How to Handle FOMO

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Do you ever experience a fear of missing out? I admit that from time to time I get a bad case of FOMO. In this video I share my spiritual tips for working through it. I also help you accept a happy truth: that when something doesn’t work out as planned, it’s because something far greater is coming.

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          1. I have struggled with this question a lot and this is what I came up with. The first thing you have to do is honestly let go of your own desire. Get to a place where either outcome would be equally fine before consulting your inner guide – otherwise I do feel like your inner guide is hard to hear over your own desires. To get to his place, I think you need to use Gabby’s advice and just trust. Trust that your inner guide will lead you to your greatest good and that if an opportunity is meant for you it will come around again – and then be open to the answer – either way!

  1. Gabby,
    It is SO crazy that you posted this! It has been FOMO central over the past few months as I have been trying to determine whether or not I should transfer Universities. I got into a University that I never expected that I would get into, and I got housing, ect. Everything worked out when I surrendered it to the Universe. While my heart is telling me to go here, my head is telling me to stay where I am.

    I like your advice of stop getting people’s opinions. It really clears the space for you to follow your own intuition. But I still can’t figure it out..

    To follow the head or the heart?!


    1. Meghan,
      I love your note and am familiar with the conflict between head and heart. What I know is that the head can only give you what it already knows, experiences you’ve already had. It’s a loyal soldier that way.
      The heart is expansive and limitless and can see & feel beyond our other senses. Therefore – always follow your heart!
      Good luck!

      1. Thank you so much from your response. It is so refreshing to get a third party’s view on such a life-changing situation for myself.

        God Bless!

      2. Gina I just had to post and say thank you for your words. I have been trying to internalize/understad Albert Einsteins saying: You can’t solve a problem from the same mind that created it. After reading your post it totally clicked, finally! Thank you

    2. Meghan I can totally relate! 🙂 Though I had the similar situation with a relationship! To stay and make it work or to leave? And my gut intuition has told me for 2 years to leave but my head was trying to convince me otherwise. Now 2 years and countless of tears and heartache later we are still apart. Just yesterday my friend who does Feng Shui and who analysed my previous relationships visited me and everything she told me was what my heart had been trying to tell me in the past! It was even a bit scary- it felt so true!

      So- trust your heart! It will take you were you’re supposed to go! With much love! 🙂

  2. Hi Gabby! Thank you for sharing. I have been beating myself up about whether to stay in the Netherlands (where my husband and I currently have steady jobs) or return to London, where life is more fast-paced and the work is more challenging, but where I also have many friends.
    Somehow, I just feel it in my heart that I’d love to go back to the City, even though rationally it may not make much sense: we have a small baby and lifestyle is more family friendly in the Netherlands. Still, I’m afraid to miss out on something by not moving back to London right now.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on these gut-feeling sensations we sometimes have, that look nonsensical but that just feel right.
    Thank you,
    Elsa XX

    1. I know I’m not Gabby, but I hope you don’t mind my reply. 🙂 I think the key is discerning the difference between your own emotions and your gut feeling or intuition. It seems like it might be exactly FOMO that is making you want to move back. To reach your intuition you have to let go of your emotions around it. Use Gabby’s advice and let go of the FOMO you have and see if you can’t get a clear answer from your intuition. I have also found that if I start heading down the wrong path with the wrong decision, the universe makes it pretty clear that’s not the way to go by putting up all sorts of road blocks in my way. Yet, when I’m on the right path things just seem to fall into place, so you could always look for these types of signs as well. Good luck with your decision!

  3. I love that message…if its meant to be its going to still happen! That just makes so much sense & allows me to stop obsessing about making decisions- big or small. Thanks gabby:)

  4. Wow. Thank you gabby I needed to hear this so much I was just invited on an amazing trip but bc of conflict in my schedule I can’t go and I was having a bit of fomo. How encouraging all of the statements you have on trusting that it will all come back around and in even greater abundance. The message is so powerful and keeping me strong!

