I Celebrate 10 Years of Sobriety

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Ten years ago, on October 2nd 2005, I made a decision that changed my life forever: I decided to get clean and sober.

My addiction recovery has been the greatest gift I have ever received and the greatest gift I have given the world. My commitment to stay sober is not only a commitment I have made to myself, but also one that I have made to you. My intention is to be a power of example for anyone struggling with the disease of addiction.

What I am most proud of in my life is that I often meet my Spirit Junkie readers who share that my work and books helped them get sober. Carrying the message of recovery is my greatest work and contribution to the world. I have deep gratitude that you received this message and have been inspired to embark on your own recovery journey, whatever that may be.

In this video I share my gratitude in celebration of my 10 years of sobriety.

Additional resources for sober recovery

Spirit Junkie by Gabby BernsteinFor more on this topic, check out How to Heal an Addiction.

My dear friend and spiritual running buddy Elena Brower is coming up on 1 year of sobriety. Her commitment to her recovery comes from a deep desire to serve in a MASSIVE way. In this Wanderlust Speakeasy audio, Elena shares a mind-blowing poem about her recovery and what it means to her. Enjoy Elena’s poem here.

Another great resource for addiction recovery is my book Spirit Junkie.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, connect with Elisa Hallerman of Recovery Management Agency.

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  1. Hi gabby! I have been following you for years since your book may cause miracles was assigned in my yoga teacher training. I loved your book it helped me greatly and I saw you speak at wanderlust VT in 2015? But continued to run on self will and fight my alcoholism alone for another 2 years. I live in NJ but this week on January 20th I will be celebrating one year of continuous sobriety in southern California with my family. I have been watching the intro videos and interested in your judgement detox and hope so much to be able to be with you in LA on the 20th. And will be reading the book regardless! I guess I should order spirit junkie too after watching this video ! Ha ! Thank you for all that you do. Keep doing the good work and spreading your light.

  2. Hi Gabby,

    im in a place in my life where i feel stuck at not knowing what to do, i want to take a like of sobriety it scares me to death to take a leap of faith in my self. I do Kundalini yoga this gives me a sense of awareness that i know this is not the path I’m meant to be on by drinking i feel disconnected from my life. Im going away to Thailand taking your book with me I’m looking forwards to some new changes and perception x Sat Nam Lisa xxx

  3. Belated “Congrats” on Sobriety Birthday! It gets better & better!! Thank you for your post. Trudging the road with you!! Art 4-18-89????

  4. Congratulations on your amazing work, Gabby! I just celebrated 1 year of sobriety, and so share a deep knowing that yes, Miracles and Promises are eager to pour into our lives if we invite and honor them. Thank you for speaking about your experience as a fellow thriving woman in recovery and for cultivating the message that we are stronger together than alone. Sat Nam!

  5. Gabby, firstly congratulations!! You’re a beautiful person and this is a beautiful video. I currently feel as if I may be addicted to fear, and I’ve been struggling for a while and feeling especially low lately – but I feel like I was guided to watch this video and I’m now so inspired to work on breaking the addiction and working on my spirituality. I’m going to order Spirit Junkie now! So thank you for being you and for all the light and love you share – this was exactly what I needed today. big love xoxoxo

  6. Congratulations on celebrating your 10th year of sobriety, Gabby!

    It is an encouragement, and I would like to seek your advise to personal recovery. It has been a challenge for me, as I go through food addictions and co-dependent relationships (partially deriving from chronic depression). I’ve sought help for my depression-psychiatrist, pray to God for a way, subscribed to overeaters anonymous (as I am living in Malaysia where there isn’t any access to face-to-face meetings and have undergone knee surgery where there is limitation in engaging in high impact activities-which I love), journal occasionally and due to the inability to cope with it has further landed myself in broken relationships due to co-dependency, I found no way to overcome the pain, being overweight, wraths and chains of these addictions. I’ve tried breathing to calm myself but found no comfort in it.

    How do you cope with this overwhelming situation in the present moment?

    Hope to hear from you. Xx

  7. Congratulations Gabby!!! You are truly an inspiration to me….I have been struggling with alcohol addiction and fear addiction. I own all of your books and purchased your meditations. I recently have relapsed due to fear and am upset with myself because I let fear control me. I’m going to read spirit junkie again because that’s what had changed my way of thinking and get my life on track. I had also stopped meditating and I know I need that. I have suffered from depression and debilitating panic attacks and used substances to cover those feelings up. I’m tired of feeling this way and I am so grateful for you and all that you offer. Thank you for helping me see the light again! God Bless!!!!

  8. Thank you Gabby for your commitment to your path and your commitment to all of us. You truly inspire me and encourage me in my own road of addiction recovery. God bless you, the light that you are and the spirit junkie you are inspire me to be the same. Thank you for the license you give the world to heal.

  9. Hi Gabby,
    Congratulations on 10 years! You are an inspiration on my recovery path. I am nearly 1 year sober and I am only just feeling as though I’m starting to “grow up”. The lessons of this year have been massive and also subtle. I’m proud to continuously renew my commitment to sobriety knowing that I am following my path in the most authentic way.
    Thank you for your work, can’t wait for you to tour Australia again,
    Adele x

  10. Hi Gabby! First of all, congratulations! It is really inspiring to follow your on your progress and this amazing journey you are taking to inspire and help others. I discovered you thanks to my best friend. She lives in Austria and I live in Guatemala. We talk about you and we help each other taking your books as guidance and reminders that the inverse has our back and that we can always count with people around us.

    I have never shared my addiction and today I will put it out there and share it with you, because I want to change. I am addicted to hurting myself. I am a dancer and in a way I think I am afraid that I might get far with this and that I might succeed, so I’ve developed this kind of reaction that I injure my body, so that becomes the best excuse to not be the best. I am tired of going to therapies and having cirguries. I am tired of putting my pain and weight I’ve put to my body as an excuse for not succeeding. My next reading will be spirit junky. I thank you for offering this tools and opening this space to expose fears and things that we/I take as weaknesses. Your strength in admirable and it is reaching people beyond the horizont.
    Thanks! And I surrender this addiction. I let go from this pain… Because it doesn’t control me.
    Love and light from Guatemala 🙂

  11. I’m 21 days sober and wishing I would of done this long time ago. I see clearly how damaging it is to me and the ones I love.

  12. I was moved to watch and listen to your 10 year sober tribute to yourself. It was inspirational and so touching to witness your gratitude, thank you so much for this, the timing couldn’t be more poignant for me.

    I have been a follower of Elena Brower since I choose to let go of my trauma and addiction to fear and anxiety medications and her YogaGlo classes were the other thing that healed, gave me strength and empowered me to come away from 10 years of deadly dependency to Xanax. I salute her.

    Discovering Elena was going through her own recovery raised my honor of her even more. She was real, she was like me, she had weakness and imperfections and she would conquer it and I have been fueled myself by her journey to recovery.

    I was once a starving, struggling, poor single mother with no education and no help from anyone who could give it to survive – but I survived and I found a way to overcome it all but ti came at a price. I isolated myself from friends, family, lovers and only let my rabid pursuit to do right by my child to push me through years and years and years to the point that YES I did overcome poverty and I found myself with a thriving business, notoriety, all the dressings of success but yet I was ALONE. I was drowning in my sorrow of loss of purpose, loss of love, loss of worth. And so I drank while I worked.

    Did I mention my family are all accomplished chefs, writers, entertainers and politicians? Did I mention that booze is at the forefront of all their daily lives? Can you imagine the pressure to “just get over it, wine is amazing, you deserve the break, how can you give up something that’s been a part of civilization since the beginning of time?” To say there’s not alot of support for not being buzzed everyday is an understatement.

    I am embracing this night, embracing what I have experienced and thanking the Universe that again I am being called on to allow my innate calling to be the spiritual being that I am to come worth boldly. To fill up on the joy of living authentically damn it all let myself DO what feels right no matter what.

    I believe there is a purpose for me on this planet and I have denied my journey for so long I am weak with wanting. The pull to tell the story, to speak out to scoop up the ones that I can help is so strong sometimes I am gasping for air. I will move toward this calling now. I will let this magical night where Gabby’s email came to me, where the poem from Elena came to me and GIVE THANKS TO GOD and the angels and the spirits that have gone before me. I will give this my all and thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I am blessed beyond words for YOU.

