A Meditation for Irrationality

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Note: Updated June 2018 for clarity and resources.

In this video I share a meditation for irrationality. This practice is part of a series of “backpack meditations” that you can use anywhere, anytime.

I’ve been practicing this meditation for the past 40 days and I can testify to the great benefits. I feel more calm, centered and even-keeled. If you are stressed, anxious or feeling irrational, try a 40-day practice. You will feel more grounded and chilled out!

The Kundalini Meditation for Irrationality

Watch the video below for my guidance on this practice, or keep reading for further instructions.

How to do the Kundalini Meditation for Irrationality

Gabby Bernstein leading the Kundalini meditation for irrationalityPose: Easy pose (cross-legged on the floor)

Mudra (hand position): Women, place your left hand near left ear, thumb touching ring finger. Right hand in lap, thumb touching little finger. (Men, reverse hands.)

Breath: Long, deep breaths for 11 minutes

Close the meditation: Once you’ve finished your 11-minute meditation, raise your hands over your head and shake them for 3 minutes. I suggest shaking them to “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine. (In the photo to the right you can see me shaking it out at a workshop I led in L.A.!)

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