How to Find A Supportive Community

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A huge part of my purpose in this life is to hold space for like-minded people to come together and support one another. Tweet it!

As a young girl I was introduced to many spiritual communities. My mother often brought me to visit ashrams and I sat beside her in weekly women’s circles. These sacred communities always made me feel safe and supported.

If you feel alone on your spiritual journey, you’re not. You have a spiritual community available to you right here, right now. Tweet it!

When I got to college, I started hosting my own groovy women’s circles. Groups of girls would gather in my apartment to eat snacks and talk about their feelings. Having community really helped me through the chaos and insecurity of my college years.

Watch this video for guidance on how to find community in your own life. Tweet it!

A common issue that I hear in my groups and lectures is that people feel alone on their spiritual journey. In response, I suggest that they look around the room and see how connected they really are.

Watch this video for guidance on how to find community in your own life. Tweet it!

Community is present here on my blog, on my Facebook fan page, at a live event, or on my social networking site.

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  1. You can find community in book clubs, local libraries, meditation groups in your state, online forums, email, bloggers, YouTube, gyms, gym classes, yoga studios, free yoga classes, and through Meet Up. Shall we get more ideas going? 🙂

  2. Gabby! I’m forwarding to my family still in the same small tiny tiny town I’m from in N. Cali where not even cable and internet reaches some parts. My young nieces are still there doing what they can to not repeat cycles as the only thing they’ve ever known. My 23 year old nephew did not make it out alive. He passed away from an overdose last year in that same small town. Although I now live in Florida its imperative that young girls in small towns see you and hear your message. Their life depends on it. I am sharing to my nieces facebook page. Please hold a prayer and space for small town girls. I am holding a space that they are vibrant strong women whom can find a community even in the smallest spaces. I came close to not making it out alive myself attempting to take my own life twice, battling addictions, and a sexual assault by 18. I pray with light, hope, and love that small town youth will find community and find you. It saves lives. Thank you!

  3. I love it Gabby! I’ve become good friends with several amazing women here in DC who are also Spirit Junkies & HerFuture brought us together. We all watched Crazy Sexy Miracles on Friday night as a group & it was so much more powerful than watching on my own! I’ve also met several like minded women on Instagram & my goal is to start hopping on HerFuture more so that I can connect with other beautiful souls. Can’t wait for Re-Ignite tomorrow night! xo

    1. I too made the same promise to start going on HerFuture more often . . .glad to know I am not the only one who stopped checking in on the website as much as i would like

  4. Gabby! yet, another wonderful blog. For me community has been something new to my life. In high school, i always felt like a loner and didn’t know where i fit in. In college, I made the effort to find good friends (most of which are still in my life today – 6years after graduation). But then I found yoga and through yoga, i found a community beyond what i could have imagined. I found insightful friends that eventually led me to you, who i can have raw and honest conversations with. I must admit, i have not been on her future in awhile, but that is about to change. I am just starting week 3 of MCM and have realized that i didn’t have an outlet to discuss my emotions with anyone. Then at lunch yesterday, I found out a good friend of mine is working the book too. I recently moved to Australia without knowing anyone. As a yoga teacher, i had a hard time finding teaching jobs. So i took matters into my own hands and created my own yoga group via the couchsurfing website (an amazing community for travelers). It’s the first time I have created something like this and to be honest, i am always surprised and grateful when people show up each week. Thank you Gabby for showing us what community can be and always holding space for women around the world.

    1. That’s amazing! good for you for making such a bold move & creating such a fantastic community. There are always opportunities around when we seek within! <3

  5. I wonder if it’s a fairly common theme amongst spiritually minded people that we don’t fit easily into mainstream life. I don’t mean that we’re social misfits, just that it’s harder to find like minded people and I find your blog really hitting something this week. I have tried setting up my own groups with little success so I’m going to hook up with Her Future more often now. I too am guilty of letting it slide and forgetting how supportive it is. As always, you are totally inspirational Gabby. Have a good week all.

