How to Protect Your Energy

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Ever feel really drained after spending time with someone? Almost like they stole your energy? If you’ve had this type of encounter it’s likely you’ve come across an energy vampire. These folks are people who often without realizing it, have the capacity to take your positive energy and leave a negative energy imprint on you.

I know this must sound super trippy but it’s really important to understand. Everyone is energy and as we flow through life we can easily pick up what other people are puttin out! And it’s also easy for others to lift our good vibes.

In this video I interview my dear friend, Rebecca Rosen, a psychic medium and author of the new book Awaken the Spirit Within. Watch this interview and learn how to protect your own energy.

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  1. Wow what a sign as Rebecca would say. I have been on the spiritual wagon for years or so I thought. 5 yrs ago my adult daughter was misdiagnosed … she has a very rare disease and rendered blind. I would spend the next 4.5 years taking her to doctors, legal tape, etc. On Christmas Eve 2016 I was gifted both “awaking the spirit” and “the universe has your back”. I read them both in a manner of two days”. Both of you confirmed my beliefs as well as giving me new tools. No coincidence … I am very Grateful.

    1. I’m so happy that these tools found you when you needed them! Keep following the spiritual path 🙂 So much love to you and your daughter xo

  2. This video helped me within seconds. I feel much better and I can move forward with my day. I think this apartment that I live in has so much history that when I’m in here for a long period of time it starts to pull me down. I refuse to let the negative energy take over. Thanks for your lovely advice.

  3. Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. after watching this- I have “goose bumps” and can’t stop smiling.
    Thanks so much for all you do & for sharing your positive energy.

  5. So so true! When I encounter someone who is bringing me down, I pretend I have a magic shield that bounces their energy away from me and up into the sky, where it dissipates and can no longer hurt anyone. For emotional people (like myself) it is crucial to do this, because it’s so easy to get sucked in. Thank you for another great post Gabby!


  6. Miracles are more and more apparent every day of my life. The day this came out and I saw it, couldn’t have been more perfect timing (kind of like the books falling off the shelves). I had just set some major boundaries with a friend who was dependent upon me and was sucking my energy. This really helped me recenter myself when just cutting cords wasn’t working. Thank you so much for this technique. Another great tool to add!

  7. Gabby, I saw you on Saturday night at Golden Bridge. I love your energy and your work. I am working on Marianne Williamson’s campaign now. Thank you for introducing me to her and her work. I am on my miracle journey now and have been for a couple of years. I continue to struggle with my child who suffers from mental illness and has incredibly explosive episodes multiple times per day. Part of it is just his temperament and part is from psychological, emotional and recently physical abuse from his father. I try every day to forgive and release his father, but I am having trouble cutting the cord. I also continue to struggle with my son’s dark energy. I really would love if you knew what I could do or where I could look for help sharing my light with him, rather than getting sucked into his dark energy. I am absolutely exhausted. I have a vision of sharing my light energy and love with the world, but struggle with being stuck in the darkness.

  8. Thank you SO much for sharing this. I love the idea of the vacuum . Can’t believe how much light you & those around you have brought me. Peace & Grace to you Gabrielle.

  9. Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much I needed a simple visual meditation like this to refocus and be who I want to be in my day. I will definitely be incorporating this into my morning routine!

  10. Thank you so much for this! I work very closely with people in my day to day life, and I often feel zapped by the end of the day. I can definitely use these tips to maintain my own space!

  11. Hi!
    It’s been a long time that i’m thinking about following you, i mean, i would love to work like you but in my small country (Portugal) but i know i have to work hard… since i was 15 years old (now i’m 36) i wanted to motivate people, talk to them, teaching them how to embrace life and so on but others things took me to the other way… i suffered a lot, my life was in a bad way, i made bad decisions, i lost almost everything… but i’m here, because of you, that’s my true mission and i must do this… the problem is… i don’t know where to start… i see the light but people around are so difficult and nobody im my country doesnt have the same knowledge as yours.
    Can you help me? i need to get people to reach the line universe and be okay with themselves! i also want to learn how to meditate and yoga. let the spirit be free, that´s my new way of living.

    Love ya all sisters!

  12. This was timely. I have written before about my son Noah. He is 17 and lives with bipolar, aspergers and tourrettes. He is extremely gifted spiritually but he doesn’t want to do the work to learn how to be in the light and stay there. He drains me terribly. I have worked on separating from him but he gets me so frustrated with his arguing and that just sucks the life out of me. How do I replenish quickly after a goround with him?

  13. Thanks to you, Rebecca, and the light! What a powerful reminder to preserve, protect, uplift, Get the negative vibes out and sparkle and shine. I’ve forgotten how precious I am and my energy. Thanks to you and your service to us all, I am stepping back into my light. It brings me tingles and joy. Namaste and sparkle on! Kisses, Dawna

  14. Ahhh! I love this! To clear my energy, in the mornings and at night, i imagine a big dumpster or garbage can, and I fill the can with unserving energy that has built up inside of me…over active mind, resentments, fear AND other peoples’ energy, or “hitchhikers.” I throw it all away… And I ask the angels to take the dumpster, throw some fairy dust on it to dissolve it into love and sprinkle that love lit fairy dust back down on the world. Then I fill myself back up with love & light. I coat my exterior with a magnificent gold and silver lining or blanket and I place mirrors all around me to reflect the unserving energy away from me.
    Thank you for your message & for sharing your beautiful energy! Gabby, one day I hope to be doing a vlog or joining you on stage somewhere! Love & Light!

