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In this video I share my practical and spiritual tools for spreading a message. I believe that it is our responsibility to share our great work with the world. Learn how to release your fears, be unapologetic about your message and share it with pride.

For more on this topic check out my course God is My Publicist.

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  1. Thanks for your help Gabby! I greatly enjoyed the video. I have a question: My business is in Health and Wellness. I have breakthrough nutraceuticals that are helping people with a wide variety of health issues including: autism, alzheimers, ADD, MS, wrinkles, Parkinsons, weight loss, etc. Would this course help me to get the message out to people about this breakthrough science?


    1. Hey Charlotte … I’d love to know more about your nutraceuticals! Can you point me in the right direction?

      I agree, great video. Thanks so much, Gabby!

      Blessings, Charlotte, to you and your biz endeavors! May your good works shine. shine, shine!

      1. Hi Audrey

        Thank you for your interest and very encouraging words.

        The nutraceuticals that our company has are all natural and science based. With this technology every cell in our bodies are cleansed of damaging toxins that are linked to many diseases, therefore the cleansing helps with these diseases as well. For more information you can visit:

        Best Wlshes with all your endeavors
        love and light

    2. all matter of life connected or grows with enternal law of universe itself naturalizing to centralized the core-balance of mind, body n soul to universal-respond or to remain equally with natural-origin of universal purpose to live in peace n harmony with all existing-things in universe, so when this law is broken then things start goes against us, in short we all r enternally-union or connected with basic-law of universe, which maintains balance in each other function of life, or to naturalized the balanced-equation of life in universe, n to extent toward or grow-toward higher transformation level through spiritual purification or to enter in higher transformation- law, toward supreme-reality in the core of pure-form or to get supreme-union with heaven, to share the glorious heavenly divine-gift of paradise-life with supreme-infinity.

  2. G is my P and Finally Full are tied for my favorite Gabby info products, I’m so in love with them!!!! Amazing work, where your passion shines through!

  3. I love the idea of infusing love and your passion in all that you do. I do that before I send out each and every blog post. I once collaborated with a friend and we jointly infused love and intention in the video interview we do together, and it now has over 5,000 views.

  4. Thank you Gabby for this insight.
    I also did PR (studied it in South Africa) and now I am using my skills in my 3rd business where this time I have a message to share. I wish to create a movement amongst French entrepreneurs. 1er time in my life I feel that I am the vehicle to a strong empowering message and my wish is to heal them.

    What I love about what you said in this video is “love behind you message” and “be still”. I do have faith and I do find creative ways to be the messenger with writing my morning pages. For the last few weeks you talk about meditation in stillness. I think it is time for me to learn how to. It is hard as my thoughts keep going in and out. I need training πŸ™‚ May be you will teach how to meditate like this at your workshop in London.
    Thank you for your bright shiny light, you are needed.
    Best wishes

  5. Dear GB, What if you are waiting for your “media-Prince Charming” to come along a promote you? What if you just want to be the “creative artist” and hope that someone else will promote you? Is that realistic?
    Thank you for all of your passion and beautiful work that you do.
    xx MS

  6. Thanks for sharing Gabby! God makes no mistakes because This came at the perfect time- I’ve been wondering how to spread my message or my passion and by watching this video, I’ve realized what I’ve been doing wrong all this time… Instead of focusing on pushing my message down everyone’s throat, I need to just live my passion, live my message and it will be heard. So thank you again. Stay sweet.


  7. Thanks for posting about this Gabby! And also thanks for the discount on God is My Publicist! I ordered the DVD last night and I can’t wait to get into it! Looking forward to getting my message out to the world! πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve been receiving your emails for a while Gabby and I have to say I love how you’ve grown and come into your Self; you really shine a strength & confidence that is beautiful to see and feel.

    This video is right on topic for me as this is what I’ve been talking about with my team (and my coach): how can I take my message in a bigger way into the world…


  9. This topic really hits home for me. I have been trying to figure out what my message is and how to share it. I am a recovering addict and feel that helping others in some way with addiction might be what I am meant to do. But I deal with social anxiety at times and I feel scared to make that next move. I am working to release those fears but maybe I need to spend more time in stillness in hopes to get some answers. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for this post! I really enjoy each video and love that you talk about quite a wide range of issues. Be committed to the love behind the message… how fab that the best tactics are often also the simplest and most natural thing to do.