  13. hey Gabby,

    Just wanted to say thank you for being sober. i am deeply grateful for your decision. It moves me deeply. I have been struggling with addiction for a little over 7 years now. I read and did your book “May Cause Miracles” about a year ago. I still refer to it often, and think those thoughts every day. Despite the addiction, your book has taught me the importance of forgiveness and gratitude and I now put that into practice every day of my life. I am happier and healthier because of your commitment to share love and be love. It means the world to me. After seeing your 10 year celebration video tonight it got me thinking about my power to choose a sober life. I had never even considered that I had that choice before. I am trying to be patient with myself. I am opening up to the possibility of living a sober life. I have decided I will be purchasing your Spirit Junkie book in the near future. Thanks for all of the resources to help with addiction you have posted on this website. But most of all thank you for being the shining light that you are. I’m starting to think that I can do this! I can get sober.

    Much love and gratitude

    Shelby Preston

  14. Hi Gabby,

    Congrats on your beautiful accomplishment of 10 years sobriety 🙂 This video just came in at the right moment (as they always seem to). I am 28 years old, recently lost my job and am struggling to admit that I need help for drug and alcohol addiction. It started off *innocently* with an adderall and Xanax RX in college. Now I’ve been in the throws of regular cocaine use. It’s been years and years and because I am a highly functioning addict, I can hide it well. My boyfriend works in nightlife. All of my friends are DJs/promoters/producers… I live in a drug fueled world. I got clean for a year and half so I know it’s possible but I was completely isolated and had no one. Now that I’m back using, I’m scared of losing what little I have right now.

    I know I am not really living though. How could I be? I’m sitting here on my couch at 4 in the afternoon, hungover and sobbing. I know my light is bright and begging to be nourished. I know I am meant for something beautiful. I just feel alone with my secret and don’t know where to turn or how to move on.

    I read Spirit Junkie last year and I am going to pick it up again and read with more care now… Thank you for sharing your light and for giving me the courage to speak up today. Because otherwise I would sit here, silently in pain, wondering it’s my turn to go.

    Lots of love <3

  15. I think you are wonderful Gabby, so inspirational. I can’t go into full details but my addiction is someone I want to be with. We had an intense messaging relationship. I feel I love him. I cannot be with him. He has someone else now. I already have. I cannot stop reading the messages. It is all I have. I want the universe to bring us together again at the right time and therefore I feel there is “no need” to let go. I can hear you say this Is crazy. You are wasting time. But I can’t stop. It is all I have and j miss him. Please help. Xx

  16. Gabby… You are love, you are light! So proud of you so honored to walk this path with you, thank you for all that you are! Giving me a heart to hold onto as I walk through and grow and make the commitment to face my fears head on and notice my patterns of behaviors… I was not living in the moment, I was addicted to living IN FEAR! Knowing now, as I continue my personal journey, I have a choice and will continue to choose Love over Fear! You are a beautiful lady inside and out, I love you from the depth of my soul and appreciate the work that you do for the world! Shine bright sister, the world needs your light! xoxo

  17. Dearest Gabby,
    I met you at Kripalu in August where I also brought my mother to experience your amazing gift of teaching and light work. I shared with you that Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles were a huge part of my alcohol addiction recovery and just this week celebrated 9 months of sobriety (coinciding with my 36th birthday). You encouraged me to stay on the recovery path and absolutely I will. So much love and congratulations to you on this very special anniversary date! Thank you for being the beautiful epitome of a clean, healthy spirit fully living the human experience. I look forward to taking your Masterclass as soon as receive my sign that I am ready. P.S. Your Heart Kriya playlist is the BEST! You have some serious DJ cred, girl!!! xoxo Sat nam

  18. Dear Gabby
    First.. congratulations on your milestone! I am so grateful for you. Your books and guidance have helped me beat depression and destructive patterns of thinking. Its still a process as now I am trying to break away from my addiction to fear.
    Been having a hard time the last week or so.. in a royal blue angry funk and no idea why. And effectively my life started to reflect that.
    Then I started reading Spirit Junkie again. And this time.. I connected on a deeper level.
    I am ready to surrender and rediscover my connection to Spirit. Your book and guidance came to me at right time. Thank you.
    Someday I hope to be able to attend your workshops. Someday I hope to stand before you and say Thank You to you personally.
    For now.. I am going to do the work and reconnect to Spirit.

  19. Dear Gabby, first of all congratulation, well done!!!
    Yes I did read all of your books and i loved loved loved them all!
    I follow you since you went public and always love to listen what you have to say.
    In this video you speak again about addiction and I thought I don’t really have one, but than it hit me like a brick when you said, “or you may have an addiction to FEAR” and I have to admit I think this is my truth. Funny enough in the long past I only felt fear like when I started to ride horses or ski in such huge amount but I still went anyway and went through it, but the last 15 years as more as I discovered my real ME and my spirituality, fear is many permanent companion on a daily base and I make sure to keep him close in having struggle with daily life about finances. I also think I have an addiction in Hating me, blaming me, judging me and not allowing myself to blossom and shine, but to be honest I have no idea what to do about. I listen to the best of the best mentors and teachers, like you, and I did all kind of exercises and courses and still I must admit “My addiction to Fear” has become my closest companion as well not allowing me to shine and thrive. As you mentioned you will read all comments and reply I thought better give it a try when do one get a one on one feedback from a teacher and mentor I admire and look up to
    Thanks a lot, lots of Love and hugs

  20. Gabby, thank you for allowing us to celebrate your 10 year anniversary with you! This link is to a poster I designed for my husband: “A life beyond your wildest dreams” …what was promised to my husband, via A.A. & N.A., if he stayed sober. Today he celebrates 30 years in recovery. I’m grateful he believed them, because they were right! And I’ve benefited from all the wisdom of the program & his work there, before we even met. If you are or know someone in recovery (or needing it), you are in my thoughts & prayers. I wish you all the best; I wish you peace, healing, and a life beyond your wildest dreams. Namaste, Gabby! Always, René

  21. Thank you Gabby!

    After watching this on Monday I knew it was
    universal synchronicity. Recently I have been back to struggling with food issues, which happens and has been happening most of my life. During times of stress or emotional distress I grab for cookies/cake/candy. That is also my binge trigger which takes me down a dark path.
    Well your video and honesty was the kick I needed to wake up to the fact that I can either do something to make it better or continue down this path. It’s day 2 and I have been able to avoid those things. I know it’s only 2 days but it’s a start and I’ll take the baby steps. Slowly getting to where I need to be.

  22. Congrats on your anniversary, this is something to be very proud of. Your book helped me find spirituality seven years ago or so, I’ve lost track. Wayne Dyer became my guru, I became a regular with Super Soul Sunday. I still have my own addictions, though, which I have not cleaned yet. I enjoy my dark chocolate pretty much daily, small amounts usually, and I haven’t quit pot. You are an inspiration to us so thank you for all you do for us.
    warmest aloha,
    p.s. I live in Hawaii

  23. Congratulations on 10 years sober. My addiction is worrying and trying to control my son’s addiction. I am working on Letting Go and I am better. Each day my goal is to worry and control less to detach without withdrawing my love and support to my son. Thank you for being a piece of my puzzle to spiritual health and happiness. Namaste

  24. I love you! 🙂 Haha! I cried with you in the video, it was nice. Thank you for choosing beeing! Think I made an appointment with god, to bring me the same time with some people, like you, to the earth. Because I was too weak, to be strong enough, to do my work here without some shared thoughts. I had the harmony-addiction! 🙂 Hahahhaaaaaa !!!! I couldn’t feel smaller anymore, I just felt soooo mini!! And now I can share thoughts, because of the internet, because of you an Oprah and Deepak and Mandela and and and .. .. 🙂 so thank you, too, that you all speak and spoke english, I can understand this! HAhahaaaa .. .. .. it is such a big deal, and I begin to make my work. I get my voice. Much love from Hamburg, Germany, to you and the world. Yes, the possibility of a wolrdwide communitiy of shared love beginning through the internet and extanding like a spark of light in every direction really blows my mind! It is wonderful, and it is allready there 🙂 <3 <3 <3 Love, love, love to you ***

  25. You just made me cry dear Gabby ????
    I have come through years of addiction to almost every substance known. It is an ongoing battle. I no longer ‘do’ drugs but have an addiction to fear, alcohol, cigarettes. The worst being cigarettes…and I guess fear.
    Fear of living, fear of dying, fear of others, fear of being alone.
    I’ve read so much, written so much, seen many miracles…and yet something inside just keeps on fearing, smoking, drinking.
    Thankyou for showing the way…now I just have to follow. Blessings on your ten years of freedom xx

  26. Gaby, looked you up on the web because I am mentoring a young, like 23 year old, motivational speaker who is currently volunteering to talk to junior high kids about self esteem. I told her about you. She wants to make speaking her career. She is high energy, and I think she has what it takes! But I am glad for the opportunity to see where you have come to; as we have not been in contact for a few years. I knew you when! Tried to get you a gig at San Diego State University, we corresponded early in your career. I have MAY CAUSE MIRACLES. God, you look so beautiful! I also saw your clip on the Oprah show. I signed up to keep in touch. Maybe one day we will actually meet!. Meantime, I am very happy for you and the good you are doing in New York City who needs you!!

