?
    do you eat meat, do you eat dairy (cheese, yogurt)?
    do you snack and what do you eat as a snack?

    i would be LOVELY to see a video from you sharing your daily meals….




  36. Gabby!! I so needed this this morning. As I was looking in the mirror almost in tears as I apply sea buckthorn oil and rose water to help my rosacea clear up I kept thinking, girl get off the sugar… I’ve quite drinking awhile ago to connect more with my intuition and I now follow a full vegan lifestyle. Your good friend Elena gifted me her meditation course so I have been deep into that lately. I think it’s the sugar that I need to let go of to really come clean. Thank you for this post today it’s pure and I got the message. Sat Nam _/_ Happy Anniversary! P.S. Ask Elena about her Intuitive Healing Mandala I did for her.

  37. Congrats Gabby!! Feels amazing, yes? 🙂 I’m 3 years in sugar free and LOVING LIFE!!! Thanks for sharing the message, so appreciated!

    -Your fellow sugar-free spirit sister
    Katie Surjan

    1. Katie –
      Does that mean NO fruit? I’m curious what NO sugar means! I’ve been eating fruit 1x per day and use organic stevia (sometimes raw but always organic).

      Gabby – when you’re off your Candida Detox will you be eating fruit?

  38. Congratulations Gabby! You never cease to amaze me. I would love to get off the sugar roller coaster but I’m still unsure of where to draw the line. Sarah Wilson’s website is one of my favourites for recipes but she does use Rice Malt Syrup and fruits etc. in her recipes. Do you as well?

    1. I don’t use Rice Malt Syrup but it’s much better for you than any other sweetener besides stevia (which is the best).

      I am on the candida diet which means NO sweeteners of any kind including fruit. Other than the occasional apple or blueberries. Though I cheated with some amazing fruit in Australia:)

  39. Sitting here with my tea and agave, I am thinking about going ” no sugar ” completely meaning no honey , agave , etc.
    Ah yes, it’s all coming back to me now.I remember a podcast you did I called in on.Whoa,I have been at this place before.( totally forgot until now, whoops)I will check out Sara Wilson ‘s ” I QUIT SUGAR” once again.
    Thanks for the support and info.
    Much Love XOXO

    1. yeah. get rid of the agave first. that is no good. then you can slowly release the honey too;) stevia is a lovely substitute.

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