How to Change Your Mood in 60 Seconds

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I have an awesome tool to share with you. It’s a little something you can tuck in your back pocket and bust out whenever you need it. This is my 60-second practice for snapping out of a bad mood, and I swear by it.

Ready to change your mood?

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How to get out of a bad mood fast

I’ve been turning to this practice for over a decade now — that’s how well it works! I can always count on it to lift me out of a funk and get me out of my own way so I can align with the flow of the Universe and reconnect with my inner wisdom.

Watch the video below to learn my secret for getting out of a bad mood in under a minute! Opening yourself up in this way will change your mood SO fast. I credit this practice with being key to my happiness and success. Leave me a note below to let me know how you’ve found this practice. I trust that it will serve you.

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  1. Hi Gabby, I am reading your book “The Universe has your Back” recommended by a friend. I was working through the Judgement response (page 136) and intended doing the meditation – so I went to your website and saw the video of you wearing a fur around your neck – you may say that it is faux, but I found myself judging you. You talk about love and forgiveness and connection with the planet. I realise my judgement of you in that moment is aligned with my judgement of the way humans use animals as commodities and I reject that – I have observed the pain and suffering caused to sentient beings and I judge that to be unethical. I do not believe that to be a judgement related to Fear, but to one of love for the suffering of animals. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

    1. It’s faux!! I understand where you are coming from — you are not alone when it comes to this question. In fact, my next book is dedicated entirely to judgment. It’s called Judgment Detox and it comes out January 2nd. 🙂 The steps in this process will help you recognize judgment and heal it. When it comes to issues we feel strongly about, there is a difference between advocating for what we believe in and judging people who don’t share our beliefs or are doing something we believe to be wrong. Compassion allows us to treat others kindly while speaking up for injustice.

  2. I’ve been consistent with my spiritual practice of meditating and praying every day for a month now. Today I woke up honestly feeling depressed, unmotivated and scared. I’ve read Spirit Junkie and The Universe Has Your Back and the moment you said to drop the F word I was able to see that ego was trying to take back the reins today and this exercise helped me step outside myself to be able to perceive that. I feel the shift from tension and anticipation to calm and acceptance. Gabby you’re an angel and your work has seriously changed my life. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Absolutely beautiful. Your ego will always try to creep in and take over. That’s why we call it a spiritual practice. Stick with it and the voice of love will become louder. <3

  3. Hey Gabby! It’s definitely hard for me to, I guess, accept the fact that I forgive myself in that moment when my emotions are taking over and they can be overwhelming. I feel it works way better for me when I say that I am WILLING to forgive myself. Saying that to actually makes me feel better in that moment. Hopefully the act of forgiving myself for a, b or c will come natural soon.

  4. Hey Gabby, Thanks so much for the video. My concern is, I generally manifest everything I want, but there is one desire that is taking longer to get manifested. I believe and stay in that vibration that the thing I want, I am already having. But sometime I do get worried thinking what will happen if my desire doesn’t get manifested or how will it get manifested etc etc. Whenever I come across going into this lower vibration I immediately try to get rid of that feeling. and most of the time I successfully do that and then again I come back to believing phase. I want to know is this ok in order to manifest my desire? if this is not ok then how can I get rid of that lower vibration feeling? Can it be the reason why my desire is not manifesting in physical world?

  5. Wow, I really needed this tonight. I’ve been bothered for quite a few weeks now. I can’t sleep and won’t stop eating junk food and this hopefully will help me. Wow you do some great stuff!!!

  6. Thank you for this vlog. I have a “tween” son who I am teaching and guiding through the process of handling his emotions in a more mature way. This is a great tool for him to utilize!

  7. Hey Gabby!
    I had seen this video in my email this week and resisted watching it. Tonight, I watched it after not being able to fall asleep due to attackful, negative, and mean thoughts towards myself. I watched this video (not knowing what it would be about). I immediately sat and said to myself, “I forgive myself for beating myself up, etc.” It completely shifted my energy. Thank you for sharing this tool. It’s encouraging me to create my blog and videos to inspire others because by you posting this, by your confidence, by you saying YES, I was able to benefit in this moment that I had so much interal struggle. Thank you for being you and how you just keep going and keep saying yes!! Much love to you.

  8. i hate alot of people,thank you i needed this i feel so my better.god bless you.I never forgave myself, i feel awsome,i feel good,i am at peace.

