You are a Lightworker

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One amazing perk of my job is that I get to witness countless people release their fears and step into their true power. Every day I receive Facebook posts, emails and in-person conversations from people who want to share their transformational stories.

If you’re reading my blog (even for the first time), it’s likely that you’ve been on a journey of personal growth and you’ve begun to experience your own transformation. Maybe you’re in recovery from addiction, maybe you’re healing anxiety through meditation or maybe you read a spiritual book that changed your life. However you got here doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here.

Your journey of personal development is all part of a divine plan.

Our deepest struggles are the catalysts for our greatest change.

The moment we embark on a spiritual journey, something radical awakens within us: a deep desire to spread the love. Whether you realize it or not, when you begin to unearth the light within yourself you’ll soon want to carry the message.

The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles says, “As you teach, you shall learn.”

The call to teach is undeniable — because the path to healing the world begins with the individual. As you heal your own perceptions you elevate the people around you. This begins a ripple effect of one person lighting up another and another and another. This is how we will light up the world.

It’s time for you to fully own this leadership role and surrender whatever is standing in your way from stepping into your power.

In this video message I share guidance on how you can own this power and embrace the true reason for why you’re here, why you struggled and what you can do with it now.

Follow my guidance, take my lead and accept that you are a lightworker.

Do you feel called to share your spiritual path with the world?

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  1. This just came in my inbox this morning. I AM a lightworker!! Divine timing – I love the universe and YOUR message. I was given a box of darkness that I have healed and forgiven the owner over this past year. I am stepping into my power and want to help others heal themselves as well. Thank you for all you do?????????????

  2. I’d heard about you and had downloaded your talks to my phone but hadn’t bothered to listen. For the past 2 years I have been feeling that I needed to do something and share my heart with the world. I’d had an energy reading and an aura reading both giving me the same message. Knowing deep in me that I had to get moving, a couple of months ago I started listening to you and then I was the girl you visualized riding the metro, listening to you on my iphone and in tears…I am a lightworker and it all made sense when I heard you speak. Everything I have experienced in my life, everything I have been feeling, it all clicked. I have now enrolled in B-School, meditating consistently, commited to getting my message out there and educating myself. Hoping to take a Spirit Junkie Masterclass with you at some point, if not this summer, next year…although the June training this year falls exactly on my 40th birthday and it would be AMAZING! Start the new decade with a bang! I totally relate to S^&%! hitting the fan at 29 and 39, they have been the most difficult, yet the biggest blessings…so thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing in my life. Much love, Giselle

  3. Always so on point with exactly the places my ego is stepping in. And always exactly what my spirit needs to hear to thank it, and let it go. Thank you!! <3

  4. I love this message. Thank you for lighting us all up! I am so thankful to have been on this journey with all of my fellow Spirit Junkies. It’s so true, somewhere along the say I went from being in a very dark place, to really, truly being the happiest person I know! A million heartfelt thank you’s, Gabby!

    Off to be the light! xo

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    could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having
    difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot! – ABC102.

  6. Oh I need this workshop. …I can’t this dates. I live in NYC It would be PERFECT, I need this light to shine out!!!!
    Are you planning to repeat it sometime soon?


  7. Gabby, your “awakening your athentic power” and this video really makes me an absolutely beautiful way. I work with these “light worker techniques” since I´m 16 – now I´m 26…always I was the helping person, the advice-giver like I would call it – people always looked up, BUT I never found somebody I can looked up, everything what they told me was boring and “normal”. One day I really deeply said to my mum – that I want to have a teacher, somebody I can look up to – not always be the teacher, but as well being a student who gets advices.
    Gabby, I think I found YOU through my intention – when I have realised it yesterday I really cried, cried out of joy and gratefulness. When I drift of into negativity – immediantly your words and words from my inner guide tell me this “just stay in love, be present in love – that is the only truth”.

    Thank YOU,
    much love <3

  8. One of the most beautiful videos you have done, I lit up and smiled at you whie watching, it after a very long and exhausting day here at work in London. I want to learn to be a Kundalini yoga teacher here in London. Do you know any that you would recomend? Lots of love

  9. So true! I’m continually astonished by all that I learn from my clients and audience everyday. I started this journey as a way to share what I’ve discovered, but it’s made me fuller, more spiritual person in the process. It forces me to “walk my talk”, which ends up always being the exact thing that I need. What an amazing “side effect” of helping others! Looking forward to finding out more about the Masterclass!


  10. Thank you, Gabby!

    I have been following you and a group of women that I consider to be Lightworkers since 2010 (Kris Carr, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo).

    Over the last few months, I’ve felt rumblings that have become harder and harder to ignore: the desire to be more, do more, and share more light with those around me in some bigger way than I am now.

