How to Make Decisions with Ease

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No matter how deeply we meditate or how intently we pray we can still feel disconnected from our inner guidance system. Often our logical mind gets in the way of our clear intuition. Certain situations can make us crazy with all the back and forth. Overanalyzing makes things worse because it cuts off your connection to inspiration and intuition. Trying to force an answer can be very frustrating too. When you pressure yourself into a decision it’s likely you’ll regret it later.

Obsessing over a choice can become a major stressor. The ideal way to make decisions is from a place of intuition and power. In this video I will guide you to surrender your decision making once and for all by using you my guidance. Watch here.

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    You have helped me through some of my darkest hour we through your work, your guided meditations, and your leadership. I, too usually can make the big decisions with no sweat off my back but right now I’m faced with a tough decision. I want to have an abortion. I’m a mother of 2 my daughter is 12 & my son will be 8 next week. I’ve been with my husband for 16 years & we’ve been divorced & re-married to one another once. He went to prison for 5 years when I was 8 months pregnant with out first and I waited for him. I travelled for Utah to Colorado every weekend on a plane to see him in a federal prison bc I was determined to make sure my daughter knew her father. When he got out we had my son and it’s been rocky. We were separated all of last year and he went back to the same woman he was sleeping with when we divorced the first time. I love my family and I love my husband but I’m afraid I’m in a toxic relationship. Now I’m pregnant and the thought of having a baby with him makes me ill. I don’t want to start over with a baby. I’m a Dean of a university, I will be a doctor of education in March after defending my topic and I just don’t have time, more importantly I don’t trust him. Last night he told me that he hopes I die while having the abortion. I need help. I need guidance. I need advice. I’ve even fallin off the spiritual bandwagon. I’m in the middle of writing a book about my life bc it is just so deep. Please guide me.


  2. What a great video. I found this to be so comforting. I’m launching my business and going through a lot of changes right now and even the smallest decision seems so overwhelming. This really helps! Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Gabby!

    I can relate to having difficulty making the smaller decisions, especially in the morning. I wake up and it’s as if my mind has been having a gab-fest all night long! I have attempted different techniques- observe the thoughts, focus on my breathing, notice the stillness, listen to one of your vlogs… And still my mind is full of craziness and clutter, which makes it tough to sink down and ask what would best serve me this morning (i.e., running, yoga, surfing) as a means to connect with my body and spirit. It’s difficult to make decisions from my heart space when my mind won’t stop… Any suggestions? Thank you!

  4. What a profound statement: “Every decision is good if you choose it to be good.” It’s all about perspective. Good can truly be found in anything. Thanks for sharing out of your time of personal reflection and thought.This statement will certainly stick with me! I work to empower international entrepreneurs and discerning between opportunities and partnerships can be straining. I like how this advice simplifies it all and encourages us to change our perspective and listen to our intuition. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Hello, such good words and advice about choosing. I’m currently in a place where I need to buy a new car. Since I was in a wreck and now driving an old, old, borrowed car I know I need to get something. How to decide on something so concrete, with so many different options and factors. It makes me want to just ride a bicycle, not really, but I just don’t know and it’s all my choice. I can’t return it like an article of clothing, or cancel the reservation if it was a trip or something. Going in circles about what to do.

  6. This video just took a thought of mine a step further and into completion! I have always said that when faced with a choice, the most important thing to do is CHOOSE. It almost doesn’t matter which choice we make (as long as as you mentioned the choice is not harming anyone), but that we choose and and that we commit to the choice. It’s living in indecision that can cause so much heartache and sorrow.

    To take it this step further, that no decision is bad if we also CHOOSE for the decision to be GOOD… That completes it. Not only to trust that it will be good, but to choose that it will be.

    Thank you Gabby. Beautiful.

  7. Simple yet brilliant! It’s all about perspective. I also love tip you give in Miracles Now about using applied kinesiology testing to help make decisions. That works! It’s true, your muscles never lie. Thank you for another enlightening video XOXO

  8. Perfect timing! I asked the universe for guidance this morning and bam! Thank you for helping me to get out of fear and judgement about making bad decisions. I will stay grounded today now knowing that all decisions will be for my highest good. Thank you!

