How to Make Your Spiritual Practice a Priority

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Hey Spirit Junkies!

Staying committed to a spiritual path can feel daunting at times. The outside world gives us so many opportunities to avoid going inward. Work obligations, family responsibilities, and the never-ending to-do lists keep us from our path of personal growth. But what we forget is that no matter how hectic our lives may seem, it’s our spiritual path that guides the way.

In Twelve step communities they say, “anything you put before your recovery you will lose.” I believe the same goes for our spiritual practice. If we put romance, money, achievements or other goals before our spiritual development then we will always fall short. I see this happen time and time again. I’ve witnessed countless coaching clients, readers and audience members complain that when things got good in their life their spiritual practice took a back seat, which ultimately led them to crash and burn. I too have experienced this type of detour. What I’ve come to learn is, when life gets good, work your spiritual practice even more.

In this video I offer guidance on how to make your spiritual path a priority, especially when things get good.

The #1 way to stay committed to your path is through daily guidance and resources.

I’ve found that the more consistent I am with my practice the more I actually practice. Throughout my journey, having regular access to the guidance I love most has helped me stay on course. My intention is to help you do the same. I want to crack you open to your own spiritual path and help you stay on it. It is with this desire that I created a monthly miracle subscription called the Miracle Membership.

The Miracle Membership makes it incredibly easy and fun to stay consistent with your spiritual practice — so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day.

As a Miracle Member, each month you’ll get a bunch of amazing stuff:

  • One never-before-heard podcast in which I’ll riff on new messages that I haven’t addressed before. In addition, I’ll feature leading experts in the fields of personal growth, health and spirituality. In each podcast I’ll give you transformational take-home tips and exercises. This guidance will lead you to experience freedom, joy and synchronicity in every area of your life.
  • A totally new guided meditation audio download that will help you release anxiety and stress to experience peace and grace in your life.
  • An archived lecture audio download or HD streaming video from my massive collection of favorites. These lectures will help you bring a miracle mindset into all areas of your life ranging from finance to romance to body image.
  • A gorgeously designed Monthly Miracle Mantra that you can post to your vision board, share on social media and turn to whenever you need to center yourself.
  • As a member you also get 50% off most of my digital courses, a community forum and more!!!

And it gets even better…

When you become a Miracle Member, you lock in an amazing bonus AND you’ll get brand-new content right away!

This bonus is really special. I’m hosting a live workshop in NYC & on Livestream video Saturday, Feb. 11, called How to Live a Miraculous Life. This event is valued at $200, but you’ll get FREE access as a member!

Here’s what you can expect…

  • I’ll teach powerful methods for manifesting the life you truly want.
  • I’ll share life-changing practices you can use to clear stress and boost your immune system.

You’ll learn how to transform difficult situations into miracles!
Enrollment is only open for a few days. Never fall off your spiritual path again!

Join the Miracle Membership today.

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  1. Hi, Gabby. I saw on your Instagram that you’ve made a deck of cards. Wow, I’m so excited. ? Will you do a video showing that deck, talking about it and how to use it, etc.?

    1. Gabs! I would also love to get my hand on a deck of your cards! Those a great tools for therapy for myself and others! Can you include it also in your monthly updates? I am sooo excited to take this journey with you!

      <3 Love and Joy! ~Dee

  2. Thank you for being the light and for holding up a mirror so we can see ours. My your kindness be returned to you in perfect and harmonious ways XO

  3. I love the word container and it’s implication. It didn’t go unnoticed that you used it several times. What a great word to contemplate and invite! Congrats on your new program and thank you for your light and message.
    With love and gratitude –

  4. I love my Get More Gabby subscription! My mom and I love watching your seminars and getting more meditations. You have inspired both of us so much on our paths.

    Hearing this week’s video really struck me in terms of my yoga practice. I am preparing to become a certified yoga instructor in September and I have this tendency to think I’m never ready. And I have this horrible fear that I’ll be the worst in the class or that I’m just not good enough. But, by coming back to the basics and truly tuning into my practice on the mat and on the meditation pillow I understand that that fear is my ego and it’s the illusion of separation. I’m already ready because I’m already where I want to be, I just need to surrender, be willing, and really open my eyes to the light that I am and that I have all around me.