    My ego likes to try to snuff this out, saying, “Oh, quit trying to make yourself special. You don’t know enough. You don’t have time. No one wants to listen to what you have to say, and you don’t have what it takes to be successful at that anyways.”

    Oh, ego! So sneaky.

    Your video reminds me that being a Lightworker isn’t being special, or separate, it’s actually our true nature. And that by listening to my desires I am not being selfish; I’m on a path to share my gifts in the greatest capacity to help others.

    I’m still on this path. I’m still a little confused. But I’m so glad there are people like you in this world to share your light and inspire others.

    So thank you for sharing your light, and being the catalyst to connect other Lightworkers with each other. Because it’s not like our ego suddenly disappears and things become easy when we finally listen to our calling. We all need each other for support every step of the way.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much I had a similar issue as Emilie who commented above, and you helped quickly clear that up. do you think we could do another meditation for peace soon? I feel the world could really use our shining light in unison for clarity, peace and union in these times of great change? Thanks again xoxo

  11. Gabby,
    I have been on a slow journey of personal growth over the last two years. I felt as though I was paralysed and couldn’t move forward but over the last month and I have seen enormous steps in my journey forward. On my search I found your you-tube videos. It delights me to say that I am a light worker. You’re words inspire me to get up and be a light worker in society, not just at home in privacy! I’m attending your workshop in London in November and can’t wait. Sat Nam.

  12. Gabby! You had a beautiful angel sitting on your left, how beautiful! Wayne Dyer calls orbs angels, he believes that in photos or movies if there is a circle of light, it is an angel!


  13. I want to thank you for this video and massage it hit me in the core and reignited the presences of light I felt after your two day workshop in LA for the Miracles Now book tour back in May. I set a “miracle alarm” on my phone with this massage to go off throughout the week ahead to remind me, I am a light worker. Peace & Love to you Gabby!

  14. Hi Gabby! I am a light worker and I look forward to shining my light and giving others permission to do the same. Thank you for all the work you do, and the inspiration that you are!

    Brandy XOXO

  15. Hi Gabby, Thanka so much….. Did you notice the 3 Orbes on the left of your video? Well, I saw them… did anyone else?
    Very cool!!!!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS – 30 seconds in and I am in tears.

    Yes I am a lightworker and yes I am being called to lead but just don’t know how.

    Thank you Gabby xoxoxox

  17. Thank you so much for that beautiful message. You are such an inspiration and have been such a wonderful teacher to me. I am a light worker and know its my life’s work to inspire others to awaken and live a heartfelt life. So exciting, now come to Australia soul sister!!!!
    Light and love Audrey xxx

  18. Isn’t it ‘funny’ how the worse thing in your life ends up being the best thing…..Through difficult times come great awakenings….
    I am ready…..

    Also I would like to ask anyone who knows of somewhere in LA (close to Hollywood Blvd, or not too far out) of a day retreat. I am from Australia and would love to attend with my husband.

    Ps. Gabby love your tweet 🙂

  19. This is the number one lesson that you’ve taught me, Gabby. You’ve been one of the greatest mentors to help me OWN my ability to be soft and strong as a light worker. Thank you. I love you to death! oxox

  20. Gabby I have read your books and recommend them to my clients…they have helped me become a beautiful Lightworker …thank you beautiful lady 🙂 x

  21. I have been exploring on-line a lot more than Three hours these days, however My spouse and i certainly not discovered virtually any attention-grabbing document just like your own.. It is charming price enough for me. In my opinion, when many site owners in addition to blog owners made fantastic content when you did, online shall be much more helpful than before.

  22. What a beautiful message! And yet again perfect timing for my experience. It seems lately that the more I rest in my innate emptiness, the more the mind fights back and it has been a bit overwhelming. Your videos have often served as poignant little reminders of returning back to my vision and for that I am grateful. EK Ong Kar Sat Nam

  23. Gabby!!! There are light orbs next to you in this video. (to the viewer’s left of you… your right)
    Does anyone else see them???

  24. umm…. that orb SO COOL!!!!!

    Gabby, thank you for doing master class! I’m so excited. I feel myself stepping into my power more and more each day being a teacher and translator of these principles in my own voice and a humble student always.
    Sat nam!

  25. GAAAAAB. I love it so much. I love how you made us ask ourselves. So effective. So powerful.
    Super dope video!!! Thank you! I am a light worker 😉

  26. Thanks Gabby. I have known for sometime now I want to sharewhat I have found with others. Ive been sharing my light through my transformation with ButiYoga and the change I see in myself and others in my class only empowers me to go deeper and shine brighter. The ego places doubt in crafty ways as we grow. This was my confirmation and reminder to laugh at the egos tiny mad ideas, this only allows me grow by shining my light brighter over ego darkness. I am publicly committing to be the lighthouse. Let this be my universal contract, I trust and I know I will be fearlessly guided to the next step.
    I am so excited for you and the masterclass. One day when the universe turns just right, I will be able to attend a retreat with you, maybe even have the opportunity to speak at the same conference as you. Spirit Junkie shook me to this awakened state. I am so grateful that it found it’s way to me and lsad me to your work. Thank you for shining your light. It reminds me of what I am capable of.

