The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

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Hi there, Spirit Junkies!

Today I want to give a shout out to my soul sister Danielle LaPorte….

About five years ago I was at this turning point my career, and I felt like I needed to bring in more support. I was at an event and waiting in the green room with the one and only Danielle. She observed that I seemed stressed and I admitted it was true.

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She said, “I have one question for you: How do you want to feel?”

I looked at her and said, “Wow, no one has ever asked me that before.”

Then I said, “I want to feel supported.” It came to me—it was so clear even though I hadn’t yet even thought about it.

It was like Danielle given me permission to acknowledge that feeling and embrace it.

I started owning it. I made decisions with it in mind. “I want to feel supported” became my affirmation. It guided me daily. I dwelled in the feeling of support and every day I took actions to support myself.

Somewhere along the way, though, I got caught up in daily life and lost sight of that particular commitment.

Five years after that conversation with Danielle — just a couple of months ago, in fact — I found myself in a similar situation with how I was feeling.

So I made a new choice. And I learned a powerful lesson about commitment and honoring your feelings.

Today I want to share this lesson with you and give you permission — the way Danielle did for me — to acknowledge how you want to feel and really embrace it.

Please leave a comment after watching! I’m really psyched to see what you have to say.

I hope this video serves you.

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  1. You are so real! Thank you for always expressing your honesty. I too want to feel supported and emoitionally safe. It feels like a solo journey even when you think you’ve met similar friends. Somehow, they don’t feel genuine enough.

  2. I read Danielle’s book Desire Map 2 1/2 years ago, per your recommendation. I still desire to feel balanced, freedom, luxurious ness, connectivity and intimacy. I even created a vision board. I have had much success with the first four. Will stay the course to achieve the fifth, intimacy. Thank you Gabby!

  3. I want to feel competent and Fullfilled
    I block this through not going out of my comfortzone enough. I block it by avoiding to fail and not going for more daring choices.

  4. I want to feel inspired. That the work that I’m doing can actually make an impact on the world. I want to feel like I am living my purpose and exercising my potential.

    I want to feel motivated.
    I want to feel energized.

  5. Lovely talk, Gabby! Thank You for sharing. Beeing supported is a key to a happier and more content life. Today I choose to support myself in a completely new way. I choose what I´d like to do and with whom I´d like to spend my time. I support my family and friends, and find that I get supported in return. Four years ago my life was a complete mess and I, went through a depression. Today I understand that thoose experiences was a gift in order for me to get to learn my true self, and take responsible for my own wellbeing and life. It´s been an amasing journey and I constantly find myself expanding. I still experience true challanges, but I rely on that I´m beeing supported by a greater intelligens and love than words can describe. The lovely thing is that this great love support us all! 🙂
    Sandra <3

  6. I want to feel loved and heard. I want to feel a deep sense of connection to the love and light within me and around me.

  7. I want to feel at peace with the woman I’ve become. I want to live full-throttle and fearless.
    Sat Nam

  8. Explains why I always feel disconnected in my life. I love Danielle’s work, and I buy the journals, planners but then I stop using them. I have figured I don’t use hard copy planners, I am more of an online planner. But I need to tune back into my core desired feelings, because it is holding me back from what I really want in life – my dream business. I have been dabbling in my business, not living it. I want to make it a reality, but the blocks and resistance always holds me back. Even writing this I feel disconnected, so I think what I really want to feel is CONNECTED. It’s always something that comes up for me, so I will look at areas in my life where I can feel more connected and in tune with myself. By doing this I will then feel GROUNDED.

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