  9. I ask the Universe and my Guides to show me clearly what I need to do for various situations (i e. Career changes,etc) but I have a hard time “hearing” their messages.

  10. Thanks for sharing this wisdom, Gabby. We can accomplish an incredible amount of good if we just tune in and let the answer come to us via intuition. This vlog has definitely helped us out!

  11. Thanks for this 🙂
    You talk a lot about bringing things into meditation … as a cushion-newbie I would love it if you could explain how you do that (while not letting your mind focus on the question while trying to clear your mind!). Also, I am beginning to explore Kundalini Yoga & meditation and if you could point me to some beginner reading, I would be ever grateful!
    Thanks for all you do!
    PS – how’s the closet/office going – need a periscope update! 😉

  12. Hi Gabby – may be a stupid question but how can you choose for a decision to be good if you really cant decide what is best for you at that moment? Choosing something to me means making a decision upfront or deciding which way to go – but the second part of what you said, asking the universe and then getting out of the way, seems more actionable.

  13. You hit the nail on the head Gabby…it’s the little things that often got me twisted. I am being shown in a sacred deep cleansing way that as long as I continue to move forward, give it to God, live out of love & less ego then the Universe is like “Well, HEY THERE! 🙂 nice to see you stepped outta your own way!” 😉 thanks for video Gabby xo

  14. Hey Gabby!

    Thank you for this vlog. I’m currently conflicted with a decision that I need to make in my life and it has been eating away at me for some time! I really need to tune in, sit my butt down, and pray about it. It’s funny, but I feel that once I do this, I will be more relaxed and feel better now that I have let it go into the universe. I can trust that I will be guided!

    Thanks again 🙂

  15. Oh Gabby, this was so perfect ! Thank you !
    I needed this for myself right now.
    But actually, I also have a client who has been back and forth with a decision. I said to her, no matter what your decision is, it will be ok. Do make sure, that whatever you decided to do, then fully commit to it and make the best out of it.
    The way you said it, just made even more sense. Just choose for it to be good. And then ask for the guidance of our higher power / universe and angels. Thanks so much !! xxx

  16. I have been wanting to quit my job for months now, but my ego has been saying “no don’t do that”, “that’s not the logic thung to do.” I liked this job when I started it, but now it doesn’t serve me anymore. I actually wrote in my journal and my inner guide told me this job serves you anymore! Also, I’very asked for signs from the universe about pursuing a new passion of mine and I’ve seen every sign that I’ve asked for!

    This job now makes me unhappy and I want to pursue a passion of mine, but I’ve let my ego put me in fear of quiting my job and pursuing something I really love.
    This video only shows me that as long as my decision is from a place of good then it’s alright to let go of this job. Thank you so much Gabby for everything that you do!

  17. Love this Gabby! I’m planning a family holiday right now & trying to choose accommodation to stay at. Your message is so enpointe right now & which ever decision I make WILL BE A GOOD ONE!
    Thank you!

  18. Starting a new company and having problems making decisions myself, this video really spoke to me. This is a valuable mindset to have. I know I grasp everything so tightly. I look forward to letting go.

  19. Hi Gabby. I do the same thing except pray to God. He will always lead and direct you. Luv you to check out my site I think you’d enjoy seeing my books etc. I’m in OZ and sell globally. Especially my 365 Daily Devotional a journal /scrapbook/ prayer book to a changed life spirit/ soul / body. Many blessings keep up the great pivotal work. Kx

  20. This is such a simple way to explain something actually difficult. Do you think it still applies in the same way for deciding to engage in/start a relationship with someone? Or does the emotional ‘stuff’ adds different layers?

