I Rise for Self

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No matter what sex, race, class or religion we were born into, we’ve all faced oppression of some kind, whether subtle or horrific. Oppression offers us a choice: to be the victim or to rise above.

Though I never faced tough oppression from the outside world, I faced my own inner demons. For more than two decades I was challenged by a ceaseless inner dialogue that kept me stuck in fear and disconnected from my power. Every day I’m thankful that I chose to rise above that fear and accept self-love instead. I made the commitment to rise for self and in that I found my purpose: to help others rise from their own fears and accept their hidden power.

The words of Maya Angelou in her poem “Still I Rise” represent the fearless warrior within us all, our inner presence of power that has no choice but to rise:

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise… (excerpt)

Today I have the great privilege of inviting you to participate in a campaign to celebrate the new ascent of women. Beyoncé launched a new campaign: RISE, inspired by Maya Angelou’s uplifting poem reflective of the female struggle and overcoming oppression.

Watch this video and join us in the campaign #IRiseForSelf.

Tell us how you RISE for self! Through social media share your photos and video stories of how you RISE for self and empower other women to do the same. Use the hashtag #IRiseForSelf.

To celebrate the launch of Beyoncé’s 8th fragrance, RISE, I’m sharing my IRiseForSelf story along with four other influential women as a way to inspire women everywhere to share their own stories of personal ascent via a contest/campaign entitled #IRiseForSelf.

We invite you to engaged via call-to-action video and photo posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to upload your own photos and stories, including your location and the hashtag #IRiseForSelf. Fans with the most engaged photos have an opportunity to win a bottle of RISE autographed by Beyoncé, and 1 lucky fan will be chosen to have her story brought to life through a custom RISE experience which she’ll never forget.

To enter, tag your location and #IRiseForSelf. For full rules & restrictions: click here.

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  1. Gabby, you are an amazing example of someone who has been true your calling, followed your dreams and inspirations, and in turn served others around the world. I hope through following your teachings I can do the same with my life!

  2. When you rise you bring all of us with you! Thank you for your constant reminders to share our gifts and be our authentic selves. What a powerful message and campaign this is. Gabby B and Queen Bey…dream team!

  3. I feel so good when I watch this! I was so excited when I saw this, it’s so uplifting to watch! I rise for the spreading the this message and I love how many people this will reach, inspire, and uplift.

    You are so adorable in this! Love you. Go Gabby Go!
    ps. I spy spirit junkie matches! I need to find us more!

  4. Love it! I rise for self. I got sober almost 3 years ago and I’m able to live a life I love! Thanks gabby for all your tools that help me when I get stuck.

  5. My journey to rising above started 11 years ago when I hit my spiritual bottom and decided to her sober. I no longer wanted to be the textbook case of a drug addict / alcoholic spawned from an abusive childhood. I was ready to be accountable for my own life. Since then I have finished college, built a career and now am enjoying raising my two children full time. I have an amazon life today but am always pushing for the next level hence why I believe I found YOU! So, bring it on Gabby.

  6. With your example and inspiration, I am learning to love myself and heal myself of crippling phobias.. The result of an emotionally abuse marriage..I have also
    now begun a career as an artist, as my confidence is blooming. I love you so much
    Gabby!!! You have helped to give me a new life!
    Love, Anita in Florida

  7. Gabby – You said “If you want it, you can create it.” I think this is such a powerful statement. It is inspiring to me, and obviously so many around the world, to have someone like you who is real and willing to share their success stories, failures, and help encourage the rest of us daily. I love this quote by Rumi “Do not feel lonely the entire universe is inside of you.” XX

  8. Wow, I just love this, gorgeous and elegant. I recently started a network to bring together successful women in business whom I admire and one by one we introduce more and more powerful women to each other. I really believe when women celebrate each other other positive, amazing things happen. Love Maya Angelou’s words too…thank you for sharing x

  9. Thank you Gabby for RISING to the call ! You listened to the voice , you are walking in the light and bringing those willing with you! Maya Angelou is one of those women who remind us if where we have call come from and that we all RISe too ! I am so walking with you ! Thank you Beyoncé I need a
    new fragrance too! Love you sisters

  10. Gabster really beautiful and inspiring message & vid. #IRiseForSelf through the freedom & joy that comes from being an Addictive Daughter & Spirit Junkie! xxx

    p.s The UK Spirit Junkies Facebook group are meeting up next month – will send you some pics!

  11. My daughter ran away 5 years ago and chose to live on the streets and shelters. The most terrifying moments of my life. She is back and doing well. The experience shook me to my very core and changed everything about how I looked at the world. I knew that if I would have allowed my demons to take control I would have hid under the covers and never emerged to become the parent and person I am now. I thank her often for her gift and because I soldiered on we are both better people for it. I am more accepting, loving and understanding of her and myself. I truly believe we are never given more than we can handle. That belief is definitely what kept me going through one of the most difficult times of my life. You are always stronger than you give yourself credit for. xoxo

  12. Thanks for posting this video and seeing a snaek preview of your passion and creations, also loven the Beyonce tunes you posted! Looking forward to meeting you one day soon. I am also really grateful for your wisdom and books Gabrielle. Truly inspiring!

  13. Thanks for your inspiration. And that was a great video! I have a soft furnishings brand and i design and handmake cushions that I think wld go with the minimal interior of your home. https://www.facebook.com/IglooHome
    If you are interested i’d love you to be able to use one on your couch where you do your videos 🙂 ?!?!!?!?!?!?
    Thanks again for your inspiration. I’ve been totally into yoga and meditation for 10years now.

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