How to Write a Book: My Interview on ‘The Business of Writing’ Podcast

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People often ask me how to write a book, and I’m excited to say I have the answer!

If you want to learn how to write and market your bestselling book, you’ll want in on my Bestseller Masterclass! In this digital course, I’ll give you the entire Gabby playbook for writing your entire book with joy and ease … and then sharing it with the world! Even I can’t believe all the secrets I spill in this course! Click here to learn more.


And, there’s more: I talked to Rachel Mazza and Laura Gale for their podcast The Business of Writing.

It was a great conversation! Here’s what we cover:

  • What I’ve learned from writing 7 books in 8 years
  • My process for starting a new book without hesitation
  • How I balance writing books, running a business and being a mom
  • How your book fits into your business plan
  • How to figure out what’s keeping you stuck so you can clear it
  • My advice for introverts when it comes to public speaking
  • How to listen to your intuition to make business decisions
  • How to share your authentic story without worrying about others’ opinions
  • My foolproof system for writing, publishing and marketing a bestselling book

If you want to write a book, don’t miss this conversation.

Listen to my interview on The Business of Writing podcast below, or click here for more ways to listen.

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