  21. This is exactly what I needed to see. I have some extreme decisions to make. My boyfriend and total love of my life is in Europe. But I just recently found out I am fast enough to qualify for the Olympic Trials, and maybe, if I keep my head straight, to get to the Olympics. I met some great people who have connections to jobs that I deserve and would pay me what I deserve. The problem is that the job and the Olympics are in the opposite direction from my boyfriend, literally and figuratively. He’s in Europe, the qualifier for the Olympics is in LA. The job that would double my salary is in TX, but my boyfriend and the school I applied to is in Europe… Moving to Europe and the Olympics are two things that would not only cross things off my bucket list, but in the opposite sides of the spectrum. This seems like an easy fix, but to me it’s not. One human being, other than myself, is the only factor that’s between me and making this decision without hesitation. I just don’t know if putting my life on hold with him to actually achieve that greatness that I know I am/can be will be a huge mistake… in the end, it would only mean a better life for us, substantially better in fact. But I just don’t want to lose him in the process of trying to obtain the best possible life for us.

  22. I have been driving myself crazy with a big major decision to go back to work in Turkey for another 10 months. Pay is amazing, but I can’t adapt. I pray for guidance and signs…maybe I’m so fogged up I can’t see them. Thanks for this video. This decision of mine is major. I really don’t want to go back…but scared nothing else will come up or a better work opportunity.

  23. This made all the difference for me this morning. Thank you. There is so much light and comfort from this simple approach. Satnam

  24. The video is good and the message is awsome but what really spoke to me was this comment you posted above; “you’ve released the attachment to the old form of the relationship. But the love, “the content” will never go away:)”… Made my heart sing 🙂 thank you

  25. Oh Gabby, I keep trying to centre myself and let go but the decision is so complicated and affects so many lives I am just so infused and tense and my blood pressure is up and I am starting to despare. Can you offer any other wisdom ? Thank you. Nichola in England.

    1. OMG sorry couldn’t wait for you to come back to me on this one so went to YouTube to see if I could find something else you had done and just watched you on Dr Oz flipping a coin – result !!! P.s. just seen your lovely wedding picture – how beautiful and what a gorgeous chap you have there, congratulations, light and love x

  26. Gabby, With decision making, hoe do we know when to walk away because we don’t think we are being valued, vs all the instructions I read in various books that tell me to just be open, love, FORGIVE always, and show up for that person and things will turn around. I’m really struggling with this balance. I’m never sure if I’m supposed to completely dismiss someone (a boyfriend), or to stay and forgive. Thank you and all you ladies for your time.

  27. I can totally get overwhelmed when having to make big decisions but remembering all I really have control over is my perspective frees me in knowing it can be good if I choose it to be. Thank you for this reminder and tool Gabby!

  28. I recently left my partner and moved out of his house after realizing that what he offered was not going to be enough for me. It was heartbreaking but I knew it had to be done. I’m 34 years old and I just started my own business. I am currently staying outside the city with friends (sleeping in their basement at the moment) and trying to decide if I want to go back to the city and get my own place there or move to a place outside the city that is quieter, more affordable but requires a commute. I just got offered two part-time teaching opportunities in colleges in the city starting in Sept. I am terribly lonely right now though and finding it hard to make clear decisions. Anxiety is getting the better of me…thanks for your video

  29. Gabby! First and foremost, you so fucking awesome!! And this message came in divine timing, as all always does lol. Thank you for a beautiful reminder, that all decisions are good. Great way to look at it, versus the old archaic mind, that’s sees situations in black and white. I choose to see the good in all my decisions. BEAM ON lightworkers ?

  30. I like this new way of thinking about making decisions! I was regretting some decisions I had made in the past, but I am now letting go of regret and realizing that it is possible that ALL PATHS lead to the healing and the growing we need.
    Thanks, Gabby for shining your light and for reminding me to turn inward to my source for all of the answers.

