How to Live in the Light

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There is an invisible force of loving energy always working on our behalf. When we forget this beautiful truth, we get stuck in the pattern of fear — but we are far from doomed. A slight willingness to surrender our fear reawakens our connection to our inner guide. The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles teaches us that by surrendering our fear to our inner guide, we experience the Holy Instant, “when an ancient hatred becomes a holy love.” The Holy Instant occurs when we release the ego’s fear-based thought system and accept our inner guide’s loving thought system. In this video I teach how to invite the voice of love to be your guide and practice the Holy Instant.

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  1. I had just done this with my finances and this video was confirmation to let me know I was heard and connected!!!

  2. beautiful, gabby! i came home to a leaking roof and had a mini breakdown. this brought me back to where i need to be. THANK YOU!

  3. Oh yeah…Love reconnecting with loving mind. I will resource my homeboy within – thanks so much for your words and clarity.

  4. Love this! Thanks gabby. After reading spirit junkie I was able to work on certain relationships in my life and they really changed for the better. It works! This is a good reminder that I need to continue asking for help when I’m feeling stuck.

  5. I was there this weekend, it was really amazing! I think I wrote most of this down word for word, but hearing you say it again only makes it more vivid! Thank you!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this.

    I’ve been experiencing Holy Instant a lot lately. Whenever I start having an argument with my partner, instead of trying to prove my point and be right, I just pause myself and say: “I don’t want to argue. I love you and I want harmony and peace in our relationship, let’s work this out together”. This always “disarms” the other person and instantly changes the energy.

    Some might think it’s a weakness, but I feel I’m being very strong when I overcome my ego and my need to be right.

    That moment brings such a relief and peacefulness. That’s my Holy Instant – turning something negative into Love.

    1. That’s beautiful Osha, thank you for sharing! Love it, it is being strong, courageous and choosing love! Love and light 🙂

      Thank you Gabby for sharing this video, as a student of A Course In Miracles as well, great reminder, Sat Nam 🙂

  7. Thank you for this and for livesteaming Friday night, it was the perfect way to start my weekend so I created my own mini Omega the rest of the it with the energy you gave me.

    I’m committing to staying in that light all week!/forever!

    Love you & love your flower pants so much! Where are they from? How cool is it that you are my spiritual inspiration and my fashion inspiration too.

    1. Katie, they are from Awesome chick named Samara was sellin’ out like hot cakes. She’s also on the ‘gram – @mindfulnessmatters.

  8. It’s 11:11 and I just watched this.. What a beautiful message.. I hope one day to meet you and thank you personally for how you help me in so many ways!

  9. Gabby,

    I freaking love you, and I’m so grateful for your teachings. There isn’t enough time or space for me to express my gratitude. Thank you for ALL that you do.

    Spirit Junkie Sarah Manasseri

  10. This could not be more perfect timing, Gabby. Journaling a few weeks ago, my intuition told me out of the blue it was time to get in touch with my parents. I haven’t spoken to them in 8+ years. Even though my intuition told me it’s time, and I trust my intuition, I’ve had thoughts of doubt. Can I really do this? Can I have a conversation with them and really approach them with fresh eyes, with a fresh heart? Can I be the lighthouse and not fall into old patterns? I’m ready to release that pain and old way of being, and I’ve decided to trust that I would receive the message from my intuition to do this only when the time is right, but man alive . . . it’s scary.

  11. Thank you so much! This was just what i needed.
    Just left my home in Germany to begin a new life in Amsterdam, Netherlands today. This change made a lot of chaos inside of me, but now I am slowly finding back again. One of the biggest lessons I still have to learn is to accept the present moment and not being hocked up with my ego. It’s a hard one, but I am willing to learn 😉 Thank you for all your support and love!

  12. Amazing! I am just starting week 4 of May Cause Miracle, so as I was preparing last night I was reading what you wrote about the holy instant. I find a lot of your posts, and affirmations from the Spirit Junkie alarm have been in lock-step with where I am in May Cause Miracles. That to me is a “wink from the Universe”!!