  27. Dear Gabby,

    Congratulations on your sobriety! We are extremely thankful for you having gone through what you did in order for the world to receive your gifts.

    I am addicted to fear. My fear of public speaking; of being visible of being judged and of being not enough holds me back over and over again from succeeding at work and also from pursing my passion and taking a stand for me and my beliefs. Any guidance from you would be truly appreciated.

    With Love,

  28. Dear Gabby, congratulations to your 10th anniversary and thank you so much for your guidance and support. With your work you opened up my eyes that I’m an edict too. I’m still in the process to get over my ediction to fear (in a sense of having something to fight against or for), love (being on my own and responsible for myself) and last but not least sugar (fear in various facettes) would not have been able to see this without you. Thank you so much again. Sending you light and love, Diana

  29. I abso-f#$@ing-lutely LOVE you. When I found your first book Add More ~ING To Your Life 5 years ago, it changed my life forever. And I don’t mean that lightly… I really truly do mean that my life is completely changed since the day I picked up that book. You are such a huge inspiration to me, and you helped me to see myself in an entirely different light and I could not be happier. You have helped me remember my courage and strength and patience, and taught me to trust in myself and the Universe. Through you, I have learned of many other amazing teachers, who have also helped me along my path, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all of you. You are so real and beautiful, thank you for being you. Congratulations on your 10 years of sobriety! <3

  30. Thank you for speaking openly about your recovery. I’ve had a long list of addicts in my family, both recovering and some not. I recently lost my 24 year old brother to addiction, depression and suicide. I will be making it my mission to help addicts and help the loved ones of addicts, especially. I would love for you to join me!

  31. Hey Gabby! Congrats on 10 years! I have tried a time or two to cut back or stop drinking, it’s almost become who I am to myself and others around me. I’m will be 35 and I am afraid if I don’t change something this will take a huge toll on my health and well being. Any advice would be appreciated!! ????

  32. Congratulations Gabby! I am so happy for you and wish you many more blessings in your life. You are a great example of strength, hope and the bright, shining light.
    Lots of love,

  33. Thank you Gabby and congratulations! I quit caffeine in January and feel so much better for it! I also did six months alcohol free (I wasn’t addicted just wanted to get clean) and now have a completely different relationship with alcohol. Sugar is next on my list! 🙂

  34. Thank you, thank you for sharing this yesterday and congratulations to you!
    I think this was sent to me from you (and the universe) as a sign. I need to start down this path as I think it will bring a lot of clarity and peace to my life. I also just ordered your book “Spirit Junkie” and can’t wait to start reading it.
    I am so grateful for receiving this!
    Peace & Love

  35. Hi Gabby! Congratulations! You are truly such a gift for me. You have helped me so much with my delibitating depression and anxiety disorder. For about two years now I have struggled with food and sugar addiction. However no matter how many videos I watch or books I read I can’t seem to overcome it. At the moment, Binge eating seems to truly be my struggle. Again, I just want to thank you for all you do and allow me to lay out my struggle.

  36. Gabby – it was my great pleasure to meet you at the Victoria Yoga Conference a few years ago (I was with my daughter Taryn, a long-red haired beauty who teaches yoga for recovery). At that time, I asked you about your writing practice – you told me to write my book. I’ve been writing – and am now collaborating on the book with a woman who you met at the New York Hay House event this past weekend. I have also been busy as building an international online community supporting women for recovery. Over at She Recovers (check out our FB page of over 144,000) I’m hearing more and more from women who desire to find their own pathway through recovery. Your story continues to inspire all of us – I’m sharing on the page today. You are a strong and courageous woman in recovery. I’m grateful. Love, Dawn

  37. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for your continuos honesty and wisdom. I am 25 years old and I think I have to make the same choice you did when you were my age. I need to live my authentic self and let go and let God.

    Have a great week.


  38. Gabby, yesterday I celebrated 1 year and 9 months of sobriety. I am one of the people who got sober on Spirit Junkie and every time I share my recovery story, you are part of it. Thank you for showing up so fully on this path.

    When I had about 60 days sober I called your hay house radio show to ask for advice since I was feeling overwhelmed with my new exciting life: sobriety, b-school, reiki training, smoothies, meditation, creativity, on and on.

    You said not to gorge on the spiritual buffet and to focus on 2 or 3 things fully for 90 days – suggesting my first 90 in 90!

    Inspired, I took your advice and also drew a picture of myself at the spiritual buffet, which you ended up sharing on your social media channels.

    The Spirit Junkie community loves the drawing and seeing that feedback gave me more confidence that I was on the right path and that sharing my recovery would help other people on thier own journeys.

    It’s been a slow and steady process and I often need to remind myself of our conversation and the message in the drawing I made.

    I know that as I stay sober more will be revealed, God has my back, and that I’m here to share the gifts of recovery, ACIM, and Reiki.

    I look forward to attending your Master Class in person in 2016.

    Thank you for being my teacher and guide in so many ways on this path. I love and appreciate you and your message.

    Ten years is amazing – now go get another day.

    Sat Nam,

  39. Gabby!!! You sweet lil Angel~!!! HAPPY TEN YEARS!!!!! I remember finding you 7 years ago and I can’t believe how far you’ve come from those point and shoot videos on your mac, with the sparkly spirits jumping into the video. Thank you for always holding the highest standards in your work and your love… Thank you for reflecting the higher plane that helps lift us all up. May you enjoy many more beautiful milestones, may the miracles in your life continue to shimmer. LOVE YOU so happy to be with you on this journey. XOXO

  40. Congrats, I’m really happy for you. I just want to say Thank you for your book and for all your work. It mean so much to me, your book find it’s way in to my life when I was in a very dark place a year ago. My life has changed so much thanks to you. I’m living moment to moment, and try to forgive and change my thinking. So fromthe bottom of my heart Thank you and lots of wishes of happiness and joy to you. Love & Light

  41. Thank you Gabby for everything you have done and for sharing it to us in such a honest, sincere and powerful way !

    I am a romance and fear addict and I first confronted this in the last 3-4 months. It has been far out amazing experience but also really scary. I am at the scary part right now and feel that I am not as committed, I feel as addiction taking over a little bit. But I hope I will get empowered back again because that feels SO much better !

  42. I am inspired by you, Gabby but I’m scared to take the first step towards sobriety. Each day I say “I’ll do it tomorrow”. I can’t imagine life without alcohol in it. Were you scared? What can I say to myself so that I can break the cycle? I don’t want to live without alcohol but know that it is hurting my life. I wish I could do it. I can’t imagine you addicted to anything-you look so radiant and perfect. Please help!!

  43. Congratulations Gabby! I look forward to the day I can say the same.. I am working on getting home. I have spent way to many dark hours beating my self up. I have a deep need to recover from self-doubt and self-hate. I’m so ready to remove whatever is blocking me to get there. Thank you so much for your light and love. You shine so bright!

  44. Spirit Junkie helped to literally save my life. I had a severe eating disorder, and was knocking on death’s door. After several interventions from my friends and family, I finally got to treatment and shortly after picked up a copy of Spirit Junkie. My life is full now, and I no longer cry when I wake up in the mornings. My heart is still beating; and I’m now so thankful for that miracle. Thank you Gabby – and congrats on your own life-saving journey. The world is a better place with you in it. xo

  45. Congratulations….. I am working through addictions in shopping, and codependence, and more….. It’s hard, but its truly one step at a time.

