How to Talk to God

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Let me start today’s blog by acknowledging that the G-word can be a little loaded for some people. If you resonate more with terms like the Universe, angels, your ~ing, or anything else, just know that it’s all the same.

Got it?


Whatever terminology you use, there is an energy force within us and around us supporting us and guiding us. This energy force shows us what to do and what to say; it protects us.

The word or words you use to describe that force don’t really matter. What matters is that you have faith in it, that you acknowledge it and trust it.

When we actually OWN that truth, we can begin to get into conversation with God. And that conversation is simple. It’s just 3 steps, repeated daily:

1. You ask
2. You listen
3. You witness

Step 1 is asking, which you do through prayer. Praying doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. You just say thank you and offer up a request or an intention with gratitude. In doing so, you start a dialogue with God.

Sometimes I simply say, “Show me what to do.” Or I might ask, “What miracles should I perform today?”

Sometimes I say, “Thank you for revealing to me what it is I need to know.” Praying with the word “thank you” is very powerful because it implies that what you need is already done. Instead of exuding a desperate energy, you inhabit serenity and gratitude and sureness. Pray with the words “thank you” and see for yourself the impact it has.

Another powerful prayer is to pray for the highest good for ALL — instead of praying for what you think you need. When you pray for what you think you need, you start trying to control outcomes. When you pray for the highest good for all, you allow the Universe to do her thing and you can wait without anxiety.

Once you’ve prayed, the next step is to listen — and we do this through meditation. When we get still and come into a state of peace, we can allow the voice of love, the voice of God, the voice of wisdom, to move through us.

Meditation lets us slow down, get quiet, and get out of the way so that we can finally hear this voice. (You may even want to keep a notebook near you so that after you meditate you can jot down any insights or thoughts that may come through during your meditation.)

Finally, step 3 is to continue to witness. Let this conversation become a dialogue in your daily life. Allow and witness. Allow and wonder. Be in the presence of what is coming to you, and trust that what’s coming is in the right divine order.

When you follow these steps you clear away fear, doubt and limitation and live in a world of magnificence and freedom and support every single day. Being in conversation with God lets you trust in God.

Start this practice today. Get into it and enjoy it! Let the Universe support you. For more of this, pick up my book The Universe Has Your Back and co-create your life with the Universe.

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    For me, God is a loaded word. In the past, I’ve been a believer and then an atheist, but in my present self, I am a spiritual student seeking my truth and return to love. I am now ready to explore what exactly God, or the universe, or energy/spirit/soul/ or similar terminology mean to me. What I know is that I believe in an energy force in the universe supporting and guiding us. I am ready to open myself, have faith, and witness the miracles. Thank you for this post, and for being inclusive. Wahe Guru. Love and Light.

    xoxo Zoe

    1. Use whatever word and concept work for you. It truly doesn’t matter what you call a higher power or how you conceptualize it… what matters is that you connect. Love and light to you.

  2. Gabby,
    I’ve been listening to this book for months now. It’s always when I need to hear something and it’s always perfect.
    I was wondering if you would suggest a Sanskrit mantra or a prayer to say when praying for the highest good for all.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

  3. I love the book The Universe has your back. You have really helped me with my spiritual journey and getting clarity. I am know reading A Course in Miracles, (thanks to you) I think this has been what I have been looking for, for many years.
    Spirit Junkie is next !!

  4. Loved this post. How do you put out in the universe what it is you want (vision board, dreams, etc.) without praying for it or trying to manipulate the out come? I read about this some in your books, but am still struggling with this concept. Thanks Gabby!

  5. Thank you so much Gabby for your always amazing messages! Your spirit changed and saved my life! Thank you for sharing your incredible light with all of us! Already bought my tickets and so excited to see you on tour!


  6. Namaste *Gabby * love you & am awaiting with great anticipation for your book the Universe has Your Back *you simple rock & are a pillar of love & joy *blessings Marika

  7. Hi Gabby,

    Girl did I need this message today. I was in the middle of a PR crisis of sorts at work and feeling completely out of control. Laying on the floor in my bedroom trying to make sense of everything I was feeling, it came to me that I have been relying on my own understanding and not on God’s. I have been praying those needy, desperate prayers and then going out and trying to answer them myself. That’s probably why I’ve been feeling stuck lately. I said a simple prayer to learn how to trust and surrender and was reminded of your email this morning with this post in it.
    Sorry this was long but I had to say thank you for reminding me that God is listening, I just need to shut up and trust in him.

  8. This was a great blog post! I love how you shared the importance of gratitude while praying. I especially loved how you emphasized the words that you use can influence your energetic vibe. Thank you and Namaste!

  9. I very much wish that every discussion about God did not have to begin with a disclaimer. But that is the age we live in. But thanks, Gabby for having the courage to speak on the subjects of faith and prayer and thankfulness. Love you for it. Can’t wait for the book to come out. xoxo

  10. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for this nice blog.
    I have yet read your bookmakers Spirit Junkie in dutch. Owh I realy like it ❤
    I pray and mediate now for a week. I will take this blog for inspiration.
    Thank you!

    With Love

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