    1. I think you’re right, it can be hard to find spiritual community but when you do find those rare friends that really get you – hold on to them tight and build a community together

  6. Thank you for creating this space for us to be our authentic selves and share Gab! You are amazing and so is every Spirit Junkie on this page! Friend me on Her Future! xxoo Spirit Junkie Love all around!

  7. Thank you Gabby. Since my divorce I have been a bit of a loner. I am truly craving more like minded people in my life (especially since I have recently moved from LA to Nashville, leaving an incredible spiritual community). You have motivated me to get moving. Tonight AlAnon, Wednesday yoga therapy & my mindful support group and daily more time on her future. Thank you for the wake up call. Sat Nam!

  8. Thank you from my whole heart for this video Gabby! This has been on my mind for a long time now and that’s why I bought the ticket to watch Crazy Sexy Miracles while it was actually happening. It was so great to feel that sense of community through the chat and even looking out at the people through the screen. I immediately went over to When I saw this video in my email inbox, my heart jumped a little. I watched this video with tears in my eyes because this is exactly what’s been on my mind. So thank you.

  9. Hi Gabby & everybody,

    Timely message, so I reach our during this transition phase of this life. I am shedding old thoughts, old skin, old relations, sending them onward with gratitude and inviting new thoughts, new skin, and new relations with gratitude as well. In doing so, I invite a new community of support, those who believe in love, who know who they are, and are infused ruthlessly with the passions of kindness, authenticity, courage, and compassion.

    I ask people to share their written concept of compassion in a notebook. Started June 3rd, 2009. I do so to bring awareness to compassion. I believe every action begins with a thought. I believe compassion to be essential in alleviating unnecessary suffering. I believe that as we move toward a change in the collective consciousness, the more we consider compassion at the forefront of our minds, the more we will heal.

    I open my heart to this new community of folks. I am here as an offering to share my thoughts and to listen to others who think positively, speak positively, and act positively.

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

  10. Gabby,

    I’m having a little problem with your work in that as a guy I find that it’s very invaluable with the spiritual insights and the shifts that it produces. But there are times when I personally feel alienated because I’m already out of my comfort zone and when there are things like Her Future and stuff that’s so directed towards women. I can’t help but hear and feel this little voice in my solar plexus and heart saying “you’re in the wrong place! don’t go there! You’ll emasculate yourself.” Am I less valuable or not authorized in a sense because of my genitalia???

  11. I am ready to receive guidance and support in finding my career passion and purpose. To be wealthy, my own boss and be a leader so that I may use all the tools and strength God gives me to be my best and also to positively give back. I am worthy of love and my dreams coming true. I know that I am worth it.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you for this Vlog. So many times my angels have guided me to you and you have the exact answer that I need. One of my intentions for 2014 was to connect with like minded spiritual people because I don’t have many in my personal life, friends etc. I wanted to ask this question at Crazy Sexy Miracles but was too shy =) Thank you Gabby and Thank you angels =) xoxo

  13. Hi All, not to exclude anybody, but I would love to connect with women (and men) who are in the fitness industry, yoga teachers, personal trainers. I’m having a hard time finding a community of people who are willing to share their ups and downs in business and how they deal with challenges.
    We all have set backs from time to time, unfortunately I’ve found that in my industry nobody likes to discuss these, it seems to be about saving face rather then openly coming out with a challenge and brain storming how we can overcome it.

    Would love to connect. 🙂

  14. I have specific responses to 2 people. Rachel, I so sympathize with your town, the difficulty accessing internet, etc. The book group idea is a great one. Get a gathering of young women and share an inspiring book and talk about it. Gabby’s books are great. Also a fun, empowering one is from Mama Gena, who teaches women how to stand for themselves in so many ways, including their sexuality. Titled, “The School of Womanly Arts”, women have formed groups around the world to use it and practice. Also, for the addiction struggles, you can start forming 12 step groups…Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc. All that material is in books as well.