  5. Hi Gabby – great topic 🙂 I had a touch of FOMO this weekend as one of my teachers was in town (London) from California and I wanted to attend her 3 day retreat, however, since her last retreat in May things have really shifted in my life and I have also found the job that was seeking me – destiny – and so I was required to work over the weekend. I knew I would have future opportunities to sit with her and I have your London workshop to look forward to 🙂 so all is well. Thank you. Sat Nam xo

  6. I love the step that states ” stop talking about it”! I have had many situations were I make a decision or come to a place of understanding about a situation but then I keep talking about the subject. I feel it just keeps the turmoil alive. This step , I feel, helps bring back the peace that you need to really move on and accept. Thanks Gabby!!

  7. Hi Gabby!

    As others have replied, I also really needed to hear this today. For the past 4 or 5 months or so I’ve been trying to deal with the huge transition of being in school and having friends around to friends moving away and having only a few friends around who are busy like me and not being able to hang out very frequently. This means I’m usually just working and I’ve been feeling really lonely. I’ve been trying to find ways to meet new people and make new friends and I had an opportunity to go to a social dinner and drinks this past weekend when a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time wanted to, and had time to, grab dinner with me. So I chose my friend over the social event. But I’m definitely experiencing FOMO about choosing my friend over the social event. The thoughts that run through my mind are: Maybe it would have been so much fun to go to the social dinner, maybe I would have walked away from that social event with a bunch of new friends and people I could go grab coffee with or talk to etc. And I fear that I made a mistake and will keep on feeling lonely. I fear I chose comfort (choosing my friend) over stepping out of my comfort zone (attending the social dinner). I don’t want to be alone or feel lonely and I want to make choices in my life that will end up making me happy. And I’m not sure if I made the right decision.

    But I will definitely try your 3 steps!

    Thank you!

  8. You are just precious Gabby. Love to see how poised and happy you are! This was so perfect for today. You are so spot on and I think the thing that resonates so much is the idea of second guessing your knowing and intuition. I am an intuitive and get excellent very clear guidance, but then I switch gears start talking with friends and get into the spin and boy it can become chaotic so fast! I am working on my book and have deadlines to meet, but feel like there are all these projects and programs I need to be working on and if I dont get them done, I will be missing out on shorter term income. But I know the book is the contribution that I need to focus on and what is funny is, that when I sit down and just wrtie, devoting heart and energy to that I always have money flow in from completely unforseen places! Anxiety and ego can really wreak havoc! Thanks so much for the reminder… :0)

  9. Hi Gabby! I just posted on my Angel page for my Angels to help me trust my intuition. The preayer went like this: Archangel Haniel open up my intuition, help me trust it. Guide me, light my way. I have big decisions to make today. And so it is”
    I have a bad case of FOMO, an opportunity that I knew I would get came my way. Now that it’s here, it doesn’t feel right and it makes me sick to my stomach. So I KNOW, that if I feel that way then it’s not in alignment with my highest good. After I posted the prayer, I went back on Facebook and you had posted vblog. I was guided to it!

    Thank you so much!

    In love and light

    Arlene March

  10. hi gabby,

    i’m seeing a really great guy right now who is madly in love with me and i am definitely into him, but i am also worried that our kids won’t be want i want with him (if I made the decision to stay with him long-term). I fear that I and my (future) children will be missing out on a better fit (physically). Any advice on how to address that?

  11. I honestly get FOMO like everyday. I moved to California from NYC for recovery and everyday I obsess about what I am missing out on and how much my friends must be having and all of the missed opportunity that must be happening because of this detour my life has take . Your videos and books have been so amazingly helpful and I owe so much of my ability to be here today and just be here, not tomorrow. You have taught me to stop waiting for my life to start and to start living everyday. I am soo grateful for my sponser for guiding me to you!! Xx

  12. This is sooo helpful, thank you! My worst case of FOMO was this summer when I get an email from Mastin’s crew saying that I was the winner of their (Daily Love) Maui retreat! (OMG!) BUT…the retreat in Hawaii took place the same week we moved to Zurich, Switzerland and my boys started their new school…I just couldn’t go. But how could I say no to this?! I cried, stressed about it and talked to my mum & sister…then sat in meditation and my inner guide told me this was a confirmation that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and that I’m a very powerful manifestor. Mastin Kipp (& Maui) was, and still is, on my vision board and I trust that the Universe will bring me there at the right time… I now trust in Divine Timing and my own power to create miracles 🙂

    1. Divine timing is so amazing. There are so many people in my life who think I’m crazy when I talk about it and for some reason it’s so nice to hear from other people who have experienced the magic of divine timing as well. Also, you might have inspired me to create a vision board 🙂 Good luck with the move.

