How to Let Go of Attachments

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I often witness countless readers and audience members complain that they don’t know how to let go of circumstances that they’re attached to. Whether it be a negative relationship, a resentment that they’ve been carrying for years, or a job that no longer serves them. In many cases folks stay stuck in negative situations for decades because they don’t have the tools for letting go. In this video I tackle this issue and share a personal anecdote of how I recently had to apply my own tools and let go once and for all.

Watch here for my guidance on how to let go of attachments…

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If you’re struggling to let go of a relationship, check out this digital course on Fearless Relationships. In this digital program, I will guide you to release relationship fear and embrace the fullness of love. The digital workshop (which you can do anytime, any place) gives you all the tools you need to heal past wounds and let go of negative attachments — so you can create empowering relationships in the present. Check it out here.

An oldie but a goodie: In this video blog I share 3 steps to accept and release

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