  9. This is a game changer for me! One of the many things I’ve taken away from your books and videos that have greatly supported me throughout my days and made my life more joyous and open. Love you& your periscopes 😉 xoxo

  10. Wow! I was saying today that I have a hard time forgiving myself and this really spoke to me, “the willing to forgive myself”, I love the universe!

  11. Thanks gabby, the moment you say “i forgive myself” my energy switch… I think it is because it brings you in a place of acceptance, and we all know that suffering is often cause because we are resisting to something, to ourselves, to the present moment… Thanks for the reminder 😉

  12. even if I was not yet able to fully forgive my self stating I am willing to forgive….
    did shift my mood considerably and immediately it does help support one to realign in whats important and being kind to you’re self is very important

  13. I really needed this! I screwed up at work and my boss was not happy and I still am beating myself up over it and though SHE might not ever forgive me, I know that I am willing to forgive myself. Wherever my journey leads me. I am going to forgive myself. Thank you.

  14. Willingness to forgive myself allowed me to feel kindness. Towards myself. Towards my pain. Towards other.

    Willingness to release judgement. Willingness to release resentment.
    Willingness to show myself compassion. And to Forgive.

    Thank you. Satnam.


  15. This is great! And helps most of the time… But what about when your bad mood has now hurt someone you love (I let this happen too often w my husband and kids). So, what if forgiving yourself isn’t enough… Kids are usually so forgiving they get over quick but what about my husband that I now feel hates me for being a b*%#^???

  16. I normally go with ~ I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy! I love your and can’t wait to try it. ??? ??

  17. Wow, I felt that instantly! I woke up ungrounded this morning as it’s been a very rough start to this year, and felt the release in my stomach immediately. Thank you! See you in Hollywood in February ~ so excited!

  18. Absolute truth!!!! Thanks Gabby! How simple and it always comes back to this… wish I would have read this yesterday!! <3<3<3

  19. So true! It served me MUCH today! Think you make many light-prints in the universe today sweet girl! One is mine 🙂 HAhahahaaaa!!!! 🙂 Thank you, big kiss & ONE l o v e! *

  20. Dear Gabby, Thank you so much for your wisdom. You came into my life today. I was feeling so so drained of energy. I listened to you and your words and I felt like a lighter energy around me. I will practice this every day and I so want to read your books. Thank you. I do believe God put you in my life. Thank you! Love and light!

  21. Wow!!! You touched me when you said maybe that’s how you are feeling right now (mad mood ), because it was true. I have a bad cold and I get super sensitive about it.
    This came just in the exact moment. Thank you Gabby for putting it out there.

  22. Dearest Gabby, This is just MIRACLE!!! Came to me at the perfect time… Because, Today (Jan 26) is my Gratitude Practice 26th day of The Magic Book by Rhonda, it’s about magically transform Mistakes into Blessings. For turning our wounds into WISDOM. Your words just hit my heart so deeply & I catch myself writing “I forgive myself and I forgive everyone in my life” five times and I wrote Thank YOU. Thank YOU. Thank YOU. Gabby. ???????????? I felt instance peace and freedom and I feel so beautiful NOW.
    I’m constantly amazed how life loves me and constantly witness how Universe loves and supports me. We are deeply grateful to today’s technology for us to reach out beyond what we could think of. I am from Myanmar (Aung San Suu Kyi’s country). Whenever I heard YOU mention in your speech “when YOU feel helpless, help someone”, I feel so connected with YOU. Hope YOU could come and visit me one fine day soon.

  23. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. After reflecting on one of my responses today I needed to forgive another and myself for jumping to judgment. To your point forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

  24. OMG the ether sent you! Today have been feeling very f-ed off and have not been able to shake it – just listening to you and I feel it lifting for of course I say the words with you – in the moment I am willing to forgive myself!
    Thank you I shall be back with later installments 😉

  25. This was just what I needed today! I’ve been trying to keep up with meditations and positive/upbeat thoughts, but I’ve been struggling lately because I’ve been sick a lot this season. Do you have any particular meditations and/or tips for getting yourself out of a ‘funk’ when you are sick? I’d love to hear! Thanks, Gabby!

