How to Manifest

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Note: I updated this post in July 2019 for greater clarity and additional resources.

Let’s talk about how to manifest!

The key to manifesting your desires is to connect to the feelings behind your desires.

You can watch this video and keep reading for my guidance on true manifesting.

How to manifest your desires

Manifesting isn’t about ‘getting’

Many people come to me and ask questions like, “How do I get that man?” or “How do land that dream job?” or “How do I make the money I want?”

But manifesting isn’t about “getting.” It’s about allowing and receiving. Instead of controlling and trying to interfere in the natural order, you learn to tap into the presence within you that believes in your abundance, health, romance and everything else you desire.

Become a magnet for what you desire

When we start to pay attention to the guidance that is all around us, we can know the Universe is supporting us. The next step is to cultivate our inner presence and start to work with our energy so we can become a magnet for what we desire.

When people ask me about how to manifest, I emphasize that manifesting is not about playing magic tricks with the Universe. A lot of times people want to manifest things and they think that they can write it down enough times or if they put it on their vision board, that that’s enough.

Doing these things is great, because they give you clarity. But there is something much more powerful about tapping into that presence within you that knows and feels exactly what you desire.

Cultivate the feeling you want

My energy creates my reality. What I focus on is what I will manifest. | Gabby Bernstein | The #1 key to manifestingI’ve talked many times about the different times in my life when I was single and I’d walk through the streets of New York, just feeling the presence of romance come over me, feeling as though my partner were holding my hand, feeling in love.

When my first book was published, rather than just saying a thousand times “I need to have this book be a success” or “This book has to be read by millions of people,” I sat in my meditation and envisioned all of the beautiful young women, all of the ~ing girls coming to this book, knowing that they needed this and awakening to the work.

I’ve done the same with Spirit Junkie, just cultivating the feeling of serving others. Feeling the feeling of what it’s like to be in love. Feeling the feeling of abundance.

When you tap into the love energy within you, you’re attracting what you need so you can receive what you desire.

  • Feel abundant if you want abundance.
  • Feel love and romance if you want more romance in your life.
  • If you want to make an imprint on the world, feel the connection to service.

I’m going to repeat that. Feel the connection to service if you want to make an imprint on the world. Know that there’s something you’re here to do, something you’re here to share and say.

When you connect to that place, then you feel better, you flow more and you are backed with so much divine guidance!

Meditate on the feeling you want

To cultivate the feelings you want, you can sit in meditation and allow your mind to just guide you. Allow your inner teacher, your ~ing, to come forward and lead your thoughts to that presence of love.

Once you think your way into love, allow yourself to really feel that love. Let it take you over. Because when you feel it, you attract more of it toward you. This is how to manifest.

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