  15. I loved this video. And now I command that I be filled with the Holy Spirit now and shine light on this dark world. And so it is. 🙂 Thanks for shining your lights ladies and for bringing this message to us.

  16. Thank you for this, I work with a woman who has extremely toxic energy and I have to be in an office with her 5 days a week. I frequently feel worn out by this and when it’s really bad I get stomach pains and headaches. I will definitely be trying these tips.

  17. Interesting stuff. I’m an empath and a visiting nurse. The stuff I feel is intense, heavy and dark sometimes. Tools like these are a necessity for me.

  18. Gabby – do you suggest the same kind of tools when you identify that it’s you carrying the negative energy? I know, specially when I’m at work, I’m so grumpy. I’m working on that (need to quit that job!!), but when I know I’m in that head space (energy space), will a five minute “vacuum” be the best option?

  19. Thank you! I SO needed this today. Dealt with a number of emotional vampires over the last few days. Incredibly helpful!

  20. perfect omg just exactly what i have been working with these past few weeks!!! Well on going but moreso recently as I come more into my power – its strong this light!!! people always want some of it, so just knowing when to protect thyself if energy is a bit funky 😉
    love this xx thank you xx

  21. I’ve been doing the vacuum trick nightly for years now (though I go much slower). It’s good stuff. When you go slowly, you can actually see the dark goop being sucked up.

  22. Thank you so SO much Gabby and Rebecca! I really am curious though, how do I ward off negative energy and bad vibes from coworkers. I live in a cubicle 5 days a week and am constantly surrounded by VERY negative toxic women. I get the feeling that I have to alway watch my back because I have had a coworker try to cut me down a couple of times now. How do I ward off her bad energy when I’m STUCK in my cubile and can’t get away?
    Help please

  23. I also believe, that being around the right people the positive energy can feed you! That you feel alive, And rested like you slept for a long time.

  24. So basic- yet so powerful! Gabby, I also do what you do- I ask that the negative energy leave me and bring in positive energy immediately. I also bless my home with holy water, as the Catholic priests do to keep the home with positive energy. You just confirmed I was on the right track! Thanks so much. In addition to Rebecca’s comment on discomfort, when that person asks me to meet up, I just don’t and I remove them from my energetic circle – why waste time in people who will attempt to bring one down. Even though the first human instinct is ‘did I offend them’ – on the contrary, what should be thought first is ‘did I take care of myself and my energy’. Took a while to learn, but now I do not hesitate to look out for my energy first.

    1. I would love to rid these negative people from my life but I always feel like I need to try to forgive them. So when I meet up with them again, all forgiven and what not, they still give me negative energy and still remain in my life even though I just don’t want them there.

  25. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this wonderful video. Sending across lot of love from India!

    I wanted to purchase an audiobook of your album medidating that I can just download and listen to. I cannot find this download for India. Please help me with the links.

    Warm Regards,

  26. Lovely! Thank you for this. Needed it today. Ran into some un-fun energy yesterday on the Subway and think it was still hanging out with me. Going to do some extra meditations and practices to restart my day 🙂 So much love! Kelsey

  27. Gab,
    This is perfect! I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years a couple of months ago and whenever I run into him or talk to him, he makes my energy level and self-confidence go way down in the dumps. I am so excited to have these tools as I am ready to live a life without being co-dependent on him!

    I was wondering, if you don’t mind answering, but is it healthy to pray for him despite the verbal abuse I have received from him since breaking up? I find that whenever I pray for him, I end up loosing my sense of the whole “eff you” attitude and I continue to tolerate his crap. Is there a way to pray for his well-being without being sucked into a really crappy situation again?


    1. It also be a good idea to cut any negative chords of attachment to him, and you can pray to release him into the white light, and before cutting any chords, imagine white bubbles around each of you and you can also call upon Archangel Michael to help you with cutting the chords.

  28. omg my mom has to go back to Jury Duty tomorrow and she was just talking to me about how she was dreading it and I was trying to explain to her to zip herself into a golden egg while she’s there! This is perfect to send!

    Love you!! Have an amazing week!

  29. Wow. The vacuum just cleaned me right up. The kids reference was completely synchronistic. I just decided to incorporate a small meditation before my cooking with kids classes. Kids are THE most powerful healers on earth. Well they run a close 2nd to pets. Melty yummy goodness Universes. You served that one on a platter for me 🙂

    1. Rachel, I never even considered working on my cat’s energy. He’s such a grumpy, anxious guy sometimes and it really affects me too. I just had a little a-ha moment! Thank you!

  30. oh my god!!! I’m always full of bad and black energy, even by black magic from envy people and this will take bad energy away and bring me positive thoughts and feelings! i really need to clean my house because of heavy environment and i’ll certainly try this!

    Love you all sisters! Kiss from Portugal!

  31. I just saw you for the first time last night at Golden Bridge, and you radiated positive energy! I didn’t get a chance to stay after and meet you, but you were amazing to experience in person!!! Thanks for elevating my spirit and the spirit of everyone else in the room!!!! Expecting Miracles Now!!!

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