  26. I teach this and of course I do so because I do not always practice this. Today I needed this reminder as the mood is edgy and off. This happens when I do not start my day in connection to the divine…and today, excuses aside I did not make that time…so now to forgive and forge on. I give thanks to you, along with eveyone else who you inspire to align with their greatest good. LOVED your talk in Vancouver. Met your husband when synchronisity brought me by his side to meet the woman I offered assistance to when she spoke of needing to banish the fear that keeps her feeling like something will happen to her boyfriend. I was the bold soul who stood up and offered my guidance. It was amazing to learn that her mom is my student/client. What alignment. Your husband couldn’t wait to tell you. I hope he did. Anyway. ….come back soon. And next time I want to meet you in person. Blessings and big love to you. Xo

  27. Hi Gabby, I have been doing something quite similar. When I find myself being ‘catty’ or judgmental I stop myself in my tracks and send the person love and light. I repeat…mid sentence sometimes, I say out loud…I send you love and light. I think your practice is going to fit in perfectly so I can add a simple “I forgive myself for feeling that” at the beginning of the release of this negativity. So my stopping mid sentence would be something like oh that so and so bla bla “I forgive myself for feeling that and send them only Love and Light.”
    Thanks for your service to us all Gabby, you are making a difference.
    Love and Light,

  28. Dear Gabby
    Thank you so much for this video about forgiving – it has helped me the whole day. My mood changes in a second and my kids told me ‘oh Mommy you are so nice today’. I will use this tool you have shared. It is so powerful. Again: thank you.

  29. This is so great – self.forgiveness has helped me in so many ways. I’d never thought to use it in such a simple, daily way. love love love it! Thank you, Gabby <3 xoxo

  30. Loved your message and I totally agree with you. I also just start looking around and start blessing people I see, sending them love. This for me is also a miracle vibe lifter:) Funny, it is easier to forgive others, than to forgive myself so THANK YOU for for the reminder of self – forgiveness.
    Blessings for 2016:)

  31. Thank you, Gabby! I just did ii and right after I immediately started doing something I had been procrastinating on all week. I feel lighter too. As always, thank you!

  32. Gabby…..I teach this…..and forget to this at times…often crucial times. So thank you for the reminder for ME and for the opportunity to see what I can forgive myself right NOW. Grateful for you on many levels…..I am the brave soul that stood up at your Vancouver Workshop at Semperviva to offer my help to the woman who is stuck with fear from family trauma of injury….in the end it turns out her mom is a client/student of mine…we all navigated our way to each other by your husband…I hope he mentioned the magical synchronicity of it all. BLESSINGS of gratitude to you.. Next time you visit Vabcouver I want to talk in person. Till then….xoxoxo

  33. Thank you so much Gabby! I was in a bad mood all morning because I got a speeding ticket yesterday (ugh! needed to be more mindful and that was a reminder for sure). I just forgave myself and it felt great! You are so right that forgiveness is needed (ourselves or others) whenever we are in a bad mood.

  34. Dear Gabby!
    Just met you in London and felt so saved and connected with you and the others spirit junkies. Time passed on to fast…..Now back at home in Berlin, all alone, I`m feeling sad and somehow depressed. And as usual there is another helpfull tool brought by you. I thank you so very much and hope to see you again soon. Love from Nora

  35. I catch myself in a bad mood more than I need too, so this is definitely a game changer! Thanks Gabby <3

  36. I’m excited to try this! My husband is always telling me I’m in a funk or bad mood and it’s really been effecting our relationship and pushing him away from me. So thank you for helping me Gabby!!

  37. Needed this today. Used the technique as you spoke and felt my mood, my emotions, my body shift to a more loving space. Thank You ????

  38. As always, thank you Gabby. This is exactly what I needed in this moment. That voice inside my head can be so mean sometimes! It is a great reminder to forgive ourselves for attack and judgment. xo

  39. Gabby, This morning I totally yelled at my 5 year old – over finding her shoes! Just such an unimportant topic. She got upset and I just blabbered on and on. Well, then I felt such a tremendous amount of guilt…it brought me to tears. Crazytown this morning! I had to bring her to school and I was just devastated inside. I still kind of am…and then I found this email in my inbox, and it brought the tears back again. It’s just so powerful and that’s my story – we’ll see if it works!

    1. IF I may Amber….PLEASE do forgive yourself….as a mom….of which I am with 20 years experience so far….we WILL make mistakes and we will say things we regret…but if we forgive ourselves and repair with our children…they will learn about forgiveness in return. You can ALWAYS repair a moment with them. They will end up being your most amazing teachers about forgiveness and love. Tomorrow is a new day. Today was here to teach you. Much love. Xo

  40. I’d been in the worst mood all last week. Thank you so very much…just what I needed to hear first thing to make this one better. Much love to you!