    And to Erik, I have heard so many guys speak about this, including my grown son. They are tuning into the spiritual piece that the women are studying, but have a harder time forming the groups because finding men to bond like this is a bit more of a challenge. Keep doing what you’re doing. The women are on it, but some of the guys are too, they’re out there! Look at meetup groups. Start one. And tune into Jonathan Fields Good Life Project…great interviews on the internet, and the Good Men Project…Good Luck, all of you:) Karen Fitzgerald (

  15. Community has been imperative for me in my life and my recovery as well. Great topic! Without community I don’t have connection and I can feel so alone, trapped, and isolated. With community I remember that I am one of 7 billion people in this world and I have a voice and I matter. With this community theme, I started where users ‘SPARK’ what they want to be held accountable and the SPARKITE community helps to hold them accountable. I want to create this community of empowerment, love, compassion, and gratitude. I also want to show others that we have infinite power that we can tap into at any moment we choose!

  16. It’s funny that this topic comes up now because recently I’ve been feeling very socially isolated. After returning ‘home’ to a rural community (after living in a city for years) I feel like an alien that landed down from another planet – forget about even attempting to talk about my spirituality or A Course in Miracle – I’m already a little too woo woo for people around here without getting into all that:-) Needless to say I do feel some isolation and I regret that although I joined Her Future a few weeks ago, I haven’t been very active in the site. If anyone is reading this and would like to look me up, my name is Michelle Arsenault and would love to be your friend:-) Forget Facebook, this seems like a network that really can make a positive difference:-)

    1. Hi Michelle, just wanted to say hi and I know how you feel! We’ve just moved recently and I’m surprised how low and out of place I’ve felt, especially when I expected more from myself with all the good Gabby teachings I try to live lol. I hope you find your feet soon and feel grounded wherever you are. I’m sure they’ll all learn to love us for our woo woo 😉
      Christy xo

      1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Christy! I actually grew up here but have been away for…hmm…something like 20 years! ha….I’m not living here long term, just till I sort a few things out and get back on my feet again but it has been kind of a challenge. Concentrating on Gabrielle’s books and a few other inspiring people has helped me approach things with an opened heart and learn a few lessons. I do realize that I am here right now for a reason and that the little day to day things are simply there to teach me…but it would still be nice to have some kindred spirits nearby:-) Thanks again!

  17. Erik. Have you tried The Daily Love on-line community? It serves men and women and has several articles each day from coaches, spiritual teachers, healing professionals, etc. It may provide some of the community you are seeking. You can also then follow the writers/teachers that resonate with you. Keep staying open and seeking; there are numerous resources out there.

  18. I love this! I joined Her Future in August and must make it a point to be more active to increase my sense of community in my spiritual journey. I am also a huge fan of your work! I’ve read “Spirit Junkie,” am reading “May Cause Miracles” for the second time, and I can’t wait until “Miracles Now” comes out! You’ve been a great inspiration to me and your lectures and books have been instrumental in my spiritual growth!

    I recently started a blog for young women on the subjects of happiness, health, beauty, and fashion. I’ve featured you in the “Bloggers I Love” section. The site is Thanks for all the wonderful things you do and keep shining your light!! 🙂

  19. This couldn’t have come at a better time – I am deeply seeking sisterhood and to fill my life with like-minded individuals. I joined her future and cannot wait to connect with you all! Looking forward to connections and spirit junkie lovin’ 🙂 Thank you, Gabby, for this and all that you do!

    portia joyce

  20. Thank you! I’m like Soooo in need of a community of positive energy! All I wanna talk about is living a life with meaning and spiritual growth and it seems hard to find others doing the same 🙂 thank you for this Gabrielle.

  21. A beautiful way to connect to community is to find conscious dance events, such as VitalDanza, Biodanza, 5 Rhythms. Soul Motion, and participate regularly. When you meet and move together on a regular basis you explore a deeper type of communication that is non-verbal thus transcending language and cultural barriers.