    Thanks for being a light worker, and inspiring me!

  46. Gabby you are a miracle xox As another young woman in recovery I salute to you and thank you for your service in the program and by spreading spirituality and consciousness to others. You give me hope I can have 10 years, one day at a time. Sat Nam.

  47. “casual going to anchor. ” sorry – voice to text mess up

    Should read “casual alcohol user”. However looking back that wasn’t too casual! Holy hannah

    Oh man!! Lol

  48. Gabby what a wonderful video. I read spirit junkie just over a year ago and at the time I was a casual going to anchor. And by casual I mean three glasses at night. This was in order to help me with my stress, of being a mom owning a business and just life in general. I read spirit junkie, and I was so inspired to quit. I never even realized how much I leaned on alcohol until I read that book. So in order for me to move forward with my spiritual journey I decided it was time for me to quit. And I am so thankful for you because you are the catalyst for the change in my life in the last 20 weeks of sobriety that I’ve celebrated have been the best of my life. In all areas of my one beautiful and precious Life!!!

    I follow you now with an open heart + mind because you have proven to me through your teachings that one truly can be “the happiest you can be” and I owe you for that. So I tell the world about your work. I gift your books to friends. I live with less anxiety (almost none) and almost no stress – and when I do face challenges it’s the strength I’ve gleaned from your video guidance that has lit the path for me to see my way through. I love that you chose to be here and share your journey with us. Sat Nam xxxooo

  49. Congratulations Gabby! I am so grateful that you got sober and chose your spiritual path because you led me to mine. I was facing a different kind of addiction when I found you. Addiction to a person, to a man that I loved who did not return those feelings. I clung to him for years hoping for those feelings to be returned but they never were. I found your first book when it was featured in a magazine. You completely saved my life. My addiction to this man had led to alcohol and drug abuse. I was never sober unless I was in class, and even then I wasn’t really present. After reading your book I made some radical life changes. I moved away from this man, back with my family. I slowly but surely cut back on all the addictive patterns I had created around my obsession with him. This was over five years ago now. I am now living in NYC and have read all of your books. May Cause Miracles has always been a big one for me. I have completed the 42 day challenge four times now. Every time that I do I feel refreshed. I feel like a miracle worker. I recently completed one of the cycles and have been trying to maintain my spiritual practice with the morning and evening meditations. The ego fights me at every turn. Watching this video made me think: what are the addictions I am still battling? I think I may have developed a new one since moving to New York: addiction to loneliness. This is not something I want to be addicted to! But I have developed a pattern where I crave my alone time at the end of the day or sometimes even on my days off. Is this normal? I think so, but then again I have been single now for over eight years, just dating on and off, but nothing serious. I feel great about myself in terms of my spiritual path. I just find myself waiting for the miracles now. I do expect them. But I am getting impatient. Can you give me some advice on this? I know I just have to trust that everything is happening exactly as it should. And I know that all I have to do is show up for my assignments ready to choose love. But when is love going to choose me? I think there is something I’m missing here. I would really appreciate any guidance you have. You are the best Gabby. I am so grateful that you came into my life. Congratulations!
    Peace Love Happiness

  50. Congratulations Gabby!! Thank you for being so transparent about your journey. Recovery is not an overnight process but for all of my friends who have managed to overcome their addictions and stay sober, they have gone on to walk new paths that they never dreamed for themselves. One friend reminds me that the first step is really wanting to change, everyone else can’t want it for you, you have to decide. So I pray that your video and all of these other great testimonies in the blog today reach as many people as possible so that they wake up tomorrow and say “yes” to themselves and they reach out for help. Let’s all put that positive intention out in to the Universe together so that we encourage many many people to take their first steps towards the light.

  51. Gabby- this is a gift. I need help. I am an adult child of an addict. I have mY own addictions to love and fear and food and saying yes to everything. I am looking for sobriety in my life because I want to be free and live my true nature but I am confused. There are so many things I can do and I’m afraid to take the wrong path. I envision a life where I am sober and free but I struggle so much to keep my boundaries sane and my life manageable.
    Hearing your words is a relief but where do I start for the deep sobriety I am looking for. My fears are taking over!
    Thank you for being clean as to be a strong conduit for truth. Xo

  52. Happy Birthday Gabby!

    Much love. I’m so grateful for you and the service you do. Spirit Junkie fell off the shelf at a book store in my second year of recovery and it shifted my recovery and connection to the divine in an amazing way. I’ve bought the book 10 times over because I want everyone who is open to read it!

    Much love and sat nam,


  53. Hi Gabby,
    Congratulations on this huge milestone. Reading your books and most importantly going to see you live is what helped me get sober for 8 months. I recently relapsed and was wondering if you ever did? If so, do you have any advice?

    Xoxo Melissa

  54. Congrats Gabby!
    I adore you and love all your books. They have been extremely helpful to me in the area of relationships.
    Keep up the amazing work.
    All best,

  55. First of all…Congratulations! Secondly, Thank You! Spirit Junkie was the 1st book I read when I got Sober 1 1/2 yrs ago…cold turkey. Since then my life has changed immensely and I couldn’t be more blessed! I am 37 yrs old and can only imagine the amazing things I could have accomplished had I only gotten sober sooner. Lol! I recently got a tattoo on my wrist which includes the letters “-ing.” in it. It is a daily reminder to me to listen to MY Inner Being, Intuition and Inner Guide. Again, congratulations and thank you!!

  56. Beautiful Gabby, congratulations! I remember when we first met and you were only a few years in. You’ve come so far in so many ways and so have I, thanks to you. Love you! xoxo

  57. Dearest!!!! Thank you Gabby. Tears stream down my cheeks as I tap this out on my iPad. Thank you so much for your Light. Your sharing of yourself, your love and sobriety, with the world through your books, talks and speaking engagements, and I have found hope for my future through your example and guidance. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you sister!!!
    Sat nam, namaste and amen. You are so Bright. Go big.
    OX- Annalisa

  58. Hi Gabby,

    This message has come at the exact time I’ve just need it – it resonates so much with me as I have just started my journey to recovery this week.

    I’ve read your book Spirit Junkie, thank you, and will be returning to this along with the support and healing from others to help me through this monumental transition in my life.

    Please continue to write, blog and inspire us with addiction recovery, we all need your wisdom help and light.

    Eternal love,
    Amy xx

  59. Gabby,
    Congratulations on 10 years of one day at a time. You are a true testament to what sobriety and honest recovery can really do for the soul, spirit and heart. Your work has helped me with my recovery, as I will be 14 months sober this Thursday. It was from your Vlog/workshop on Sugar addiction/finally full, that I realized one cannot break an addiction without a spiritual guide. I have started to sponsor and have had men and women in and out of program ask me for help in their own spiritual journey. Thank you for spreading the light, sharing your guidance and helping me understand that to overcome fear is to live in whole hearted love and compassion.

  60. Hi. Fristly congratulations on your 10 years of sobriety and the printing of your literature in connection with spiritual journey. I myself celebrated 11 years sobriety in July 2015. I did this solely through the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the spiritual programme that follows. From the wording you use I believe you may have tried that route but it is not for you. Sobriety is the best thing in the world. Well done you xxx

  61. Hi Gabby,
    So proud of you, girlfriend!I Thank you so much for working so hard so that people like me and the other spirit junkies could benefit from your wisdom.
    You always come from such an authentic place and I always appreciate your honesty. You have been very instrumental in my personal and spiritual growth.and truly love your messages to our universe!

  62. Dear Gabby,

    thank you for being so real and for mentioning addictions that might not be seen as addictions by society.
    It was only a few days ago that I had to admit to myself that I have a sugar addiction and since then I’ve been trying to cut sugar completely… unsuccessfully though – the more I tell myself that it’s bad for me, the more I want it… so I switched to that I don’t need it, but it’s not getting any easier – I still crave sugar. I also still find it hard to see sugar as something that I am addicted to and the thought of never having anything with sugar again just seems crazy.
    So at the moment I’m struggling… big time, and I’m hoping for some advise from you.

    I am 33 now and I realised that sugar has run my emotions for most of my adult life. I can only describe it as feeling possessed after indulging in copious amounts of sweets. My daily mood swings from incredibly happy to wanting to kill everyone close to me never made any sense… and they used to be a real problem in all my previous relationships.
    Three weeks ago I went on a detox and cut sugar out of my diet and my mood swings disappeared. It wasn’t until I relapsed though that I realised the connection between sugar and my depressive thoughts and I am super grateful for this realisation, but I am also feeling a bit helpless, as I am not sure what to do now.

