How to Feel Awesome Every Monday

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Do you want to feel awesome when you wake up every Monday morning?

When you love what you do, Monday morning is inspiring. You leap out of bed. You’re filled with cool ideas. You’re ready to do great work.

Do you dread Monday?

Unfortunately, I hear from many people about how they feel the opposite of awesome every Monday. They aren’t passionate about their careers. They dread the workday. When your job is out of alignment with your passion, you can feel blocked, drained and even depressed.

In the video below I share ways to bring your purpose and passion into your profession. When you do this, you will feel awesome every Monday! Watch the video and then keep reading.

How to feel awesome every Monday

What are your effortless actions?

When I think back on how I was led to a career as a spiritual teacher, I’m reminded of something I did in high school. I volunteered to lead retreats for a Jewish youth group I was part of. I’d organize events and help lead other teens in talking and thinking about spirituality! This was an effortless action on my part. It was fun and fulfilling.

We all have these effortless actions. There are things we simply love to do. We often do them for free for a while because we just want to help others and share what we love. One friend of mine is a makeup artist who also taught A Course in Miracles. She would talk about the Course with her clients and teach them lessons. Over time she began leading free study groups. And once she built up experience, she began charging for her great work. People were happy to pay her because she provided a great service!

Lean toward what you’re passionate about

When we just lean toward what we’re passionate about, we start to bring energy to it. We begin to live our purpose. Often we start by doing it for free, like my friend did. I offered free coaching early in my career. I’d also speak for free. I just wanted to share the spiritual lessons I had been learning!

When you begin to do this, you will be guided to make your purpose your profession. Maybe it will be your full-time profession. Maybe it will be a part-time profession. Maybe it will be something you do on the side simply because it brings you so much joy! Or maybe you will discover ways to bring more purpose into your current job and show up for it in a whole new way!

Begin taking action

The key is to begin taking action. In the video above I talk about a training I led. That training has expired, but the opportunity to feel awesome every Monday has not! Get on the waitlist for my Spirit Junkie Masterclass and be the first to know when enrollment opens in June 2019!

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