    You are such a light, Gabby. Thank you for your message! Have a great week! xo

  5. I’ve been using Miracles Now as my daily spiritual reminder-book! even when I’m in the flow, I’ve made a daily practice of always opening the book at random as a quick reminder of a spiritual lesson/tool 🙂

  6. Thank you for coming to London Gabby ! Your talk was an inspiration and i was very much in the flow and being the light when i left! After 20 years of reading self-help books and working on myself i finally feel, in finding your teachings, a way that resonates with me completely (and obviously so many others feel the same). You make it clear, achievable and fun and the fact you curse in your lectures just made me love you even more !! Carry on doing what you’re doing because you’re doing it right !! Satnam

    1. ahhh sarah, thank you for sharing this experience. i truly enjoyed every minute of my time with you in London. xoxo

  7. Hello Gabby,
    I was wondering how you manage to combine all the techniques that you found in the last yeasr into a coherent, consistent practice? I know you love kundalini yoga, but I saw a video of you recently where you are now and adept of TM. And you seem to have other tools. It is all good I am sure, but to me, in this ADHD age, it gets easily confusing and overwhelming. I have bee, practicing yoga consistently for the past 17 years and this forms the backbone of my practice but now I am ready to deepen it more with a consistent other practice, be it kundalini meditations or other. I have used EFT as well at times. But I don’t want to be shopping around too much as in the end it ends up distracting me more than anything else, and I end up doing nothing. Your ideas/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  8. I love Get More Gabby! I had my boyfriend get this for me as a X-Mas gift. Such an incredible resource. Keep spreading your word my friend!
    If anyone is considering doing the Spirit Junkie Masterclass training… DO IT! I just completed Level 2 as well and they were both INCREDIBLE!
    Have a rockin week!
    Sat Nam

  9. Thank you, Gabby! I needed this. I’m currently enrolled in kundalini yoga teacher training and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but am also constantly inspired by you and other teachings I follow. I realize now that I need to allow kundalini yoga teacher training to be my container and to focus on my personal sadhana. I struggle with whether or not I should meditate, in addition to my morning sadhana, when I feel like I don’t have much spare time as it is — and want to get enough sleep. What are your thoughts on this? Did you keep up with your TM meditation and morning sadhana when you went through teacher training?

    Thank you again!

  10. Divine most highest Spiritual blessings of gratitude, love, light, peace, prosperity, freedom, oneness, total well being, and ascension to you Gabby and ALL, infinitely/eternally, NOW, easily/effortlessly.

    Btw, one’s Spiritual path priority is like one’s commitment to a serious workout program. The more consistent one stays with it, the more one will see how the progress made/benefits, to keep one wanting to stick with it/continue improving/fine tuning.

  11. Thanks ! Gonna go check out get more gabby again. It sounds like it would b helpful. I have been struggling with my new practice of TM. I have a 6 month old (that doesn’t sleep well at night!) and a 3 year old. I’m constantly trying to find time for other practices But it feels great to know the next right step will come. .

  12. I LOVE my Get More Gabby subscription! My hubby bought it for my as a Christmas gift…best gift ever!!!

    He bought it for me because like you talked about in the beginning of this video I was in overwhelm with so much inspiration that it lead me to inaction which had me feeling sad and then even worse beating myself up about not doing any of it. It wasn’t until I was watching the “Summer of Miracles” archived lecture of this month when you talked about the “guilt cycle” and it wasn’t until that moment that I realized that I have been spending less and less time in the that cycle since dedicating to the Get More Gabby teachings and just letting the rest fall away for now. This is such a gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  13. Hey Gabby,
    I recently discussed manifesting, signs from the universe and synchronicities with someone, and their response was “not everyone can have what they want because if they could, the whole world would be manifesting, so it’s unlikely you’ll get what you want even though you’re witnessing these synchronicities”. Despite the fact it seems to be working for me, (met the man just patiently waiting for things to move along! Haha) How would you respond to that kind of comment? With love, Ashley x

    1. we all have the power to co-create with the universe. we just need to tune into the energy of joy and love and the rest will be taken care of…

  14. I love this video. Your word same my mind when my brother ask me how to going on. His feel very weakness, lack of believe in things and himself. I suggest him choose to do something he love, can advantage with his best. Focus master one thing at this time until done it, he can move to next thing. Thank for share great video.

  15. Hi there Gabby!

    Commenting all the way from Melbourne!

    I just want to start with thanking you for all that you do, I have been following, listening to and reading your work for about 3 years now. Your most recent work is by far your best, your so deeply connected to it and are more authentic than ever, it’s touching and so deeply inspiring! Your speaking to my soul more than ever.

    I’m in the middle of a writing exercise and came to realise that I (and I am sure many others) get caught up in the synchronicity or the divine encounters thinking that we know why they are here. I know I am having a hard time breaking this, we always need to feel a sense of control. An example, I have been single for some time and working my ass of on medidating, and called in a partner when I was ready. So instantly I’m labeling him as the “one to dig up all my shit” which he certainly is.. However Divine may have a different lesson for me, but I’m latched into the labeling. I know this is common for almost everyone on the path.