  11. I have always loved your messaging and this v-log really resonated with me. My message has always been tied to reinforcing the power of collective good through the events I plan and the life I lead but it was your video that made it feel even clearer. Thank you for that and feel the love!

  12. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks so much for this! As you say in the video, my message is not directly related to my profession or business, but I feel compelled to share with others what my yoga and mediation practice has done for my life. I really like your idea about not pushing and sharing with love. I am starting to see the benefits of using this “approach”, as people are starting to come to me and ask what I am doing in my life. Thanks for your inspiration!

    As you say “be the light”.
    Sat Nam,

  13. This is great! I find myself stressing ALOT & spending more of my time on PR work than doing the work I actually love doing. Being a singer/songwriter/motivational-speaker/radio-host/charity-worker/etc… I find myself all over the place! I feel as if I’m infusing my message of inspiration into each venture & I feel very fulfilled doing all of these but it’s difficult for me to know which one I should spend more time on promoting/ And am I confusing my audience??? Def going to meditate on acquiring clarity on this. Thank You πŸ™‚

  14. Great advice! Definitely very valuable. I used to get very frustrated because things weren’t moving along fast enough for me career wise (Ok, actually, all areas not just career ha) but now, I am trusting my instincts and finding things are flowing along much better! I now believe things will fall into place when they are meant to, I just follow my inner voice – as usual, thanks so much for the terrific advice. I’m a huge fan and your books are on the top of my Christmas wishlist;-) Take care.

  15. I think that the Holy Spirit has guided me to this, so I will get it, So many people need to know that there is hope and help. Is there any difference, aside from delivery system, between the online course and dvd/cd?

  16. Gabby, I feel you on that neediness note. I could sit here and talk about how I feel that from other people on the internet, but I’m going to be the first to admit that I’ve definitely come from that place at one point in time. I end up feeling devoid of any positive emotion, completely empty and inauthentic. When I let go of having to have that person’s or this person’s attention, I feel myself really move into a space that is more productive for myself and for others. Also, it’s simply more helpful and inspiring. Thank you!!

  17. Love this message! Being a Social media strategist/online marketing coach, it can be very scary to put yourself out there. I still experience fear and ego that try to get in my way. It all about where you are coming from and knowing that your message is bigger then you. As I tell myself and my clients: you are doing a disservice to the world if you don’t share your knowledge.

  18. Thanks Gabby, for this reminder! Ordered GIMP two weeks ago and love it! I’m so grateful that after my accident 1,5 years ago (I could hardly move for 3 months) my life has been so enriched by you and people like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marie Forleo Kris Carr and Mastin Kipp. My accident was a blessing to restart my path of life. It made me realize that my talents can be used in a positive way to serve the world. After that I only chose work (paid and unpaid) which made me happy, because with my happiness I can even serve the world better. And now it’s even so that I get more and more work and gigs, because people like my energy and the way that I ‘practice what I preach’. My marketing- & communication work for the cultural field, the arts and energetic healers is expanding and helping the world be a better and more beautiful place. Thanks again for all your wisdom and the availability of your wisdom through internet! Love from the Netherlands πŸ™‚

  19. oh I love this video, thank you Gabby!!! feels like you made this video especially for me πŸ™‚ I finally got the message about how to get your message out there. So excited and cant wait to fully committ!! Love from Hamburg, Germany

  20. quick question Gabby, is the online course of the same full content as the DVD? I’m ordering from Germany so because of shipping I might be better off with the online version. Just wanna make sure I still get the same content πŸ™‚ thanks!

  21. Thanks for this post, Gabby. A lot of what you talked about in this video are things that I’ve been reflecting upon in myself lately. When I initially started my business and I was trying to get coaching clients to just test things out I was definitely coming from that place of fear that you were talking about. Right now I’m starting to try to be more aware of it and simply go with the flow instead of “pushing” myself in any way.

