How to Handle Your Feelings About the Colorado Shooting

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This vlog is in response to the Colorado shootings. Learn to access your inner power in powerless situations.

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful video with a beautiful message. It’s so true that sending prayers/energies/love/light may not seem like much tangibly, but it’s SO much emotionally, for those who are sending and those who are receiving!

    To the Universe, I pray that those affected by this horrible and senseless act of violence, regardless of if it was directly or indirectly, find peace and closure with all the love and support that is being given. I send love and light in hopes that it helps their emotional, physical, and mental being move forward.

  2. Thank u for this powerful message. It
    makes very good sense and has helped shift the sadness from my heart for those who suffered. It highlights how we must acknowledge the sadness and tragedy of life but use our power to also see the light and the amazing power of people and positivity.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost so much in this horrible tragedy. Sending positive energy and love to them, and hoping they are able to find peace and can cope with what has happened… Although I am not personally involved or know anyone in Colorado, it still saddened me, but thanks to you, Gabby for creating this video. It has helped me and I hope that everyone continues to send positive energy and loving thoughts their way.

  4. I pray that we can all trust in the power of love to help us remember the Truth, “Love Is Forever” I pray that all who have been dealing with tragedy and illness be filled with healing light energy and love today and forever. Thank you for reminding me to be WHO I am I am a beacon of light to share messages of hope.

  5. Thank you for this positive message and the reminder that we have it within us to turn negative situations/circumstances around by our intentions and prayer. If my light shines bright enough, maybe it’ll be enough to ignite the light in another and so on.

  6. Thank you SO much. I had goosebumps through this whole video.

    Dear Creator,

    Pain is a call for change. Not something inevitable to be shrugged off, not a punishment though sometimes it feels that way. This is an alarm bell, a siren for those of us conscious enough to hear it. There is so much unnecessary suffering in the world today. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but it’s there for a reason. I realize this. And while I am only one person – I realize that one candle can brighten a dark room, and one tiny candle can start a powerful, glorious, and intimidating fire. God, let me spread my light and love like a wildfire, to those who were affected by this incident, To those suffering from other tragedies, and anyone who just needs its warmth.

    Your little pyro,
    Mary Beth

  7. Dear God hear our intentions; may our thoughts and words be recalibrated, from fear to love. May we know and trust in our own power, to release any fear and sadness and emotional connections. May we use our spiritual power to send positive energy to others. May we feel a transformation within, by our prayers and love. And so it is.
    xo Gabby – good one 🙂

  8. Thank you for raising all of our vibrations and reminding us of the power of prayer and our ability to counteract negativity by sending love out into the world.
    I love how you described the dinner table scene and how the energy lightened as you came together in prayer, light and love.
    Thank you for making me feel lighter by watching your vlog and listening to your words and message.
    with love and in gratitude-

  9. Let us choose this moment to bow our heads and pray for those in grip of tragedy & grief. And with our minds and hearts we send you love & light… we send you sacred spaces and warm embraces… we send you the healing of the divine… that you might be made to feel whole again in the loving arms of your brothers and sisters who are one with you and one with God. Amen

  10. Thank you Gabrielle for your words.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and friends in loss of their lived ones. I pray for the spirits not with us in a physical manner to find a new loving home. Let our energy be with those in need and may our loving energy be with those around us and with ourselfs as we continue on our journeys.

    With love and light to all.

  11. Beautiful message. Thank you for the reminder to take loving action with prayers and blessings for all the families involved. In situations like this one can become overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness, fear, anger, which only serves to generate more of the same. I send blessings and Light for the highest good to all.

  12. Beautiful video and powerful message. Thank-you so much, Gabby.
    I pray that our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the shootings will find comfort and peace knowing that the unlimited strength and power of Love is present within us all, at all times.. May we all feel the Loving embrace of God now in this moment, and hold that awareness in our hearts forever.

  13. Gabby, yours is just the voice I wanted to hear shed some light on such a dark moment.

    My prayer is for all my brothers and sisters to acknowledge the precious privilege that is this life.

    May we be loving in our endeavors and spread love and healing energy to one another. May we acknowledge the goodness that exists within each of us, so that it can reach out to the goodness in others who are struggling in the shadows, for it is the smallest glimmer of light that illuminates the heaviest darkness.

    May the gift of forgiveness grace our souls, so that we will heal and move forward while we honor those who have been senselessly lost. May the strength of their love sustain us.