    Sweets were always rationed when I was growing up and one of my earliest memories is that I used to secretly get up in the middle of the night (while everyone was asleep) and ‘steal’ sweets. Once I was older I literally used to eat bags of pure sugar after coming home from school as I was alone at home and when I moved away from home when I was 18, sweets became the symbol of ultimate freedom as there was no rationing anymore. I put on a crazy amount of weight and have since then struggled with coming totally off it.

    Sending you so much love and I am grateful to have you as a role model.


  63. Wow ; I have been battling addiction since I was a teen from anorexia, to alcohol to cocaine , to over exercise , to food and back to alcohol . All this time I have been doing my spiritual work I am a yoga teacher , mum , wife , sister and daughter but I feel like a fake as I need a drink every day , I am on holidays at the moment and am 2 days into a 42 day dada ha – this morning in my meditation all that kept coming through was they its time to get sober – it’s the only way to spread the light now and to step into your truth and then I openness my email and you are sitting there in my inbox gabby – I have not read spirit junkie but I’m off to buy it today’ – I’m scared but excited for my sober life but today is day 1 – thank you , thank you for spreading the light – this is it for me xx

  64. Thank you for this video Gabby!! I am 6 weeks sober and about to go on a 3 day trip away where I will be faced with some of my strongest triggers. You’re an inspiration, and I know I can do it too xx

  65. I know I need to get sober. When you said that everything you have is because you got sober, I guess I never thought of it that way. All the times I’ve thought about bettering my life, doubted myself, given up and then used alcohol as the crutch to make me feel temporarily better. I’m often focused on everything I need to give up in order to be sober vs what I could actually gain. I’m not sure where to start. I’ve taken breaks from drinking but I’m always trying to make sure no one notices I’m not drinking to avoid explaining why I’m not drinking and if I have to explain I feel like I’m being judged. I feel as though my spiritual journey is at a stand still because alcohol takes priority. Anyway, congratulations on your 10 years sobriety, it’s truly inspiring to see everything you’ve been able to give to the world because of getting sober. I hope to be as strong as you some day!! Sat Nam.

      1. This video became the catalyst for me to get serious about recovery. I started reading other people’s stories, dusted off my copy of Spirit Junkie, listened to podcasts about recovery and spiritual awakening. I haven’t felt the buzz of my being like this in many years, if ever. I feel alive, I feel so connected to my sober self right now. I’m ready to cherish her, to raise her up, to give her the attention and the energy she’s deserved for so long. In October 2025 I will be celebrating my 10 year sober awakening. Until then I understand there will be uncertain times but in this moment it is so incredible to feel my soul pumping through every blood vessel and supporting every bone in my body. My calling has been speaking to me for a long time, choosing recovery is choosing to take the ear plugs out. Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing recovery 10 years ago, for trusting your ability to make a difference in the world and for being the light for others to do the same.

  66. I don’t know what I am addicted to – I just know that I don’t feel happy or fulfilled in my career, and I’ve been struggling with that feeling for almost a year now. I thought switching jobs would help me, but after only a few weeks, I am getting that same crippling anxiety about going to work. I am worried I will never feel happy at a job or in my career, and I don’t know what to do about it anymore.

  67. Gabs,

    This was one of the most powerful, clearest transmissions, so connected to your purpose, I could literally feel and sense the angels of light surrounding you, dancing, celebrating and I could see the golden light radiating. It was very hot.

    God bless you for your conviction to be completely transformed and renewed, in turn passing that torch to so many.

    Celebrating with you

    Om GODDESS sister

    Much LOVE xo

  68. Hi Gabby! Congratulations on 10 years! What an amazing achievement.

    I decided to write here today because you mentioned Elisa Hallerman in today’s post and I wanted to share with you and your readers about my experience working with Elisa. One day last winter I saw your v-log with Elisa. I didn’t do anything with it right away, but about a month after watching it, I passed it along to my wife (something told me things you both said would resonate with her). She watched it and in her own time realized she had an addiction to alcohol and needed help. She reached out to Elisa and in the early Spring we started working with her.

    After 6 months of working with her, our lives are completely different. We are completely different. We both have done and are still doing major healing work with ourselves, our work and our marriage. For the first time in a long time, life is so good. Amazing things are happening today that neither one of us could have imagined 6 months ago.

    Gabby, thank you for the work you do every day and for putting this blog together week after week, carrying your message and the messages of other people doing great work.

    Anyone out there who is dealing with addiction or who has a loved one who has an addiction, please know there are truly amazing people out there who can and want to help you. All you have to do is take that first step and reach out. I promise, its scary but SO worth it.

    Love and gratitude,

    1. this post makes me so happy. elisa is my best friend and she is a true human angel. her work is touching many lives – saving lives – and serving the world. now you are too! god bless.

  69. Hi Gabby,

    First I’d like to congratulate you on your ten years of being sober. Your accomplishment gives me hope in overcoming my addiction to food/drugs/ and alcohol. I have struggled with bulimia for about 7 years and your book May Cause Miracles was the first big step into believing recovery is possible. I read your books which obviously give a lot of advice but if you could give any advice or suggestions that are specific to my situation, you would be the biggest help ever.

    Thank you for being so strong and sharing your story. Your sincerity and good intentions shine bright. Sending loving vibes your way as you celebrate your accomplishments.



  70. Gabby,
    Thank You for owning your sobriety and being an example for myself and others to get clear about who we are and our purpose here on this wild planet earth. Your words have given me so much comfort through surviving my only brothers suicide this year. I fought the battle of my lifetime this year to try to find purpose or a reason to go on. Your book Spirit Junkie, your blogs and partnership with Kris Carr gave me tools to get out of the worst funk. Finding purpose in the valley assisted me to climb out. You helped me hear myself when I couldn’t hear anything. Thank You!! Thank You! Thank You!

  71. Congratulations on 10 years! That is inspiring! In March I’ll have two years recovery in codependency and a few months after two years in Adult Child, Incest Survivor (I’m keeping the abbreviations out of social media because that is in the updated Traditions).

    My first year in recovery was so incredibly painful! I cried so much and got out of denial. I got in touch with my abandonment issues and a few weeks ago I felt a feeling I didn’t know I had, it was so deep inside of me; feeling unlovable. I cried for a long time until I felt I couldn’t breathe. It was intense and I am so glad my feelings finally felt comfortable and safe enough to express themselves.

    Have you read http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Internal-Family-Systems-Model/dp/0972148000
    It has helped me so much in the last few months.

    Thank you for your service!

  72. Congratulations Gabby! You are amazing and wonderful, and so SO inspiring. I’ve been drug and alcohol free for just over 2 years now. You, your work and message have played such a huge role in my recovery journey thus far. It’s hard to put into words. I’m so grateful for you and to you. I echo what you say: sobriety has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. I read your blogs, books and listened to your voice in some of those dark and scary times of early recovery; searching for God and hope. You helped me find both.

    To anyone out there trying to get sober, I salute you and promise there is so much hope and joy to be had in this life time. Gabby, you are a shining example of this. All my love and thanks to you sober sister.

  73. Well done Gabby! I wasnt addicted to anything im clean antidepressant drugs and any other drugs that people do my mental status changed when i took up yoga and meditation. Bless you Gabby xx

  74. Congratulations! As someone that has dealt personally and have seen others deal with emotional, psychological, and addictions issues, that is a colossal achievement.


