Release Stress & Activate Your Energetic Field with the Kundalini Ego Eradicator Meditation

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Note: I love this blog so much that I updated it in September 2018!

Gabby Bernstein leading a group in Ego Eradicator meditationMy all-time favorite Kundalini meditation is called Ego Eradicator. This meditation busts through all littleness and opens you up to your inner awesomeness and faithful intuition.

You’ve probably seen photos on my social media of rooms full of people with their hands up in the air in a V shape. That’s Ego Eradicator! I am such a passionate believer in the power of this meditation.

The power of Ego Eradicator

There are so many benefits to Ego Eradicator. It helps you release stress and bust through the blocks of whatever is holding you back. Maybe you’re feeling a little spiritually disconnected. You may be stuck in a fear-based story that is holding you back. Or maybe there’s a relationship issue you don’t know how to fix, or a financial fear you can’t let go of. Maybe life is just getting you down.

Whatever is blocking you, this meditation will bust right through it. As the Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan said, “There is a way through every block.”

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There is another amazing benefit of Ego Eradicator. As a result of busting through blocks, this meditation is so tremendous for charging the electromagnetic field around our being. We all want to release all the negative so that we can call in more of what we want. This allows us to live with flow. Ego Eradicator immediately centers you into your power to magnetize greatness!

If you have some blocks you really want to bust through, I suggest practicing Ego Eradicator for the next 40 days. But even if you just do it occasionally, you will experience major benefits. Watch the video below to practice with me.

Guided Ego Eradicator meditation

Check out this clip from my Miracles in L.A. lecture where I lead the meditation. You’ll be able to feel the intimate and high-vibe energy of the group from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how it breaks down…

Hands: Press your fingertips tightly against the pads of your hands. We call these the kitty-cat pads, right below where your fingers meet your hands. The tension is very important because the energy needs to move through. Your arms are at 60 degrees and your thumbs are anchored into the sky. Keep your arms locked and tight, with no flappy elbows. If your arms get tired, activate the muscles in your back, around your shoulder blades. Keep your spine straight throughout the meditation.

Breath: When practicing Ego Eradicator we use Breath of Fire (unless you’re pregnant or on your period, in which case you just take deep, slow breaths). The way Breath of Fire works is it’s a rapid breath in and out your nose, kind of like a deep sniffing. As you inhale and exhale your stomach will be going in and out, in and out. If at any point you start feeling dizzy, stop Breath of Fire and breathe slowly and deeply. If you are pregnant or on your period, again I want to emphasize that you should not do Breath of Fire. Breathe slowly and deeply instead.

through meditation i strengthen my inner wisdom gabby bernstein spirit junkie appMusic: If you are watching the above video, there is music playing. You can simply close your eyes and maintain the pose and breathing for the duration of the practice. (Note: I didn’t want my voice to interrupt your practice, so you’ll notice the music keeps going at a point where I pause to just encourage the group to keep going.)

If you want to practice this meditation later on your own, I suggest using the first song on my Ego Eradicator playlist on Spotify. After your meditation, listen to the second song while you sit with your eyes closed.

Close the meditation: At the end of your meditation, open your hands with your fingers spread wide. Take a deep breath and as you hold it gently, allow your thumbs to float towards each other. When your thumbs touch, exhale and release your arms. When you’re done with this meditation I suggest you sit for another few minutes with your eyes closed. This not only lets you transition from meditating back into daily life, but there’s another cool benefit. Following Ego Eradicator you’re in that space where you’re centered and calm, and you feel your energy vibrating. In my book Add More ~ing to Your Life, I call this the ~ing zone. This is when you can feel highly inspired and get creative ideas.

Are you breathing correctly?

Before you try Breath of Fire, make sure you’re breathing properly in general. Here’s how you can tell. Put your hand on your stomach and just breathe. On the inhale make sure your stomach is extending. On the exhale your diaphragm should come in and up. Inhale it comes out, exhale in and up.

gabby bernstein kundalini meditationIf you’re realizing you’ve been breathing the opposite way, you aren’t alone! I was a spiritual teacher for nearly seven years before I learned how to breathe right. If you’re breathing incorrectly, you might feel very uncomfortable on a regular basis. You may feel kind of stuck, and like things don’t work out naturally. This is because our breath is our most vital source. It’s the most important thing we have. So check in with yourself from time to time, making sure that on the inhale your stomach extends and on the exhale it contracts.

Paying attention to your breath is a simple way to get un-stuck and back into alignment quickly!