  14. beautiful vlog gabby, so true lets hear each other when we need to allow the process of pain and healing to come forward but in a container of prayer and healing, because any tragedy or attack is from a lack of love. loved this. really reminds us that true compassion and not buying into the darkness and shining light can truly heal the world.

    I send my prayers to all those affected and the person who committed the crime that all hearts and minds return to love to feel only love and compassion and unity between us all. I send prayers of a gift that we may remember that we are brothers and sisters. I am you and you are me. we are one. amen.

  15. Dear God, I pray that your peace, understanding and healing be poured over the victims and witnesses of the Aurora shooting. I ask that through this tragedy you awaken in each of us, a renewed call to serve, a passion to give and a hunger to live life to the absolute fullest, never losing site of what truly matters. Thank you for miracles. Amen

    Gabby, thank you so much for addressing this, you really are a miracle worker.

  16. I really appreciated this video, Gabby. In times like these, I find myself not wanting to watch the news AT ALL or think about the situation AT ALL. Instead of just entirely ignoring it, you’ve provided some guidance for how we can use the power of our positive attention and intention to bring a higher state of being and awareness to the entire situation. Great video! Looks like it was all in one continuous take too! I know from making my own videos how hard that is to do.

  17. Hi everyone. First off, my condolences and sympathies to anyone who lost someone in the Colorado shooting. I am deeply sorry for your loss and wish you lots of love and light.

    I would like to share this article with everyone that sheds light on how this horrendous tragedy is a false flag that was intentionally staged. Please take a moment to read the whole article. Now more than ever, we need to stay informed, aware and vigilant about the integrity of the information we receive. most importantly, like Gabby said, we need to bring more light and love into this world, especially to those who are consumed by darkness.

    Dear Universe, please open the hearts of everyone and raise them to spiritual consciousness. Thank you for protecting humanity.

  18. Let us not forget to pray for the perpetrator and his family as he must have experienced a lot of pain and feelings of unworthiness in his life to have committed such a horrific crime.

    Thank you, Gabby, for bringing light to such darkness!

    1. Agree, Heather. I send my love to all the victims and their families as well as the person who carried out the act. To find yourself in that place must be a result of unimaginable darknest and lack of love for an entire lifetime.

      V xx

  19. Thank you, Gabby for this reminder and your compassion.
    In this world of effects, we are pulled to prayer in evert moment of our lives. I send love and llight to those involved in the Colorado incident and all of those on this planet experiencing pain, loss, effects of violence and wrong thinking. I know the souls who have left this plane, are surroundee by angels. Angels above them, on either side of them, loving, them protecting them. I know without a shadow of daoubt that they are living in the light and love of God..May this be a calling for all of us to pray daily for the peace that dwells in the center of us all, and let this light transoform anything that is unlike itself. Amen.

  20. I pray for my loved ones in Colorado and all over the world for this tragedy to be transformed into community action for love, support, forgiveness and positive change. I pray for us all to release the fear in our hearts, bodies and minds. For our love to break through any pain, loss or grievance. May we overcome darkness with our inner light – cultivating this light and spreading it beyond our bodies to envelope those around us.

    Thank you for this post, Gabby.

  21. Thank you for posting this, I have been having trouble sorting out what happened and how to have peace with it. It is so encouraging to be reminded of the truth of the power we do have.

  22. Absolutely the only way to address these types of situations is through the Holy Spirit! The Course tells us how simple the shift in thought is! Yet it takes me awhile to get there sometimesI I get caught so many times trying to deal with these thoughts on the wrong level! I will admit though that my gaps in vigilance of my thoughts is shorting up! May the Peace and Love of God be with all of you!

  23. Praying for All and Loving Kindness to All.

    Thank you so much Gabby for having the Insights and Words to Vlog Healing!

  24. Thank you so much Sister for the wonderful words.
    May God bring healing and strength. May our world be a peaceful place. Amen

  25. Thank you, thank you, dear Gabby. I’ve felt so sad and irritable since the tragedy despite the fact that circumstances in my immediate life have been fine. I truly needed this.

    Dear Universe,
    Thank you for bringing us together in love and compassion. With all these and other loving voices, I send out my prayer for peace and love to all affected by this tragedy. I pray for all those around the world feeling fear and loneliness and sadness that they be comforted and wrapped in your beauty and light. Help us remember that we are all eternal beings of light and energy and that no illusion of darkness or fear, no matter how big, can truly exist.
    Thank you again for the beauty and love that overflows in our world.