  27. Great video as always Gabby! I just wanted to point out that in this video there are two rings of light shining to the right of you! So beautiful 😉

  28. Hi Gabby.
    I found your website a few months ago and something got my attention “Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be”…I didn´t know why and I for the last weeks I finally understood.
    After another romantic breakup wich left me really paralyzed but with a lot of questions I´m feeling in a black hole, now with even more negative things coming from the past.
    I think I´m beggining to understand why I kept your “Don´t dance around…”al this months…It´s all about knowing and loving me in the first place (priority for now), creating boundaries and saying no even if that represents staying alone (scary!!)
    What a big task for an almost 40 years woman…
    I´m starting to seat and ask my inner guide for guidance, acceptance… and sometimes it works.
    The light will come…. I´m just trying not to create more anxiety…
    One day after the other…breathing and thinking that great inside changes sometimes are painful and dark at a certain point.
    Ego´s prescription for the next days: write and post in my house positive messages and ideas coming from within.
    (Shifting my life from side A to side B)
    Thanks Gabby

  29. Gabby,

    Beautiful message to begin the week! Thanks for reminding us that we need to embrace our own power to uplift and inspire others.


  30. Thank you so much for this beautiful message, Gabby! I needed to be reminded of my lightworker calling this morning…and every morning! You are such a wonderful light and inspiration. Thanks for all you do. xo

  31. Hi Gabby! Thank you for your influential light, my goodness. Many thanks. I have so much love for your energy, brand, spirit, message. #yes

    Any chance that there will be scholarships for next year or any upcoming Spirit Junkie masterclasses? I’m still paying off mama Marie Forleo’s B-school from earlier this year or else I’d BE THERE. 🙂 🙂 xo

  32. Thank you for sharing your light with us Gabby.

    “I AM a lightworker” and your message was a gift from the Universe, confirming this truth. I appreciate you, and am looking forward to continuing this journey with every soul; every being I cross paths with along the way to nowhere.

    With love and light,


  33. I am a lightworker! I step into my power with authenticity! Spreading my joy creatively and sharing happiness and love with all I encounter. ^_^ aloha.

  34. Thank you. I have needed guidance today and have spent the morning in prayer and meditation. One of my mentors just sent me an email that said that I am here to lift others surrounding me up and you have just so confirmed that. Today I will go forth with strength and love and be the light for everyone in my path. Thank you, Gabby. You are such a great light for me.
    Sat Nam!

  35. Hi Gabby, as always this came just in the nick of time.
    I just left a very unhealthy marriage after just a year. It was very damaging to my self esteem and brought me to my knees and eventually rock bottom. Much like you, it wasn’t until I fully surrendered myself to God and the universe that the miracles started to occur. It’s a little difficult for me, because I’m still healing but I have so much love and passion to share with the world. My family isn’t on the journey so it’s a little difficult for them to understand. I need my family but I also am working on setting boundaries so they don’t drain me of energy. Everyone’s healing process may look different, and that has to be okay. Last summer, my friend and I planned a “wellness Wednesday” and went to your miracles now book tour in New York City. I had just gotten married and was experiencing my first brush with severe anxiety. I left your tour not knowing if any of this was really speaking to me. I felt as though I was already so lost and didn’t quite know how to pick myself up. As most people do, I started to distract myself with work, social media, and a little too much wine. It took me a very long time to come to terms with the fact that I was merely a trophy for my husband and that he was not mature enough to be a life partner. If it weren’t for your teachings, I may still be enduring a very painful and unhealthy life. I’m still on the journey but I thank you so very much for the beauty and light you shed upon this world. Without the words of wisdom of you, Danielle Laporte, Marie Forleo, Kriss Car, Healthycrush, and hale holistic, I’m not sure where I’d be today. I have woken up in the biggest way and now understand when Deepak Chopra says we are not only a drop in the ocean, but we are also an ocean within the drop. I’m building my brand as I heal. It’s called Zucchini and Zen. It’s where health, amore, rock, and soul come together. I want to help other women who are selling themselves short and falling into fearful places of love. That is what I am here to do. I love you and your beautiful little angel pack with all of my heart. And finally see that I to am an angel. We all are – deserving of love, happiness, and above all health and peace. Grazie, Grazie, Grazie – Stephanie

  36. I’ll try to make the shift from light mother to light worker:) . I hope that your master class will go well. Blessings to you

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