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  1. This is a great great follow up to what I was struggling with last week (the cord cutting). I did cut the cord with my friend/co worker and since then work has become a quietly hostile place because of the discord between me and my former friend. Great message, and I will try to let the peace and the healing begin in me and radiate from me! Thank you for the work you do and the message you bring.

  2. I loved this ACIM quote… totally appropriate for this vlog: “thoughts of attack and of being attacked are not different” ACIM

  3. Ha.. ha.. Gabrielle, love your video but so funny cause I was like what is up with her BEAUTIFUL BOOBS…but it’s the chair on the sides that make you look like you’ve had a massive book job! LOL.. I totally agree with you and I think vibrating at a high level is one of the best ways to create change. Like attracts like and love begets Love… In peace, beauty and bliss, Much Bodylove, ING xxx I’m at peace. I’m loving and I feel free!! I too cut the chord with a few friends and send love, my life has become fully magnetic… letting go of a few toxic relationships has made me feel like a NEW WOMAN! Much LOVE… x

  4. You are a blessing 2 this world gabby!!!!

    My own experience is all we have ever to do is, Stop, listen to ing and following the guidance whatever is going on in our lifes….If we dont listen to ing we will get of track or as I say ” Follow your heart and you always be happy” 🙂

    What I noticed very clearly is that you have a beau way of bringing out your messages – Thank you.

    Can’t wait to be back in homebase and see and share more of your work.

    TakeCare / Namaste

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