  26. Thank you for the lovely video! It’s a great video to share with family and friends who might not be aware of the effects and power of prayer.

    I call upon God Goddess to send love throughout the world and open the hearts of everyone, lifting any fear and asking that the Divine Light within each and all illuminate the world, And so it is.
    Namaste <3

  27. Thank-You Gabby for this Vlog – it came at just the right time for me, as when ever any tragedy that happens it really challenges me in how I can keep being a lightworker. I live in the UK, so I don’t know anyone effected by the Colorado shooting, but I will be saying a prayer at the end for all involved.

    However, it was only yesterday when I was at a friends house when I heard there had been a few car accidents locally, near where I live and there were a couple of lives lost. One girl only lived up the road from me and the other girl who had survived was a cousin to my friend’s husband. Anyway, as I saw and felt how my friend was upset and worried, I too felt that and I wanted to be there for her and acknowledge this tragedy but without it infecting us to the point that we could not be positive. Although my friend was suffering from it, I managed to raise my own vibration high enough by engaging with her children in the garden and keeping them entertained. As I jumped on the trampoline in her garden and got her children to do some art work, we all felt lighter and I personally felt that I had become stronger inside myself so that I could be the support for her without it bringing me down. When I went home I felt all my love energy inside, so I decided to chanel it by saying a prayer for the loved ones of the victims and the survivors of the car accident, and then went on to say a prayer for my immediate family and I really felt my own power shifting in doing this. I felt that I had a part in making a difference.

    First of all my sincere condolances to all the families and friends who have lost people in the Colorado shooting.

    To all the families and friends, I send you love and light – please feel this support and use this light to shine a light on the darkness. I pray that you all can find the strength to cope and may you find peace. Rest in peace to all the souls that have departed the earth plane and I hope that you are all somewhere beautiful. Love is infinite.

    Love and light to you all,

    Kathi xxxx <3

  28. Bless You Gabby,
    A beautiful message. I pray for my friends who are going through tough times & I have said prayers for those in Colorado. Praying around situations we can not control is so empowering & loving. I pray that more & more people will find their way to people like you, & then to faith. The world needs all the love & light She can get right now.Thank you for shining so brightly.

  29. I prey for the people who had to experience such a tragedy, I prey for the ones who lost their lives, and the ones who now have to rebuild their lives. May you be blessed with all the support, love, guidance and positivity you desire. From the other side of the globe.

  30. May all the ones affected be nurished and well. May we, as in: the western society understand that we are breeding madness, with at the core of this our misunderstanding about who we truly are, seperated from others and not already perfect and perfectly loved. May this misunderstanding fade away. May we all turn to love and love only, may we all invest in love and wisdom and may this affect all corners of our society.

  31. Beautiful thoughts Gabrielle!! Thoughts and prayers for all the people affected by this tragedy. United we can navigated this together. XOXO

  32. I’d been traveling outside the country with limited news access and didn’t fully realize the impact of this tragedy. May peace, light and love be sent to those victims and their families and those impacted, emotionally and physically, by the events. I pray also for those who respond with negativity, anger, and hatred. May light shine on their darkness and shifts their energy to love and healing.

  33. Thank you for this Vlog. This hit very close to home to me as it was in my town literally five minutes from where I live. This was very disturbing, knowing that I was asleep when it all happened, and continues to be all over our news here in Denver, at work and everywhere. It is easy to feel powerless, and sucked into the drama of media and fear. Thank you for reminding me of the power within. I will continue to pray for healing love and light to all of those impacted by this incident.

  34. hey Gabrielle,
    i recently bought your book add more ing to your life…and it really made me start thinking. i found that u have a second book out and u actually have this blog site…i feel really interested in your way of life and i would love to be able to do it myself…i just dont know HOW. if you could respond that would be so mch appreciated. i feel like im in a state in my life where i dont know what way to go and i feel that this could be a way for me to find the direction i need to go in. if it is at all possible for you to respond to me…please do.

    thank you


  35. Its scary how much this applies to me and my life and someone I am very close to.
    I pray that anyone who is experiencing loss and the unknown future, that they feel the love around them. You are not alone!
    Love from Scotland 🙂 xx

  36. Thank you for this, Gabby. I returned to this vlog tonight as I,as we all are, was trying to grapple with the onslaught of emotions surrounding the devastating events at Sandyhook elementary. It did feel better to send a prayer out knowing that mine was joining the prayers of many. thank you.

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