      1. Movement has been so transformational in my life especially Biodanza and now VitalDanza. It has not only enabled me to come back home to myself but also to relate to others and to all of life more profoundly and authentically. Some of the most significant and impressive friendships in my life have been formed and solidified in the dance. I would highly recommend this type of interaction to everyone – all ages, all abilities.

  22. Thank you for this vlog. Since beginning my spiritual journey, I’ve lost several people who were close to me. This has been a struggle for me. At times, I have felt very alone and have wondered if it was all worth it. I look forward to reaching out, getting real, and connecting with other like-minded spirit junkies. Namaste’

  23. Hello! To be honest I’m
    Not really sure how her future works and where to post comments ?! I logged on and saw different sections but I felt a little like “what now”? Haha—so where should I go on the site to ask for guidance, advice from others?!
    I’m hopefully not the only one that is not to tech swavy!! Ty so much! Peace and namaste:)

    1. Hi! I’m new to her future myself but from what I’ve been doing, you go into the “power posse” section and you can join those groups. They have different “discussions” set up so when you find a group you like, you can join that group and then go into the discussion sections and that’s where you can comment. To ask for advice, you go into the power posse sections, and start a new discussion. I did that recently for tips and tricks on starting to drink green juices and smoothies:

      Or you can go into the main chat room (look for the “chat” section in the menu, and ask there! 🙂

  24. Wow Gabby, once again what amazing timing and what a beautiful message. I’ve been having a really tough time lately and we can get so caught up in our own journey. Only yesterday I came upon a dear friend who’s journey at this time carries far more pain and it was an eye opener that we’re never alone, are all doing our best, and can always use a soft place to fall. Here’s to unity, support, and each having the courage to ask for help. Love to you all xoxo

  25. After yesterday’s video, I spent some time on her future and this morning I woke up so happy and excited to get back on the site! So many great sisters. 🙂 Anyone who wants to friend me, please go ahead! I look forward to meeting you:)

    Gabby- I have two siblings, both sisters, and I love and cherish our sisterhood. Thank you so much for giving others a chance to experience that. I love the idea of a community of digital sisters. I am so glad you created the site! 🙂

  26. I was very inspired by this message, and by coincidence right after listening to it, I met another artist(painter). This was a sign to me that the universe was bringing me someone that I could share ideas with and we could support one another as painters. She asked me for info on some of my painting techniques and gallery contacts, and I happily shared with her my agent’s direct number, etc. etc., but I was disappointed that she did not reciprocate when I asked her for her publisher’s info. How does this work at a karmic energy level, when you share feely and trustingly, and the other person doesn’t reciprocate? Does anyone know? I would love any advice or suggestion?

  27. i feel weird saying this, but some of the people who hurt me are yogi type people who might be on the sight. would they know it is me who is writing in ? i feel like there are people covering up their true self by participating in yoga , spiritual world.

  28. Movement has been so transformational in my life especially Biodanza and now VitalDanza. It has not only enabled me to come back home to myself but also to relate to others and to all of life more profoundly and authentically. Some of the most significant and impressive friendships in my life have been formed and solidified in the dance. I would highly recommend this type of interaction to everyone – all ages, all abilities.

  29. This is such a fantastic vlog topic Gabby, thanks for covering it! Having just returned from a weekend-long retreat with my mastermind group of soul sisters (formed out of a common interest to nurture, support and hold space for one another and all of the wonderful work we’re doing in the world), I could not agree more that a supportive community is of the UTMOST importance on our journey.

    I found that I drew my community to me once I openly declared that I wanted it, journalled about it, and made the intention early last year that I was going to start building my tribe. The key for me was nailing how I wanted to feel, within this supportive group. This, I’m convinced, helped everything align to bring these beautiful people in to my life.

    Love love love xxx

  30. What a lovely community you’ve created. I joined HerFuture early this morning and throughout the day have received friendly, supportive feedback. What a joy. Thank you!

