How to Take a Compliment

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Hi Spirit Junkies!
After a few days in London I recognized a pattern. It seems to be a common theme that Brits are uncomfortable taking compliments. In response to this realization I decided to vlog about it! In this video I offer tips for how to take a compliment and practice receiving.

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  1. Brilliant Gabby!! I have been battling this undercurrent culture for decades in Europe ( its not just a british phenomena ) Being able to give and receive complements and to shine, Is soo core & essential to developing & evolving and having a fabulous happy life. Unfortunetly the undercurrent of playing “me ( and you) down” creates a double edged sword situation.. building up unconscious resentment and conflicting feelings/ reactions which even effects overall social culture & environments. Creating Spaces that honors and rewards Self Acceptance, Love, and energizing each other on positive bites which generates high spirit energies, tolerance, initiatives , trust & love!! All that from learning to take & give compliments. 🙂 YaY!

  2. Such an important message!
    Beautiful lesson for a Monday morning…feels like London in NYC…ENJOY your time over there. You are such a gift and bright light!
    in gratitude-

  3. This is such an important message! It has taken me most of my life (I’m almost 31) to learn how to receive compliments without thinking the persons giving them weren’t looking for something in return. Now that I have healthier people in my life, I know the compliments they pay me are sincere, and I revel in them and the light and love they bring to my life.

    Thanks, Gabby! Safe travels! 🙂

  4. Hey there
    Was supposed to join u n joshua there
    I soooooooooooooo wanted to:(((((
    Maybe z universe will make it up to me?! 😉

  5. I am originally from the U.K and someone complimented me the other day on my beautiful energy and I smiled and said thank you, that is so nice to hear and then smiled inwardly at how far I have come in receiving compliments 😉

  6. Infinite and Eternal Blessings to ALL!
    This compliment-acceptance thingy is a real bitch once other races are involved and in giving other races their respect long-over due.
    One of many examples: i.e. (TCM and Ayurvedic medicine have been and are extremely useful, yet Western medicine can’t give due respect/give it any compliments but only refer to it as an aside as alternative medicine).

  7. This is such a great message, I love the reframe that if you deflect that response to your positive energy you deflect more good coming in. Powerful, and TRUTH! I used to have a hard time with compliments, especially about my body or physical appearance. Saying thank you and nothing more can feel awkward, but it becomes easier with time and really does heighten the positive energy in your life!

  8. Gabby,

    That was a great message and one of your more beautiful backdrops. I miss the old music, ya know that little jam of “I believe in miracles” at the beginning of each vlog 😉


  9. I love that you covered this topic, Gabby! I, too, find that accepting compliments wholeheartedly can be an awkward thing because we are so conditioned to think that we’re self-absorbed if we don’t deny our greatness. I agree with you; as uncomfortable as it may be, I am going to make a conscious effort to simply say, “Thank you.” Attracting more greatness into my life is far more important than the discomfort I may feel in these complimentary moments.

  10. It is amazing how it is sometimes difficult to accept a compliment. But in truth how delicious they are to receive.
    In accepting a compliment gracefully
    you acknowledge and honor the gift
    and also the effort of the person who has given it to you. Good vlogging. Thanks.

  11. Love this vlog, thank you Gabby. I definitely have been condition to reflect the compliments and at the same time minimize myself. The purpose to be humble about it, but I can see now how that can’t help me be open to the universe to receive more. I’m going to say thank you and smile from now on lol.

  12. I always used to deflect compliments and turn that positive energy into something negative. I’ve stopped doing that now, although it does take some effort. Speaking of compliments, thank you Gabby for coming to speak to us in Birmingham, UK. You (and Louise Hay) have sparked a spiritual journey in me and I am truly grateful.

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