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  1. I am a spirit junkie because I bought both of your books today….

    … and because recently I discovered my spirituality and the diva inside of me, which gives me hope and security that my life will change for the better and that I will be able to make a difference in this world.

  2. Sending you virtual high-fives and confetti on your big launch day! CONGRATS!!!

    I’m a Spirit Junkie because I allow myself to choose faith in Love over fear in Ego, knowing that when I do the world shows up in magical ways. Only then can I live my true mission of “Art meets Activism” and leave a legacy I’m proud of.

    Thanks for showing us ALL our true Spirit Junkie path. xo

  3. I am a spirit junkie because no drug or food or man ever makes me feel as good as having divine presence and true ego-less love flowing through my veins. In this moment, in this body, in this mind, I am happy, joyous, and free, and for that, I am a spirit junkie. (And proud of it!)

  4. So I’m thinking about buying Spirit Junkie. But I don’t know if there is anything in it for me. I have read that the information is based on A Course In Miracles. For the last 30 years of my life I have lived A Course in Miracles. I was born a miracle believer…the kind of person that sees miracles every where. I have volunteered and given to others just because I love doing it. I have been the person everyone depended on and called “Mary Sunshine”. Always smiling, always joyful. I been a faithful, grateful believer. I have prayed and praised all of my life. I have meditated and manifested. I have loved, even those that were hard to love. I survived the lost of both my parents, a rape by a family member, 2 abusive marriages and raised 4 children alone by my 40th birthday. And 2 years ago survived cancer. After finally finding the person I waited for to share my life, the love of my life and after being together for 7 years and getting married he left me after he earned his Master’s and PhD degrees, and after he encouraged me to quit school and start selling our things so we could move to Finland for his new job. For the last year I have pretended to be happy for my friends, cried myself to sleep every night, talked to God every day, and waited for a miracle. Now I ask if there is a God why is he allowing me to suffer? Where is my miracle? I considered myself to be a Spirit Warrior Woman. Is this book going to help me?

    1. Yes, it will help you…you are a miracle if you have got this far. It will remind you to forgive, surrender and go forward…much love. x

  5. I’m a spirit junkie because I’m learning to achieved happiness and joy within myself instead of others. The true begins to unwind in many joyful ways.

  6. I’m a spirit junky after realizing that loving myself madly for exactly who I am allows me to love those around me madly. Making daily “deposits” to my soul ensures I’m never overdrawn when I want to invest in others.

  7. Awesome video!! I’m a Spirit Junkie because I love myself & my divine connection and learning of our true power within has changed my life COMPLETELY! I am empowered 🙂

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