  13. i first heard this FOMO phrase on friday night (yes – 3 days ago) and it has been chasing me around since then. I recently moved into my own apartment and after going on ALL the time and enjoying my new single life, i realized i needed to show my body more compassion (and my liver) and take a break for a few weeks. My friday and Saturday nights in over the last few weeks have been so great for my body (and my bank account) but i know i am missing out on memories with my friends and with meeting someone NEW also. How do you deal with having a regular social life in moderation? I am seriously struggling with this, I’m 25, i’m single, i should be going out and enjoying life – but i also should be more responsible and setting up my foundation for the rest of my life. So confusing and conflicting for me.


  14. I’ve learned and continue to learn that FOMO is just another game of ego. It’s another attempt to discredit the grandness of the Universe and every thing it has to offer me. Cultivating more patience and knowing that the highest order is always coming to fruition places things back in perspective. Thank you for this important reminder.

  15. I am committed to working with a coach for the next few months and yet I am drawn to all of these new program offers that are coming out and I worry and stress that I am making the wrong decision and that I really should be doing those classes and I am missing out…..this post was divine. Just what my soul was needing to hear. Creative blessings and thank you Gabby!

  16. This is a beautiful vlog, thanks for the always real practical info 🙂
    FOMO for me is usually around romantic relationships. It kind of feels like a devils choice, one or the other, all or nothing. I actually let this paralyze me into not making a decision. I can also have this with choosing to move house or not. Same thing here too, afraid of missing out one way or the other so then I stay there, though I do tend to talk it over a lot. So very primary, basic things. So I’m actually curious about the step that comes before accepting the choice you’ve made. 🙂 Can you talk a little about that?


    1. practice being still. through meditation you can heighten the voice of your intuition and in that stillness you will receive powerful guidance.

  17. Its so funny you posted this subject today. I was planning on attending your lecture yesterday in Mass but couldn’t due to many different circumstances, I was pretty bummed but told myself there would be other times. I had all my books ready for you to sign too! This vlog was exactly what I needed, seems like I’m not the only one from the comments below! Thanks Gabby. Go universe! 🙂

  18. Hi Gabby,

    I lived 5 years of my twenties in CA and really became who I am. 1.5 years ago a long term relationship and job came crashing down. Several months later I fell in love and moved away from CA to where my love lives and my home town. At the time it felt like the best decision. However, I left what feels like everything in CA. Including everything I knew, all my friends and a huge support system. I constantly feel FMO over was this the right choice and all the fun times my friends are having. I am trying to be present and accept this is where I am suppose to be, but I am struggling still a year later. Thanks for the video tips, and all your positivity.


  19. It’s so funny you posted this now – must be a sign. I’m in a process in life where I am digging up all the dark in side me. I have been suppresing emotion my whole life, had a lot of stuff going on as child that I am now letting go of. The thing is during this “dark” time I have ever felt better couse for the firat time in my life I “feel” things! It might be pain sometimes but is still a feeling. But! In weekends I dont have much enery to do things, I dont drink anymore and this period in my life I feel like taking it eyes and just let myself be heald and do things I love. BUT the FOMO often comes knocking on my door friday nights to beat me up!!!! I see my friends doing – what looks like “fun things” at instgram. And I feel like omg I am 26 years old sitting home missing out life (i feel this even do I have a very lovley daylife during the days) I feel like I just should stop sitting around home! Even if that is what I want! So thanks for this video! I just have to accept this time in mylife! And trust univers that this is where I should be right now! You helped me a lot! You rock – you feel like a friend! Take care I hope I se you in the show;)

  20. OMG!! What an awesome message-thank you!
    it is awesome in numerous ways. One, it gives me a source of strength by you sharing that with all that you’ve accomplished you still go through the same fears as everyone else (me in particular). Thank you for sharing.
    Second, I am new in Tampa, my job search as accountant is going slow, I keep thinking about first five job opportunities I did not show interest in (by looking at application) and that it somehow set the path for this slow search. I have a business idea which is taking shape slowly, I am trying to concentrate on that and I appreciate what I have in the meantime.
    Thanks for sharing, Gabby! You are such an inspiration.