    Julio Rodolfo Rodriguez
    Office Manager
    South Florida ADHD Center

  75. Dearest Gabby –
    I write to you today because I am searching. I am 47 years old and am on an amazing journey of self-actualization and know why I’m here. But I am so so stuck in my fear of allowing myself to be out there for the world to judge. I follow you and your besties (Danielle, Marie, Kris) and drink up all their amazing wisdom. I have come really far to a place where I really and truly love myself, and I have a daughter, so that is important for many reasons. I want to be a voice for young women and girls to hear, regarding self-love, self-worth and our devine vehicle, our body. But I am stuck. I worked with a coach in the early part of the year – it helped and rocked, but also used up any extra money I had. My budget just won’t allow for the investments to do any of the amazing courses that are out there right now. I have a full-time job (soul-sucking, but pays the bills), I am married and have two kids and help my aging, beautiful, mother. I’ve trained to be a health coach – so I have that. And I am clear that my message is important and timely. I’ve worked through my own body issues/eating disorder/self-loathing , so I know. I’ve been there. But I’m stuck. I am passionate. I know why I’m here, but SOMETHING holds me back. I know it’s fear, but all the mantras and all the logic isn’t working. Life is passing me by and I continue to actually FEEL the words stuck in my throat. I am tired of this story. But honestly, this is where I get stuck every time. I normally don’t write to these things because I know I’m like a million other women out there. But I guess it feels good to get it down. Love you. Love your work. A fellow world changer stuck behind her own bars, ANNA

      1. THANK YOU!!! I had watched this, but timing is everything, right? I also realized in my message I didn’t thank you or acknowledge YOU! Congratulations on your sobriety and for sharing your very important story. You’ve had probably even a larger impact than you know. Love to you!! xo Anna

  76. Congratulations on your recovery Gabby! Again, you have served the world hugely and I am forever grateful to have made a commitment… I have spread the love and my resources I have to my Get More Gabby and Tune Into Inner Light to those close to me! It feels so good to help others. You are an angel… Xoxoxo

  77. Hi Gabby, thanks so much for your message. I’m grateful I can celebrate your recovery with you.

    I can see myself addicted to fear and a mentality of scarcity, especially with food and money. While I’m writing about it, it brings me to tears. Any suggestions, sister?

    Thank you, and see you again at the next Kripalu,

      1. I have it but am only half way through! So far I see it talks a lot about your overcoming drugs and alcohol. Does it also touch on the scarcity mindset of money and food?


  78. Thank you, Gabby, for sharing and congratulations on ten years. Happy Birthday!! I struggle with sex, love, relationship and people addictions. I have found you and your shares to be incredibly helpful. Thank you. xoxo

  79. Hi Gabby,

    your video comes at the right time als always. I’m blessed to have been part of your first SJMC. Thank you again.

    Here’s my Q: how did you get over the urge of repeating the old behaviors? How can I truly stay focused upon staying sane and choosing not to repeat the old habits?

    Thanks so much. Sat nam.

  80. Hi Gabby.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You are an inspiration and a gift to the world.
    This VLOG was my nudge from God to reread Spirit Junkie.
    I recently realized I am addicted to shopping and buying things, I do this not to hoard, but to fill a void (LOVE) in my life.
    I was not sure where to start when I realized this last week. I prayed and this showed up today.
    Time to reread. (and return some stuff that I bought on a binge this weekend).
    thank you.

  81. Thank you for this Gabby! I needed to hear this message to confirm some changes I need to make. I’m comfortable but not thriving and ready to live in my full potential.

  82. Congrats, Gabby!!!! You once requested meditating inner conflict resolution for 40 days as a birthday gift to you. Today I completed those 40 days–HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’m brand new to meditation, and I had several attempts to get 40 days consecutive, but I did it and am now looking forward to a lifetime of it. THANK YOU. I am also 80 days sober today because of Spirit Junkie. THANK YOU. I am also a digital Spirit Junkie Masterclass grad and a member of Get More Gabby. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT DECISION 10 YEARS AGO.

  83. Congrats Gabrielle on your 10 year recovery & inspiring so many through your work. I am keen to use the meditation as do lots of others. I have been on a spiritual & political path since a child but did succumb to addictions. Like you did the whole city living & addiction thing, which seems prevalent but knew not right for me of my child. I trained in yoga & mindfulness & after a difficult year this year with accidents & traumas am unemployed but am looking to teach online and write. I find it hard to focus & be disciplined these days. Can you offer any tips on how you sat down to write Spirit Junkie or getting videos up?
    Also I am in recovery from many things & need to go towards the light more and can be sober unless stay with family, which is hard as all drink & difficult situations. I have decided I cannot stay in their presence for long & am letting go of many situations. Def need to connect with those on a spiritual activist path. Namaste Blessings Nathalie

  84. Congratulations Gabby! You have come so far and helped so many people. It was almost as if you were meant to do this in life. You were the one who helped me to be guided by signs. My sign is a dragonfly and I even saw a real one fly around me a few weeks ago. You have been the catalyst for my spiritual journey and I’m so glad I found you! I know that I have an addiction to fear that I have to break. Thank you for all you do xx

  85. Hi Gabby – I first discovered you when I started my health journey over 2 years ago (it was also a spiritual journey, although I didn’t know that at the time). I’ve been an avid follower ever since. My journey continues – although when I started I thought it had an end, which of course it doesn’t 🙂 – and I find that I am struggling with my weight again (had lost 70 lbs & I gained 15 of it back). I also know that I do live in fear some of the time, even when I don’t want to. And I know the weight and fear are tied together. I’m trying to live in love and part of that is recognizing what my fear is and feeling it so I can let it go – but I can’t really figure out how to do that!! Would love to hear your thoghts on this. Thank you <3

  86. Congratulations, Gabby on your 10 years! I am 18 years sober so I know how exciting this journey this journey has been for you. I’ve finally decided to go for it and start sharing my experience, strength and hope with the world so they can receive the wonderful gifts that I’ve received. My life is truly amazing and I hope to help others achieve an incredible life too, just like you have. If you get the chance check out my new Periscope #graditube @staceygrewal every MWF at 2:00pm EST. I am going to mention you and the wonderful work you do, as well as talk about my gratitude list and help to help others who are struggling to find gratitude in their lives. We are all miracles ????????

  87. HI Gabby!

    Congratulations!!!! Your work has truly changed my life, my mindset, everything. I realise I have been addicted to my fear, addicted to limitations, but I’m working to transcend them. Thank you for bring the awareness of this into my life. Sat Nam! xxx

  88. Hi Gabby,

    Congratulations on your 10 years of sobriety. I’m addicted to fear and food.

    I’m going to read Spirit Junkie this week (been meaning to do so for a while) and also make a charitable donation – do you support any charities specifically?

    Much love from England,

    Sat nam, Catherine x

  89. Thanks for this amazing message! I feel really inspired to help people around me get sober!
    I still have a question for you: I never had an addiction problem, and I drink very occasionally and in very small amounts each time. However, I enjoy drinking a glass of wine or a cold beer once in a while. Would you advise me to stay away from every type/amount of alcohol consumption?

  90. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. I also identify as a sober woman following a spiritual path…and I also well up with tears and emotion when I connect with my deep gratitude for being sober. This way of life is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I am humbled by addiction and I am jubilant in recovery. Thanks for your inspiration!

  91. Today I am 3 months into my acknowledgment and recovery of codependency and my F, it’s hard! But I’m learning to find happiness and wholeness and I know someday when I look back on this time, I will be indescribably grateful.
    Thanks Gabby!

  92. When you speak, you are so sincere, and it touches me deep inside my soul. As a life coach you are “taught” to keep emotion out of the equation…but I disagree. I get emotional with my clients and followers as well because we have personal experience that allows empathy, understanding, and genuine love and acceptance. You are an inspiration and I have been blessed by discovering your sweet spirit junkie soul?

  93. When you speak, you are so sincere, and it touches me deep inside my soul. As a life coach you are “taught” to keep emotion out of the equation…but I disagree. I get emotional with my clients and followers as well because we have personal experience that allows empathy, understanding, and genuine love and acceptance. You are an inspiration and I have been blessed by discovering your sweet spirit junkie soul?

  94. Congrats, Gabby! You are such a beautiful light shining on all of us. Watching your video made me realize I too have addictions….sugar for one. And fear may be another. I never looked at them as addictions, but if I do I just might be able to overcome them. Awareness is the first step, and it looks like you just showed me that. I feel inspired. 😉 Thank you! xo Kelly

  95. Hello Gabby!

    Thank you for this blog. I always allow your talks of sobriety to resonate with my recovery towards an addiction to romance and codependency. While I’ve taken some amazing strides this past year or two, I still have one thought that nags at me. With a topic like relationships and love, how do you continue to remain “sober” without making love the enemy? I feel that this topic is so different than the substance addictions where demonizing the drug of choice could help to keep it out of your life. Whereas with love, I strive to continue “using,” but not let it overtake my life. Any advice for maintaining that balance and establishing a healthy view on romance?

