How to Manifest

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In this week’s Spirit Junkie vlog I riff on manifestat~ing. The key to manifesting your desires is to tap into your love energy and inspiration. Energy attracts like energy. Therefore if you feel the feelings of romantic love you’re attracting romance towards you — or if you feel abundant then you’re attracting more abundance. In this video I guide you to connect to the feelings behind your desires.

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  1. What a great way to start the week! So many people have vision boards, affirmations on their mirrors and reminders on their phones but like you said if you don’t feel the feeling too it’s like watching a scary movie knowing that its just movie and isn’t real. <3

  2. Morning Gabby!! This is your best Vlog yet!! I was talking to a few friends yesterday about goals in life and i said “don’t say I wonder if it’ll happen. Envision it happening and it will!” but of course this vlog explains exactly what I meant! Ill pass this along! Thanks for sharing…wish I could be in NYC this Friday. I’ll be there in spirit! 😉 xoxo

  3. Beautiful Gabby… We always need to create what it is we want internally before it will manifest externally…
    This video has also helped me to realign my focus regarding my own work – that I am here to be of service to those suffering with an eating disorder and i really need to take the time to get in touch with that attitude of service and not just the technicalities of my website, videos, etc etc… once you tap that source, the rest flows effortlessly.
    Love, abundance + freedom

  4. Wow! Amazing Gabby! 🙂 I realy felt your love pouring from you through the screen then – as I’m already so hooked up to the flow today and have definately got my -ing on I think I felt it even more! Woop Woop! I got goose pimples and such an emotion in my heart and solar plexus chakras watching this vlog, that I felt like crying (with overwhelming happiness!). I will for sure focus my energy and feel it for what I desire for my greater good! Already today I have had little miracles as I have totally had a shift in perception over my exboyfriend and other peope that I have had past problems with. I have successfully forgiven and released them – I feel light and free!!!! This is all thanks to you and your creative loving way of putting these insights out…..very infectious and vib-ing!

    Love and Light………

  5. I have been trying this for almost a year to feel the postitve spirit by tapping into the energy inwith myself that is given to me from God. It is so wonderful how people are drawn to me by just my smile and eyes. They feel the excitement and feel a connection with me. Your words would be my words to others too. It is so nice to hear your words to say yes to people and life….

  6. Great message, Gabby! The ‘how’ of achieving love, success, abundance, etc. truly trips us up sometimes. It’s necessary to have reminders that the ‘how’ will be attracted when we believe, feel and visualize from within!

  7. I just wanted to share a miracle that happened to me today. I just started reading Spirit Junkie a week ago and discovered your website and message. I was so moved that I immediately bought your first book as well and completed it within a day. It was like everything you said made perfect sense for my life and was just what I needed to help calm my active ego. I immediately starting applying your principles, about letting go of my fears and allowing love and my –ing to guide me. One thing I kept saying to myself, in my daily mantra’s, was “I am committed to love and miracles. I am in the flow”. This was really helping me to relax and bring a lot of joy to my day. Today is my birthday and when I came into work, my boss said she had a gift for me. When I opened it, it was a small fountain for my desk, and she said it was so that the sound of the running water could calm and center me. When I opened the box and set up the fountain, I saw that the message on it, which I will now look at every day, says “Let Love Flow”. Now I know that after a week of letting my –ing guide me, I am already seeing miracles. Thank you for your message and for helping to calm my thoughts and my life. I am now letting love guide me and have never been happier.

  8. Thank you Gabby. I first saw your blog on The Daily Love. I just wanted to thank you for your uplifting messages as well as wisdom about service. Bless you

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