    And yes, I also immediately delete messages and e-mails that people send me if I feel that “push” from them — no matter how good their product or service may be. It’s an interesting energetic boundary thing.

    Thanks again for the video!

    1. And that all being said, I feel like for me a lot of it is just timing. Taking the time to really write and to fully establish what I’m creating in order to really come from that place of love when trying to promote a new product or program.

  22. Great video, Gabby! A client of mine actually sent this to me. I’ve been wanting to get my brand my message out there more publicly, but something has held me back. Maybe it’s that worry of coming off as needy.
    So instead I’ve focused on sharing my message of love consistently and it’s definitely catching on! I know that as I keep sharing my writing, videos and programs it will manifest πŸ™‚

    Alexis Meads

  23. Pulled up this vlog just now and it was the perfect message.

    This was ironically just after I read an email from a business I recently gave a talk to where they (inadvertently) left their internal comment in the string of emails that said “I think she is getting too pushy.”

    Again, perfect message and timing for me today! Love when that happens.

    I am so passionate about what I do and how I transform lives and of course I don’t feel pushy and I do understand that people will gravitate toward me if it’s the right match up. I will look into your God is my publicist course.

    Thank you!

  24. Mmmmm. Thank you for this Gabby and the reminder that if I reach even one person, my job is done. It’s not about breadth of spreading my message, it’s about depth. I cannot control the outcomes of my actions, just the actions themselves. <3

  25. Gabby, I love you. Whenever I feel stressed by the chaos in my mind, your message never fails to calm me down and help me come back to my place of inner peace, love, and truth. THANK YOU. xoxo

  26. Hi Gabby! Just a quick thank you for your video. I love when the universe uses wonderful people to answer questions! I posted on Facebook last night for any info my friends could share on blogging. Up waaay too late tonight on twitter and literally stumbled onto thus video (don’t ask how i found this post lol! ) needless to say it provided me with a lot of info and insight not just into the blogging aspect but into letting my spirit continue to lead me, instead of trying to take over the reigns. Thank u again and be blessed

  27. Thank you for sharing Gabby! I love how fearless and inspiring you are in spreading your message and appreciate that you do so.
    I love this video and that I just ‘happened’ upon it. I was wondering about this very subject earlier today. I LOVE it when that happens.

    Much Love and Gratitude!

  28. “If you share with love it will be loved.” This was just what I needed to hear as I start up my wellness blog. I do believe that when you infuse love into whatever you do, people notice and light up to that. I am always so inspired by others who seem to adore what they’re doing. Thanks for the wonderful message!

  29. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for this. I need to work on this!
    I’m interested to know how you combine ‘spreading your message fearlessly’ and another message you’ve mentioned ‘take your turban off & shut up!’ <- hope I got that one right!
    Is 'taking your turban off' more to do with talking about these things in your personal life?
    Monika x

  30. Hi gabby
    I love your messages,
    Please could you send me the meditations for the god is my publicist DVD/CDs I can’t find it on you tube?
    Thank you
    Lucy xx

  31. I just look up to you so much. I really need your help. I have a message to the world called The B-Well Revolution. I want to change the world on what people perseve what health and wellness looks like. I want to change the world in the health and wellness field. I want to empower women to recognize they are perfect just they way they are and how to reach their goals. Their goals can be weight frustration to just being unhappy in their life. This all came to me when I was 100% bedridden. I have been sitting on this for eight years. Now with a two year old I am feeling deflated. I am in debit trying to get this message across. I am trying not to force anything but I am also not getting my message out there. I hear so many women who need me who talk about this subject eveyday. I have no idea how to market and brand myself and so little money to do so. Any advice for me?

    1. Start small and start where you are. You can begin with a blog and maybe stick to one social media outlet to promote it (Insta, FB etc) Have a look at what other people are doing within your desired field just for inspiration, not to get overwhelmed. Ground yourself with daily meditation/prayer to help you remember who you’re serving and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your message will reach those who need it because your intention is to serve. Check out this video I did a while back. I think it may serve you
      big love,
      g xo

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