    Thanks, as always, for everything.
    Michelle Shea Walker

  96. I wouldn’t call myself insane… But needing to ‘restore my sanity’ rings true. I have been struggling with my own addictions for several years now and your book helped me 2 years ago but I’ve lost my ways through stress of school and new relationships. But this was the video I needed to see this morning so that I may take your book off the book shelf to read again along with A Course in Miracles.
    I’m the president of the psychology club at my natural health and science university and I am really being called to center myself and be the muse.. To get out of my ego again.. This is a difficult journey. But I could never have imagined my life to be as beautiful and magical as it is and it continues to amaze me.

    Thank you so so much Gabby for your service and light. I love you and can’t wait to meet you in the future.


  97. Congratulations – your light is a tremendous gift to all – TG for sobriety. I am in recovery as well and am on my knees is gratitude. Your beautiful face & light remind me there’s always hope. SJ remains an important tool for me to play in my car – even small bits – along with your meditations. your new book can’t come soon enough. So much love and gratitude to you during the amazing week – with a Super Moon eclipse to boot!

    Love – Darcy

  98. Hi, Gabby. Thanks for sharing your story and being an inspiration for my life. I think we all have an addiction as you say. And we are always looking the path were we find our balance.
    I will love in a moment in my life get to know you and you be part of my spiritual mentors.
    Thanks again and blessings.
    Regards from Costa Rica!

  99. You saved my life. For sure. I found you in Bloomberg magazine in October 2012 when I was just a few days sober. I ate your books in a few weeks, and then I started drinking again. On January 1st, 2013, I literally prayed for something that would give me the day by day guide to get sober and you emailed me “I created a day by day guide for my work”. I bought May Cause Miracles and brought three friends to see you live and I stopped drinking for good on April 13, 2013 (must caveat I used 5,000,000 other tools – including Kundalini yoga which I am now a teacher of). I now help other’s get sober by using your work, and I blog about it and share tools. I have read May Cause Miracles 4 times, I study the Course and teach the Course, I have seen you live 3 times, I Get More Gabby, I use Miracles Now, I listen to every lecture, I still use all your guided meditations. And I still have that Bloomberg Magazine that I took to the CEO of my company (when I was an ACCOUNTANT), threw down, and said “HER. THAT. I WANT TO DO THAT.” I now, I am doing THAT. Because of you. Sobriety gave me everything I wanted in this life. And you, by saying things like “I was addicted to cocaine, bad love, and subway” (SAME, except pot and alcohol and cigarettes), allowed me to say she can beat this shi*, I can, too. Thank you for my life. And congratulations on 10 years!!! You have saved and changed so many with your work, including me. Love, Holly

  100. Gabby – what a beautiful video. At SJMC, you talked about your book and how you envisioned it in the hands of that girl on the subway who needed it most — that really hit home for me and has catapulted me into writing and sharing my own story. I’ve been really thinking about my own relationship to alcohol and your story has given me a lot of strength to consider going completely sober. I’m so proud of you and so proud to know you. Each day, I thank God for having our paths cross and for all of the gifts that you have put in front of me. So so looking forward to meeting you again at SJMC2 in a few short weeks 🙂 Love you.


  102. Dear Gabby,
    Congratulations on 10 years of recovery!! I am so excited for you! I know its a real big deal to celebrate sobriety because I have first hand experience with drug and alcohol addiction. I will be celebrating 8 years of sobriety in October as well. I found your book about a year ago and it inspired me even more to walk down the spiritual path. I remember a quote from an interview that you did with someone. I cant remember it exactly but they asked you how do you stay sober? You said something like ” the only way I can stay sober is to pray and meditate everyday.” Your reply was something I will never forget. It is very important and vital that I do this everyday as well. I’m filled with so much gratitude for my sobriety and finding a Power greater than myself has given me a life to be happy,joyous, and free.
    Thank you so much for all the positive vibes you send out through your books and videos. Also for sharing your journey in sobriety. It gives me and everyone with addiction hope.
    Namaste 🙂

  103. I listen to you at least once a week !!! Great stuff !!! Keep it coming , congratulations & I see an Atlanta , GA tour stop in your future. Coming up on 4 & 1/2 here in GA. Finally being authentic……

  104. Congratulations on your sobriety! 10 years is absolutely incredible! Thank you for choosing this path, because if you hadn’t than I wouldn’t have had such an incredible person to look up to. I wouldn’t have had a place where I can feel safe posting some of the most profound lessons that I have learned. Herfuture gave me that platform. I was addicted to junk food and sugar; I had been using those as a means to block out all of the uncomfortable feelings. But lately, I’ve finally tapped into the courage inside me to just allow the pain and from that, I’ve written some of the most amazing stuff which has blown my mind that I’m truly proud of. I still have my days and I still struggle, but I am continuing to work through it. I can’t thank you enough for your contributions, your spirit, your message, you. You are an inspiration; thank you 🙂 sending you love and light always!

  105. Congrats!! I’ve been a part of a recovery community since 2003. It recently occurred to me that using the phrase “I’m Kenny and I’m an addict or alcoholic” is very disempowering. I now say “I’m me and I’m free” and “I’m fully present” instead of clean and sober. I believe if AA and NA adopted this one small change, the results would be life altering for millions. Also, since we are Divine, our true selves (awareness and universal consciousness) we can not be diseased. My dream and vision is for millions of people to reach higher levels of freedom and I see this making a major difference. Love all of you.

      1. I say this every morning along with “I’m living proof that no problem is permanent”. I don’t regularly go to NA or AA meetings anymore. Mainly because of the untrue disempowering self labeling and identification with the story of being different than “earthlings”. We all are love. (Perfect) I still hang out with friends from there because I enjoy being around people that aren’t using or drinking. I also go to a regular satsong in my area. It’s kind of like a meeting minus everyone talking about drugs or alcohol and staying in our stories. It’s all about being fully present, conscious, aware, and love itself. Long story long…I don’t go to the rooms anymore but still live a life of freedom. If you wanna chat about this here’s my number: 2564796271

  106. Gabby you are such a huge inspiration. Your energy and warmth jumps through my computer every time I hear you speak. I have been a model for 22 years and I lived in New York for 8 of those. I first heard you speak last year and your story had so many similarities to mine. I am now sober myself and I am a single mum to a beautiful 5 year old boy and I am living back in Dublin.

    So first of all a huge congratulations to you on your 10 year anniversary. You have showed everyone that you can recover and follow your path with integrity, love and compassion. I have just finished my first book and I have just launched my website called Be Complete by alisoncanavan.com

    I would love you to take a look at it if you had time. This is my first year completely sober and by that I mean no prescription meds, anti depressants etc and boy is it a different world and I love it. Being present every day is amazing. Being healthy and happy is hard work sometimes but far easier than getting sick or slipping back into addiction and pulling yourself up again

    So thank you for being you and sharing your heart with us,
    All my love Alison xxxx

  107. Thank you Gabby for emphasizing that addiction is not just something to associate with drugs and alcohol, since addiction can be to anything … fear, food, self-hatred, shame, doubt, gambling, shopping, sex, power, control, religion, etc. It’s all just different manifestations of the same seed. So thanks for raising the awareness about the many forms of addiction! <3

  108. Congratulations to 10 years Gabby! Thanks for mentioning addiction to fear; I definitely have a long time addiction mentality around fear of potential disasters around love and money that I am currently trying to face and work through. It helps to see that others have made it! All the best, Kristina

  109. Congratulations Gabby. I’ve been in recovery for 7 years and, like you, it has been an amazing journey. I still find myself addicted to life patterns. And when you made the comment…”I’m a sober woman on a spiritual journey” that
    just really hit me in a way that I can totally embrace. Thank you for your gift to me today and only good thoughts to you on your 10 year anniversary.

  110. Thank you for sharing Gabby you are a true inspiration and a great mentor. I think I need to get help myself for alcohol but am scared to admit this or not sure if I have addiction. How do you get yourself to AA or seeking help?

  111. Congratulations Gabby! I am so happy for you! Thank you for carrying the message of hope and recovery and for being a channel of love & light. Through having courage and sharing your story you have helped and inspired so many women! I have 14 months sober and there are miracles and spiritual awakenings that happen for me daily! It’s a different way of living for sure, and a more fulfilling one when I get to help others heal and get healthy also. I love you! 🙂

  112. You are truly an inspiration! I feel like we are all addicted to one thing or another, at one point in our lives or another. You give us hope, as well as tools to use to free ourselves from the chains that we’ve imprisoned ourselves with. I learn something new with every video/blog/post. You rock girl!!

