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Do you often experience synchronicity in your life? Maybe you think of someone and they call or the song you were singing in your mind begins to play on the stereo. I experience this awesomeness on a daily basis. As a Spirit Junkie I’ve made it my mission to release the blocks to the energetic support around me. The more I believe in divine guidance the more I experience miracles. This vlog will heighten your awareness of the guidance around you. Enjoy!

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  1. what you are talking about just happened to me yesterday! I had been asking for the best way to do this project that I am working on, and as I was sifting through this new website I just joined(not knowing this was the answer and thinking it was something separate)…..the answer was right in front of me…so I got up and danced around my house soooooo thankful that I was in the flow and attracting my hearts desires and ….it was way easier than my mind was making it!

    Great vlog gabby!
    I believe in miracles

  2. Today I met a girl on her way from school. She had a role in a theater I was joining. I really couldn’t remember the name of her character. I asked the divine to help me remember. I went home and then my daughter just came home. We talked and then she mentioned her name and the name of her character. That was not a coinsidense – I said to myself – that was a special way to get the information. I thanked for it. Thank you for your video as well, I guess that wasn’t a coinsidence eiter – you taught me something very important today – THANKS A MILLION 🙂 from Norway

  3. Thanks so much for this Gabby! Everytime I watch one of your vlogs (especially this one) I get the chills and somewhat emotional…but in a good way. 🙂 haha. I LOVE IT!

  4. How eye opening to look at synchronizing moments not as “crazy moments,” but the Divine’s guidance or Spirit giving you a little wink saying “I got your back!”

    Something I will be working on! Thanks, Gabby!

  5. I have been honoring these moments of divine guidance for the past week! Every time my ~ing is on, the number 3 pops up and I know it is all good. In fact, yesterday while I was “getting closure” in a relationship that has meant a great deal and continues to mean a great deal to me, an alarm on the other person’s phone went off for some reason at 3pm. I smiled acknowledged it and felt peace wash over me as he and I made peace in our parting ways…for now.
    Great vlog!

    1. Anastasia – I get the same guidance and knowing I am right in the flow of Spirit’s Plan for me with the number “33”. I have been guided to my first “career” job this way and been given this signal in times when I have called out for reassurance.

    2. Well how divine and wonderful,
      as I was reading “and an alarm on the other person’s phone went off…” my own alarm went off on my watch that I set daily to remind me to meditate. For whatever reason, it’s set at 3:51pm. I think the three’s are part of my guidance too. This alarm has gone off in honor of many guided moments – it went off when I was sitting in a ‘meditation circle’ made of mannekins, talking to a spiritual guide, and now this. How wonderful!
      Love you miracles and Gabby,

  6. I’m glad I stayed with it all the way to the end of the vlog, because I’m now inspired to share a comment here!

    So yesterday I blogged from a deep spiritual place with my ~ing by my side, and I started this morning consciously maintaining this connection, but lo and behold I lost track of my intuition and got caught up in the “shoulds” and pressure of work and ignored my ~ing. Dingdingding! My clients I skipped the company luncheon to go see at school were no shows because their mom suddenly transferred them, and I had not only now missed the luncheon but also wasted a good chunk of time and gas getting there. Had I listened to my ~ing, I would have released the pressure and enjoyed the luncheon. Bonus: I’ve always found spiritual strength through rain and literally as I was pulling into my driveway cursing myself for denying my ~ing, it starts downpouring…I was reminded to be gentle with myself as my ~ing takes my hand again. And then I log on to this vlog…

    Talk about coming full circle. Thanks for the guidance, ~ing. And thanks for inspiring me to remain with it, Gabby.

    Peace, love, & miracles!!! <3

  7. Gabby I’ll be in Sacred Valley, Peru on that date because of divine guidance! Your blogs come to me exactly when I need them, thanks! Also celebrating my Bday!

    1. Hi Lillian! I saw your comment and I just wanted to say to PLEASE enjoy Sacred Valley on that day (and all others)! May the highest spirits be with you there! I went over five years ago now, and I hope to go back there very, very soon. And Happy Birthday!

  8. That was beautiful Gabby. Thank you. My latest synchronicity happened yesterday (Sunday) as my son, who is 15 months, and I sat together in a restaurant sharing a milkshake. I work with a woman who I learned is feeling isolated from her colleagues. I heard about her distress from my boss and I felt for her sadness. This weekend I saw her at the grocery store but was too shy to say anything so Spirit gave me a second chance yesterday at the restaurant where she was sitting alone at the table next to me. I said hi and introduced my son to her. She asked me if I was a single mom and I said yes and found out that she is a single mom. She actually gave me peace and encouragement and we shared a short, lovely, uplifiting conversation. Spirit was surely dancing and singing.