  31. Excited to find out that connecting on Hay House Radio is a beautiful way of feeling the love from other spirit junkies. Enjoyed my first experience of talking to Gabby and Rebecca Rosen today. Will certainly be connecting again. You can have the Hay House Radio app running on your phone all the time=)

  32. This video could not have come at a better time. I was actually surprised to see that there are so many people who are also struggling to find a like-minded community. I will definitely join her future. I do find it difficult to meet people in yoga classes since most are there for their own spiritual practice and not to socialize. Thank you for this video gabby! 🙂 sat nam

  33. Hi Gabby! Thank you for bringing all of us together! I have made friends with some Spirit Junkies in my city when I attended one of your lectures.
    I love herfuture! I have just had technical issues for the past year that I have discussed via e-mail with Jenny. The site appears to be in high use, so are there plans to move it to a new platform that will be more accommodating? I would love to be able to use it regularly!
    Take care! xox

  34. Hi Gabby,
    I just joined her future recently and I really love the vibe but I’m not sure what to do on there exactly yet. The reason I’m commenting is to share something that has been happening to me lately. Very recently I was feeling dialled in to my life in the right frequency and just so alive and like I was doing all the right things. After Christmas and spending time with my extended family I am hearing my broken record of negativity again and resonating with some victim mindset. Do you have any suggestions on how to snap out of it?

  35. amazing blog, thank you Gabby! Community and connection are so valuable and vital to my spiritual being. I feel best when I feel connected, which is the exact opposite of my ego pull to comparing and feeling less than or rising above and “winning” over my fellows. That was my sole aim in life and now it feels very empty

  36. Love that you created this community, Gabby! Thanks 🙂 Community is so powerful.
    Just joined – any advice for newcomers? There are so many exciting things to check out. Love the blog section too as I’m a blogger.
    Looking forward to being part of this awesome community!

  37. Thanks for sharing this post Gabby… Just what I needed. I recently suffered my third miscarriage and am trying to find the light. I hadn’t heard of you and just happened to come across your “May Cause Miracles” book the other day… I’ve never been one for self-help books, but something wouldn’t let me leave the store without it. Neethless to say that I’m happy I got it… I was hooked as soon as I started reading. Hoping I can help myself -through your book – recover from another heartbreak.

  38. My name is Mike and I am curious if there are any may cause miracles book clubs in the Kansas City Area. I can’t join up on herfuture to find out. If anyone can look it up and find out for me, I would be very grateful. I have posted on craigslist looking for people who have read the book and want to form a support group, but have yet to get any response. Thanks so much.

  39. The last 4 years have been a struggle. One that almost made me question my journey, my purpose and life itself. I lost the one and only person that meant the world to me to cancer. My mother. My journey was for her, my purpose was her and my life revolved around her. While I slowly suffered inside and felt every bit of the void that existed in my life, unknowingly I was led into another journey, another purpose and today a beautiful life. While I train to become a Cancer Exercise Specialist I also experience the magic and power of the universe. To be honest, I was always a skeptic and looked at life very plainly and very black and white. Today as I experience this magic, I leave quite a few people behind, some friends, some family. As I feel more liberated within the world of spirituality I become even more solitude within my space. Your video about finding a community is so useful to me because I would love to share my journey with like minded people. In fact, I always hoped for this and like many other things I was guided to you and now this video of yours. So thank you for making my world a bit more sweeter!

  40. I am new to the Gabby Bernstein bandwagon and have just started reading May Cause Miracles and listening to her podcast, I realize that is no longer active and I am looking for direction on how to find a power posse or support group of my own to help guide me through this process.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Laura! Welcome!!! ❤️ I now offer the Miracle Membership. Right now registration isn’t open, but you can get on the list to be notified as soon as it opens again. We have some awesome things coming this year. Be sure to follow me on FB and join the comments and conversations there. You will find lots of amazing Spirit Junkies!

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