  21. Gabrielle!
    Thank you for this humble, simple, and beautiful advice. It struck a nerve with me because I have a fear of missing out if I don’t take the plunge out of my comfort zone and begin teaching Kundalini Yoga. I recently graduated as a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, however anytime I think about “actually teaching” I get so much anxiety about all there is to know and how to be able to “properly” answer questions my students may have and if I am even “prepared” to teach. But, if I never take the first step then I won’t ever be ready. Right? And currently I am working at job that is so draining on my physical and mental state and I know I must get out of this environment and transition into what makes me happy- Kundalini. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?!
    Thanks Gabrielle

    Brittney Herrera
    Santa Cruz, CA

  22. I’ve been suffering from FOMO for the past year and a half since a relationship ended. He wanted to get married and start a family soon and I was uncertained about staying in town, wanting family so soon and I was focused in graduating (still studying though). Now, looking back, I realize that he was a great man, we got along well, we had many things in common, and I see that he would’ve been a great husband and father… I just learned that he is in a serious relationship and I am almost obsessing with the idea that I might have lost the love of my life due to my insecurities, and, of course, the fear of not finding that kind of love again predominates my thoughts. It’s been a difficult process for me to learn to be more spiritual, most things in my life are going well (health, friends career, money) but can’t help to think that I’m missing out love. Thank you for your teachings and I wish you well. KT.

    1. Oh, Katie B. I can relate. I’ll be sending you love and light. I just let go of a relationship too and I’m still struggling with that FOMO. Peace to you.

    2. I can totally relate to this.. did you learn anything that worked for you going through this that you would like to share? I am also curious to the outcome of this situation did you try to win him back or just let it be?

      thanks xo, bree

  23. This is a great subject! I also feel like I’m “missing out” on something and when I do it anyways, even if I don’t have the time or resources, it’s never as good as I envisioned it in my mind. It’s all about divine timing and knowing the opportunity will return when the time is right.

  24. Oh I LOVE this post! I have big time FOMO when it comes to personal growth or coaching program opportunities. I’m afraid this coach or that teacher possesses some major secret or skill that I must know in order to be successful, and if I don’t do the program I’ll be missing out and left behind in my business. Classic “not good enough” and lack thinking. Its actually led me to go into a lot of debt, again with fear that saying “I can’t afford it” is even more lack thinking. I make a deal with myself that once I learn the “secret” I’ll make back the money invested (hasn’t happened!) Any suggestions for this?

  25. I have FOMO for your London workshop Gabby! I can’t make it as it’s my Dad’s birthday that day- but I am sure there will be many opportunities to learn from you in person in London very soon/ at the right time! Thank you soo much ! -x-

  26. Gabby, this video could not have entered my life at a more perfect time, I know I was guided to watch it!!

    Yesterday I turned down a teaching position that I’ve been offered for 2014, this job just didn’t feel right. I have been going back and forth on this decision for a couple of weeks and caused myself a considerable amount of anxiety over it. When I took the time to quieten my mind, I received clear guidance that saying no is the right choice.

    Yesterday I made the call and told the Principal “thanks, but no thanks”. That decision (which I know in my heart to be true) has caused me so much anxiety. “What if I made the wrong decision?, What if another position doesn’t become available?, Am I going to regret this?, What have I done!!?!”. Then my ego tried to justify all of the reasons I should have accepted the position. All of the fears, are stemming from a belief in lack.

    This video was another gentle reminder to trust my intuition and to have faith that another opportunity and something better is on its way. Thank you x

  27. Wow Gabby, thank you for this wisdom today it is exactly what I needed. I’ve been faced w a new nontraditional relationship opportunity w someone ive been emotionally involved w for a while. Instead of blocking love and turning away im working on staying open and having faith in the universe’s plan for me. Its also a opportunity to work on shutting down my ego’s fearful, judgmental beliefs and stay in love.