  113. Recently, fear has crept in so thank you for sharing Gabby. I’m celebrating my beautiful life as a coach, I’m celebrating you and I’m sharing with my son, who is 2 years clean at 22!!!
    Peace & Love

  114. Dear Gabby!

    Congratulations!!!! So proud of you. You’re truly an inspiration.
    I’ve been spending the past couple days watching your lectures, videos and reading passages of the Spirit Junkie. And this video came in the perfect time.
    I’m dealing with the end of the perfect relationship. The one that I always dreamed of. The one that I asked God and put on my vision board. And I know that I attracted this now struggle because of my addiction to fear, fear of not be loved, fear of being abandoned and left alone. I know that with that fear based energy I transformed the perfect relationship into just one of my past relationships. And that brought up my addiction to feel guilty as well. I feel completely lost, wanna surrender to God and let go, but my ego is been screaming out loud. The truth is, I’m afraid that if I let go, I’ll lose him. I’m ready to let go of that addiction to fear and co-dependency that never served me, but I’m freaking out at the same and praying to some direction.



  115. Here’s what I know-after 18 months sober, I embrace that I have a thinking problem. I accept that I have a living problem. But I do have a solution. Learning how to do those things in a healthy and productive way has been the hardest but most rewarding journey. Sobriety has revolutionized my world. Sending you love, light, and peace. 10 years is just the beginning…

  116. You are a such a lovely lady. I read a chapter in one of your books about sending out the right signals to the universe and it really stuck with me and it made such a positive change in my life, and gave me the greatest gift I could ever have hoped for. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy for you that you are celebrating 10 years, you are an inspiration to anyone on a path to kick their addiction. xxx

  117. Congrats Gabby. Grateful for your guidance on my path to remove my addictions (fear, spending, food). Do have mishaps, but am keeping my message to self at forefront, and know someday I’ll have my 10 year anniversary


  118. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s very inspiring. I suffered from many years from addiction, I was anorexic. With the help of yoga and professional help I am now able to live a healthy life.
    With gratitude and love

  119. Lovely, wonderful Gabby,
    thank you for your touching connection to all of us.
    I am very moved by you and your work ! You are very inspirational and I am so inspired – my vision is absolutely clear today: changing the world by touching and loving others. Celebrate others by giving my full acceptance!
    Thank you so much,
    LOVE ILka

  120. Gabby,
    Congratulations on 10 years – wow what a miracle. I love you so much. You have changed my life. I just celebrated 9 months thank you God, it was divine intervention that a few days into my recovery back in December 2014 my mom saw a segment of yours on OWN and was like “you’ve got to check this chick out she is awesome”. In addition to working a program of recovery I incorporate the tools that you provide and teach I have read all of your books and Spirit Junkie did save my life. You made me feel okay to be sober, I was 26 when I entered recovery and looking at you I was like this is cool – she is young, beautiful, hip, it is cool to be sober. These past 9 months have been a beautiful journey. I am finding myself today not trusting as much in God’s plan for me and where I am at and see that I am still trying to control situations, any advice – what else can I do to let go and trust? You’re a rock star I love you Gabby thank you for carrying the message.


  121. I am four years in to my recovery from self destructive exercise and starvation. I am four years in to my journey of recovery back to truth, self love, compassion and the surrender of perfection and achievement.

    I want so desperately to share this new life, the beauty that comes form turning over success, joy and fulfillment to your IN-Power, your guide, your truth, your love, your GOD. I work as a teacher, leader in a small way but know I am called to do it bigger, praying for the guidance and support! You have provided so so so much light, inspiration and support. Sitting in stillness to learn my next step forward. Listening to the teachings of my students but unsure of how to activate on their calls.

    Thank you for being such a beacon, a lighthouse an angel.


    1. Hi Ali,

      Your post resonates with me deeply. Just wanted to also give you a gentle reminder (think of it as a wink from God) that being a teacher you are already changing the lives of your students. That is leading in a VERY big way. Those people are forever changed because of you. Your readiness for a bigger impact is good and true – know that a next step is on it’s way, and in the meantime, you are the greatest blessing in their lives 🙂


  122. I am four years in to my recovery from self destructive exercise and starvation. I am four years in to my journey of recovery back to truth, self love, compassion and the surrender of perfection and achievement.

    I want so desperately to share this new life, the beauty that comes form turning over success, joy and fulfillment to your IN-Power, your guide, your truth, your love, your GOD. I work as a teacher, leader in a small way but know I am called to do it bigger, praying for the guidance and support! You have provided so so so much light, inspiration and support. Sitting in stillness to learn my next step forward. Listening to the teachings of my students but unsure of how to activate on their calls.

    Thank you for being such a beacon, a lighthouse an angel.

    Sat Nam.


    1. Somehow my computer glitched and deleted the first part of my comment!

      AHH see below!

      Gabby –

      Thank you. Thank you for your compassion and strength, for your commitment to recovery. The biggest and most heartfelt congratulations! May you rest in the safety and security of love’s embrace for your work is the work of God and your recovery is a genuine commitment to miracles. It is simply stunning.

  123. Congrats on 10 years sober. I celebrate 5 years sober this week. I have and 8 week old baby that would never have been possible without getting clean and sober. I had a miscarriage last year and your books and vlog really helped me deal with that loss and not relapse. Thank you so much for the light and love you spread in the world. I have not been following you as much since I got pregnant but I think this vlog today was God’s way of telling me to get back into my spiritual path now! God Bless!

    1. congrats on 5! and the baby… I’m so glad the books served you. I will write about parenting at some point too… just gotta be a parent first:) BIG LOVE AND MIRACLES MY SOBER SISTER

  124. HI Gabby! First off, congratulations on 10 years sober.. that’s amazing. And you’re absolutely right–your commitment to your sobriety gives others the permission to stand in their light too. It really is wild how taking care of yourself can have such an impact on the world! My question is this: I’ve been trying for about a year to give up sugar…I’ll do great for 3 weeks, fall off into a wicked sugar binge for WEEKS and then crawl myself out of the trenches back onto the candida diet train. The candida diet is what I need to be on for health, but I get such mad sugar cravings even once the candida dies off. Sometimes I feel like I’ll be stuck in this addiction forever. And sometimes, I don’t even care being saying F*** IT and eating the entire supermarket is easier than using one of my coping tools. Ughhh..food seriously rocks my world. It’s all I can think about and I am seeking professional help but they say “healing takes time.” I can I give up sugar once and for all and be the badass spirit junkie I’m meant to be? Love you!

    1. I am addictet to sugar, as well. The last 2 years I was on & off sugar, currently I am happily sugar-clean and every walk to the supermarket is getting a little bit easer (because, yes, I need to resist that certain sweet area.).

      The information and recipes at http://www.iquitsugar.com helped me a lot during the last 2 years. Funnily, Gabby did their whole programme and I am really thinking about doing it too.

  125. Dearest Gabby,
    Congratulations Gabrielle I feel so very happy for you and tremendously peaceful with you. I was five when my father got sober (I have his permission to share this)and he has celebrated thirty four years of sobriety this past February. Until I was an adult I did not truly understand the dedication and unbelievable support that exists in the sober community,now it blows my mind the connection I see and how the intense vulnerability of getting and staying sober to do what we are meant to and that is support,connect with,and help each other. I am consistently amazed at the extremely varied back rounds of sober people coming together as my father has said for a long time he has friends in the program from jail to yale.

    I am a long time reader and supporter of yours Gabby and I deeply appreciate your work and deep well of kindness I have tears of joy as I write this! You did this Gabrielle and I am so glad to have the gift to read and listen to your generous sharing which I know has come with great discipline and dedication. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Love and golden hearts,Kara

    1. At around 2:20 in this video, right after you say that prayer after the word “truth” a flash of light comes through your window. Gabby I adore your energy and your inspiration! I look you up on youtube or find your videos in my emails whenever I deserve to feel uplifted. I am a work in progress, I feel lazy because I have not totally given my business and my meditation practice the time and effort I intent to be just don’t, no excuse really helps… but I do keep coming back and refreshing myself with your words. You are a light light light to me and to the world. Thank you!

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