    Letting go and letting the manifestation take place is one thing, but accepting that we don’t actually know the divine reason for the encounter is another.. Or do we, we just get in the way?

    I would LOVE for you to do a vlog or talk on this!

    Lots of love

    Sam x

  16. This couldn’t have come in a better time! Thank you so much for helping me get clear on this as I was holding myself back in a major way. Much love from Switzerland / Karin

  17. Hi Gabby
    Im currently on day 39 of May Cause Miracles. My evening exercise is to write a letter of gratitude. I feel the one person I should write to is you. I am so extremley grateful to have found you and read this book. It has been life changing! I used to suffer from severe anxiety attacks and I can now calm myself and bring my focus back to me. In a June I will become a childrens yoga instructor which I always wanted to do but my ego didnt let me, but now thanks to you I know its ways and how to not take notice of them. Thank you again so much you have literally given me my life back!!!
    Manchester England

  18. Hi Gabby!

    just wanted to thank your for your article/interview with David Lynch on the benefits of Transcendentale meditation. I read Norman E Rosenthal’s book Transcendence and I surely had an awakening. I contacted a MT center in montreal, where I live, I met with a trainer and OMG wow! what a divine experience! I’m starting my 4-day initiation training on saturday and I can’t wait! I think this will change my life, lower my anixety and just bring a lot more calmness and joy to my life! Thanks again!

    Update: I’m on day 3 of initiation, OMG absolutely an experience out of this world! wow! I don’t know what to say! After the first initiation meditation, the strongest one I felt actually (feeling sucked in by my mentor’s energetic field) I actually felt my brain slow down, and my whole entire body slow down as well, such an amazing feeling! And I think and hope my experience will keep getting better and better with time! Thanks again so much!

    Melanie Ferland

  19. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for your work, your light and for guidning me through my darkest hours. I’ve hit rock bottom, my ex left me, my family turned against me, my friends disappeared. It feels like I’ve always struggled to get up and like life has kept knockning me down. I realise that it’s my choise to percive the world like this, hard and unloving, and I’m chosing something else for me now.
    It’s saturday night where I live, and I’m home alone, meditating. I’m changing my attitude and my life, here, tonight.
    I forgive my ex, I wish him a fucking awsome life full of love and abundance, I accept and release him.
    I forgive the members of my family who I haven’t talked to for a while and I truly love them with all my heart, may they make choises that will serve their highest purpose and be forgiven for the times they don’t.
    I forgive my friends that’s no longer by my side physically, I release them and I wish for them a lifetime of happiness and unlimited love.
    I forgive myself for creating an episode of sadness, longing and heartbreak in my life journey. And I thank the universe for getting me through it, for the lessons I’ve learned and for letting me grow my heart bigger and softer than before. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the wound, where the light now can enter.
    I release the life as I’ve known it and I welcome a new beginning. I manifest an incredible life 2015, with focus on healing my closest relationships and creating holy new ones.
    I promise to love more, laugh often and kiss my awsome, new, handsome man (who makes me feel LOVED, respected, adored, secure, sexy, all fired up with passion) with an intensity never known before. I welcome a state of flow, I expect miracles and I pray for happiness in my heart and soul.
    And so it is, amen.

    (Thank you, thank me, thanks to everything & everyone).


  20. I completely agree. “If you put anything before your recovery, you will lose.” That’s true. And I had to make the difficult decision of walking away from a great guy because I had to put my spiritual progression before him. It was hard but I know in a strangely unexplainable way that I did the right think. Thanks for this Gabby. x Ritu

  21. Hi Gabby – was wondering if you can elaborate on Kundalini Yoga and if it’s safe. I’ve heard and read mixed reviews about it and was wondering if you can explain since you’re a student and teacher of this type of yoga. Thanks!

  22. Loved the orbs in your video today ❤ Love that you are doing this membership,too. You are so right that when things get good we suddenly forget the practices that sustain that good.

  23. Hi Gabby, I just want you to know that ever since I became a Miracle Member and a Spirit Junkie my world has been rocked to its very core. I have become a kinder, calmer, more peaceful and a more compassionate human being. Of course, being an elementary school teacher, this pays off with my kids that I teach. I had an incident today with a 4th grader who didn’t want to do an assessment during the time slot I provided him. He was very stubborn, finally did do it (not sure how well he did yet). But I simply smiled at him, sent him SO much love and walked away (my strength in silence moment). So thank you for imparting your amazing wisdom on me and countless others. I have an infinite amount of spiritual tools now, and I continue to collect them through all of your teachings, books and of course the miracle membership! Hugs, Carol

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