  28. Hi, This doesn’t really relate to FOMO except the obsessing part! I sold my car a few months ago. I was asking an amount and was scared that I would not sell it quickly enough, as I was in need of some fast money..So Instead of bargaining back with the guy who bought it I took his first offer, and I probably could have made $500. more. My issue is….I constantly think about how dumb I was not to have played hardball or had a rebuttal back to him..etc. I feel like I got nervous and scared and said yes, I will sell it for that amount. What I really want to do is let this go, it is making me crazy. How do I let go??? This is a pattern of mine, obsessing. THANKS! LOVE YOUR BLOG

  29. Gabby,

    You make this world a much better place because you are in it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!
    Love love love,

  30. Hi Gabby,

    I comment all the way from Sydney, Australia! Thanks for this message. I now can call the fears & feelings I’ve been having lately FOMO!! Six weeks ago I was made redundant after 7 years in the company and finding a new job has high FOMO, I apply for a job and then another calls and I fear that I won’t get the job I think I want at the time. Your video has helped me have the faith and trust my intuition that I will end up in the right job at the right time.

    Thank you!

    Josie Mileto

  31. I had FOMO because I did not get to see you last week in south FL. Please tell me your coming back for new book tour:)?

  32. I’ve been having trouble with FOMO & a past relationship. I broke up with someone after things didn’t feel right for a while….but I find myself looking back and wondering if he’s with someone else, if I’ll ever meet another, or if I “messed something up.” Do you think this is the same thing as normal FOMO? Really liked the idea you said that if it’s meant to be in my life, it will come back. xoxo

  33. FOMO big time. Been recovering from major surgery for 9 months; and 3 yrs prior pretty much in bed. Have a decent level of acceptance though miss the outings, gatherings at friends, freedom and ability to move my body, go to the gym, etc. I am in my 40’s and very playful, cheerful (most of the time) and yearn for more connection and activity…and rest in the knowing that it will appear when the time is right and the spiritual energy is flowing . Blessings have come from this time period as well.

  34. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this VLOG all the way from Sydney Australia! Any chance you’re coming to Australia in the future??

    I can now name the recent fears and feelings I have been experiencing. I was made redundant seven weeks ago and in my quest to find my next amazing gig I have been having FOMO anxiety when applying, not hearing back, hearing back, interviews etc! I’ll definately try the process you talk through to help me have the faith that am following the right path and will end up right where I’m supposed to be!


  35. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for the sage advice. I often feel “FoMo”. Sometimes it is with social events and sometimes it is at work; but the underlying fear is the same. Fear of missing out; fear of loss. I agree with you that it is imperative to ignore the immediate impulse to jump on every opportunity. It is important to weigh up the options; and make space and time to listen to your inner voice. I love your work. You are a real inspiration. Thank-you.


  36. Love your authenticity Gabby. love the way you make cool acronyms. I’ve had lots of FOMO recovering from TBI, and I can say that one learns to slow down & trust the path that guides us, and that timing is truly Gods time~ing…. xx ????????????

  37. Great Great advice!! I live in FOMO, I’m a Pisces, making decisions is very difficult.. I especially like your advice that if you were meant to be somewhere then it will happen, and trust the Universe. I need to be reminded of this!! Thank you!

  38. Haha, this came SOOO at the right time! Juggling projects and ‘not getting my first class-ticket to the NO-train’ was getting me nervous. FOMO :-). But… tonight I decided to write some very clear e-mails to the ‘loose end-projects’ with the message, that I need to focus on my currents engagements so I can deliver quality to my clients. I wrote them and also gave people a deadline to reply to me, if they really have burning questions or anything, so I can organize my time properly. This gave me an immense relief and clarity. Everything else will be picked up in january. And if not… something better will come along. Thanks, Gabby, for your honesty and 3-step-plan 🙂

  39. Love your videos and so very happy for you! Totally having a FOMO over the man of my dreams who I met recently. Got so very scared and hope he will get it and understand and all will come to be in it’s own time. Thank you ever so much this came at just the right time and I am truly grateful and feel overwhelmingly blessed.

