How to Get Off Your Butt and into Action

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Note: Updated in June 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Is there something in your life you’ve been talking about doing for months or years or even decades? This is something you think about all the time. You meditate on it … you daydream about it … but you don’t actually do it.

You know who you are.

Maybe you want to pick up a new skill. Launch a business. End a relationship. Start dating. Start a blog or podcast. Take yoga teacher training. Go after a promotion.

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Whatever it is, I see this all the time. It’s something that is super common among my Spirit Junkie Masterclass students. Many alumni have told me that before they arrived, there were stuck in this energy of “I want this!” without taking action.

Get out of a rut and into action!

If you’re struggling to say yes and show up and make that commitment — even if you really want to — I’ve got an awesome tip for you. Watch the video to learn how to lift yourself out of that funk with one simple move.

This is a topic that continually blows my mind. It’s one of the most important topics in my life, and one of the most awesome gifts I get to share. Watch below:

Take action without any expectation

The #1 tool to get into action is a very, very simple practice. It’s best that we keep it simple because the more we think we need to do, the more we don’t do it. We get overwhelmed. We get intimidated. So instead, let’s focus on what it is we want to do and just do it for the sake of doing it!

Whatever you want to do, do it without any expectation. Just do it for the goal of doing it, not for the goal of getting money or of getting people to read the blog. Not for the goal of making sure that the guy that you go out on that date with calls you back.

Taking action takes off the pressure

Just do it and enjoy it! Once you take away the expectation and actually just get into the act of doing, the experience and the expression of the doing starts to put you into a new practice and a new energy.

I had a coaching client who would often say to me that she really didn’t want to date. She was so afraid of dating and so uncomfortable with it. So the homework I gave her was just to commit to me and to herself that she was just going to get on a dating site.

Simply signing up and putting herself on that dating site without any expectation of anybody writing her back, no expectation of having to go on a date, but just putting herself on the dating site, put her into the action of doing. Within a week, she started getting a lot of messages from guys on that site because she was putting herself out there into the action of doing.

The way that we can get into action is by taking away the expectation. It’s so simple. It’s so fun and effortless and joyful to do without expectation.

Just do it and raise your vibration!

If you want to put that blog up, put that blog up and don’t even expect anybody to read it. Just put it up and just let it be up, so that you can trust and feel the vibration of you having done that work.

If you want to start to try to create a new career path and start making jewelry, make that jewelry with no expectation of trying to sell it, no expectation of trying to give people some reason to buy it.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t sell it. It doesn’t mean that those dates won’t come in. It doesn’t mean that blog won’t be highly popular.

What it means is that is that you’ve gotten yourself out of the funk of stagnation and into the action of doing. This is how you actually follow through on what you want to do!

Fun is powerful

This is a topic that blows my mind. It’s one of the most important topics in my life. I think one of the greatest gifts that I have been able to give is the experience and the expression of getting people into action.

So just do it. Take action now. Have fun, because fun is powerful! When you are joyful, you attract what you want. Take away the expectation and simply act.

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