  13. Hi Gabby!
    The last couple of years in my life have been AWFUL, painful, crazy, with among other things a break up from my BIG love and having my sister turn her back on me, with a “we dont do failures in this family” kind of attitude. I’ve really struggled not to become bitter and I’ve been guided to your books and many spiritual awakenings. Last night, I read the chapter of the Holy instant in Spirit junkie for the hundreth time.
    This morning (I live in Europe) I thought to myself, “what would I ask Gabby if I had the chance”? And the question that popped in to my mind was “what should I do, I feel like I’m stuck. Like I WANT to forgive and move on but I’m just stuck in the past.”

    Just now, I got two emails in my inbox. The first one was from Danielle LaPorte, with the headline “Want to get unstuck?”. The other one from you, with a link to this video and the line “when we forget this beautiful truth, we get stuck in the pattern of fear — but we are far from doomed”.
    This actually made me laugh out loud. The universe is so funny :).
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for every little thing <3.

  14. I live that you said homeboy!! I was asked last weekend about my beliefs and my response is always “Jesus is my homeboy!”. I love your teachings of the course and kundalini. Life transforming stuff!!

  15. Amazing! So powerful as always Gabby. Thank you for sharing. Exactly what I’m practicing and focusing on in my life lately, especially after the crazy amazing talk you gave I Can Do It Austin (you were on fire!), and coming to you for your presence of Light is so nourishing, supportive, and inspiring. Realigning me every time.

  16. This morning my 8 year daughter was sitting next to me and listening 2 ur words she looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes & said “Mom i listen to the fairy in my stomach too ” 🙂 you are blessing thank you!

  17. Rock on Gabby B! Just finished my third round of MCM, each time I do it, the effects are so profound. You go deeper. I’m going on to study ACIM next for sure, thank you so much for the guidance. MCM in conjunction with kundalini yoga meditations has increased my connection and awareness with the Divine & my own inner guidance system. It’s like we are vampires/outsiders that walk amongst others and there are so many shifts in the atmosphere. It’s amazing! My increased awareness continues to grow! Sat nam xx

  18. G’morning Gabby. I was listening to Friday’s lecture and this girl talked to you about forgiveness to others, she was having a hard time with vibing with them. You suggested to pray on it. I have (2) persons that have hurt me within the past 10 months. The main one is my ex fiancé. I have been praying daily on it and trying to let him go. Last night during my run, he was my main focus, I was praying to be able to forgive him and letting him go. Well… during a breather on my path leading to home, I saw him. I’m not sure if he saw me. I know the Universe made it happen, just not sure on the reason behind it?? I used that 90 sec breathing exercise to help me afterwards and I was able to finish my run. Thank you !!

  19. I’ve been using a Kindle version of ACIM for a year now, and just bought a book copy. When I unwrapped it and opened it, I was taken to The Holy Instant. Thanks Gabby {{{ <3 }}}

  20. Well, there you have it….. been swimming in self doubt, put a prayer out for support, saw this post, watched, and there it was…. A gift called gabby. Thank you. C

  21. Thank you for more great insight Gabby. Its incredible the wisdom we can access when we get out of our own way and allow for divine guidance. I believe that you open that space for people as they listen to you. While they put their focus on the love coming from you, the space is opened for healing. Thank you & may you always be blessed for the love & light you bring to others.
    A xx

  22. I awoke in the middle of the night panicking about my elderly mother’s care in hospital which was going horribly wrong. I meditated on the light and gave myself over to the loving outcome. A peaceful sleep was followed by a phone call from an amazing doctor who has gone to great lengths to ensure the best treatment for my mother. I feel blessed and you Gabby showed me the path.

  23. Just saw some of your interview about Manifesting on Marie Forleo. I believe I have finally found someone who has articulated something real I have experienced at a critical juncture in my life when I needed some answers…!

  24. I just reread and did Lesson 27 in May Cause Miracles. Updated my FB status using the ACIM Quote about the Holy Instant. Then I check my email and listen to your Vlog from yesterday and because I wanted more spirit junkieness, I clicked on a link below that led me to this video that talks about the Holy Instant. Talk about synchronicity. :))

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