  40. Thanks for posting, Gabby! I always appreciate your honesty about what is going on in your life. It helps me so much in relating to the spiritual practices you suggest. Obsessing is a BIG issue for me that I’m working at letting go of. Thanks again.

    1. Christina, as a sober woman I totally understand. BUT, think it all the way through. play it out… you don’t have fomo for their hangover right?! Continue to be proud of your sobriety and cherish it like a precious jewel.

  41. I shared my gratitude on your Facebook, but wanted to again here as well! Thank you for being so open and honest about your recent FOMO experience! It’s amazing how much it can take over your thoughts and essentially your present moment. I missed out on a half marathon I wanted to run this past weekend and it was driving me crazy. I hadn’t experienced the feeling in awhile, so I appreciated your gentle reminder that everything is as it should and will come together as it is meant to. I feel so much better trusting in this and letting my fear take a nosedive.

    Keep spreading the light and we’ll continue to carry it forward!

    Would love for you to watch my video on turning FOMO’s meaning to “Fabulous On My Own!”

    Much love,

  42. When I meditate I have a hard time shutting down the chatter in my mind and have never felt like I can hear my inner guidance!!! I want so much to develop my meditation skills. I hear of all these wonderful stories of how friends have received messages and a “knowing” I want that but I’m beginning to feel like that’s not going to happen for me. Any advice?

  43. For me FOMO happens when I am at a place of change. I liken it to being a wave tossed back and forth. I am currently thinking about moving again and changing jobs. The more I try and decide what I should be doing, the more the waves churn.
    Instead of running around and gathering data, and applying to every job out there, I am spending time meditating and being still and finding my peace.
    You have to be still in order to listen.
    It is a hard path to be still and let the thoughts, the ideas, and then the actions gather like a cobweb being built.

  44. Gab!! This is so so so awesome and super helpful! I feel like I’ve been having FOMO a lot lately, and this really helps me re-group, calm and center. I may watch this every day for a while! lol Thank you!

  45. Hi!
    I am in a similar situation. We just bought a house and now I’m totally obsessing over if we bought the right house. My thoughts are driving me mad. I lost trust and need to find it. I will try the 3 step plan hopefully it will work.

  46. Can this be applied to big situations and to rejection? I recently graduated from college and had plans to stay in the city because I loved it. However no matter how hard I tried or whatever effort I put into staying I ended up back in my hometown in the south. On the regular I have handfuls of questions on why I’m not in the city with my friends at my dream job, does this mean I give up what I wanted, am I going againts the universe for wanting to be in the city, how do I get back, when will I get back, should I just let it go etc. I’m at a point where I’m trying to surrender but the what ifs keep pouring in.

  47. Love it! I saw your vlog and thought, oh that doesn’t apply to me but I’ll watch it as I love your videos. Smack! Yep I’m going through that right now! I’ve been offered a fab job (I already am bless with one of the best jobs on earth ) but Head of Campaigns for a huge environmental charity in my gorgeous home country of NZ. After SO much stress I turned it down. Having read spirit junkie like a million times I knew what to do but this vlog has super reassured me. Thanks sweetie – see you in London soon xx

  48. It is absolutely beautiful how the universe sends us exactly what we need when we need it. This weekend I chose to let go of a relationship with someone I love very much because the only reason we were hanging on was FOMO. Your message just reinforced my decision – it was horribly difficult but my spirit is completely at peace because I trust that the universe will bring the right people to me. Thank you!

  49. I’m not sure if this applies, but I am going back to school next year which means I will likely have to quit my secure job already in my field. I am afraid that I won’t get that chance again, even though when I think about it logically with the degree I will have the qualification to do more jobs that I would prefer doing. But nonetheless I am TERRFIFIED that I won’t get this chance again to have the full-time job with benefits and paid holidays again. Is this just FOMO?

  50. Hi Gabby, great video — thank you! This question is about a slightly different scenario. How do you respond when you don’t get something you were really hoping to get (such as a job)? ….And then you feel like you’re “missing out.” Would love to hear your thoughts.