  41. Ahh .. Gabby! This is the best (unintentional) advice I’ve gotten as a new mom to a 2 month old. I find myself holding onto fear of the unknown, letting sleep deprivation get the best of me and bring out the worst. I want to be her best, and I’ve never been good at forgiving myself. When I get in those funks I do my best to release those thoughts and words, but now it makes sense… I need to forgive myself before I can release it. Thank you for giving me hope that I can do this!

  42. I’m at home with the flu today and I was feeling guilty and angry with myself because I have so much work to do, so I said “I am willing to forgive myself” at the same time you said it in the video and I instantly felt lighter. Nothing else happened but I feel a tiny bit better now and maybe that’s a start. Thanks Gabby xo

  43. I love this! I am definitely going to incorporate more forgiveness into my daily routines. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  44. Thank you Gabby… came right when I needed it.

    I will admit.. sometimes I get really invested in my bad mood/victim mentality. The energy is yucky, but it can be easier than really working through the problem. When I work on forgiving myself, it doesn’t feel authentic because I have guilt about letting myself “go there”. Any tips on moving through this?

  45. Hi Gabby, I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” for all of your “Lightworker” gifts. I try and use as many of your tools. Today I listened to the video re “Signs” which is a big one for me and I would like to share one I received today that has made me smile but also answers my questions. I have met a wonderful “Sweet Heart” of a man and today an application will be delivered to me to fill out, “sign” and be returned to him so we can apply for a geared to income, senior apartment. This is a big step for us and although I feel ready, I was not sure if he is although this was his idea but he was not specific to ask me if I would like to share an apt. He shows his feelings better than he speaks them. I have had several signs from him. His side is already filled out, he says he hopes I don’t change my mind, he has confided that he is doing professional counselling work to overcome his blockage due to a past hurtful experience and the ending to his e-mail just now was ???? U Steve. He has never said anything like that before. Also I have had several other signs about love being the answer. Have a beautiful day filled and surrounded in Love, Light, Peace and Joy!

  46. The minute I hear you talk I feel calmer, like it’s all going to finally make sense… This life and it’s struggles that is. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in easy ways. Another tool to use ????

  47. Thanks Gabby! this is so timely!
    I’m at acim 126 ‘All that I give is given to myself’. And all day long been intense about relationship with a friend, whom I have feelings for. Not mentioning all the miraculous guidance that lead us to meet. My ego still bashed myself with not knowing how to keep the balance. I tend to overgive and take the masculine part from him,because of how I learnt in my past, and this is super tricky for me to reliese. All I want is to be the femenine Self and allow things to come naturally, and when I Trust it does. I feel I need to forgive myself more. Because ones I got damaged in the past I really feel I forgave. This vlog made me realise, after saying it out loud, that in relationship area I need this Divine forgiveness from within. Forgiveness for needing to control. I don’t know how to name it otherwise. But I am ready to let it go. It’s too much of a burden to carry.

    Any ideas? how to balance giving and receiving (I am just learning to receive, man it’s so good when I succeed in it, still very tricky)!

    Thank you for this message ?

  48. This video turned on Siri haha! Sound advice self forgiveness and care is everything! If everyone knew attack thoughts were a fm reflection of their inner relationship with themselves the world would be so different <3

  49. Thank you so much for this today. Woke in a bad mood. I’m struggling and when I heard your short little talk today about forgiving yourself it lifted me up. Thank you so much.

  50. You inspire me so much Gabby! I struggle with forgiveness a lot lately…I have been in and out of a bad relationship for the past 6 months. He cheated on me and I forgave him and took him back and its just not working. I love him so much and I thought by being forgiving, and seeing the innocence in him, and doing the course and praying and asking God to make this a holy relationship that it would work…but nothing is changing and we aren’t getting along. Should I just walk away and forgive myself and let him go?

  51. This really does shift things almost instantly! amazing. I’ve also been incorporating tapping recently with a similar forgiveness mantra to flip the switch! thank you xo

  52. Worked a treat 🙂 Felt softer towards myself, kinder, with more perspective. Felt like I hadn’t fully forgiven, but at least I was willing. Have passed this on to a couple of people, thanks Gabby 🙂

  53. Thank you SO much for this Gabby. I have been down all morning because of a not-so-authentic weekend. This is exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. I can truthfully say I feel so much better and am ready to get back in touch with my soul and get my day going 🙂

  54. Great advice! I was not expecting the tip to be to forgive yourself but the moment Gabby said the words it made so much sense and I got a big smile on my face. Thank you

  55. Thank you for this today! I will practice when I need it. Forgiveness is the way. <3 Love, peace and light to you Gabby.