  31. Just got a big No from my investor (my father) to take my new brand collection to a tradeshow after been accepted from a tradeshow organizer. But I choose to keep trying instead of my fear of scared about my father.
    I choose to follow what my inner voice says. Thank you so much ! Arigato 🙂

  32. Went for a walk with myself yesterday and said out loud, “Dad, help me. Show me how to make a decision about what to do next. Just help me make the decision and then I will leave the how up to the Universe.” So my amazing heavenly Daddio sent me this video today. We are all connected. Thank you for this.

  33. Thank you so much, I needed this today. I can become so crippled when I need to make decisions when it comes to my career. Asking the universe whether I should stay in my profession or change my career.

  34. What about when you get strong indicators that feel like intuition signaling one way, followed by equally strong signalling the other? This happens to me frequently and it’s very difficult to determine which indicators are truly aligned and which are ego/fear based. The sensations are very similar so that’s why ask. It’s not an easy or clear signal to read. I mean an aha moment followed my an equally impressive contradictory aha moment is pretty disconcerting. Thanks in advance for any insights.

      1. Thank you so much for responding. I watched the 24 hour video and loved it. However, my issue is definitely not being impulsive. On the contrary, I take a good deal of time, get clarity one way and then at some point, clarity the other. Maybe part of it is the reality that there isn’t a “right choice” just how I choose to feel about the choice I make. I’d like to think there is an aligned, intuitively guided right choice but maybe seeking that sort of certainty is what causes me grief and blocks my progress and commitment to seeing some choices to fulfillment. I’m going to sit with that for a bit and if you have any other videos you think will be helpful or insight, it’s much appreciated. Thanks again!

  35. Gabby, Over the last three years, especially, I have had a number of experiences where my heart spoke so loudly that I spoke the words audibly. Thank you for sharing, and I hope your trip is an amazing success! Of course, that is a foregone conclusion because you have chosen to make it good!

  36. Thank you so much for this Gabby..lately I have really been struggling with decision making and its ruining relationships, my confidence and feels like my world. Feeling so stuck. Meditation isn’t allowing me to be clear and my angel guidance is trying to my through I feel it in my cards. DO you recommend any types of other practices…I was thinking of wearing a crystal but not sure which one would help???

    1. just step away from trying to make any decisions at all. let spirit lead your day and guide you fully. experiment with that.

  37. I love this so much! Thank you, Gabby! This concept completely reorganizes any pressure to decide and makes me feel so light I could actually fly. But seriously, so helpful, thank you. xoxo

  38. Thanks for this message.Surely making the commitment follow thru positively to what ever decision we make can make all the difference.

  39. For me it’s the the turning it over and getting out of the way that gets me tripped up. Like if it’s going to be good then I have to do it on my own. Allowing God/Universe to take over is a cop out in my mind. I’m shirking my own responsibility.

  40. This was so beautiful & profound. I flip out on almost every decision, there’s something daily! It is so counter intuitive and not the way of a spirit junkie entrepreneur. It will hinder my growth in the business world entirely. So big thank you. Big big thank you! P.s. By chance is there any inner guidance telling you to travel to London any time soon? With gratitude Stacey xx

  41. wow!! I struggle so much with making any decisions. I just signed up for a yoga training and I have been driving myself insane about whether I’m making the right choice. Thank you so much – your words just spoke right to my heart. Favorite video so far.

  42. Hi Gabby. Thank you for the message, which deeply resonated with me this morning. What I am struggling with is the “let the universe show you” concept, especially when there are actual/possible time constraints tied to decisions. I have been in a limbo spot for over 10 months with my husband, whom I found (drunk) making out with my best friend. He wants me to move on with him and feels like my inability to either fully commit to the marriage or not is causing more pain for both of us. I feel some pressure to make a decision even though I truly don’t know how to proceed. I pray daily to God and the universe to show me the signs (and they have), but it’s not “fast” enough for my husband.