  51. Love this Gabby, brilliant! Yes, TRUST is the key. It’s so amazing how miracles happen once you surrender and trust the Universe. Just being in that space of peace is incredible, it’s so soothing and relaxing to know that if you’re really meant for something you’ll get there eventually. Oh I so loved it when you said that even if I make the wrong decision I’ll be guided to the right one afterwards. Wow, that is so, so powerful. I need to tattoo this in my brain!

  52. i have the FOMO often when it comes to training seminars or any yoga event really lol. Really my pocket says, another? and my heart says, a million times YES!

    thank you for the vid Gab:) xo

  53. Gabby, this came at a great time for me! I’ve been avoiding social media because whenever I visit Facebook, Instagram, etc I become overwhelmed by FOMO and feeling like my life is not as “exciting” as others, or feeling like I should be working out more after seeing people post pictures at the gym or or what they are eating. Does anyone else know this feeling?

  54. Gabby thanks for talking about this topic! When I’m dealing with FOMO I have the feeling of being rejected. What are your thoughts about this? TIA!!!

  55. I often find myself in a FOMO state! Although my instincts are telling me it’s not a good time to do something, another part of me is jumping in to question and second guess that decision. I think we often hear the ‘should’ voice in our head at that stage and it distracts us from what we really feel in the moment. For example, I recently moved back from across country. I live relatively close to the city I spend over 10 years of my adult life in and obviously, I have friends in that particular place who are anxious for me to go there to visit. Logically, it is the perfect time to do so and I miss these friends but something continually made me hesitate. I continually thought, ‘Well, I SHOULD go because…..’ but regardless, something was standing in the way and stopping me. I over thought, second guessed and broke down the decision, fearing that I was somehow missing out in this particular window of opportunity. However the more I looked at it, I realized that the window of opportunity suited other people more than it suited me and I was in fact, denying my own inner guide and allowing myself to be distracted by voices outside of myself. Rather than questioning my inner guide, I finally accepted that there was a reason for this hesitation and rather than analysis it, I decided that maybe I just wasn’t meant to know the exact reason for my hesitation yet – if at all. As usual, great information. You’re the best, Gabrielle

  56. Oh, I so needed this video today! The other evening, my puppy was in the ER (he’s ok). I went for a walk while waiting for test results & ran Into a man I’ve been infatuated with for a year. We’ve gone back & forth but our last communication was a disagreement via text several months ago. I saw him on my walk talking to his biz partner. He said “hey, how are you?” I smiled politely and answered him as I continued on my walk. It felt right at the time but since then, I’ve been wondering if I should’ve stopped. Maybe he would’ve sat with me in the waiting room. Maybe we would’ve started fresh. Or maybe not. I’ll use your tips to stop obsessing!

  57. Ha ha this is brilliant!! I had no idea what the flipping heck FOMO was but I totally needed this. There is an awards ceremony in my industry coming up (this Sunday actually) and I’ve been shortlisted for an award for the 3rd year in a row! I went last year and HATED it, the room was full of egos and people bigging themselves up and not delivering and it was so draining. So this year I said to my husband I’m not going! Then I questioned and questioned and questioned it and bored my mother, my friends and not to mention the poor husband! I didn’t enjoy it last year and I don’t want to go this year, so I was thinking what the heck is wrong with me?! Now I know I had total FOMO, now I’ve let this all go and feel sooooo much better.
    You rock!

  58. Gabby, i recently was one of the biggest events yet in my life. I looked forward to it so much, sadly my sister got really ill before hand. I was distracted from my special event, and I feel like i missed out on enjoying this event. If i apply your method, can i draw in that experience again so I can have a second chance at enjoying it and really being present and in the moment.

  59. Oh.My.God! Yes….totally feeling this….from something that happened months ago! I was asked by a well-known life coach if I would be interested in working with him to develop a program related to health+wellness. I was over the moon excited about this opportunity. However…the catch was that I would have to attend his $5000 life-coaching trip to truly experience his work. Well…that’s a lot to ask. Didn’t have $5000 to spend, nor time to plan/save up in 3 short months!

