The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

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Hi there, Spirit Junkies!

Today I want to give a shout out to my soul sister Danielle LaPorte….

About five years ago I was at this turning point my career, and I felt like I needed to bring in more support. I was at an event and waiting in the green room with the one and only Danielle. She observed that I seemed stressed and I admitted it was true.

Tweet: Honor what it is that you need to deeply dive into. Stay committed to it. Don’t dabble. #spiritjunkie @gabbybernstein

She said, “I have one question for you: How do you want to feel?”

I looked at her and said, “Wow, no one has ever asked me that before.”

Then I said, “I want to feel supported.” It came to me—it was so clear even though I hadn’t yet even thought about it.

It was like Danielle given me permission to acknowledge that feeling and embrace it.

I started owning it. I made decisions with it in mind. “I want to feel supported” became my affirmation. It guided me daily. I dwelled in the feeling of support and every day I took actions to support myself.

Somewhere along the way, though, I got caught up in daily life and lost sight of that particular commitment.

Five years after that conversation with Danielle — just a couple of months ago, in fact — I found myself in a similar situation with how I was feeling.

So I made a new choice. And I learned a powerful lesson about commitment and honoring your feelings.

Today I want to share this lesson with you and give you permission — the way Danielle did for me — to acknowledge how you want to feel and really embrace it.

Please leave a comment after watching! I’m really psyched to see what you have to say.

I hope this video serves you.

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  1. I want to feel confident, free from my own insecurities and fears. I want to feel love and cared for from friends. I want to feel like I am the most important woman in my mans life. I want to feel happiness and gratitude everyday. I want to feel wanted. Thank you for allowing me to share and getting out these feelings.

  2. I’ve realized the space I struggle the most is with commitment, itself. How do you commit to commitment, if that’s your desired feeling?!

  3. Your video gave me inspiration to hunt down Danielle’s book. I picked it up from the library Friday have been reading!! Your videos are so wonderful and I love when you share other great miracle workers! ??????

  4. You asked how I want to feel. I was going to mimic what you said because it kind of felt right then I repeated that question to myself a couple more times and then this is what came up. I want to feel loved. honored and respected and valuable,

  5. I love this and love you Gabby and Danielle. My word of the year for my feeling is joy. I want to feel JOY in every aspect of my life. Especially after getting back from Spirit Junkie Masterclass I knew that my calling was to share this feeling with my clients and help more people find joy in their life and heal themselves so that they can heal others (since I work with healthcare providers).
    Love this message and am so glad you are sharing it!

  6. Gabby –
    Thank you for sharing and supporting us as we all move through our own journeys. Your message today provided cause for thought and reflection, as they often do, but one word you spoke was more impactful to me – and that was “dabbler”, as in “don’t be a dabbler”. I am one of those who feels a calling and am acting on it. However I often find myself stuck in this mode of dabbling in it instead of pursuing it with an unrelenting determination. Friends I’ve confided in have concluded, when discussing this dabbling effect, that this calling must not be real but instead a hope or self-manifested feeling – which can be disheartening. However about the time they have me convinced to give it up, the Universe presents me with another reminder that “Yes indeed, this is your calling so press on!”, and I become invigorated to re-engage the pursuit. But then time goes by and I find I am back to dabbling again. So I am stuck in this cycle I’d like to break.
    What I am asking is if would you consider doing a video on your experience with dabbling (as you mention in today’s video) and tips on how to deal with it. I image there to be others that have this going on as well and we all could benefit from your experience. Thank you.
    Blessings to you.

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