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  1. I am a 75 years old Yoga teacher, who has done lots of different meditations and ways to free herself and help others, but I really like you and love watching and listening and practicing together with you, even though it’s only on my computer screen. Sat Nam Mina xxx

  2. Same like ya g I was also participating the 21 days meditation challenge of Deepak and Oprah , and I feel it was just in time to find you with this exciting video. In general, since I discovered you and your short wonderful vlogs in (I am from Israel) I seem to build for myself a constant reminder to the things I want to adapt into my life, which are so easy to be forgotten.
    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity and in such a clear way.Yael

  3. Amazing!!!! I feel so infused with peace and connectedness. Thank you so much I really needed that. I feel a charge of calm, that is both energizing and grounding. So much love.

  4. Loved the meditation, although I have come to realize that my breathing pattern is very shallow with all my breath in my chest. Do you have any recommendations on how you changed your breathing pattern to diaphramitic breathing that you could share? I am having a difficult time with this. Many thanks and blessings.

    1. put your hand on your stomach and on the inhale expand your diaphragm on the exhale allow it to contract in and up. throughout the day check in with your breath by placing your hand on your stomach and practicing this exercise.

  5. Thank you for sharing your clips. I felt such an amazing stress release. I was having a hard time to keep going all the way to the end and I felt so much energy and heat almost like I was in a hot yoga class. Appreciate your feedback. Namaste.

  6. Amazing meditation! I was breathing backwards who knows for how long. Thank you for your williness to make a diference Gabby! Love Ana

  7. I just did your meditation in bed as soon as I woke. I now feel so at ease with my plans for the day, I feel relaxed and happy. Think ill try and do this every morning. Your awesome gabby. Come to AUS soon

    Sat nam xxx

  8. Gabby –
    I’ve tried to follow you on several Ego Eradicator meditations but I can’t seem to get the breath right. I can do the “breathing” slowly with my diaphragm going out and then back in but when I try to do it quickly during EE it all goes askew. Can you help?

  9. You posted this meditation once before and since then I did it every morning – it’s how I started each day. But, about 5 months ago, I left home to backpack through southeast asia and then move to Australia (where I am now living). And in my travels, I didn’t always have time to start my day with this and eventually I stopped doing it all together. Thank you for reposting this and guiding me through the meditation and reminding me just how much I love it and how it is such a great way to bust out all the negative emotions in my head before I start my day. Sat Nam

  10. Recently went back to your video from a while ago about ego eradicator and started practicing again, so, as usual, this is great timing! Glad you went into more detail about breath of fire since I have some trouble with that (and didn’t know you shouldn’t do it on your period). Thanks Gab! Sat nam, sister.

  11. Wow, that looked amazing. I still remember my first time meditating with you Gabby and it has literally changed my life. I meditate every single day now. Thank you. Lots of Love, Ritu

  12. Gabby, might you share other songs on your “remove the blocks” play list? I love the first song you played and don’t know the name. Would love if you would share the list. Thank you!

  13. Thank you so much for this, Gabby. Your mention of incorrect breathing really blew my mind. I have always kept tension in my stomach, and never really understood how to get rid of it. I think this is why… and wow, what a difference it can make. Can you offer any tips for how you were able to correct your breath with the inhale/exhale after so many years of doing it the wrong way? Thank you so much, again. Life changing.

    1. throughout the day when you notice that you’re holding your breath simply place your hand on your stomach and check how you’re breathing. inhale and extend your stomach, exhale and let it contract. do this all day long:)

  14. Thank you Gabby for sharing this! I am 47 and desperately trying to heal my heart and mind and find my path. While doing this meditation, the tears flowed! I was so overcome with emotion but continued. I hope that was a normal reaction. I’m new to meditation so I’m hoping that was ok. Thank you Gabby for your beautiful light to guide all of us. XO

  15. I do love the ego eradicator, but for some reason I can never get my breathing under control. I always place my hand on my stomach, but almost find it painful to breathe from my diaphragm, as most of my breathing apparently happens in my chest. Is there a reason for this? Should I be taking larger breaths? Smaller breaths? Thanks so much for all you share with us Gabby!

  16. I was sitting in a Japanese restaurant in LA last week and this guy next to me handed me his card and offered me a free hair blow. His white turban told me that hairdresser was not his first job so I went cause he had that sparkle in his eye and I love kundalini yoga. The blow dry was not good but he told me to practice the Ego Eradicator meditation and Ive been doing it ever since I got back to NY. Amazing! And then today via Kris Carr’s Facebook news there you were. It’s people like all of you that I need for constant reminders. Meditation is not easy but this is.

