Let it Be

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Are you overly controlling a situation or desired outcome? If so this vlogs for you! When we try to control and manipulate the future we cut off communication with our ~ing. In this video I emphasize the power of turning our desires over to the care of our ~ing (inner guide).


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  1. Gabby, I’m so happy to hear that you “work out” on a trampoline! I looooove exercising on one, and am above the age of 10!!!! 🙂

  2. Great vlog! It’s a reminder to me that I must stop blocking my Holy Spirit from guiding me. I think my issue stems from knowing that the Holy Spirit is love. I am afraid of receiving love because I believe that love is too good to be true for me. But, I’m working through it. Plus, I keep hearing these messages about releasing and letting the Spirit guide me over and over again, so it cannot be a fluke. Love is waiting for me! I know I’ll be a SPIRIT JUNKIE in due time, letting love in and just basking in it. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Yesterday was a loving cryfest & I ing~stinctively knew that through the darkness it’d be morning again. Sure enough, ‘tomorrow morning’ has been replaced by TODAY! This was THE perfect yummy soul breakfast to wake up to. Thank you, Gabby-ji <– (always tempted to do a play on 'Gabby B', as you are truly "ji" – beloved teacher !)

  4. WOW! This one was DEFINITELY meant for me! So many times, throughout my day, I find all the issues in my life racing in my head and what I should do to fix them..If only I could get this person to listen, or how did I let my life get to this point?-It seems the harder I fight for what is right, the more hectic my situation becomes. I am one of those who has to always try to fix things for the better instead of leaving it be and let what ever happens, happen. And, yes, it is SO, so true! Sometimes, we really need to surrender the sword of control so we can receive what is best and what is meant for us. If we continue to wave that sword @ everything that comes our way, we are not only protecting ourselves, we are PREVENTING ourselves from all good things that fate has coming our way. Powerful,powerful, stuff! Thanks for the reminder to “let it be!”

  5. Thank you so so much for this inspiration today! I’ve been struggling with things the past few weeks and am trying to just let things be, this is definitely helping me stay focused and grounded. <3

  6. I love the song, “Let It Be” and do find it to be quite spiritual depending on how you look at it. I’ve been contemplating if certain events such as being unemployed and trying my hardest to find a job with great resistance as a sign to “Let It Be” or may be what I’m looking to get into isn’t where I’m supposed to be. Anyhow, love the vlog!

  7. Thanks Gabby.
    I needed to hear this today. I am going through some challenges with my bf that I love so much and because of it I have been dealing with lots of anxieties (afraid to lose him, afraid that he will leave, afraid to be alone, afraid that he will lie to me again…etc), doubts, some insecurities…
    When I am around him, it goes away very easily but once left alone…all my negative thinking, doubts and fears come back out.

    Maybe I need to “let it be”, accept the situation we are in and see where that leads me/ us…For a control freak, it is a very scary thing to do.

    Your videos help me get through this.

    So thank you.

  8. Yes! Love the message, love the tee, love it all.
    I actually have the word ‘be’ tattooed on my wrist acting as my own constant reminder.
    It’s still difficult sometimes though…

  9. This is my miracle for today. I have been praying a lot because I’m in the beginnings of ending a two year relationship that is not a simple breakup. I have a lot of feelings such as anger, sadness, and guilt. Thank you for this vlog. Peace and love.

  10. Thank you Gabby! Monday morning blues. AHHHHH!
    After prayer I thought, ” I have to tune into Gabby to have her share some wonderful, spiritual, inspiring message that will turn my day around”, and you have:) I will share this with my Sisterhood of Cheerleaders! Even though you are young enough to be my daughter, your message of incouragement and Love is universal in nature to all women. Thanks and you too have a Beautiful Day!

  11. Hello Gabby, I want to thank you for this message of “peace” today. I’ve been going through a very difficult breakup with my boyfriend and I need to remind myself to “Let it Be”. Although often times this is easier said then done! We do need to listen to the universal and spiritual guidance available to us daily and not try to control every situation. Was going to send him an email, but decided to go outside and meditate instead! Thanks again!

  12. Wow, thanks so much for your vlog.
    This was actually my reflection for today, how do I let go of getting caught up in the control.
    And the answer is so simple and genius.

    With Gratitude!

  13. Love this! I have “Let It Be” on my wall in my room. Great mantra to live by. At one of your lectures, you played the Let It Be song but it was sung by a female. Who is she? I would love to download that version of the song.

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