How to Overcome Extreme Challenges and Uncover Deep Resilience with Ed Mylett

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Get ready for an inspiring lesson in resilience! I recently had an awesome conversation with a new friend (we literally met for the first time on his podcast).

You know those conversations that go deep fast? The type of convo that feels so connected as if you’ve known each other for years? Well, that happened in my recent interview on Ed Mylett’s podcast. This conversation blew me away! 

Before he interviewed me, Ed Mylett had read my new book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace Days, cover-to-cover. From the moment I saw him on Zoom, I felt an instant connection with Ed. 

That deeply connected feeling led to a conversation that stunned us both. I am so glad we went as deep as we did, and that we recorded it all! 

Deep Resilience

I truly believe that anyone who listens to this conversation will walk away changed. You will:

  • Uncover a deep sense of hope for a brighter future, realizing that you are not alone in your struggles
  • See the path to more resilience and peace, no matter what your background is 
  • Connect to a deep sense of appreciation of yourself, and the obstacles you’ve overcome (no matter what you’ve been through in life, trust that you’ve overcome a lot—and Ed Mylett and I will help you see that!) 
  • Realize just how powerful you are…ESPECIALLY if you’re feeling vulnerable right now
  • AND—as if this interview wasn’t spiritual enough— the most incredible thing happened at the very end. Ed Mylett’s spirit guide swooped in (seriously!) to share a message that brought tears to both of our eyes.

If you enjoyed my conversation with Ed Mylett, you will love the tools and techniques for resilience that I share in my latest book, Happy Days

The Journey to Inner Peace

It’s my promise to you that this book will show you that you are far more resilient than you think. No matter what you’ve faced in life, you can find happy days ahead. 

Here’s a passage from the book:

“The journey toward true inner peace [and resilience] begins with the willingness to hold a vision for a new way of living. No matter how much you’ve struggled or suffered, you have the power to hold a vision for a better life.

When we claim that vision, we open an invisible door to receive spiritual support and intuitive guidance to help us manifest the change we desire. We begin the journey of undoing the fears from our past so that we can claim love, peace, and freedom in the present. Undoing is the operative word. Deep within all of us is a loving truth, but we’ve built up walls against it. Undoing the patterns, thought forms, and programming we were brought up to believe is what’s required to return to the truth of who we are.

There’s nothing “out there” that can give us that love; it’s already within us. We must dismantle the fear, trauma, and patterns that keep us stuck in the belief that peace is unattainable. Peace and love are who we are; we just forgot. I’m here to remind you that it’s safe to reclaim that love and affirm that you are ready to live with more inner peace and freedom than you’ve ever thought possible.”—Happy Days, Chapter 1

Continue Reading Happy Days Here

If you’re tired of waking up every day with anxiety…

And you no longer want to carry the burden of fear or regret..

If you’re ready to feel peaceful and free then Happy Days is the book for you. 

Happy Days is here to help you reclaim the power and love of who you truly are. 

Spiritual Lessons

In this book, I share:

  • Spiritual and therapeutic tools to help you break free from whatever’s holding you back (including exercises you can do anywhere, in a minute or less) 
  • Prayers and meditations to help you feel calm, centered and supported (some of my most soothing meditations EVER are in this book) 
  • 9 transformational, yet untapped, techniques for serenity and genuine happiness—from ways to reparent yourself to bodywork practices for freeing the stuck energy of past trauma

Get your copy of Happy Days now.

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