  17. Gabby, I just love you! I really appreciate your sharing this meditation and I also appreciated your sharing the Wanderlust video. Your awesome. What is confusing to me is why these meditations bring forth so much emotion in me. I literally cry. I don’t do that with other meditations. Sat Nam

  18. Gabby, Thank you so much for sharing this awesome meditation. I have followed this meditation everyday for almost a week now and I feel amazing. I was having a lot of stress and anxiety which has begun to subside. Amazing! I do have one question though. I recently read an article discussing the dangers of Kundalini and the psychosis that could result from improper grounding. Are there steps I should be taking to properly ground myself? Thank you again! You are amazing! Much love to you!

    1. If you’re following the meditations as taught by yogi bhajan (Kundalini teachers share meditations directly from the training manual) then you will be fine. Make sure you’re breathing correctly.

      1. I, too, loved this meditation. Do you have any recommendations on books to read to familiarize one’s self with the Kundalini practice or would you recommend going to live sessions only? I’d love to learn more. Many thanks!!

  19. Ego Eradicator was EXACTLY what I needed this evening!! It is totally going to be my new routine before I dive in to ACIM each day!! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. Gabby,
    Thank you! This day was such an amazing blessed beautiful peaceful full of energy day for me.. You are an awesome woman. I began reading your books and watching all your you tube/Vimeo videos. I love to read the blogs on her So when you came to L.A. I had to just go see you, I never in my wildest dream would of thought that I would get to speak to you!! Thank you for being such an amazing woman and for inspiring me to continue on a spiritual path. Thank you for teaching me to speak my truth, thank you. *not showing off but, if some thought this was awesome on line, being there live was AMAZING!!! This WOMAN ROCKS!!!!

  21. Hey Gabby, I’m not even sure you will read this as you posted this over a month ago 🙂 I have been doing this meditation daily for a couple of weeks now and really get a lot out of it. I am wondering what your thoughts are on doing it more than once a day? Love xx

  22. Ego means ‘I’. It is my individual identity. Ego is important for me to have to be able to say ‘I need’ and ‘I will’. Ego is what allows Gabrielle Bernstein to do what shi does for others. I would never want to “eradicate” (meaning destroy, which is terribly aggressive) my individual identity; it is central to my psychological and spiritual existence and well being. Most of those in this video are wymin living in a femel unfriendly world who need their Egos now more than ever.

    While I appreciate learning new ways of meditating, please don’t ask me to destroy something that is vital.

  23. WOW – I just did this & it’s amazing beyond my expectations! I heard the most beautiful things from my inner guide as I was meditating during those last few minutes. Thank you! <3

  24. Thank you for sharing this meditation! I started crying like a baby & got all messed up with the breathing but now I feel like something really heavy is flowing out of my heart & being replaced with strength & tingling energy.
    I’ll practice this on a daily basis now. <3

  25. Absolutely love the new spiritual path I am on thanks to you gabby! But I do have a question. Anytime I am doing a meditation where my arms or hands need to be up I have a hard time keeping them there. My arms burn and it hurts. I can only hold them up for about 30 seconds before it becomes to painful. Any suggestions?

    1. Kundalini will definitely help strengthen your arms and release dormant energy! You will continue to gain strength and ease as you practice. Check out this tip on how to create “leverage” so you’re not using just your arms to keep them up. You may also want to try some heart-opening yoga practices and others that increase strength in your arms, back and shoulders and allow you to find support from the earth.

  26. I am with you Gabby 100 P on this mediation! It is totally my fav! I have been doing it for about a year and I never leave the house without doing it first. It totally aligns my energy and strengthens my aura so I feel ready to face the world. Love that you’re sharing the beauty of Kundalini yoga and the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan.

  27. Heya! Wow. This is powerful but I also found incredibly overwhelming. It was great as it brought a lot to the surface but how long should the breathe of fire last?

    1. Hi Stacey. If it’s feeling overwhelming, try the breath for 1 minute or even 30 seconds. Over time, you can build up to 3 minutes. <3

  28. Simply Love the manifestation meditation ! Was looking for a good creative visualization method for regular practice. Loads of love and thanks for all the work that you do <3

  29. This is amazing. I was completely blocked on my book project (at a dead standstill), but since I started doing this meditation on Tuesday, I have made progress every single day. I’m even starting to enjoy it again! Love how this gets the positive energy flowing! ♡

  30. Hi Gabby! I love Manifestation Meditation! And all the other meditations you have shared. I never understood the importance, how beneficial it is to meditate before starting my day. For almost a week I’ve noticed a positive shift in my attitude towards myself, others, and life in general. I feel calmer, refreshed, energized, positive, peaceful, and emotionally centered. Feeling joyful and grateful to you and God/universe our paths have connected at the right time.

    Sending you …LVE & warm hugs!

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