    Well….at first I instinctively said yes, I’ll go! Then, 2 months later realized, I clearly could not afford this trip.

    I called him and explained to him I couldn’t attend.

    Well…he understood, but haven’t heard from him since.

    Was it all a scam to get me to go on his trip?

    I feel like I missed the opportunity to work with him. I’ve attended his courses before and love them/and him!

    But…now I have a sour taste in my mouth and feel like I missed out 🙁

    Really needed to hear this…and vent.

    I need to let it go.

    Thanks Gabby 🙂

  60. This is so true!! I moved away from home for med school and this upcoming Thanksgiving break I had a choice to make as to where to spend it. The choice was between going back home and making it to my good friend’s Bachelorette party, as I will be missing her wedding due to school, or spending the time with my parents, who moved out of state while I was in undergrad. I decided to go to my parents and apologetically told my friend that it was just not affordable or practical. Last week after feeling an inner prompting to check flights online once again, I found one for $250 round trip straight there and back!! The odds of that are very unlikely. I trusted the Universe and it supported me so that I could fly across the country during the holiday at the cheapest price I have ever seen!! So much gratitude and peace as I just let it go and work itself out. 🙂

  61. What if you feel as if you are missing out on everything? Or at least the core of life – family, and most of all – love. I feel as though I am missing out – I have have no boyfriend, fiance, husband, children, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, etc. The other thing that really troubles me, especially this time of year, is that my only brother died years ago. All of my other family members have passed away or moved away. I know what is left of my family is feeling the emptiness of what isn’t, because we all know what it feels like to be all that is. SO, I feel internal pressure, for being 36 unmarried, single, no children…If I had led a different life, I would have something – someone – to contribute to the family. If I was married, if I had children, if I even had a boyfriend, it would bring new life to our family. But, instead, I am completely alone. I feel as though I have just let everyone down. No one is close anymore. My parents have been divorced for a long time, but still won’t be in the same room together. I am not trying to sound pathetic. I am simply describing my situation. I am feeling, at this point, that the amount of emptiness now felt by my family would not be as painful, if I was not my age and completely alone. I feel as though I have failed, not only myself, but also my mother and father.

  62. hi guys! i’ve been so slammed so as soon as I dig out of emails i’ll respond to all your comments. thanks for posting! love u all

  63. This is such an important message and you are truly so good at what you do. Thank you! After contemplating FOMO, I realized that the pain is in trying to justify or convince ourselves that the chosen action is right or wrong. Shifting to a place of neutrality and acceptance helps us move forward. Sat Nam.

  64. Love this video! Thank you! Trusting everything is in Divine Order is so important to remember but it is easier said than done sometimes so thank you for the reminder. I like to say ‘What is for you, won’t pass by you’. xxx

  65. I have fomo in not make it in life. I have qualifications been applying but no respond its been full year so my fomo not getting to my dream path in time as I plan . It even go 2 a point where I feeling i was made not for certain thing in life I end up limiting myslf pls help

  66. I am experiencing money fomo.
    I got a spot in the daily loves maui trip for this summer, and all I can keep obsessing about is the money ill spend. I am so grateful i just watched this because- its true, (although this is not the wrong decision for me, I feel it in my heart) the money will be back in my account again after, and in the mean time it is a great way for me to budget and stop spending on pointless things I would have been spending the money I am now using to invest in myself instead 🙂 Its crazy that I am allowing my ego and fear get the best of me and making me believe that I made a “bad” or “wrong” decision and fear that if my parents find out the price of the trip- they will think I made a crazy decision. Phew!
    thank you thank you
    ps- I hope that your saturday seminar went wonderfully, I missed it 🙁 see you
    <3 J

  67. Dear Gabby,

    I was diagnosed last year with breast cancer and have finished my chemo treatment last April. There are days that the FOMO hits me the most and that is coupled with fear for my own mortality. This video and the other one on making decisions hit resonate so much for me right now that I am grateful for the gentle nudge. It isn’t easy when there is a “loud ticking life bomb” in the background but I try to be more in tune with myself and with the moment.

    Thanks for speaking out what I needed to hear from the Universe!


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