  43. I am a victimizer (there I said it). From various childhood circumstances, that’s my shit, being a victim. I am very crafty, my mind spins in such interesting ways. Even knowing that I victimize myself, it takes me a minute to even see it at times, if I’m even able to catch it in the moment. It runs so deep and can be wrapped up in so many packages. I second guess so many things and really build up that I am somehow being taken advantage of and am the only load bearing person. Then I get hurt that no one acknowledges my suffering. I take it out on others at times (afterward feeling guilt) but mostly it’s all in my head. I don’t always react with others because I doubt myself, so I just stress in my head. I have been working on strengthening my voice, believing in it. Second guessing choices, thoughts, and how these things mingle with others is some deep shit. Trust that all decisions are good and will lead to good, mind blown. There is no fail. Thanks girl.

    1. your awareness of this pattern is EVERYTHING. Nice one!!! continue to witness your behavior and in the moment pray to see it with love. pray for healing. pray for guidance.

  44. Thank you so much Gabby for this…I am at a crossroads right now as to whether to go to one city or the other and I have been meditating on it for a week or so. Tonight I am going to sleep on it, pray to God and chat to the universe. Meditate tomorrow and then make my decision. I have recently been through a major upheaval – breakup, no employment and no home but slowly am seeing the miracles that the universe is presenting because I am looking for them rather than my ego pushing them away. The most challenging part is the rejection I feel from the end of the relationship and how I perceive it has been so easy for my X to move on. What advice to you have for the feeling of rejection, that for some reason I still have hope, hope that he will realize what he has done and is doing – that he will wake up that he is not living the spiritual life he portrays. Thank you for being in our lives and for your gift. Namaste.

  45. AHHHHH I LOVE this!!! It’s exactly the same theme that I decided to focus on for my Miracle Monday class tonight & teaching people how to learn how to distinguish when they are making decisions based out of love vs. fear. I’m using lesson 47, “God is the Strength in which I Trust” as part of it. Yay!!! <3

  46. Thank you so so much for this Gabby! I have been in the exact same quandry about when to book some flights and discoursing in my head for HOURS between a matter of days. I know that if I am in my flow I will of course make the decision for my highest good because there are no wrong decisions, the Universe always has my/everyone’s back 🙂 All love and light xo

    1. decide that no matter what the outcome will be, you will choose to perceive it with love and positivity. it’s your choice.

  47. I recently had a big dilemma and still have with a decision, I really love the concept of knowing that the decision you make can be good if you choose for it to be good. I also loved the advice my father gave me to go for a 2 hour walk in the nature without music and when I said to him that I was scared that I wouldn´t like the answer my intuition would tell me and then he said that if it does´t feel good it isn´t the right decision… Fathers can be such a good advisors ! 🙂

  48. This brought me so much comfort. I made a decision this weekend to let go of someone dear to me…and I have been so sad today. My ego has been slightly beating me up and telling me I made a horrible mistake. I knew my intuition had guided my decision and I had surrendered it to the highest good but my ego was roaring at times today. I was feeling really sad and asking for miracles to alleviate some of my sadness…this vlog was my miracle. I can relax an trust that I intended my decision to be good it will be. Thank you.

    1. also, trust that you haven’t “let this person go.” you’ve released the attachment to the old form of the relationship. But the love, “the content” will never go away:) xo

      1. And THIS comment (Gabby) just struck me like a lightning bolt. I’m in the midst of a seperation, but still have lots of love & respect for my soon-to-be ex. That leads to these conflicted feelings of confusion for me. However, you just explained it perfectly. It’s the unhealthy relationship we are letting go of, not each other. Thank you so much. <3

      2. Thanks for the reminder…I forgot about that but it is very true. The love I have is very real and present… xo

    2. Clarisa, I too have been faced with the same dilemma and made a firm decision this weekend to let go of someone close to me. Surrendering felt freeing and right, but I have still felt sad. I appreciate your words saying you can relax and trust. This really helped me a lot! New opportunities and experiences are waiting for us, just like this blog! 🙂

      Thanks for your clear response Gabby. Thinking about it in this context – letting go of the old icky stuff and feeling/remembering the love reminds me that I’ve put a lot of thought into (and why) and I’ve taken the correct action.

      hugs to you both!

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