  9. I see sequences of numbers ALL over the place and its not just 1111. I’ll look up and the time in my car will be 2:11 or my total on a bill will come to $ 4.88. The other night my little kitty cat was running around the apartment and after I fed him I happened to look at the clock on the stove and it was 3:44 AM. I laughed to myself knowing that OBVIOUSLY someone wanted me to see that number if it meant I had to get up out of bed from being asleep.

    Look up what some of these numbers mean and you’ll be SO surprised at what message might be coming through to you! It always amazes me!

    Happy early birthday fellow Scorpio!

  10. This has happened to me a lot lately. Just little things like at work when i needed something from my colleagues and before even reaching for the phone i see an email coming in with exactly what i needed. Just little things that make my day a lot easier! So amazing and helpful:)

  11. I’ve been seeing the numbers 111 a lot lately and it helps keep my thoughts positive because…..according to my Angel Numbers book by Doreen Virtue, the number 111 “brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind-set focused on your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation”.
    So remember……think happy thoughts!!

  12. THIS IS CRAZYYY because I JUST went for a walk and while I was on my walk, I prayed to God/the Universe to please keep sending me guidance and help me to be open and receptive to receiving it. I asked to feel connected to the Divine Wisdom and Love of the Universe. Lo and behold, I get home and check my email and this vlog is in my inbox! Thank you Gabby for the encouragement to keep loving, flowing, and embracing! And thank you Universe! 🙂

  13. I just wanted to say thank you. I have really been struggling lately with internal fears and negative thoughts cluttering all the good things life was giving me. I picked up your new book last week, found your website, and it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. I’ve always had this outlook on spirituality and living a life full of love and compassion, but couldn’t explain it to others. Your book did that for me and I already see the impact it’s having on my life in three days. Thank you.

  14. This is a cool Vlog! What is the song you end with? I LOVE it!! I tried to Shazam it but it didn’t come up. I love your weekly Vlogs 🙂

  15. Goosebumps Gabby!!!! Goosebumps 😀 This was a great vlog, though I already recognized the synchronicity in my life as divine guidance and a reassurance that my life is on the right path but thank you for reminding me of it girl!

    I keep catching the clock at 3:22. No joke it’s my birthday 😉 Yesterday when I bought my favorite chocolate milk by itself. My total: $3.22!! Life is a miracle!


  16. OMG! OMG! i saw 999 twice as brass address numbers! it was remarkable when I saw it, and I noticed it for the first time….on a street i go down just about every day!!!

    and, further conincidence….i’ve been looking for a landscaping/design project for a few months and i just realized (through FB) that my cousin lives in the same city as I do and she has a landscaping business.
    …the words rang through my mind, “call her up and ask her what i can do to help her.”
    sendin love!

  17. Hi Gabby!

    I LOVE your blogs, and thank you for being some of my happiest moments in the past few weeks! I have always been divinely inspired, but my light had been burning a little low for a bit, and I am trying to burn bright again!

    🙂 I had some lovely synchronicities this week – I was thinking about how I liked a song and it reminded me of a friend, and the next day I received the loveliest package with a photograph and mix CDs (one with that same song on it) from that friend… I am also trying to find a job where I LOVE what I do, where I am RESPECTED, and where they EMPOWER ME and VALUE ME and WORK WITH ME to ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST POTENTIALS OF ALL TOUCHED BY THE WORK… I have been on two interviews lately for jobs that have these potentials, and I am praying that they manifest into the proper opportunities (or that a better one comes along) and soon! Thanks for the added positivity to my life!

    Light and blessings to you and to all on this page!


  18. I love when I have these moments!! I will definitely start appreciating them more for what they are! My birthday is 10.10! and I turned 20 on 10.10.2010 so I really feel the significance behind numbers haha:) I just recently found out about you and went out and immediatly bought the Spirit Junkie book, Love it and your vlogs!!!

  19. For years i’ve been taking a picture of my phone screen whenever I catch it on 11:11. It has always been a way to stop and honor the synchronicity. I also have been noticing that I have been experiencing a lot word synchronicity. I’ll be reading, writing or saying a word and at the same time the same word is said on TV, in a song or said by someone.

  20. Hi Gabby,

    I love love love this vlog! I’ve always been awed by these moments of synchronicity, but I love your approach. Instead of saying it’s “crazy/coincidental” to honor it as being divine and knowing God has your back. I had my own moments this weekend-a dream about an ex one night only to have him present in my thoughts all weekend and then he texted out of the blue. This is not the first time I’ve had such moments with this person. I’ve already learned so much about myself, my emotional blocks and insecurities, through my relationship with him, yet I feel such an intense connection to him at times, even though we’ve been apart for awhile and I know we both need to grow. I’m not sure of the universe’s plan for me or for him, but I am grateful to have this space to honor such moments, especially when their purpose hasn’t yet been revealed to me. Thank you, Gabby!

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