  56. Thank you for this. Today is my birthday and sometimes on my birthday I feel down. I have taken this day to reflect and try to stay positive. All I need to do today is forgive myself for feeling this way. It is ok. Life is incredible and I must share all the love I have today.
    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to hear.

  57. I was in a funk because I allowed an argument with a stranger to effect my energy negatively. Immediately when I said out loud, “I am willing to forgive myself”, I could literally feel the energy inside of me start to change. I went from tense to relaxed. I felt a feeling of surrender and freedom.

  58. Gabby,
    Good one! Straight from the Course in Miracles, which I am studying judiciously right now. I’ve started with a wonderful 40 day program online, given by a great teacher named Lisa Natoli, via She makes it understandable for a day to day practice. I know that is where your work originates, and this is a great, brief, very helpful nugget.

  59. Hey Gabby, thank your for this post, i will try forgiveness!
    This is one of the greatest battles I face everyday to manage how I feel. You help me big time but you are not always around 🙂 Sometimes I wish could press a button or do a magic action to get me into a certain state or mood. Being a spirit junkie, music listener and a human being I know how powerful music is to my feelings, my thoughts and my behaviour but I never could bring myself to utilise this knowledge. Therefore I had the idea of creating an app that has given me a platform to do this and helps me feel a little more in control. I just want to say thanks to the universe for bringing this into my awareness and to share it with you all. It’s a music app that lets you organise your music by emotion and share your feelings with your friends. Whenever you need some joy, love or peace you can listen to your own favourite tunes that will get you back in a good mood in less than 60 seconds.
    I hope it will help all the spirit junkies out there staying positive. <3

  60. Hello Gabby,
    The moment you told: forgive yourself for that… my energy changed…thank you…
    am busy with your SJM … & it is for me perfect while studying the CIM manual for teachers… your experience with it helps me to put it in another perspective, your examples are fresh, and since module 3 I open now and then a page in your book…it is like I need to go and see John of God… I would have asked him the same question as you did: to really know Him, God, Spirit… And although I really would like to go I can’t see how or when …but lets see what life wants for me… ;°) I bow for you, for your light & the message you spread, for the work you do & your braveness (do you say it like that?) to spread this message to the world.
    Love Justine

    1. spirit is guiding you wherever you are. you can connect with the loving entities who work with John of God from anywhere in the world. trust that;)


  62. One of the greatest battles I face everyday in my life is to manage how I feel so thank you for your post. I will try forgiveness. Sometimes I wish could press a button or do a magic action to get me into a certain state or mood. Being a spirit junkie, music listener and a human being I know how powerful music is to my feelings, my thoughts and my behaviour but I never could bring myself to utilise this knowledge. Today I found an app that has given me a platform to do this and helps me feel a little more in control. I just want to say thanks to the universe for bringing this into my awareness and to share it with you all.

  63. Hey gabby. Thank you. Ha! I went to bed (and woke up) in a fairly bad mood which is not typical for me. The F word (love that) definitely helped make a shift and lightened me pretty easily. I felt my shoulders literally get lighter. Good timing for this video. Helped me make a shift. Many thanks!

  64. Thank You Gabby! Self-Forgiveness is a daily practice for me and I believe it can make all the difference in my day. Forgiving yourself is an opportunity to expand and we all know that only leads to good things! Thank you for being the light! xoxo

  65. Hello Gabby! Thank you for sharing this tool. I use it less than I should (and I forgive myself for that) but when I use it I feel as if my angels were carrying me and singing lullabies, it’s like an instant state of peace, it feels great 🙂 It’s a wonderful tool! Forgiveness is the key to happiness! Have a nice day!!! Love and light, Mafalda

  66. Thank you Gabby. Forgiveness is HUGE. I always use that MLK Jr quote you put in Miracles Now… Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude. xx

  67. I couldn’t wait to see what you were going to say. And then you said “You forgive yourself.” And I just said, “Yes!” So excited about this one! Also, beautiful background. I LOVE this practice. Thanks Gabby! xoxox

  68. I enjoyed your F-Word video.
    “What’s my outcome?” is a Tony Robbins
    question that I ask myself that also helps…

  69. This is great! I beat myself up all the time and as soon as you said ‘forgive yourself’ something shifted. Thank you Gabby….Keep doing what you are doing!

    1. Perfect way to clarify the solution being created when I begun to be upset. I realized in hearing this that this is what I ultimately end up doing as I discover what lies beneath the surface. Why not just go there first! 🙂

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